You Need to Play the Witcher 3 in 2019 !!!

What is going on my fellow gamers or two sworded witchers, it is the Blind Profit and today i wanted to bring a video talking about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a game some of you might already be familiar with but a game i just came to really get to know recently after i was able to obtain the complete edition on steam for $15, a game which has been taking up a large amount of my time!

Skip to 5:49 to find out why you should Play it in 2019 !

But i’m curious to know if you’ll be playing the witcher in preparation for CyberPunk 2077 like i am, have you already played the Witcher and plan to revisit it, have you read any of the books, i would really love to know and talk about it with you in the comments down below as i try to respond and talk to every single one of you. Also don’t forget to add to the Atlas List, a growing list of games by Atlas Ravenwood that we’d like to play or recommend. And as always Stay Hydrated, Let them Pass in Peace, and Excelsior!

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  • Russell Westbrook

    The Witcher 3 is absolutely the best game I have ever played. However, be careful - it can ruin every other game for you as it did for me 😂

  • golden1302

    I'm nearly 70 yrs old, and I have been playing games for 20 yrs. This is the best game I have ever played. I am about to start my 5th sortie, starting with Witcher 1, enhanced edition. Love all of them.

  • Rishav Siddhanta

    Naive me in 2015: "Guess I'll just casually check out this obscure game from an obscure studio while I wait for my copy of Fallout 4."CDPR: "I am about to change this little fucker's life forever!"

  • king of the hill awa

    For all the people who just started playing Witcher 3 for the first time, you're in for an experience of lifetime which you will always remember and cherish.

  • Septlaxer Gaming

    "let my save my adoptive daughter, but first I'll kill this gryphon. And that monster nest. And go fishing. And kill these cows. And help this dwarf find the guy who burned down his home. And-"

  • Kubovskyy

    Other studio:creates dlc and calls it a gamecdp:creates a game and calls it dlc

  • Stanetti Els

    $15 for the complete edition of this masterpiece is borderline theft.

  • Plutorix

    I already have 800 hours in the Witcher 3 stop trying to reignite my crippling Witcher addiction.

  • dxrtypink

    Blood and wine has enough content to be its own game

  • Dakota S

    Actually such a great video, i am downloading the game as I watch this and going to play it for the first time 🤘🏼

  • Frisk R

    The literal first thing i thought of after beating this game was This game has ruined every other game for me

  • ASH Wiliams

    Someon is making video about how awesome The witcher 3 is.Polish players-God bless this man

  • Ryon Bachanlal

    I'll gladly play for that hood or cloak he's wearing in the thumbnail

  • Ernesto Marin

    You should play Witcher 3 in 2019...and in 2020and in 2021and in 2022and in 2023and in 2024You should be playing this game until either you die or the roombas take over the world.

  • Zanyy

    The Witcher, Skyrim and The Metro series are hands down my favorite games

  • HardWarUK

    Trust me Profit, if the game had been "levelled", like Skyrim, no one would have fallen in love with it..!!

  • Bianca Quintos

    I wanna play Witcher 3 but my computer doesn’t

  • DR3AD47

    I wish my memory about this game get's erased so i can play it again for the first time.

  • Bialy3 Nemrodxxx

    WITCHER 3=best game everBLOOD AND WINE=best dlc everCDPR is making gaming industry great again.Poland can in to gaming.

  • Chez

    Unpopular opinion: I don't like the witcher, while yes I completely understand why people love this game, I tried it out and played about half the story and I just wasn't drawn into the story or care unfortunately, I am more of a syfy person, but I guess I relate more to those stories than I do in this game, so that explains why I'm excited for cyberpunk. Anyway that's my thoughts on it. Like I said I understand why people love it, but it's not for me.

  • Some Dumb Grunt

    Witcher 3 is the “Ocarina of Time” of the decade.

  • Gogeta SSJ

    I already know I'm going to get A LOT of hate for this but... I just don't like this game it's just not for me. It gets boring very quick and I just don't like the mechanics. I don't like it but that's my opinion so don't come at me crying

  • Kenneth Fail

    Blood and wine adds a new map that’s just as big as the main map and has a entirely new main story

  • Fathan Al Azka

    Once i play the witcher 3, I can't go back to skyrim anymore

  • Alex Cuevas

    Thank you so much for making this video, it was that little nudge I needed to try it out. I barely finished the three ladies of the woods mission, but I’m hooked! I got the complete edition so it’s gonna keep me busy for a while.

  • Septlaxer Gaming

    Are you confused why people love CDPR?Are you confused as to why they have such an avid fanbase?Are you confused as to why people are stoked for CP 2077?Play the witcher 3 wildhunt.Then play the witcher 2 assassins of kingsFinally, play witcher 1Playing it backwards makes you appreciate the sheer amount of time and effort that goes into making their games improve every generation.Each game is like the difference between Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim.They are one of the few devs that respect their customers and go out of their way to please them with normal business practices.

  • Frozone

    You can play the Witcher 3 for 100 hours and you’re not done the main story.

  • Joseph Smith

    There isnt another game that is as good or plentiful as the witcher 3. Such a huge amount of lore, great gameplay, amazing quests, great storytelling and superb voice acting.This game has completely ruined me when it comes to fantasy based RPGs. I cant go back to elder scrolls after I completed the wild hunt and all of its dlc.It saddens me that we arent going to be getting anymore adventures of Geralt and crew anytime soon.The only other game that I've played since its release that has rivaled it has been Red Dead 2.They are neck and neck. Red dead would surpass it if it had more sidequests, a better epilogue and actual single player dlc.If Cyberpunk 2077 is anything like the witcher 3, then we as fans are in for another masterpiece from CDPr

  • Phillip Leite

    Ive been playing since 2015 lol. Best game i ever played

  • Shubham Bahirat

    I'm currently playing this gameBefore playing this game GTA 5 was my favorite game.But not now 😋

  • Saad Ahmad

    I've been playing witcher 3 for an year now... Still haven't completed the DLCs. Its like slowly brewing a coffee

  • Hayden Buss

    A good DM will take a new player at the pace they need, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the lore or the world. D&D is vast and jam packed with lore, but your dm is there to guide you and make sure you the player enjoys a collaborative story telling experience. It’s a game like any other, you can take it at your own pace.

  • Mario 2887

    This is the best game I ever if you are still playing în 2019:)

  • chris hardt

    Bro... one of my favorite RPGs ever... glad you're enjoying it... but please... for the love of dear god... repair your steel sword lol

  • The Lethal Deadpool #100

    Can people down in the comment section stop getting pissed off over an opinion? Like damn...

  • Professional

    About that armor upgrading part. You can actually buy certain maps from merchants and blacksmiths that start a scavenger hunt missions. By completing those you'll be able to find schemes which can be used to craft an entire witcher gears including swords and sometimes crossbows I think. Those can be upgraded thoughout the entire game. It is cool how they change their appearance too. The fact that is also worth mentioning is every gear fits a different playstyle, so there's something for everyone.

  • BlahMadal

    Bought it 1 month ago and played 24/7. Finished it (THE MAIN STORY) about 90 hours. Best 90 hours of my life..

  • Roosevelt Geeslin Jr

    I have been playing The Witcher 3 with both Expansion sets for a while now and have beaten it 3 times completely. I have just started it again since I finished everything last time and was level 99 with all of my Legendary Witcher gear and Dr Moreau's upgrades maxed out. I love this game so much, I have now began to stockpile gold to ensure that I am not in the same situations this time when it comes time.

  • Leo D

    Wow.. the console version looks inferior to pc in every way

  • Iva N

    Been four years and i still click on every Witcher video i find, it Is just that good.

  • Robert Long

    Omg... in redownloading. ... thank you I needed your approval!

  • Media Master Menard

    I'm very glad witcher doesn't have stealth. It has started to feel like a tack on in a lot of open world games recently

  • Brian Stewart

    Idiots comparing RDR2 to witcher3 😐 . Like it’s impossible to own both

  • ivann9322

    I loved TW3 and can’t wait for CP2077 as well! Another game I’m excited for is TLOU Part 2!

  • Bradley Lister

    I bought all 3 witcher games on steam when they went on sale. Best buy I've ever made. Unbelievable how I spent hundreds on games that fail so hard compared to the witcher series all 3 for about 20 bucks. If you Havnt played this then go buy it!

  • Simon Dahl

    best game ever in history of gaming! played it 4-5 times over, no other game has every made me feel so in love with a game like this one has :)

  • tonycns

    If you play The Wither 3 in yourself a favor. Download the HD reworked project 5.1.

  • jack baggaley

    Played through the game twice almost 100% on both, second run got to level 74 and basically done all content for base game and dlcs, not much to say like I like football bro idc about games but it’s hard not to love this one, it’s been top rated game on Xbox since the month of its launch.. 4 years ago

  • HoodieHydra

    I personally think both of the DLC are better than the original game.

  • DexMaster881

    Played Witcher As they came out,carried over saves from game to game.There's nothing like it.Yes you can play witcher 3 and enjoy the best made best polished end game.But crafting your own world and carrying your own choices can only be done by playing them all. And you should. They are dirt cheap.

  • Ret 986

    There's never NOT a good time to play The Witcher 3.

  • Ray Whyte

    I loved the story of the game and it’s world building but the combat just ruined it for me, unresponsive, spammy and overall rubbish.

  • Miguel Soares

    i hate to love the witcher 3, When I finished the game, I was left with a void hard to fill

  • Kaynbock Mehr

    Still waiting for a time in my Life where i can affort playing through it without 2 week breaks, but DARK Souls gave me that feeling back in the spoiled since so ikr^^

  • gabriel stupp

    Man i started to play the witcher again without the intention of preparing myself to cyber punk .. Im so glad that I’ve found this “motivational” video because im so excited to play cyber 2077 i u just gave me one more reason to keep playing the witcher. It’s just the second time that im playing. Firts time was long ago . Im trying to focus on the build and character this time , and im trying to get a diferent finale , im having a lot of fun!

  • connor mckearney

    For people who haven’t played it yet and it’s 2019. Shame on you.

  • Furious Sponge

    Witcher 3 when you play Gwent for 2 hours

  • Preben Mikal Dale

    I've read the first two books, and played through the witcher atleast 3 times (360hrs) currently finishing up the blood and wine dlc this run i did on death march difficulty, it really changes the way you utilize different things ingame so you have the edge even on deathmarch. Cannot wait for cyberpunk upgrading my pc so i can play it with rtx and in 1440p so hyped for it

  • Theshowdown 93

    Currently finishing Hearts of Stone. This game is so addictive and I really pray that they will make a new Witcher game after Cyberpunk 2077.

  • Mikhail Nekrasov

    I can’t play this game anymore, it took me 3 years to forget it and recover from it. It’s like returning to crack after years of not using.

  • Nick Darker

    Nice man, i look forward to your cyberpunk review in 2030

  • The Aussie Ninja

    *On price, GOG has it at $20 AU ($15 US i think) for the GOTY edition.Oh god, the manual save mechanics!I've been playing ME1 recently...jesus is it painful to forget to save. And it's not even like it's for the sake of a challenge because you can save it whenever you want! It's infuriating.

  • Zandergar

    for anybody that wasn't aware, all the dlc for witcher 3 are all free as well, the only ones you need to pay for are the two new expansions.


    I LOVE THIS GAME :) !!!

  • Jus Gaming

    I’m going to play it I’ve been looking for a new game

  • Brometheus 322

    Got broken up with and after 3 years, I started again. How I missed it.

  • Michael King

    Because its one of the best games EVER FUCKING MADE!

  • Kuken Kuksson

    That stuff with falling isn’t the games fault, you’re not meant to be able to survive a long fall and it’s your fault not being careful when running around cliffs or whatever if u careless u die

  • george_met_7

    Allright i love gerald but chill out arthur was legendary

  • Lupul Alb

    Played it 5 times and each time i found something new :) IT-S BREATHTAKING !

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