The Witcher 3 | Patch 1.10 New final Triss Romance Scene - All Options

New final romance scene before the final battle ;) .. so sweet ;) ...
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Ps :
Will upload all the new dialogue soon...
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Ps : they forgot to add the toggle hud button which they announced in the patch notes xD
  • Vareos Potshoterzz

    am I the only one who smiled all the time and felt realy good seeing this?

  • mouseno4

    I have always chosen Triss. Always. Why? Because the game is based on the books yes, but this is what is called ''divergent canon''. Which means, it takes what it wants from the source material, and creates its own canon. That means, anything that happens in the books is not nearly as relevant as what happens in the games. And Triss has always been there for Geralt IN THE GAMES. She was there during the first game. She was there during the second game. And she was there for Geralt throughout the final game - always helping him. Yen suddenly shows up at the end and expects to have MY Geralt's love? And i am meant to side with her? Because YOU read the books? My Geralt's history STARTED in the first game. That to me, is all that matters.

  • What Up Gangstaaa

    I just adore the scenes with Geralt and Triss. I think they're great for each other.

  • Olivier Laviale

    "Love you too" :'( <3

  • Brenden F.

    When Geralt tells her that the cold weather won't bother him, and she says "it won't?"... the way she smiles shows why you should choose Triss over Yennifer. I have every time

  • Lee Meszaros

    23 years old and when he says "I love you to" wow, right in the feels

  • Rogen80

    Triss is such a sweetheart! I love her character so much. A real breath of fresh air after being stuck with condescending, cold, and cruel Yen for half the game.

  • helios396

    So much sugar...I'm sitting here with my hand over my mouth to prevent myself from screaming.Triss is the best girl. Period.

  • HippeusOmega

    Nothing against Yen being Geralt's love of his life. I much prefer Triss. Glad they added this new scene.

  • Rob Carass

    D'aww! So sweet! It's a shame I already completed my Triss playthrough and saved over progress from around this point. Thanks for the upload, though, allowing schmucks like me to see this!

  • Gersommelk Felipe Comiano

    Aaaaaaw maaaaan...."Moment of Weakness"Just because i've romanced Triss on my first playthrough and this scene wasn't there, i'm gonna play it again through my last save. Going for Yenn now on NG+

  • Lelanka 👌

    "Moment of weakness" - lol this always got me! :DDD

  • Melodic Meerkat

    'Haven't killed me yet, except for that one time' hahaha

  • Legion

    Triss is so adorable. Every scene with her and Geralt always puts a huge smile on my face :)

  • Phoenick

    love this new scenes !! :3 #CD Project Red...good work :D

  • General Diaz

    'All this snow... Makes me think of Canada''And what do you think about?''That is like this all year there, dark and cold...'XD

  • Austin Worthington

    i actually forgive Trisd for selling out Ciri to the Lodge. i can respect someone for sticking by their allegiances. That said over the games I seen character growth in her, she's come to respect his feelings overall. I feel she offers him a better chance at a happy ending.

  • PullTheTricker ,

    Great addition for an extra scene. Now all we need is more dialogue on the boat and perhaps near the end as well?

  • マックス

    I love Yennefer but I also wanted more Triss romance in the game, she feels like a side character through out the entire game. I'm glad to see this happen.

  • LionMountain

    us this console or PC? hard to tell.

  • Wladimir Cardenas

    Man i really love triss. My first choice since i import a save from witcher 2, and damn now i feel complete with this new scenes. Thanks for the upload, already said that on another video but damn.. thanks

  • Andras Polle

    CDred are the best !!! They listen to what we have to say !!! They just added what was missing in the beautifull Triss relationship :D

  • rinraiden

    Really hate how us PS4 players can't have Geralt wearing his blue stripes tattoo :(

  • Edward Bonilla

    Are those Geralt's vanilla eyes or is it modded? Looks different/better for some reason, almost glowy.

  • Mujtaba Ellari

    I have to agree with gerralt that emhyr joke was hysterical XD.these new dialogue options are really Nice :).

  • Bill Ly

    Every time Triss shows up or having a romantic/heartfelt scene with Geralt, I always smile in pleasure:) If I'm going through this game again, I might pick Yen and other endings, but knowing my first time I did everything just right.

  • manic221

    This was great! So wish this had been there when I played... <3 Tris

  • Stubbari

    Wonder why Triss has red hair..

  • Melodic Meerkat

    I kinda feel like his eyes should've been like that in the base game, they're slightly too human

  • msdiego2k

    Where in the story line does this happen?

  • Ken45

    "Well, except for that one time." OMFG, I lost it...

  • Chuck Baker

    Ah, such a heartwarming scene. I know they're fictional, but it makes me feel jealous of those two.

  • Jotham Dockie

    triss is so cute adorable! she always makes me smile with geralt <3

  • Jon Snow

    Where did you get Geralt's tattoo on his neck? :D

  • digbick

    woah, his eyes are really vibrant in this clip. is this a pc thing, or just the circumstances of the time of day? cuz my Geralt doesnt have the striking glint seen here

  • Leonardo Verde

    this add scene delete the other when triss show their toughts over the fountain?

  • Jay Racer

    I did not watch this but I made the mistake of romancing both. I don't know why. Shoulda just stuck with triss .

  • armoredp

    So I definitely dumped Yennefer and convinced Triss to stay and I told her I love her, got the latests updates. but none of these scenes triggered for me. I guess I'll find out in the end what the game decided for me.Edit: game presumed I reject both for some reason, Just got the ending...

  • Gherman TheK

    Di i have to cockblock Yen to get that?

  • mykola shykinov

    how are geralts eyes alot more cat like in this video? usually his pupils are not this thin and catlike, they are a little wider

  • Jacob Austin

    Are there certain requirements to unlock this ending or do you just have to chose Triss over Yen throughout the game?

  • Terramagus

    Thank god this video existed, because now I know what it looks like when you make all the wrong decisions in life.

  • Moon

    Whilst Yennefer is 100% the woman Geralt is supposed to end up with, this is pretty sweet. But Yen is still better than Triss (for Geralt, obviously, I don't think I could tolerate a Yennefer in real life).

  • Raven24

    I really adore Triss and Geralt they are perfect together in my opinion and I always choose Triss for Geralt. I know that I am speaking only for myself here and only myself but to me even after reading the books and still choosing/preferring Triss and reading the fanfictions where Triss and Geralt get together that in my mind/opinion Geralt and Triss are canon well for me at least

  • dsa das

    trissfags are cancer of humanity

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