The Witcher 3 Soundtrack OST - Priscilla's Song

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Official OST

Priscilla Poetic Callonetta's Song
  • Thy Huynh

    I legit clapped to her performance IRL while playing the game.

  • T Bone

    "Gamers don't want single player games" says the corporate drone in EA

  • Cathulhu

    Gaming isn't art. Yeah..... right.....

  • hold on to my revolver

    real men didnt skip this

  • TheScholesie09

    1:21 So, who's playing gwent while the song's playing!? So rude.

  • Shaffye

    I imagine the faces of all us guys (and girls) sitting in front of our computers with our mouths slightly open and a stunned face

  • big guy

    Telling Geralt and Yenn's story to Priscilla is literally the only good thing Dandelion ever did.

  • Suraj Raut

    Best game ever made...I m sure we all felt a void after it was all if you felt the same

  • Zergrushmyanus

    First time listening to this on headphones, I am getting real tired of the guy slurping his drink in my left ear...

  • vine

    If u dislike this please donate your ears to ladies of the wood they will use it better


    Soldier: "Why 2 swords, Witcher?"Witcher: "Both are for monsters!"By Far the best game i've ever played and trust me... I played many!

  • the medium cheese

    This was one of those rare moments in a game when it transcends the medium it's usually delivered in and becomes something more.Playing this game, it primarily consists of violence, dark humor and lore. But this stood out from the rest not simply because it's so different, but because it was so beautiful that you forgot about the rest of the game, or indeed even that you were playing a game.I wish I could experience this song during the game again for the first time.

  • Michal Kavan

    295 dislikes from ghoules and alghoules

  • Haider Khan

    They better put this song in the Netflix show

  • Michael Weston

    When Pricilla flicked the cords I was interested but when that angelic voice came out I simply sunk back in my chair. At that moment I felt like I was sitting at the bar in Novigrad in between Zoltan and Gerald just enjoying a warm night show. I feel bad for people who say video games aren't art. I actually feel like I'm inside this fantasy world with the characters.

  • Victor Nguyen

    Djikstra would’ve cried too

  • avirx8

    I just realized she's singing about Geralt and Yeneffer. Man I'm dumb.

  • mariam hesham

    These scars long have yearned for your tender caressTo bind our fortunes, damn what the stars ownRend my heart open, then your love professA winding, weaving fate to which we both atoneYou flee my dream come the morningYour scent - berries tart, lilac sweetTo dream of raven locks entwisted, stormyThese scars long have yearned for your tender caressTo bind our fortunes, damn what the stars ownRend my heart open, then your love professA winding, weaving fate to which we both atoneYou flee my dream come the morningYour scent - berries tart, lilac sweetTo dream of raven locks entwisted, stormyOf violet eyes, glistening as you weepOf violet eyes, glistening as you weepThe wolf I will follow into the stormTo find your heart, its passion displacedBy ire ever growing hardening into stoneAmidst the cold to hold you in a heated embraceYou flee my dream come the morningYour scent - berries tart, lilac sweetTo dream of raven locks entwisted, stormyOf violet eyes, glistening as you weepI know not if fate would have us live as oneOr if by love's blind chance we've been boundThe wish I whispered, when it all beganDid it forge a love you might never have found?You flee my dream come the morningYour scent - berries tart, lilac sweetTo dream of raven locks entwisted, stormyOf violet eyes, glistening as you weep

  • NLrenzo

    The ppl who disliked this thought the button said “ dis i like “

  • PapaBearJonez

    Lilac and gooseberries...

  • Video Bakery

    The Witcher 3. A game about a badass monster hunter, but your favorite part is this lady singing.

  • Phoebe Alexandra

    This song is stunning. It hurts my heart. No other game has made me feel so deeply emotional than this. Yen and Geralt, always..

  • Mjeed A

    I think anyone didn't love this game is either a psychopath or dead

  • Sallar Shadfar

    I remember the first time I played the game and this scene started. I thought it was gonna be some bs added music bit, so I used my phone and lost focus entirely, and didnt listen to the song until the lyrics "Did it forge a love that you might never have found" was sung. I dropped my phone and was starstruck. Had do go to youtube right away to rewatch from the beginning. 10\10 cdred. fucking amazing,

  • karthik sourie

    'The wish I whispered when it all began. Did it forge a love you might never have found?' Damn! Right in the feels

  • CamillasChoice

    Damn that's a crystal clear voice. Love it!

  • indir peştemali Hamamları A.Ş

    lucky basterd dandelion

  • Von Dozier

    who actually listens to this and then chooses Triss. Yennefer is bae, and canon

  • WiffyLight

    Possible best song in a videogame?

  • Joe berdanke

    Would of been really cool if you could go different nights and listen to her sing other songs. Beautiful voice!

  • brazwen

    That moment when you realise the music in games are better than mainstream music.

  • K1NG M

    best game ive ever played

  • Nooderu

    priscilla's hot... just putting it out there

  • Matthew Ellis

    I love how Bedlam stops to listen, always seemed like the most honourable of the criminals

  • batman rulz

    This is why CDPR is the best.

  • Jared Knight

    Pay attention to her fingers folks. They actually took the time to animate it so that she actually used the correct cords.

  • Zethras Gorgoth Gaming

    One of the best moment in the game, along with the battle of Kaer Morhen

  • Simmiebird

    Woman: "I know him, he killed some folks at white Ochard!"Nobleman: "Rows and squabbles again? And I thought this was a decent establishment!"

  • Ivan Certeza

    Man, you know the song's good when grown men start to cry , couples make love, a hardened criminal gives notice to it , a badass dwarf mellows out and when a near "emotionless" Witcher starts to feel and relate to it.

  • Aleksandra L

    It is that era in the world, that we should come to listen to the gaming music because it is 1000 times better than this poor commercial meaningless music, that is all about twerking and sexual seduction. This song has a story to tell.. Love it <3

  • VintageColaPC1

    10/10 Would let Triss wipe my mind so I can listen to this for the first time again.

  • American Prepper

    Saddest moment in the game is when I couldn't ram my cawk in her

  • T Bone

    Soul. This game has soul

  • Kazuka Hatake

    3:24 the jerk shouting “HEEYY” made me lol

  • George Nájera

    My sweet Essi Daven. Missed and Beloved.

  • Comment Kun

    > romances Triss> hears thisregrets

  • Martin

    BEST GAME EVER... i have nothing more to say.

  • PatrickWasHere

    This song triggers me because my geralt is in love with triss

  • The Ragnar

    Witcher 3 is a MasterpieceThe best game I ever played

  • Justin Langtein

    If you've read the books before watching this scene, the emotional reaction will be a 100 fold.

  • ForemostCrab7

    It is pretty damn lovely to have this moment, you spend basically every single moment killing monsters, humans, beast or solving murder or other petti disbutes that ends up in, you guessed it, More Killing! that you (and Geralt) gets to enjoy this lovely lil tune and just, relaxing, it is really nice, just a a break.

  • Vincent Bokan

    It's so beautiful how everyone comes together to enjoy the song. No matter their background they all join to enjoy the music.

  • xeno biotics

    Any pc game better than this?

  • wolvesrock15679

    Does anyone else hear some kind of weird gurgling/slurping sound throughout the entire video while listening to it with earbuds?

  • lord Touchme. ace

    Witcher 3 is one my favorite game of all time. I liked it's story and side quests and it's characters but this song made me realize just how great cdpr as a gaming company is and made Witcher 3 my favorite game of all time.

  • Joke GUY

    Оценено величайшим! :/


    I pity the fools who say gaming aint art !

  • Moon

    When I heard this and realised she was singing about Yennefer and Geralt, I had to google to check if (based on your actions with both of them), Priscilla would sing about Triss and Geralt. Unluckily she doesn't but at any rate there still an insane amount of detail in this game. It's truly one of the best games ever made.

  • JellyBeams

    I sincerely and truthfully wish that if there is Geralt, Yenn and Ciri out there (in another dimension or so), they are all living happily and in bliss together, as a family. That's how emotionally attached I am to this world of the witcher.

  • Linkn 216

    Press X for cutscene.Music and singing begins.What is this song???Jeebus that was beautiful!!Where is the replay button....sadness...Loads Youtube.

  • Klaüs Smooth

    On the second playthrough i realised it's about Yen :)


    My boy Dandelion can sure pick em!

  • Z Team beast

    When I first played this game at the age of 14 in 2015 I didn’t really pay much attention to any of the backstory that was told. Back then the only thing going through my mind was “OOH TITS” or “How many women can I fuck” but coming back to this game three years later makes me realize how much of a masterpiece this game actually is. Never have I played a game so good that it leaves me feeling so void an null after it’s over. This game is truly art.

  • 마징가

    best of best game. In my life.

  • Rafy Adityana

    I love that moment in 2:54 so much. When the song's lyric stated "The wish I whispered,when it all began. Did it forge a love you might never have found?", Geralt's expression suddenly changed and he seems like reminiscing to that very moment when he and Yen bounded by fate. I think Geralt suddenly remembered about how much he loves Yen, about how much Yen has changed his live, and about how much important is Yen to him. He became pensive and reflective about Yen until he is awaken by Zoltan at the end of the song.I just like that moment a lot and it actually make me bit a little teary, remembering all the moment Geralt and Yen's have been through together. Thank you CDPR!

  • sSnEaKySs

    and then that white orchard bartender comes and ruins everything

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