10 Things Witcher 3 Players HATE

The Witcher 3 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) was one of our favorite games of last year. Fans love it, but no game is perfect and Witcher fans have some complaints.
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  • Amartya Biswas

    I even sold the sword to him after that quest

  • Daniel KL

    No position choices in sex scenes.

  • Ozan Ayten

    Fails to read bestiary and blames the game, says skyrim is a masterpiece. Great stupidity combo.

  • Hugin Starkstrom

    Standing next to a killed enemy and not being able to loot because you walked one step too far. Turning around - same Problem. no, you have to walk away for 4 steps, then turn around and go one step Closer...my mother is better at parking her car.

  • Alexandra Mikka

    I hate that I can take 100 hits from an enemy 5 levels above and be completely fine, but a jump from 2 meters high is an instant kill. Seriously, the heights in this game are more lethal than the wraiths.

  • 65infanteria

    how to beat a wraith:lets check out the bestiary...

  • WhiteZe

    10. Points of interest, which make up almost 50% of the gameplay if you want to do everything. 9. Candles8. Fighting flying creatures on the edge of a narrow path on the edge of a cliff.7. Having something you can't attack target you preventing you from jumping over an obstacle you need to go over.6. Having a 100000 times more than the necessary amount of mutagens. 5. Going to Master Armorer/Baron from the Crow's Perch signpost. 4. Running around Novigrad streets back and forth. 3. Archers. 2. Everything having shit loot compared to armor sets. 1. Absolutely pathetic, useless trophies that also switch to the newest trophy acquired.

  • Jason Miles

    Those damn Sirens in Skellige, can’t sail five feet without them tearing my boat apart

  • BOEUF Alexandre

    The Witcher >>>> Skyrim

  • Ákos Horváth

    Shame I can't dislike this more than once...

  • SoloTurk

    Things Witcher 3 players hate - No threesome with Yen and Triss ;-(

  • James Pearson

    For the wraith: read the journal entries on monsters...like it tells you to....you dont need google at all.

  • Roskilde

    SPOILER ALERTI felt lonely after finishing the game , like i hated the fact that neither Tris or Yen (which ever you chose ) wasn't there. And the game doesn't really aknoweldge the ending if you choose to continue with other missions or DLC. Also portals...hate portals.

  • NBW _ DJ

    The fact that u ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO PLAY GWENT to 100% complete the game

  • Jay M

    If Witcher III was like Skyrim, I would have HATED it.

  • mkara 007

    Not being able to gallop in novigrad

  • Hound of Uladh

    The thing I hated most about Witcher Wild Hunt,this pissed me off big time,was when it was over. We want more 😊

  • Darkened Vision

    IDK why people want to play a game that is super difficult. Masochists? I just play to immerse myself, not hurt myself. I get enough struggles and challenge out of real life. I game to relax and escape.

  • Nightwing

    i hate how the map doesn't show you all the quest locations marked altogether. and i had to manually switch between quest to see which was near me

  • SeptOz

    11. Getting to the master armourer in Crow's Perch, all the way from the signpost

  • julian lavooij

    when you lose in gwent because of a tie and they got the nilfguard faction

  • Schangbang

    Witchers combat is 1000x better than skyrims. Skyrim was great in its time but I'm sorry the witcher 3 is much better. The flaws in witcher are very much worth it, this narrator is a negative ass.

  • Mass

    So games are not allowed to have hard to beat enemies?

  • Andrey Sirius

    Make top 1 thing every person hates - your videos

  • Cruddy horse

    This video is more like "A couple of things Witcher 3 players actually hate and several things I'm too retarded to figure out on my own."

  • Saviour 3.0

    Please stop .. the jokes in this video are so cringe

  • Roskomnadzor

    The worst video about The Witcher 3.

  • Meera Ahmar

    Lol I literally sold some pearls labelled “JUNK” for like 300 crowns and they’re literally resold for 2000 crowns??

  • Memerwave

    My worst enemy in the witcher isn't alive, its falling from the smallest heights and somehow dying.

  • Johnny Hash

    When you fall from 5 meters and die...that's the most annoying thing in the game,aside from Roach and not being able to jump over obstacles during a fight.

  • Ian Ojeda

    Gee, if only there was some kind of bestiary with every weakness and some tips that the game encourages you to read before every contract, why didn't CDPR add that to the game?

  • Luis Cruz

    His walk/running animations, the jumping animations... heavier swordplay not as if he were twirling a baton... Yea the horseplay mechanics... the ability to craft any armor and just upgrade it by levels as you level up as oppose to being restricted from crafting a set of armor until you’ve wasted a couple hours running through the missions you wish you had the armor for... etc.

  • anfromanx1981

    Witcher 3 is infinitely better than Skyrim

  • Michael Giraldo

    number 10: gee if only there was a bestiary :x


    ehhh... Casual players... are always noobs like u...

  • Keyboard Warrior

    This video should be less than 7 min without useless comments and pictures.donald trump walls? Travel through time and space?titan?

  • I H

    Everyone is being way too opinionated and critical in the comments.

  • Thor Hjorth

    Wraiths are easy, just read about them again if you forget

  • CookiesfromHell

    You know what I hate, other RPG's now.

  • alejandro sanchez candia

    Be obliged to play gwent in certain parts of the game, that is the most disgusting thing in the game, i mean if you like Gwent go for it, but the game obligates you to play it in order to advance in the story.

  • Hehe

    Bats ...If you acknowledge any god, start praying now...

  • Shayne Scott

    you can read the tutorials..... just saying. Or the bestiary - tells you how to defeat an opponent

  • Andrew Y.

    2:42 Agree, level loot system is the most stupid thing ever invented, especially when you play the game offline, who the F cares if I'm lvl 2 and my sword is lvl 999, the NPC next to me? ...

  • Minion X

    First of all, what bothers me the most about this game was that in the end they decided not to include Iorweth, the CDPR tried to excuse the matter with The Witcher: Matters of Conscience, but the only thing that relates is what happened with the Saskia's Free State; Second, that your decisions in the previous game, are practically irrelevant in this one, especially if the third game considers, that all your decisions during the events of the first game never happened, an example of that would be Talar, in the case of that he has been assasinated, regardless of whether it is by Geralt or someone else, Talar still appears in the third game as if nothing had happened.

  • An Kujo

    Most of these complaints weren't very good nor do I agree with...still get an upvote for the #1 and calling roach a she properly tho. Oh but how can you call skyrim one of the best games ever made but witcher 3 only one of the best of 2015 :V Don't get me wrong I love me some skyrim probably played it even more then this but not much and I can confidently say witcher 3 is the better game.

  • xxHeaVenXXSeNTxx

    I hated some movement in the game when climbing high on platforms then falling down because of a delayed sprint. I hated how roach would vear off path and always choose the wrong one. I hated that I upgraded all my Armour to grandmaster and still find better armor in game. The leveling system did suck. And some ability trees sucked, like all of the non combat or sign abilities. Still love the game, but damn those were all annoying. Candles being put next to objects to be looted OH MY GAH!

  • Maciej Podsiadło

    This game has great story, graphics and one of best soundtracks I've heard in a loooong time but the controls are a tchore! Geralt responses with few seconds of delay, attacks sometimes make him jump 10m forward and sometimes not, camera pans automatically to some very unconfortable angles and sometimes things that could just use 1 button, use 3 or 4 (like signs... to use them you can: scroll the wheel, press 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 OR use TAB to bring up the menu - it's sometimes just hard for brain muscles to pick the best option), running is very unintuitive with jumps and turns taking too long and having even up to few seconds of delay.I mean, this game is a masterpiece in story and graphics department, but sometimes getting about between the story sections and cutscenes turns into a nightmare and sort of a torture.

  • DoomFinger511

    I don't get the wraith complaint. The game literally paused for me and then told me to cast the sign to defeat it. In fact my first hour of playing was incredibly annoying since every 2 minutes and EVERY option in the pause menu forced me to acknowledge another set of "helpful" instructions. Yeah I know I could of turned them off but I didn't want to miss anything important.... like how to beat a wraith.

  • Lyric Tea

    I thought the fact that it takes like 6-10 mins to load your game after you die was the most frustrating thing. especially since i spend that time getting more and more revenge thirsty with each second that passes. then i go back so i can kick the ass of whatever beat me but because the load took so long i'm angry and distracted and i die again

  • Titi Müller

    Or when you use the Axii to make one enemy kill another one. After it Geralt takes back his sword then the controlled enemy turns against you.Or when you start a quest. You need to rescue someone. To find him you meet a person. This person has a problem with his friend. This friend needs you ti do another quest and there you get another side quest. :D

  • catsarethebest114

    0:03 "Witcher 3 was one of the best games of 2015" Oh hell no, it's the best game EVER

  • Randy H

    This was so accurate. 😂😂😂

  • David Robson

    I personally really liked the fist fighting. Especially the challenges.

  • John Evans

    one of the best games of 2015? No, no, no. It's the best game made up until that time, only to finally be met with something as good in the form of RDR 2. The moment you said that at the beginning of the video I knew you had no idea what you were talking about, and I was right. I can tell you had no idea what you were talking about because you played this game with a controller. This game was much better with keyboard and mouse.

  • Akeyy

    11. Walking 2 metres in Skellige and getting attacked by sirens

  • Nikos Amoiridis

    W E H A T E P O R T A L S

  • Westin kel

    you can press the jump button on just about anything and he will climb it or vault over it. your second point is untrue

  • nickdong13 dong

    10 things witcher 3 players hate ?Gameranx

  • Dracogirl Gamer

    1 thing i hated, there was a glitch where you would go to pull out your sword....... but there was no sword. You could still MOVE and LOOK like you were swinging a sword, but there was no sword. It really stunk when fighting bandits, cuz the silver sword doesnt do boo to them. And when fighting really strong humans, you would get pummeled without your sword.

  • wkwkIsland

    i even scrap the sword to make another better sword

  • Voluns2

    What is wrong with you there is like 1 negative on this list

  • Blixen

    I have 300 hours in Skyrim and recently decided to play Witcher too. It took me some time to get used to the mechanics, crafting, etc. I absolutely love both games, probably my favourites overall, but they really can't be compared. Totally different.

  • Duckbilled Walrus

    I hate the fact that there isn't another Witcher game to play after you finish this one

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Game is to hard on hard...

  • Domaik

    the thing about wraiths is very well explained in the game and the game does force you to read the entry on them...if you actually bother reading you'd find out how to defeat wraiths easily...

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