10 Things Witcher 3 Players HATE

The Witcher 3 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) was one of our favorite games of last year. Fans love it, but no game is perfect and Witcher fans have some complaints.
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  • SeptOz

    11. Getting to the master armourer in Crow's Perch, all the way from the signpost

  • Blobfish 101

    I hate the fact that there isn't another Witcher game to play after you finish this one

  • tom thornbery

    In no specific order1. Trying to loot something but instead you light a candle2. When they change around your equipment set up due to thing that happened in the story3. All the hidden treasure's in skellige 4. When geralt refuses to get on the boat while doing the hidden treasures 5. Unless you are on death march, theirs no real need to use mutagens or to craft witcher gear6. Some of the signpost locations (always takes a 2 minute walk to get to a mastercrafter)7. The heavy reliance on the Witcher senses and the map (very rarely stop and look around the beautiful scenery)8. Roach getting stuck on everything known to man9.When the skelliges most wanted quest refuses to work so you'll never be able to 100% the game 10. They probably wont make another witcher game in the next 8 years.....

  • A Turian on lean

    Having to close the game cause it's 5am and you need to go bed to get up at 6am for Uni

  • Michael Giraldo

    number 10: gee if only there was a bestiary :x

  • Blobfish 101

    The werewolf with regenerating health! Normally I was able to take out enemies who were 5 or even 10 levels above me so long as I was careful and did a lot of dodging etc. But with the Werewolf I just wasn't able to output enough damage at the time to beat its self healing!

  • Damon Driver

    Trying to talk to a shopkeeper and igniting the damn candle 5 times.Roach constantly stopping in the middle of galloping even on paths.The Dandelion quest line.Buying items for damn near full price but only being able to sell for 10% base price. Falling 3 feet and dying.Long, drawn out master armorer quest giving you a damn witch hunter armor as a reward.All the endings, even the "good ones", how everyone just disappears from the game. Roach running away from me with no enemies in sight.Guards being super sayian 3 the entire game and how they're always leveled way above you.Working your ass off to get Mastercrafted gear then finding stronger leveled gear 1 hour later.Gwent AI pulling MLG moves out their asses on the last round.Running to point A, talk. Run to point B, talk. Run back to point A, more talking. Run to point C, one minute of combat. Return to point A to receive reward. After a little while of doing witcher contracts you realize they literally all consist of talking to your client, going to the murder scene, using witcher sense to find a blood trail/a scent/foot prints to follow.Trying to flee combat and Geralt slows down, turns around and goes into his fighting stance letting the enemy catch up.Those damn Skellige treasures floating in the sea.Sirens or wooden planks floating in the water damaging your boat and sinking you in the middle of the ocean.

  • DS 513

    The sex scenes. They need better animations. Lol

  • Mavericks

    For me there's one thing that completely ruins the immersion in some quests.... Dandelion's accent.... Everyone has these unique accent's that sound as if they live in a medieval european setting, yet FUCKING DANDELION HAS THIS RIDICULOUS AMERICAN ACCENT!! Like it just breaks the immersion for me, it stands out so much and just does not fit in with the setting of the game.

  • light saberAddiCt

    Lol fist fighting in the game is great. Just learn to use the counter. If you can counter, you can beat all the boxers no matter their level. It is easy as shit.

  • TaishoAce1001

    In no particular order1. According to the game and everyone in it, you are a badass monster slayer who fights and kills magical creatures, which are capable of wiping out platoons of soldiers and whole villages, like they were nothing but cockroaches. You are also a highly accomplished swordsman who can cut through multiple foes at once on any given mission- including members of the terrifying interdimensional wraiths known as the Wild Hunt- you feel no emotions, and you can also use a bit of magic yourself. You're pratically a walking tank....but you steal one fishing net from a barrel near a pair of burly, out-of-shape, half-drunk Redanian guardsmen, and suddenly they jump to Level 82 and oneshot you with a single hit, and rob you of two thirds of your earnings. Nothing annoys me more than that, so that's going to be my default number 1.2. Dying instantly from attempting a ten-foot drop from some random balcony or bluff, and realizing you only saved about an hour of progress ago.3. Neither you nor Roach are able to circumnavigate one three-foot fence circling around a paddock or a bucket lying in the middle of the street, in or outside of combat (so kudos to you gameranx for bringing that up).4. Not being able to disengage from combat to engage with items, or to simply retreat despite putting away your sword, and only being able to tumbleroll away from enemies until you manage to lose them half-a-mile of tumble-rolling later (which also applies to the suddenly OP level guardsmen at number 1 above).5. Struggling to counter enemies in combat when they counter you instantly and stun you after blocking a couple of sword blows- which they technically should not be able to do because Geralt or Rivia is supposedly this badass Sugar Ray swordsmen who could easily slip a few tricks into his movesets and bypass any and all attempts to parry by his opponents.6. Receiving underwhelming trophies and bonus weapons/armour after defeating a ridiculously hard boss or completing an equally difficult mission. COME ON! (again, thank you gameranx)7. Getting the piss kicked out of you by a bunch of drunks at a bar or in a small space. (thank you gameranx)8. Going on wild goose chases for all the motherf&*king scattered Legendary or Mastercrafted Witcher gear across the entire continent, because your asshole predecessors or entrepid thieves couldn't die or stash all the documents in one place. Plus it's SPECIFIC witcher gear designs you need. You can't crossbreed them to get any effects. Not to mention Hattori, who is supposedly a master swordsmith, just can't make you this gear himself? Pft.9. Crossbow bolts and igni at max power does the squareroot of Jack-Shit on their own. Only knocks off about 1% of life from a single hit instead of killing or melting the motherf&*kers.10. Geralt of Rivia is a stoic, badass, problem-solving, sorceress f&*king machine, and yet you can't romance both Yennefer and Triss at the same time? BOOOOOOO!Just going to tack on another ten just because I can.11. Getting stuck in a shallow pool in the swamps of Velen that you can't jump or hop out of, because the game's a dick and Geralt just can't climb out of it, thereby requiring me to reload the game (which takes a very, VERY long time, thank you).12. Not being able to fight the Unseen Elder, no matter how much you want to.13. Not being able to invest any money or put it in a bank so that it can grow, especially in the first playthrough when you are broke AF, in a world that actually has banks that could keep your money safe for you.14. Not being able to interact with the people who spit and curse at you, or give out alms to the poor because, let's be honest, you feel sorry for the poor guy wheeling himself around in a box, and whenever someone insults you, you just want to beat that person up.15. Not being able to put on clothes that are several levels above you, because I'm a person and they're just clothes, with no minds or souls of their own, and I can't wear them because... I don't know... they're about three ounces too heavy.16. I can't boost the stats or levels of the clothes or weapons I currently have, because I like a certain set and don't want to change them.17. The consequences and choices for the Whispering Hillock level are dumb.18. There's no story mode for the village of cannibals you meet and slaughter that one time in Velen. There was a lot of potential behind that area and they just leave it as an extra. Plus the villages you sometimes liberate don't just repopulate and clean themselves up, and just remain empty and depressing the rest of the game, no matter how many weeks pass or you spend meditating. They just fill up with more ghouls or wraiths or something.19. Travelling around the Skellige Isles for any reason, both on land and at sea. It's ass.20. There's no breakdown in Redanian ranks after Radovid is killed. And I figured that my participation to the death of that asshole would accomplish something.21. A soft one. No romancing Anna Henrietta? Geez. "Kill Kings. Bang Queens." I figured that would be Geralt's motto by now.Well, that's all from me.

  • 7th vitas thanos

    selling a sword : 10 crownstrying to buy the sword back : 350 crownswitcher logic

  • Jesse Segedy

    I don't think it was one of the best games of 2015... i think its the best game ever made! I do agree with the above critiques, all things considered.Boy, if someone wants to compare Witcher gear loot, to Skyrim loot i'd have a field day. Skyrim loot equals barf* bland, shitty, nothing items.. worst part of the game. In Witcher 3 i have gotten some actual cool stuff i can use, that's not generic. I dont know why all the elder scrolls games have such lackluster boring loot. Whats funny is Daggerfall back in the 90s had better items to find than Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim. The items in Daggerfall had some sweet permanent magical effects on them.

  • Tokoo

    Considering that the Wraith is one of the first mobs you run into, it pops up and tells you to use Yrden. However its also in your guide book of monster slaying as well.Fist fighting isn't much of a challenge, either go on defensive, or go all in. Skyrim was a good game, but lets be honest it's way over rated, the main story is horrible, while side stories are good, but they are linear. I give you Roach, and moving over certain items. Maybe I should do my own top 10 annoying things, because you missed most of the annoying things. Like looting, is annoying as shit sometimes. Combat is great, but starting without a sword or the wrong sword is really annoying, because it seems like it take ages to pull the right sword.

  • Cruddy horse

    This video is more like "A couple of things Witcher 3 players actually hate and several things I'm too retarded to figure out on my own."

  • Crosby4hyg

    Wraith's really aren't that bad... Very predictable attacks, Yrden makes them quite simple even on DM. I do agree about the sword given by the master wordsmith though, was very disappointed by that weapon especially since I worked my ass off to do that quest at level 13.

  • Jorge Montes

    Getting all the question marks in the waters of Skellige

  • RunningToast257

    I literally only agreed with one of these and that’s the roach one. The rest just seem like a reflection of this guys lack of skill.

  • Joaquin Fracchia

    Swim for a treasure or a quest! I hate it, it takes a year to get on the damn boat! And roach, oh boy, i hate that horse...why dont u just keep on the path! Also it would be awesome if it could swim while riding

  • Nikos Amoiridis

    W E H A T E P O R T A L S

  • Jaidee King

    11. Doing the level 14 wolf armor treasure hunt but can't get to kaer morhen till you're level 1712. Certain enemies you can't lock on to. 13. The bystander sign post that's drops you right in a ghouls nest that are level 23 when you're level 14

  • Ashura Vayne

    Number 11: No option to play as Ciri whenever you want, and have to rely on a Ciri escape glitch instead in order to simply free roam as her.

  • CartooNinja

    Just, literally everything about Yennefer's character was absolutely revolting to me

  • mustang88490

    On ur first levels of the game anything can 5 hit u like a pack of wolves would shred me

  • Aniket Sengar

    Improve your humour. I stopped at apples to oranges, and apples to apples.

  • Achna Florey

    Um... when i start battles sometimes Geralt will not pull out his sword. Ever started a bandit fight where everyone is bashing you with swords and you are just punching a dude. Yeah... it sucks.

  • Gorgan Morgan

    Am I the only one hate how geralt's movement while he is not in combat. (Especially his jump) I mean, think it would be much better if the movements is smoother like recent assassins creed movements? (Sorry for my bad grammar tho)

  • Adam Godard

    It's called "DEATH MARCH" for a reason

  • Pete TRc

    The fact that I'm a master Witcher but still get the crap beat out of me by a bunch of wolves and wild dogs.

  • Commander Shepard

    We cannot bang the Duchess

  • Wicked Spartan

    what I hate is this list. besides roach thing, and the leveled loot, even the sword thing is not an issue, you are actually dumb, who wouldn't check to see if the prop sword is still equipped? it all just comes down to you being bad at this game. wraiths are bad? you had to google how to kill them? REALLY? WHAT IS THE DAMN BEASTIARY FOR? Also you can totally jump over the small obstacles. so stop lying to people who haven't played the game. how about something to actually hate? like collecting all the question marks on skellige? How about no damn threesome at the end of the game when you go through all the trouble romancing the two bitches? Also the highest difficulty in Witcher is nothing compared to dark souls. NOTHING LIKE DARK SOULS.

  • mkara 007

    Not being able to gallop in novigrad

  • Throwing Everything Guy

    Moving your camera and the bushes, trees, etc. Disappear

  • Mickael Barker

    Being able to sprint for maybe 5 seconds and having to stop and then waiting literally 1 second to have all your stamina back... makes no sense!

  • Mika Hervel

    That blunt sword!! That's why the Vampire beat me all the time in later in the Carbaret questline!!

  • AdmiralOddSock

    Roach.. Roach is the only thing I hate about the witcher..

  • Luizvideotube

    11- Trying to loot something but keep igniting and extinguishing a candle instead.

  • Allie Wolters

    oml they need to fix the swimming and the walking.just my opinion.

  • Gothamite

    Actually thinking Skyrim is one of the best games of all time? LOL

  • _ ChasePlays _

    I know this is old but i hate fast travel, hate how you cant jump off a short ledge without dying, i hate the horse mechanics, i hate the character animation, i hate how many minimal dialogue options there are, everything else pretty good. The environmental graphics as well as the dynamic weather is amazing for a 2015 game.

  • 310791

    Comparing Skyrim to Witcher 3 is like comparing an orange to a grapefruit. They may be similar on the surface but totally different on the inside.

  • NS24

    Things Witcher 3 players hate - No threesome with Yen and Triss ;-(

  • Genadij Smradztoiek

    The prop sword also auto-equipped when I fought the Ofieri mage in Hearts of Stone. That sucked.

  • Lucitaur

    Skyrim is not one of the best games ever made, it's average at best.Anyway, while there are a lot of improvements this game could have, the only thing that really rubs me the wrong way is that we are unable to load during cutscenes and dialogues, making it VERY annoying if you did something you wish to take back, making you have to go trough the entire encounter and only THEN be able to load.As for combat, I think it's time for CDPR to ditch this sticky combat mode and switch to a more organic Dark Souls-like one, but with free aiming instead of lock-on.

  • Juanlupinram

    Oh, c'mon. Deathmarch is EZ as long as you get prepared for battle. That's the difference with Dark Souls, Death March could be hard, but after applying oils and potions, it's no problem. On the other hand, in Dark Souls YOU DIED *omnious sound*.

  • Ray Ward

    Having to kill everyone at the inn in white orchard... That's what I hated the most, and also the level based loot from higher level enemies.

  • murfeel1

    The bestiary tells you up front what all the beasts are weak against though. Sometimes even before you face the creature for the first time, there will be a Bestiary entry for it. So you should know how to kill wraiths with Yrden and Spectre Oil. O_o

  • JussiRu

    hi. I'm surprised that "candles on top of loot containers" was not included in your list. Only the most annoying design flaw in the game imo :)

  • Snake Suarez

    Witcher is better than skyrim in my opinion and im a huge elder scrolls fan

  • Adam Godard

    Sounds like some one needs to GET GUD

  • Orizian

    I'm late, but what I hate is being able to craft a item like 10 levels above your level and being unable to equip it, like BRUH

  • Hepta

    The movement system when you're trying to loot something

  • A B

    The witcher 3 is a masterpiece how can you even compare it to that crap they call skyrim? how I know this video is crap to.

  • Kai Leng

    Roach is a male not female.

  • Kevin Toma

    Skyrim one of the best games ever made, oh boy.

  • Djorn Hoekstra

    Uhm number ten is Kinda stupid because there is you know THE BESTIARY...

  • CookiesfromHell

    You know what I hate, other RPG's now.

  • Johnny Hash

    When you fall from 5 meters and die...that's the most annoying thing in the game,aside from Roach and not being able to jump over obstacles during a fight.

  • Shazam

    For a near flawless game, the worst parts were the candles put near objectives. The swimming mechanics. And finally, controlling Roach was very awkward a lot of the time. Oh, and collecting every gwent card as some were missable.


    CIris voice acting is horrible. Also the exclusion of the Human/Scoital theme is such a shame in Witcher3. It's probably the coolest and most memorable thing in the Witcher series yet most kids have only played Witcher 3 and thus will never know about it.

  • Matthew 1

    You can't pause cutscenes... some of them are like 10 mins long...

  • Sudeb Sarkar


  • Mike Austin

    I hate playing as Ciri, especially against the crones. What a waste of time.

  • Mr Malibujunkies

    swimming made me question my existence....

  • Dante Cantu

    1. The damn werewolf from “ladies in the woods” quest. Were it would regenerate health at an insane rate faster than I could deal damage , and the Axii wouldn’t stop it.

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