You Need to Play the Witcher 3 in 2019 !!!

What is going on my fellow gamers or two sworded witchers, it is the Blind Profit and today i wanted to bring a video talking about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a game some of you might already be familiar with but a game i just came to really get to know recently after i was able to obtain the complete edition on steam for $15, a game which has been taking up a large amount of my time!

Skip to 5:49 to find out why you should Play it in 2019 !

But i’m curious to know if you’ll be playing the witcher in preparation for CyberPunk 2077 like i am, have you already played the Witcher and plan to revisit it, have you read any of the books, i would really love to know and talk about it with you in the comments down below as i try to respond and talk to every single one of you. Also don’t forget to add to the Atlas List, a growing list of games by Atlas Ravenwood that we’d like to play or recommend. And as always Stay Hydrated, Let them Pass in Peace, and Excelsior!

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  • Russell Westbrook

    The Witcher 3 is absolutely the best game I have ever played. However, be careful - it can ruin every other game for you as it did for me 😂

  • golden1302

    I'm nearly 70 yrs old, and I have been playing games for 20 yrs. This is the best game I have ever played. I am about to start my 5th sortie, starting with Witcher 1, enhanced edition. Love all of them.

  • Rishav Siddhanta

    Naive me in 2015: "Guess I'll just casually check out this obscure game from an obscure studio while I wait for my copy of Fallout 4."CDPR: "I am about to change this little fucker's life forever!"

  • Stanetti Els

    $15 for the complete edition of this masterpiece is borderline theft.

  • Frisk R

    The literal first thing i thought of after beating this game was This game has ruined every other game for me

  • king of the hill awa

    For all the people who just started playing Witcher 3 for the first time, you're in for an experience of lifetime which you will always remember and cherish.

  • dxrtypink

    Blood and wine has enough content to be its own game

  • Plutorix

    I already have 800 hours in the Witcher 3 stop trying to reignite my crippling Witcher addiction.

  • Ernesto Marin

    You should play Witcher 3 in 2019...and in 2020and in 2021and in 2022and in 2023and in 2024You should be playing this game until either you die or the roombas take over the world.

  • Kubovskyy

    Other studio:creates dlc and calls it a gamecdp:creates a game and calls it dlc

  • Brian Stewart

    Idiots comparing RDR2 to witcher3 😐 . Like it’s impossible to own both

  • Kenneth Fail

    Blood and wine adds a new map that’s just as big as the main map and has a entirely new main story

  • Vince Almaraz

    I'm on my second play through right now. One of the best RPG's I have ever played. A phenomenal game. Well written, great voice acting, excellent graphics, terrific combat, and tons of content. It doesn't require me to be online, isn't littered with micro-transactions, no annual pass BS, doesn't force me to play with others, and doesn't have battle royale mode. There's no down side here. It's all good. I'll never sell this game.

  • Frozone

    You can play the Witcher 3 for 100 hours and you’re not done the main story.

  • X Y

    This game ages like fine wine, and 4 years later I can still say this is the best game I've ever played.

  • Witchergaming

    i will play in 2019 and till my death

  • Saad Ahmad

    I've been playing witcher 3 for an year now... Still haven't completed the DLCs. Its like slowly brewing a coffee

  • Alan Ross Martinez Rodriguez

    Let correct the title for you: "You Need to Play the Witcher 3 in ANY YEAR !!!"

  • Just some dude

    Bro... one of my favorite RPGs ever... glad you're enjoying it... but please... for the love of dear god... repair your steel sword lol

  • Corey Hooe

    my first playthrough was 533 hours. I am in the midst of my second playthrough, and I'm gonna romance the hell outta Triss this time lol.

  • Media Master Menard

    I'm very glad witcher doesn't have stealth. It has started to feel like a tack on in a lot of open world games recently

  • Shubham Bahirat

    I'm currently playing this gameBefore playing this game GTA 5 was my favorite game.But not now 😋

  • Bialy3 Nemrodxxx

    WITCHER 3=best game everBLOOD AND WINE=best dlc everCDPR is making gaming industry great again.Poland can in to gaming.

  • Furious Sponge

    Witcher 3 when you play Gwent for 2 hours

  • SGT12XU

    Just started playing again after two years of getting sidetracked with other games (Destiny 2, Division 2, RDR2, etc.). After Netflix just announced The Witcher series is coming, I was hyped and fired the game up again. Glad I did. This game is timeless. After completing all content in Skyrim, I was missing something and The Witcher 3 scratched that itch. After playing all content, I’ve concluded The Witcher 3 truly surpassed Skyrim.

  • Vincent Thendean

    TL;DW : The reason you need to play Witcher 3 in 2019 is because you won't have time to play this and Cyberpunk 2077 once it comes out

  • Earl Smith

    The Vietnam flashback had me crying 😂😂😂😂

  • AdrianStorms

    Not in 2019 only, you need to play this game at least once till the day you die, so do yourself a favor and buy it

  • SteveyKnicks

    Downloaded overnight last night, will begin playing later today.

  • 0range Citrus

    I’m low key scared of fully getting into Witcher 3 because I don’t wanna ruin my experience with others games.Fuuuuck man.

  • Fredtheunicorn3

    I love how this video is written like an essay that needs to be just over ten minutes long. That might have sounded kinda mean, I don’t mean any disrespect, this was a great video and I plan on getting the Witcher 3 now! Thanks, definitely subbing!

  • Septlaxer Gaming

    "let my save my adoptive daughter, but first I'll kill this gryphon. And that monster nest. And go fishing. And kill these cows. And help this dwarf find the guy who burned down his home. And-"

  • Felix Liang

    Man, this is actually by far the best game ever made. Such a gem in a world of gaming that has gone awry.

  • Bren Desch

    I’ve wanted to play this but I feel like I need to play the other games first. Should I play this game anyway?

  • Itama Uchiha

    I wish I could play this game, but every time I try to, my eyes burn like hell, and that doesn’t happen to me in any other game. Any suggestions?

  • Andre p

    My depression has stopped me frm playing RDR but this vid rlly makes me wanna pick up Witcher again 🙏🏽

  • P 7 5 D

    When you really open your eyes, you realize Geralt is Snake from metal gear just in a different universe.

  • NutellaJoey

    I just started playing a week ago and I’m at the point in the main story where you’re running around trying to find Whoreson Junior. Am I at the halfway point yet for the story?

  • ZombiesLogic

    The Wild hunt is on my list of all time favorites, Will def play again probably multiple times

  • Brometheus

    Got broken up with and after 3 years, I started again. How I missed it.

  • Fathan Al Azka

    Once i play the witcher 3, I can't go back to skyrim anymore

  • Noah Bird

    I am quite a few hours into the game. I like everything - especially the stories and overall look - except the the actual gameplay on controller or key/mouse. The fighting is awkward, as well as looting as you mentioned.

  • Nick

    I genuinely dont like this game I tried playing it like 3 different times and couldn't get into it the combat is boring I think geralt is not a very good protagonist and the missions and story is just boring and the game is 80% cutscenes it just doesn't satisfy me I know it is a good game obviously just not my game I like skyrim so I thought I would like this game but now I'm sad because everyone says this game is the best but it's one of the most boring times I've had in a while

  • Doom Lord

    I played the witcher 3 recently actually in March, completed both DLC's and new game plus, 270 hours later I can finally see daylight again.

  • Dub Factory

    "amehnay" "baba yayguh" damn bro

  • Kill Taunt Kill

    Don’t forget the Netflix series coming out soon. More based on the books but still you’ll be familiarized with the lore while still getting to play a godamn masterpiece for hours and hours

  • UnknownHumanoid

    Still toping everything after so many years.

  • tookashitto

    man living in third world country sucks :,/ finally got a ps4 in 2019 and playing the witcher 3 for the first time, hope I'm not too late

  • Zanyy

    The Witcher, Skyrim and The Metro series are hands down my favorite games

  • Donosaur

    i couldnt get into thsi game... i dunno why. After playing RDR2 most games are ruined for me. Also i find the walk cycle looks cartoonish.

  • Mario 2887

    This is the best game I ever if you are still playing în 2019:)

  • Ryon Bachanlal

    I'll gladly play for that hood or cloak he's wearing in the thumbnail

  • Lew Mitch

    Don’t you hate it when you start playing it at 9:00am in the morning and accidentally turn it off at 6:00am the next day

  • Simon Dahl

    best game ever in history of gaming! played it 4-5 times over, no other game has every made me feel so in love with a game like this one has :)

  • LJboochaa

    I’m having the same problem with this game that I had with Skyrim. Doing the first few quests, then getting essentially bored/confused by the mechanics and stopping altogether. Once I played Skyrim again though I fell in love and spent near enough 1000 hours on it. Any tips on what to do first/learn first early game to get me in the swing of it? I really want to get lost in this game for months on end.

  • chill bro

    8:18 I explore myself in all ways😎

  • Zarkon

    when i saw this game i thought it was shit and stupid...than i bought it and played it, i was hooked and bitch slap myself for saying such things...this is easily the best game in the world. Open world, deep storyline, game play, etc...omg. I wish they had more DLC and witcher 4 where are you?

  • yung homie fresh

    It would be awesome if you could play story mode co-op on the couch with a “guest” account, or invite your homie in the game..either way this is one of the greatest games ever created..10/10

  • BlahMadal

    Bought it 1 month ago and played 24/7. Finished it (THE MAIN STORY) about 90 hours. Best 90 hours of my life..

  • babblebabble

    You probably played this and many others like me, exploring like every single inch of everywhere :D.That's what I infered from your review.

  • HUNSTER 55

    Dang. That disrespect on god of war and uncharted was unnecessary):

  • krono069

    I'm definitely playing this again when it drops on the Switch later this year.

  • Will W.

    I do not say this lightly, this was one of the best reviews for a game on YouTube that I have watched. I really enjoy how in detail you go but at the same time you don't draw it out into some boring blah blah blah nonsense that we see so much on here. Thank you! I am going to download this game right now. Cheers!

  • Ret 986

    There's never NOT a good time to play The Witcher 3.

  • Luke Mcardle

    Can someone help me: I traded all my rare monster mutagens into normal mutagens forgetting I need them for decoctions e.g noonwraith and now I’m scared I won’t be able to find these monsters again



  • Elias Sipilä

    Might be the time to finish my death march😂 but holy cow that's a tough one

  • Wisnu Zainesta

    If it were me, I'll type "Why I haven't uninstall this game ever since the release" 😂

  • Mikhail Nekrasov

    I can’t play this game anymore, it took me 3 years to forget it and recover from it. It’s like returning to crack after years of not using.


    I’ve played the game and all dlc 3 times over and res tow books

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