The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - ALL ENDINGS

The Witcher 3 All Endings

All Endings in The Witcher 3.

Ending 1 - 00:00
Ending 2 - 15:05
Ending 3 - 38:09

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  • BrawlEmAll

    I got the first one, although I ended up alone since I was a cheating bastard.

  • Timmyboy Samus

    "The Witcher 3: All endings" that was the first thing i searched on YT when i finished the game (which was exactly 30 mins ago). I cant believe i got the one with the werewolf and the crone. My life makes no sense now :'(

  • Sirius Black

    "Traveled half the world to find you but never intended to force anything on you" GERALT

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Did anyone else feel that he needs to repair the swords and armor in this vid...

  • Julian B

    Would of been nice to see Triss and the others after you beat the game. Felt so lonely and empty with just Geralt.

  • Rory Mag

    "Let's try it out then"Sheathes swordCut to blackSuch a strong ending.

  • djmocok

    In my ending Gerald opened a 7-Eleven shop together with Yen and they lived happily ever after.

  • Ion Manascurta

    " A witcher may forget to eat, drink or sleep, but never to take care of his blade", as said uncle Vesemir. Your blades seem to be in pretty bad shape, though.

  • Nickuncle

    In Ending 2 where Dandelion tells you about how Priscilla was attacked you missed a very good side quest.

  • Eierfeile

    For me, all the endings felt incomplete, like there is a huge part missing between Ciri going into the Tower and the next scene, like Geralt and Avallach having a chat about what just happened, a view of the battlefields, showing the survivors and the amount of destruction on Skellige. Or how Ciri actually manages to pull off her stunt with the White Frost. Why aren't we shown any of this? And what about an "after-work party" like in Dragon Age where you can celebrate with all your comrades and potential love interest and have a final conservation with each. Closure. Witcher 3 is an awesome game but the ending felt way too "fast" imho with important stuff left out.

  • Tenshi

    Got 3rd ending. Wanted the first.

  • Coysgub

    got the third one..... welp looks like i gotta play the entire game again.

  • Jonathan R

    wish they would let you see the characters after the ending.

  • Archany

    Endings in order: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • El Technic0

    In my ending, Geralt ended up by himself. That's fine by me tbh, but I don't understand what happened to Triss and Yen? Not even a single goodbye cutscene or something? I feel like the game's ending lacked closure of the characters. Now they can't even be found in the world anymore..

  • The Greatest

    This is one of the only games i've played that made me take serious thought in every decision I made

  • Phix O'one

    The "bad" ending is my favourite, an emotionless Geralt pissed off and powerful with an overload of shit going down. Awesome!!!

  • EskrimaKali

    Got the ending where Ciri becomes a Witcher, Emhyr conquers the North and Temeria is restored, Cerys takes care of Skellige and her rule was peaceful, Keira Metz and Lambert got together(What a weird ass pairing)Geralt and Yennefer lives together peacefully away with the world's trouble. It's the best ending i could ever hope for.

  • Freddie Mercury

    Got the first ending: Ciri becomes a witcher, Radovid assassinated, Temeria rebuilt, Cerys is queen of Skellige, and Geralt spends the rest of his days living a peaceful and quiet life with Yennefer.Geralt being with Yennefer or Triss is better than him just continuing to live the rest of his life hunting monsters honestly.

  • Sker

    Well I got the best ending I could hope for. The first one with Radovid dead, Cerys rulling Skellige, and Geralt living with Triss but still taking contracts once in a while out of habit.Btw am I the only one who likes Triss? I always found her sweet and I even felt kinda sad at how she behaves when you meet her in this game. Thankfully I found Yennefer annoying af, so it wasn't very difficult to dump her.

  • Refice

    I got the first ending.. now I kind of feel bad for the people who ended up with second and third. haha.

  • Dry4Haz

    what kind of shit ending did I get? I got ciri killed, Geralt ended up with Yennifer which is apparently the worst thing ever, and kaer morhen is as empty as my soul... I didn't realize at first that there were positive endings, I'm so mad that I spent so many hours and got a shit ending, well that's what u get when you accepted the emporor's money...

  • Meneldhil

    Holy hell, the ending choices are so vague.

  • Michael Paget

    Shame the game doesn't seem to address these endings, because everything goes back to the way it was before main quest and you can't find any of your friends. It's like it none of it ever happened.

  • Robin Van Bender

    The best ending IMO> Ciri becomes a witcher (She's not forced to become empress and can go on her own travels or be normal if she wants) > Radovid is dead (no mad ruler killing innocents)> Cerys is queen (peace and prosperity in skelliga)> Emperor Emerys remains king (sure he murders his conspires and opposers but he gives temeria it's own nation ending the war.)> Geralt is alone. (Well this one really is up to what you want. If you truly like yen you'll go for her, if you truly like Triss you'll be with her, if you don't like neither you'll be alone. I went for both because I couldn't really decide so consequently I ended up alone. As a witcher tho I feel Geralt is better off being a loner unless one of them shows up at his door.)

  • ReyemNeirda

    the sad one is the right one actually.

  • Palash

    Finished the game today got the first ending.I am content with it and now off with Hearts of stone and blood wine dlc.But man I gotta say last time I enjoyed a game this much was while I played Deus Ex Human Revolution and Skyrim.Will be eagerly waiting for Cyberpunk and hoping a new red dead too 😉

  • Gaunter O'Dimm

    I got ending 3..i was like wtf and how this is happening...but look at it...that's the true Geralt in the ending 3...cold, emotionless Witcher... especially when he said at 48:20 "You lie, I dont' feel a thing anymore" Now thats one badass speech ever.

  • Nope Damn School pc's

    killing rhadovid and making cerys the queen is the best ending in my opinion

  • itachi93674

    I think my ending turned out pretty good. One of the witchers ended up with Keira Metz Baron took his wife to a sage and his daughter may start talking to him hopefully he stays sober.Dandelion keeps his new establishment and Pricila is getting betterRadovid is dead but so is Dikstra unfortunately we couldn't see eye to eyeForgot her name but the daughter of Crach is running Skellige now she thinks before she actsEmyry pulled out of the invasion since he couldn't get CiriCiri is on the witcher path happy and Geralt ended up with Triss.

  • Gyengye Gabor

    Managed to get the worst ending,Ciri dead and ending up alone in Kaer Morhem.

  • Astraldymensions

    My ending:Emhyr won the war, Cerys led her country to peace, Ciri became an Empress, and Geralt ended up back with Yenner.I would rather have Ciri be a witcher and follow in her daddy's foot steps, but I honestly couldn't be prouder. Saved the world, always stuck to her gut, made decisions without my counsel (when the opportunity arised of course), and became an Empress. A ruler that is smart, beautiful, and benevolent is hard to come by. Sure the road will be fraught with dangers for her, but she's the Lady of Space Time I would be a fool to not have faith in her after everything we've been through.Here's to the 2015 game of the year, to the journey of 95 hours, to the fears smiles regrets and amazements of the game, and with some luck, to another Witcher some time in the far future.

  • T Marrano

    My god, I was sad I didn't ended with Triss or Yen (my fault), but I'm glad that I've picked Ending 1... Ending 3 is more depressive than breaking up with your girlfriend while in the middle of your mothers funeral.

  • Michael Pomponio

    yooooo wtf do you gotta do for the last ending... dark and sad geez

  • Solid Sneaker

    Got the one with the werewolf lol

  • Ripan Dutta

    how i hated those gloves

  • Baytuh

    The Ending i got was Ciri becomes a WitcherGeralt marries Triss Radovid is dead and Dijkstra Rules the NorthEmperor Emyhr is deadCerys makes Skellige a peaceful place

  • snkhuong

    I wish there were an ending where Ciri kissed Geralt and said:"I don't want to be your daughter. I want to be your lover". That would be the best ending ever made in video game history.

  • AFGuidesHD

    You can tell which ending is "good or bad" with the music in the final summary lol

  • James Caton

    I guess I got the worst ending, but in my personal opinion it definitely was the coolest ending.

  • Ace Reaction

    Man I'm really sad there's no ending where the wild hunt take over. Would've loved to see how it would've turned out

  • Still Shining TV

    just got the sad ending.. i liked it.

  • Daniel-the-Bard

    I spent like three days on this game, trying to be a good father, then I get the crappy ending? I hate how arbitrary this game is. -.- Accompanying her to the Lodge and asking her to not burn that elf's house down isn't bad parenting....

  • Zach Noorman

    Guess I'll have to replay it. Somehow, even though everything I did was for Ciri, I managed to get the mega lame ending.

  • James

    Does anyone else think its bullshit when they say witchers are stripped of emotion? Other than not being able to cry, Geralt shows sadness, anger, and joy throughout the game and so do the other witchers. So can anyone who knows the lore better explain why there is such a big contradiction between what is said and what is portrayed about witchers?

  • Alexander Xiong

    Geralt is the GOAT of gaming.

  • Cimex090

    The first one is the best ending, with Ciri becoming a witcher

  • Richi Gomez

    one of the best games i ever played

  • Legend B

    homo alert...all of his endings ends without one of the hot chicks...G..A..Y!

  • Misterbiggs

    Its driving me crazy seeing you run around without repairing your gear.

  • Armani

    51:00 Hahaha! Laughed way to much.

  • iConYq8

    I am 3 end it Bad 👎 can I change it

  • Maximiliano Possenti

    I got the second one. I HATE IT, DEATH TO THE NILFGAARDS.

  • Gandalf Mithrandir

    My theory is that Ciri lives even in the bad ending. There will almost definitely be a sequel, either in the form of Blood and Wine or a new game down the road. Ciri didn't die in the "Bad" Ending. Her fate is only uncertain. Since there will likely be a sequel, Ciri must be in it, since in 2/3 endings, we know that lives. The "bad" ending one only leaves more mystery. So based on your ending, the intro scene of the sequel will be different, but ultimately the story will go on with Ciri. Which makes the sequel all the more heartfelt or interesting for Geralt if you had the bad ending, bc Geralt and (you) think she is dead, only to be proven wrong.

  • Nazareadain

    I don't like the implication that being in the room with Ciri and the sorceresses was the wrong decision. I always let her make her own decisions - I just wanted to be there to see her make them.

  • Mykolas Music

    I got the bad ending, and it really ruined my day. Playing side quests just feels pointless now. All I can do is imagine that Geralt somehow found the will to fight and survided, maybe with the werewolf's help, that could make an interesting plot. Also at the journal of this quest, in the description, the last sentence is "what happened then, that is another story" ,so I dunno

  • DeMishMIsh

    So basically it goes like this: if geralt is good to ciri and lets her live her life and puts her first-you get a good ending,where ciri lives/comes back.if you do stuff like get mad at her all the time,take the gold for bringing her back and so on,she dies/doesnt come back,and you get a bad ending-in which Geralt dies in the hut in the end,crippled by grief over ciri,vesimir etc....sub-story endings:1)the northen war:-nilfgard wins,ehmyr lives,temeria is free.-the north wins,radovid lives,ehmyr is dead,the north is in deep shit.-the north wins,radovid is dead,djikstra is king,ehmyr is dead,the north is in good shape.2)skelliege:-you help that ginger girl become queen-skelliege blooms and its people live better then ever,thought not as big and scary anymore.'-if you dont help her-skelliege goes to shit by civil war until its an absolute monarchy.3)ciris fate:-if you take her to ehmyr and she comes back she will choose to be next empress of nilfgard.-if you didnt take her to her dad but was good enough for her to come back,she will choose to be a witcher.-she may not come back.4)geralt:-if you got the bad ending-romance doesnt matter,the ladies leave sad geralt and he then dies alone in the hut.-if you romance both triss and yennefer you end up alone-if you romance neither you end up alone-gerlat stays with triss,still taking witcher contracts and living in a high class place in kuvir,while triss is the royal advisor.-geralt stays with yennefer,fully retired,living in the middle of nowhere and having the simplest,easy time he can.

  • Metal Head19

    wtf first one is not a perfect ending because radovid wins the war !

  • TN

    I think my ending was the best for story.- Ciri became the emperor, she rule with justice and human decency that she learned from her journey and especially from Geralt. I believe she will create a peaceful world for all.- Radovid died, Temeria is in peace.- I'm still with my closest friends, Dandelion and Zoltan.- Cerys turns out to be a fantastic ruler and brought peace/prosperity to Skellige.- Geralt continued his life doing what he love and what he is best at, being a Witcher. He is the borderline of both worlds, humans and monsters. The only one that truly understands them both and hopefully one day bring them together. For them to understand one another.- He love both Yen and Triss, it was hard to pick one so it was best living by himself.I think it was good a ending, the Lone Wolf Geralt of Rivia. He love both Yen and Triss, he was meant to be with Yen but he gave up his soul to save her in the first game. Which then results in his amnesia, then he fell in love with Triss not knowing about Yen. Spending so much time with Triss in the 2nd game it was hard for him to just leave her. This game we truly saw his affection for not only his lovers but the world and all its inhabitants. Living as the the Lone Wolf, his legacy will forever get pass on and the story of the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia will never be forgotten. Just because he didn't ended up being with either Triss or Yen doesn't mean he can't "see" them again, he always have his way of getting things ;)

  • DracoSapphire

    I got the third... I'm really sad now. :(

  • Brrr_Ice

    I'm rejecting both Yen and Triss in my "New Game Plus" only to have Ciri live with me in my Vineyard.... I must prepare for the ultimate sadness........... wish me luck😩😤

  • Nunix

    third ending is depressing

  • Supergamer33

    Take a hint when a guy gives you a sword with the word swallow on it...

  • Papa Smurf

    Got the first ending. Gladly everything ended well

  • Martin Oravkin

    there are far more endings

  • Munsif Aman

    I got the ending where Ciri becomes a witcher, Geralt and Yen live happily ever after in the woods.

  • Alu Moe

    I think the best ending for me was: Ciri becomes a Witcher, Radovid assassinated, Temeria rebuilt, Cerys becomes queen of Skellige and the land becomes prosperous and Geralt still roaming the lands hunting monsters

  • Game work

    These's blaph with two end.First is better.

  • Speedwagon Fishman

    Got Ending 2, yay happy ending.

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