Top 10 AWESOME Single Player Games of 2018 | Most Anticipated Games on PS4, Xbox, PC

Metro Exodus, The Last of Us 2, Days Gone, Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War 4, Spider Man, Kingdom Come Deliverance! Most Anticipated Single Player Games of 2018 (PS4, Xbox, PC). Which one you like?

00:02 - Extinction (March 31,2018 - PS4, Xbox One, PC)

01:54 - Metro Exodus (2018 - PS4, Xbox One)

03:19 - The Last of Us 2 (2018 - PS4)

08:00 - Days Gone (June 30,2018 - PS4)

09:56 - Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018 - PS4, Xbox One)

10:20 - God of War 4 (Early 2018 - PS4)

11:34 - Vampyr ( Spring 2018 - PS4, Xbox One, PC)

13:02 - Ghost of Tsushima (2018 - PS4)

14:55 - Spider Man (2018 - PS4)

17:26 - Kingdom Come: Deliverance (February 13, 2018 - PS4, Xbox One, PC)

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  • Donatas Vaiginis

    the extincion game will come out on my birthday at march 31

  • guitardaddy6

    is nobody going to point out the guy's sword not being long enough to decapitate that giant ogre?

  • Hawke35

    Damn in the first one the protagonist is is a witcher like hunter with parkour skills of an assassin and haircut like Ragnar Loothbrok fighting WoW orcs that are like titans from Attack on Titan. What a mashup.

  • 2de3caidas

    Wow!!! Sinbad vs The Hulk fighting at the begging of the video was amazing

  • 6 GODZ

    I will call the very first one "Attack On Titan". xD

  • Wayne Yu

    Well... RIP my wallet.

  • killshadow3

    first one = attack on titan + devil may cry + assassin's creed

  • Mun_shI Gam3rs

    Extinction=Attack Of Titan 100% True

  • burdzia Lala

    That's why I chose PlayStation...Xbox sucks :-P

  • Marco Viloria

    almost all are PS4 exclusive... sad for PC gamers like me haha

  • Albert Hjalmarsson

    Damnnnn, The Last Of Us 2 looks like a real movie. Shit those graphics are good

  • Ifti Awan

    Awsome games .Proud to have ps4

  • Ronan Daly

    But, EA told me I don't want single player games... EA told me I want loot crates...

  • Ross England

    Finally the Metro series getting the recognition they deserve, well earned

  • Poopy Peepod

    Ghost of Tsushima takes place the last year of the Bun'ei era during the middle of the Kamakura period of Japan. Also the start of the Mongolian invasions into Japan led by Kublai Khan who was known for brutal rape and massacres. - the Mongolians failed ultimately just 8 years later in 1281. I wonder why the young man shown doesn't wear the samurai top knot and shaved head? maybe he's poor and not under a lord? idk. Either way it looks amazing. The last of us part II?!?!?! yes, I love Naughty Dog games. Days Gone yes- that actor is awesome. Red Dead hell yes!! Vampyr seems ok. Spiderman looks beautiful.

  • Jamie Laughton

    I'm gonna play that samurai game when I'm really baked

  • Lit' AHSr.

    The Last of Us 2 (keeper)Days Gone (keeper)God of War (keeper)Ghost of Tsushima (more gameplay before I buy)Extinction (Maybe)

  • Pandora’s Actor

    Whats up with all the ps4 exclusives in this video. Only want to play the god of war so far other than that all the other exclusives shown look okay. Title says anticipated games for ps4, xbox and pc but it should say Ps4 exclusives with some that play on all systems coming out 2018.

  • Kenneth Flaming

    2018 gonna be the biggest year ever in gaming....Red dead redemption 2Spider manMonster hunter worldLast of us 2God of war... Endless posabilitys for GOTY award im STOKED !!!

  • CJEndowed001

    Extinction is an exact copy of Attack on Titan)

  • R3NO2LP Music

    Extinction: Looks like Clash of Clans got new graphics

  • SPRadDude


  • Da Plug

    wow man this year is gonna be great, all the games I saw in this video are awesome!

  • xBluefirex1

    Extinction looked insane

  • Robert Spilsbury

    Where is kingdom hearts 3 at.  Should be number one in my opinion

  • Infinite

    Kingdom come is definitely the best game of 2018 so far.

  • Lutz I

    All GREAT titles (my gosh PS4 really rocks in exclusives) I would probably get but OMFG I've been waiting for a game like Ghost of Tsushima for ages, I truly hope it would be awesome. Also Vampyr looks pretty unique, we'll see


    Where do I take the time from to play all this?

  • Rohith K Sajeev

    I am not buying any of this shit without playing Demo..

  • Mystic-Thorn

    Good Night Xbox One X. Where are your Exclusives?

  • Jorge Andrade

    "in the house in a heartbeat" was the perfect background music for Metro Exodus

  • Alex shotU

    most of these are 2019

  • Abhijeet Vaidya

    3:24 those sound effects and graphics , just fucked me

  • CR S

    Thanks for the video. All the games look amazing. My number one for 2018 is Red Dead Redemption 2.

  • DefToNic GaMeR

    red dead redemption so good graphic and extincion is amzing game

  • H_Balck

    Ive got to play metro. Damn...

  • superbn0va

    There is not even 1 western game that peaks my interest... Look all the same and it looks like it will play the same... No creative visuals and nor creative gameplay designs. Thank god Japan is striking hard with their games in 2018. Western developers, stop to mimic movies and make games again.

  • Asif Khan

    Ghost of tsushima has to be seen as the best open-world game trailer for this season of year!

  • justin vail

    Obviously the video maker owns a PS4 lol. Admittedly, I will be watching playthrough's of the PS4 games, but the list is bias.

  • Asif Khan

    Concrete genie looks like a good idea for a game this year...

  • Movie Clips

    Your list is totally incomplete without far cry 5

  • Natasha B.

    Like 95% of those are PS4 exclusive. :)

  • Vilaphone Chanthavongsack

    I subscribed to your video are Amazing

  • Mahmoud Mu

    Everything is PS4 exclusive wtf

  • Vijay diwaakar

    Trailers r very nice but don't know about the game play.

  • DinosoDunk

    omg these games are awesome!

  • Mohamed Ibrahim

    i gotta play them all , absolutely amazing

  • Kiko Frankovic

    There is aa pretty big hype about Days Gone and it starts alst year but yea, i think it will be just a big bullshit like no man s sky.

  • Alejandro Rodríguez

    Based on this list I could go and sell my PS4 right now without regrets...

  • MrCalmlikeaBomb

    Damn. PS4 is killing it

  • Sandipan Chatterjee

    Only watching PS4 Games

  • ved prakash iconic

    Any body recommend a nice game to me..

  • Yvon Nadeau

    Yep... Metro, Extinction, Last of us 2 will be the first for me as i don't have any consoles anymore. That's too bad cause RDR 2, GOW 4 looks freaken awesome and most likely will be.Love the single player games.Thanx for the heads up GAMEOST

  • N. Calhoun

    Uhh, why was Ghost of Tsushima on here? They haven't even listed a release year let alone saying it was 2018.....the game was just announced a few months ago and is supposedly in very early development so it will be YEARS before it releases.......

  • Kizkoo

    The Last of Us llGod of War 4Spider-Man

  • Nathan

    The best games are on ps4 Just a straight up fact.

  • Andrew Aziz

    Spider Man: Arkham City

  • Kiko Frankovic

    Lol last game totally copied witcher

  • Ignitus

    Ghost of tsushima is the one im most hyped about, is it really releasing 2018?

  • Christoffer Boelsmand

    Dunno about "Extinction" to be honest.. The gameplay looks kinda borring and repetitive.. Can't wait for all the others

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