Forza Horizon 3 OPUSDEV installation tutorial

Release Name : Forza Horizon 3 Cracked-OPUSDEV
Size : 53.9 GB
This is a step by step installation guide.
*This Video is quite old now. BM don't work as opusdev said
Want BM? Get Elamigos / Ultimate Edition*
Forza Horizon 3 OpusDev
Download the DEV release use torrent or links below.:
Uptobox links:
uploaded links:
Nitroflare links:
1fichier links:
auto fh3 tool V9 [latest]

- Uninstall any old version of installed game.
- If anyone need windows developer license download windows 10 sdk:
- Make sure you have enabled developer mode and you use a new dummy xbox account.
- You can launch the proper release from the "Forza Horizon 3" shortcut. You don't need anything else.
- In order to do that, you MUST select "Y" on the manifest question.

****BM doesn't work ****
if u want to play BM get elamigos version/ultimate edition
BM= Blizzard Mountain :)

**** So Skip the DUMP file & follow rest of the instruction *****

* Download BM Files []

* Extract then copy elements from DUMP\media\ to \opusDev\media.

* Download Auto Tool Extract it in game directory and launch it auto_fh3.V7.7z [].

Play via shortcut on desktop.

1) if game crashes at intro scene. Copy all files from Dump files & paste in game directory. Try Option 2 in Auto FH3 command window.
+Franseven 7 found it useful :) His game working now

2) when you are using auto fh3 v7 tool at cmd window This ERROR comes up "Access denied and Fix your permissions (and remove read-only) and try again" open game folder properties uncheck Read Only then OK. Take ownership of the folder if you need. Nothing exact.
+Dariusz Hałasa fixed problem in this way :)

3) Registering Manifest error fix :
Make sure Developer Mode is ON, Defender & Anti-Virus is Turned OFF [if you have]
Try copying all files from DUMP folder to Game directory. open Auto FH3 Tool again choose option 2.
Game works fine. +Alber GAMES fixed his issue following this :)

4) Only UK keyboard format supported :( To Disable Yellow Overlays on OpusDev screen press the key on keyboard(one above tab) use arrow keys, select overlays, scroll down to session info, hit enter to disable
+UKpitbull-75 found this trick :)for some people it might work

5) when you face "game/manifest already installed/package version version already exists" you need to remove any old version of your Forza Horizon 3.

6) I don't know if this works for red text "deployment failed with HRESULT 0x80073CFB ...Package already exists ... Reinstall ... blocked "

*****Uninstall the game first.*****

Then search: Edit Group Policy then open it
- double click on Administrative Templates
- double click on Windows Components
- double click on App Package Deployment
- On right side on that window you should see 6 options
- double click on FIRST 4 of them & Enable them
- Check the picture

***Now Reinstall the game again. This is an experiment. if it works good for you.***


** What is AUTO TOOL ?
Answer: It automatically:
1) Renames the Block and Signature files.
2) Registers the Manifest.
3) Unlocks all the dlc and forzathon cars for OpusRelease and ReleaseFinal by adding the modded DBs.
4) Creates shortcuts on the desktop.
5) Fixes the "Update Error" shown when launching ReleaseFinal.

** I have win 10 (x64 bit), will it work ?
Answer: Minimum Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (64-bit, Version 14393.101)

** Will this Dump/BM work on previous version ?
Answer: Haven't tested myself. Game size is different too. so more chances it won't work.

** Do i need to update manually?
Answer: No.

** How to uninstall the game if something mess up by firewall / protection software?
Answer: Settings =) System =) Apps & Features =) find your app from the list & uninstall

** How to remove Yellow text / debug text from screen?

Finally I thank the guys who made this crack possible for us to play.
Guys If you like this game, Buy it :)

If you have any questions/suggestions feel free to comment below.
contact me on fb :
  • Sanjay Dam

    Life Cycle of Forza opusdev/old ones has almost come to dead end. If you guys face any like update game to ... Version. that's not possible. disconnect internet connection/unplug the cable/disable adapter. restart pc & make sure no connection. launch the game.. this should make the game playable... if still, this error shows, probably recent windows updates forced the game to broke.. uninstall those updates & suggestion if possible switch to codex version... that is the proper playable version now.... according to most people ..though performance a bit worse... that's all I can say.

  • Raees Ali khan

    bro !! please help me ....when I am clicking on the desktop icon of the game it need an app to open this.......

  • elbrigat

    I had the demo a while ago and when I click on the shortcut it takes me to the demo. Can't find a way to delete it..

  • Gta Videos

    Hey man I have a question. When it starts up it’s all fine but when it comes to the x-box controller screen my video and system memory become red. I have 16GB Ram but I don’t know how it becomes red. Ant tips?

  • sreeram iyer

    icon not opening gives me a MSG "find an application to open from Windows appstore" pls help

  • Nishiram Singh

    Hi Sanjay, thanks, i followed your instructions step by step, after a few failures, now it works, BUT,1. I can only play it using the Forza Horizon 3 shortcut, if i run the game using the OpusDev Shortcut, the intro comes up and the profile checking all ok, but the game crashes and closes itself while loading the game. Using the Forza Horizon 3 shortcut, everything loads and the game is able to play. Weird.2. I'm using a Logitech G29 but I can't seem to get it to work, its like the Throttle pedal is being pressed down by it self, but the car doesn't even move but the rpm is screaming, even on gear. I tried to set up the control config but i can't even save the config when I choose Logitech G29. Do you have any idea why im facing these 2 issues?

  • Jayden Huntley

    If you get a notification after pressing enter on the start screen that reads along the lines of "update forza horizon 3" install an application called oneclickfirewall, once installed right click the fh3 exe or shortcut and click disable internet access, if this doesn't work when you are at the start menu turn off your wifi on your pc (no need to disable any drivers) and press enter, you will get an error, keep pressing enter and eventually it will load the game, you can now re-enable your wifi

  • aavez shaikh

    it says you will need a new app to play this game...... please help

  • McMaxLT

    All good man thumbs up, but one thing, when game starts all good, it lets me choose settings etc. loads screen: Optimizing for your pc, dones that success, and than controller shows up and little circle loads bottom right on screen, it stops loading, game screen turns fully grey color and game turns off in few secs, what to do please help :/ having this issue for a long time, even with official version of the game from store. :/

  • Caio Rennan

    the game should have worked, however I have an intel hd 630 (i5 7th gen). how bad is not having a good pc ...

  • Dertbyx Zingui

    on Skidrow there is not a folder called Dump. how can I do or where can I download that folder?

  • MLuuki

    guyys help me pls, when i open the auto_fh3.V7 box, it says: Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software. I turned off my antivirus, pls help. HOW TO FIX THIS???? I did turn off windows defender, and i did enable developer. What is the problem? I disable read-only too. And i did reinstall the game like 5 times

  • Sanjay Dam

    * Recent Issue - Game Asking for Update*when using the "Offline Permission Mode" for this game you won't get the update screen!How to do Offline Permission: Windows Store - Profile - Settings - Enable Offline permissions.

  • Pixel

    I noticed that LaunchFinal.exe works, but LaunchOpus.exe freezes at the loading screen. If I'm not mistaken, you need to use LaunchOpus.exe in order to use the dev build. Can someone please help me?

  • creed yen

    bro when I run forza horizon 3 the window closes instantly and shows app didn't start error plse help me fix I have all the requirements and did all steps that worked rght frm account to disablin av and real time I have windows 10 creator update pls help man I dwnlded elmigos ver

  • Wisnu Saputra

    is it playable on windows 7?? please..

  • Krauger

    Please Help !!!!!!!!! Registering any existing DLC packages...failed!

  • Aksita Og Marius

    wat is de negst ding i am going do glick on?

  • 360coins

    Hello it's me again, i was lying about my specs. my cpu then was pentium g3250 so it wouldn't launch because it's dual core dual thread. but now i really have a ASUS H81M-DI5 4570s 2.9ghz12gb ram (8+4) 1866mhz (downclocked to 1600mhz) because of motherboardGTX 1060 3gb Palit Dual fan120gb SSD1TB HDD500GB laptop HDDI tried installing the newest CODEX release, everything works fine and the installation is easier than this, my gameplay is smooth no matter what settings i set it on i get 60fps. BUT it crashes randomly after a few minutes of gameplay. (only happens in fh3)have u any idea how to fix this or what causes the random crash? i know theres a video tutorial for CODEX version but i still want to ask you in this video.I am now trying to install the OPUSDEV release again to see if i would get the same crashes. if it doesn't crash then it means Opusdev release is more stable.

  • Caio Rennan

    9gb of ram? O.oMy pc have only 8gb :l

  • ZwEx Clan

    The for the dump doesn’t work/respond. Anyone else getting this problem?

  • Frost Nexuz

    when i start as admin it nothing happens plz help

  • Protik Kumar Paul

    Thanks a lot brother .....but, how can i remove the top bar where have the close or minimize button. i mean the game display can't full screen like COD or another game .

  • Jaimin Lyons

    Alright its been 24hrs and ive tried everything. Im using ElAmigos bc i want the dlc and the regular Opus Dev was crashing. However El Amigos crashes at the exact same spot, on the first loading screen after you hit continue. I saw this was similar to option 2 in the description so i did both things and it still crashes in the exact same spot. i have uninstalled and reinstalled the game multiple times. I was able to run the dev build with blizzard mountain on this computer ~7 months ago however i had to delete and uninstall it for space. Please help if u still look at these comments. (i have over 11 gb of ram)

  • Damian Maciaszek

    Hello, when I'm opening auto_fh3.V7 application said me that i don't have permissions. First I can see inscription "Getting files ready..."- it goes well. Then it going to next screen and I can see "Fix your permissions (and remove read-only) and try again, exiting...". I enabled developer mode and disabled my antivirus. Do you know what to do in this situation? I tryed opening it as administrator and It didn't work. I disabled only to read ofcourse.

  • Dylexion TV

    worked great! I'll be sure to credit your video when I start posting modded car builds for the dev build <3

  • Erwin Sasotona

    I don't even see the dump

  • FRNT

    dumpfile link doesnt work

  • Fix Your PC

    sanjay dam there is no folder or application named auto fh3 plz help...!

  • Kim Genetello

    i did this just like you but not 1 i selected 3 and works like a charm also Blizzard Mountain ... 1st option is only dlc and builder option 3 is dlc and builder and Blizzard Mountain . just saying ... and if it don't work make a better pc cause this game is heavy ( i'm running in Ultra but have a mega build )

  • Jahnsen Esteban

    I installed it and it works. All DLC cars work, but Blizzard Mountain does not work :c

  • Venom45

    Hey mate, i installed everything correctly and also Sideloading apps is activated, But can't install BM it says my pc doesnt allow Sideloading rightnow..Even tho' i ticked it, Game crashs at Intro. (and yes i already tried all of your fixes and also pasting all files into Gamepath)i hope for help!

  • SeVeN DaYs

    I run as administrator and it send me to microsoft store search please help me

  • Star Pixel

    ok so i am having a problem where it says the following "launch-forzahorizon3-release the app did not start" can u help i also enabled developer mode and turned of my antivirus

  • Sam Gaming Zone

    please updtae dump files links not working all links please update dump file links

  • Gaming Zone14

    restart computer and quick run auto tool .work for me .repet the procedure several times.

  • FlotaQ

    Sanjay i just do what u show and my game didnt launch's at all :/ pls help.

  • IvanNL

    5:49 it freezes here doe you know a fix?

  • XRazor

    Man respond on facebook pls to help me!

  • manuel rodriguez

    It gives me error, it tells me that I already have a packaged version of this application, and that I can not replace it with the unpacked version. I had the bypass version, but I already uninstall it. What I can do? thx

  • Glitched Vibes

    Thanks so much for this help, I had the read only problem with the access denied but fixed it

  • Laura Abreu

    How can I quite the words on the screen? I'm thinking on quite this game for that, is really horrible to see while you're playing the game...

  • AnndiL

    Can I play with my friends this cracked version of game?

  • Hafiz Yapp

    Yo this guy helped alot. Thanks man, subscribed for more!

  • Raihan Fadhlan

    how to fix "you need new app....." problem?

  • Grodd

    windows defender remove my files, what should i do? Reinstall?

  • I N F E R N U Ś

    The game says that i need to download update from Windows Store, any solution?

  • Terogxie

    Hello I have a problem when I start OpusDev crashes it in the loading screen with the Xbox controller can someone help me to fix that

  • joão tenório

    i try open and say you need to use a progam to start this application

  • Abdelaziz Tareq

    You r a legend... it works, after i re-installed FH3 i was unable to use auto_fh3.V7... but after using this method it's work 😍💃

  • Mark500k

    it says to open the store to find a app to open it , what should i use?

  • 유재혁

    My computer detected launchfinal.exe and launchopus.exe as virus files and erased them. Is there anyone who can give those files to me? those two exe files only. please... they are all I need. I've been enjoying the game and now I can't...

  • Dominator

    Hey it's me again pls tell me on priv,i have a problem and i need your help ;)

  • Razvan Szekely

    hi guys, i have amd fx 8350 / 16 gb ddram 3 / gigabyte 1060 extreme gaming 6gb and i get maximum 40fps and a lot of lag and stuttering. what can I do ? I tried to set afinity and disable CPU 0 but nothing.... somebody in same situation like me ?

  • xxpsychoxx bg

    i have problem with default programs

  • monx14

    NOT work please help me when i press enter game is crashing i reinstal game 5 times

  • MineLine26

    The auto tool is a false positive I guess?

  • Ricky King

    Can i download crack only

  • Iftekharul Alam

    from where dids u get tht DUMP file ????i cant insatll this game unless i find tht DUMP file

  • Jam777

    Did Blizzard Mountain not work because you hit 1 (fix game and DLC) instead of 3 (fix game, DLC and BM)?

  • Alber TOP

    The game works perfect! the best tutorial

  • Mathias Jørgensen

    When i try to open auto_fh3 in opusdev folder it's says Access deniedI have turn windows defender off

  • Geheime Banane2

    es geht aber das ist ein fucking trojaner was soll das ?

  • harshit mishra

    Will I really get Forza for free

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