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  • Cloud™

    where did you get anth? Or is this PC where you input cheap ass console comands?

  • Johnny De mate

    you forgot zirael-ciri's sword(1000 dmg)...

  • Álvaro Fabian Pineda Jimenez

    Tor Zireael is the best silver Sword

  • avram donsilva

    It sucks that switcher gear is rendered useless when past 35 :'(

  • Herven Barham

    Aerondight from blood and wine is probably the best now

  • Its Goltack

    Where si the tlareg sword localización?

  • Patrick N

    Not much point to this video if you aren't going to tell me how and where to get them  so thumbs down and a waste of time.

  • Jake Wilferd

    lol, wow really? look guys its pretty well known that console commands aren't just for hacking, there also used to get past potentially game breaking bugs and glitches that could otherwise ruin quests. fallout 3 comes to mind, a couple times id even lose rare items i spent forever trying to get. and instead of having to start over from a previous save waaay back id just give myself the item back. and so the hell what if id choose to cheat here and there? i work enough as it is i don't think i should have to work when i get home. and @yessin you really think your point is very valid? your the very WORST kind of hacker, i may hack my single player games but its people like you that ruin multiplayer games so ya. what i really think is your all just pissed off console fanboys who opted to go the cheap rout and don't like the fact that you CANT do what i CAN. next time don't get mad get pc. now yall enjoy yourselves, i know i will while im enjoying my fully modded and textured fallout 4 and witcher 3 experience. peace

  • Sebastian Zieleniak

    I found harpy at lvl 10ish LOL dont even remember where :P

  • SzpenioCSGO

    using a level 67 melltith with 681-833 damage

  • Jengel

    You probably won't read this but can anyone tell me where to can find the silver sword Tor Zireael. This sword's location is nowhere to be found!?

  • Beazy

    I wish they had at least one eastern weapon, like a katana :( that be dope

  • Raitama Prasetyo

    Where do u get the blade of ys? Please anybody? I really want it

  • Tadeáš K

    where i find reach of the damned

  • Callum Hickling

    I dont know we're to get the diagrams for those swords or what type of quests The silver sword I'm using right now is the digger and a wild hunt steel sword

  • osito lopez

    Hey I'm curious about something? Can u help me with one simple question.opening a treasure chest for weapons does: level affect ? Like sample I'm level 12 opening a chest means i get a 12 level weapon or just save it for later? When u have a better level to get a better weapon

  • MarcLightto

    where can I get breath of the north?

  • ShadeCrenshaw

    Considering that these are the weapons used for killing bigass fiends, giants and otherworldly monstrosities....THEY ARE REAL FUCKIN' TINY.

  • Croz Raven

    beautiful and powerful swords, even practical designs for real life sword design materials, that's rare in video games weapons

  • Braskus

    Is there any silver swords with a short sheath like the wild hunt steel swords?

  • Cuneyt Bodur


  • Jorge Maluf

    0:41 where can I find this one?

  • ben dumesny

    i love the look of some swords in this game

  • Lucas Souza

    Nice vídeo, soundtrack???

  • Jesper Ahl Andersson

    This is, actually, my favorite soundtrack of The Witcher 3. I love the melancholic vibe.

  • DGneoseeker1

    I still don't know what the purpose of armour piercing on Azure wrath is.Monsters don't use that kind of armour, do they?

  • bhavan mattu

    In new game + the vellen long swords is Around 450 damage

  • Richard Rodriguez

    i really love this game, however swords are quite boring in my eyes. they look almost the same. its a great game though.

  • 応じます Carterガブリエル Gabriel

    I would have to say the two best weapons I have so far in witcher 3 is the moon blade and black unicorn


    Aerondight is the best silver sword by far. It can never be out leveled since it levels with you. Also stacks critical damage.


    I got some steel sword shit called "The winter blade" Im level 18, pls help

  • TotemoGaijin

    I see Blade of Ys, and wonder, "Where's Adol?" lol

  • Pavle Grebenarević

    If you are lvl 100 all the swords have damage over 1000, even the common ones

  • Harry K

    is there a curved silver sword?

  • One Piece HD

    Is there a black sword?

  • Szymon Janczak

    How do i get a tlareg?

  • Deeclassify LS-RP

    Viper sword better than 99% c'mon son :(

  • Firas Amro

    why you didnot enchant them its the best looking effect in the game when the sword glow

  • Nhockbum Kute

    For me the best one is WOLF relic steel sword and negotiator relic silver sword

  • Darth Revan

    how do you get reach of the damned

  • KarlKlaus vonS

    cool, my Deargdeith is stronger. Has that something to do with the current level the player is at while finding/crafting?

  • Sam

    Not even a MENTION of the Addan Deith! I spend half of the game using the thing

  • WarBird

    Tor Zirael all what you need or all the other Tor Swords.

  • උໄඹގގiቱi౯d ՖѪ

    Can someone please tell me where you find the "TLAREG" silver sword please check back with me.

  • Skull King

    Where in the name of God can I get the Faustino sword?

  • Tyler Babb

    So what's your guys' favorite looking sword? Mine is Winter's Blade ([Spoiler]the one you get from an crate when you ask him for help in the battle at kear morhen)

  • Eunil Lee

    is venoumous viper sword basically the best sword now? with hearts of stone patch?

  • مصعب الرواحي

    where I can find them??

  • Remko Gierman

    I. Have an ever better one 620 dmg

  • Rogue Koala

    HELP! My game has a visual glitch where all the silver sword appear to be the same, although they all look like they should to on previews in the inventory. How can this be fixed?

  • matthew steeger

    the steiger so close to my last name

  • Branko Stankoski

    Where i can find ANTH sword :)

  • Martin

    Anyone found "Tlareg"? I've searched for frikkin days..

  • TheJackedWR

    How do you get breath of the north or just console commands?

  • Teo Regus

    where i can get those diagrams?

  • Alex Caldwell

    I am level 47 just got the best steel sword but what is the best silver one the one I have right now is 506 dmg with 15%bleeding

  • John Smith

    1. does anyone know what weapons and armor geralt is weilding in the cover of the game? I currently have mastercrafted feline gear and i just finished the game and now i want to get the best gear in the game

  • Mike the Man

    I didn't know this game had more than 2 swords :O

  • YggdraSsilL91

    Hjalmar’s steel sword 290 base dmg with 200% crit hit chance

  • FieryPhoenix7

    Negotiator is not here.

  • Gavin H

    when you pass the game those high level swords really dont matter anymore

  • Fayt Leingod

    I'm at lvl 36 almost 37 on PS4. I was wondering what are the strongest weapons? And where to find them. I already have mastercrafted cat school gear and the ursine but at the point where I am now, I just want to get the best of the best even if I need to farm some XP and level up.

  • Fayt Leingod

    I'm at lvl 36 almost 37 on PS4. I was wondering what are the strongest weapons? And where to find them. I already have mastercrafted cat school gear and the ursine but at the point where I am now, I just want to get the best of the best even if I need to farm some XP and level up.

  • Qwerty

    weres the negotiator its the sword i use i got it on undvik

  • Lightbringer

    Anyone know how to get Reach of the Damned Sword?  Without console commands.....

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