Forza Horizon 3 OPUSDEV installation tutorial

Release Name : Forza Horizon 3 Cracked-OPUSDEV
Size : 53.9 GB
This is a step by step installation guide.
*This Video is quite old now. BM don't work as opusdev said
Want BM? Get Elamigos / Ultimate Edition*
Forza Horizon 3 OpusDev
Download the DEV release use torrent or links below.:
auto fh3 tool V9 [latest]

- Uninstall any old version of installed game.
- If anyone need windows developer license download windows 10 sdk:
- Make sure you have enabled developer mode and you use a new dummy xbox account.
- You can launch the proper release from the "Forza Horizon 3" shortcut. You don't need anything else.
- In order to do that, you MUST select "Y" on the manifest question.

****BM doesn't work ****
if u want to play BM get elamigos version/ultimate edition
BM= Blizzard Mountain :)

**** So Skip the DUMP file & follow rest of the instruction *****

* Download BM Files []
* Extract then copy elements from DUMP\media\ to \opusDev\media.

* Download Auto Tool Extract it in game directory and launch it auto_fh3.V7.7z.

Play via shortcut on desktop.

1) if game crashes at intro scene. Copy all files from Dump files & paste in game directory. Try Option 2 in Auto FH3 command window.
+Franseven 7 found it useful :) His game working now

2) when you are using auto fh3 v7 tool at cmd window This ERROR comes up "Access denied and Fix your permissions (and remove read-only) and try again" open game folder properties uncheck Read Only then OK. Take ownership of the folder if you need. Nothing exact.
+Dariusz Hałasa fixed problem in this way :)

3) Registering Manifest error fix :
Make sure Developer Mode is ON, Defender & Anti-Virus is Turned OFF [if you have]
Try copying all files from DUMP folder to Game directory. open Auto FH3 Tool again choose option 2.
Game works fine. +Alber GAMES fixed his issue following this :)

4) Only UK keyboard format supported :( To Disable Yellow Overlays on OpusDev screen press the key on keyboard(one above tab) use arrow keys, select overlays, scroll down to session info, hit enter to disable
+UKpitbull-75 found this trick :)for some people it might work

5) when you face "game/manifest already installed/package version version already exists" you need to remove any old version of your Forza Horizon 3.

6) I don't know if this works for red text "deployment failed with HRESULT 0x80073CFB ...Package already exists ... Reinstall ... blocked "

*****Uninstall the game first.*****

Then search: Edit Group Policy then open it
- double click on Administrative Templates
- double click on Windows Components
- double click on App Package Deployment
- On right side on that window you should see 6 options
- double click on FIRST 4 of them & Enable them
- Check the picture

***Now Reinstall the game again. This is an experiment. if it works good for you.***


** What is AUTO TOOL ?
Answer: It automatically:
1) Renames the Block and Signature files.
2) Registers the Manifest.
3) Unlocks all the dlc and forzathon cars for OpusRelease and ReleaseFinal by adding the modded DBs.
4) Creates shortcuts on the desktop.
5) Fixes the "Update Error" shown when launching ReleaseFinal.

** I have win 10 (x64 bit), will it work ?
Answer: Minimum Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (64-bit, Version 14393.101)

** Will this Dump/BM work on previous version ?
Answer: Haven't tested myself. Game size is different too. so more chances it won't work.

** Do i need to update manually?
Answer: No.

** How to uninstall the game if something mess up by firewall / protection software?
Answer: Settings =) System =) Apps & Features =) find your app from the list & uninstall

** How to remove Yellow text / debug text from screen?

Finally I thank the guys who made this crack possible for us to play.
Guys If you like this game, Buy it :)

If you have any questions/suggestions feel free to comment below.
contact me on fb :
  • Sanjay Dam

    Life Cycle of Forza opusdev/old ones has almost come to dead end. If you guys face any like update game to ... Version. that's not possible. disconnect internet connection/unplug the cable/disable adapter. restart pc & make sure no connection. launch the game.. this should make the game playable... if still, this error shows, probably recent windows updates forced the game to broke.. uninstall those updates & suggestion if possible switch to codex version... that is the proper playable version now.... according to most people ..though performance a bit worse... that's all I can say.

  • MsAiThAn

    If you have enabled the Developer mode and still unable to patch the gameand getting the error, it is most probably due to the version (build) of windows 10 you are running, im not talking about whether its original or no (im talking about the build, it could be an old build), even if you have the latest updates from the windows update in setting still you might not have latest buildI have done that and finally its working for meSo what you need to do1- Download Windows 10 creation tool Run the exe file and Click upgrade this PC now3- It will start downloading the update (it will take time)4- Install the update (dont worry you will not lose any data or files or apps installed)5- Then after updating, the computer will restart, wait for it till it finishes6- now go and make sure the developer mode is enabled and wait till the package gets installed (you will get message under the developer mode that the mode has been installed)Now go back and run auto_fh3.V7 anf click number 1 then Y then wait till it finishesHopefully this will work for you and you will not get any error

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