10 Things Witcher 3 Players HATE

The Witcher 3 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) was one of our favorite games of last year. Fans love it, but no game is perfect and Witcher fans have some complaints.
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  • SeptOz

    11. Getting to the master armourer in Crow's Perch, all the way from the signpost

  • Endryus Monteiro

    Trying tro cross a bridge while on Roach but get stuck by a invisible wall.

  • light saberAddiCt

    Lol fist fighting in the game is great. Just learn to use the counter. If you can counter, you can beat all the boxers no matter their level. It is easy as shit.

  • Hepta

    The movement system when you're trying to loot something

  • · IcoNick ·

    W E H A T E P O R T A L S

  • TheAdumbrateWolfgang

    Death March is not hard. Sorry bro. It is how the game was made to be played.

  • Blobfish 101

    I hate the fact that there isn't another Witcher game to play after you finish this one

  • Mr Malibujunkies

    swimming made me question my existence....

  • Caterina Stella

    EVERYTIME I GET INTO A FIGHT WITH A MONSTER OR A HUMAN GERALT NEVER PICKS ONE OF THE SWORDS AND STARTS TO PUNCH THE AIR INSTEAD. At the very beginning he automatically picked the silver or steel sword, but after a few chapters he stopped doing that, so now I always have to pick the right sword by myself.

  • zwippie92

    I don't really know why but now I really wanna buy it from steam now that is is on sale :D

  • MrBaranygabor

    Spamming skip at a blacksmith ending up selling a good sword.

  • Chelsea Grin

    The motherfckin Foglets. SERIOUSLY OP AS FCK

  • Achedb0b1

    Man I hate Roach. The worst horse in any game. "Oh the route to the object is going down this path? I'LL JUST GO DOWN THIS PATH THEN SEE YA, WOAH BETTER STOP EVEN THOUGH NOTHING IS THERE" God damn.

  • Uroš Popović

    When u find legendary sword but u can buy better one and you don't want to unequip that badass looking sword

  • Danigon 48

    The thing i most hate in tw3: Gerald cant survive a 3 meters fall,and the reload takes a minute.A terrible combination.

  • Dagriel Dagr

    The mid combat inability to vault a fence or table is without doubt the worst thing on this list

  • Allen Rivera

    How about that random cliff you fall into and died bcoz of yr brittle legs after not saving for 2 hrs?

  • Mohammad Bilani

    The frickin CANDLES!!!! They are so annoying 😤

  • Dylan

    wanting to climb on roach after fast travel and clicking the sign or notice board instead

  • ryx1993

    Not to mention the withcer 3 is way better then skyrim. Don't get me wrong skyrim is a great game in its own right but the withcer is so much better

  • Preston Rutherford

    That you can't fuck Anna Henrietta

  • Jacky Chen

    I hate the fact that you're supposed to be a fabled witcher, known to be dangerous and highly skilled. I mean, there are litterally books and ballads in the game about Geralt. Yet even peasants aint afraid to take up arms against him, safe for those in that Novigrad tavern with Ciri.

  • AK Rex

    I would have loved it if they could add a function of being able to "mark" map locations and save them in the list of "visit later". for example, you explore something at early levels, then you stumble upon a creature that is too OP for you, then you mark that area on the map as "visit later" and you can then bring it up as a rmeinder later on that you wanted to visit it. So essentially, a better planner/diary function would be nice.

  • Mavericks

    For me there's one thing that completely ruins the immersion in some quests.... Dandelion's accent.... Everyone has these unique accent's that sound as if they live in a medieval european setting, yet FUCKING DANDELION HAS THIS RIDICULOUS AMERICAN ACCENT!! Like it just breaks the immersion for me, it stands out so much and just does not fit in with the setting of the game.

  • Zorulu

    Dude the Master Swordsmith quest isnt just so you can get a sword. You get a trader with a huge capital (means he has like 3-4K money so you can sell him more) and he can craft swords from your blueprints that other blacksmiths CANT.

  • Khofax

    I hate when I spend all my money on the grand master gear in Blood and Wine to after a couple level having some simple generic armor become better especially the swords that because I thought it was the best I spent all my best runes on and I don’t want to dismantle them because they were so expensive eugh they should have been a way to enhance the armor with a certain fee that become higher with time and is available every 3 levels that would have been Great

  • tom thornbery

    In no specific order1. Trying to loot something but instead you light a candle2. When they change around your equipment set up due to thing that happened in the story3. All the hidden treasure's in skellige 4. When geralt refuses to get on the boat while doing the hidden treasures 5. Unless you are on death march, theirs no real need to use mutagens or to craft witcher gear6. Some of the signpost locations (always takes a 2 minute walk to get to a mastercrafter)7. The heavy reliance on the Witcher senses and the map (very rarely stop and look around the beautiful scenery)8. Roach getting stuck on everything known to man9.When the skelliges most wanted quest refuses to work so you'll never be able to 100% the game 10. They probably wont make another witcher game in the next 8 years.....

  • tomassoman01

    I personally can't stand the fact that if you fall over 10 ft you just die. I can get acid spit on me slashed with swords,but falling off a 10 ft ledge is my undoing

  • CartooNinja

    Just, literally everything about Yennefer's character was absolutely revolting to me

  • Nick Roberts

    Watch witcher 5 do all the same mistakes and refuse us the right to really strong quest items

  • catsarethebest114

    0:03 "Witcher 3 was one of the best games of 2015" Oh hell no, it's the best game EVER


    You just don´t now how to play this game. (#nooffense)

  • Blood Arrow06

    With the master weapon smith and master armor smith they say they will make the best armor/sword for you that they ever made... then why do they sell ones that are better!!!!

  • Ushan Edirisinghe

    fuckennnn ignite!!! everytime I try to loot or fast travel. the fucking lamps light up!

  • E Arabul

    I hated ciri quests a lot.

  • SaUcy TAvoN

    2 things, how easy it is to die from a 5 foot drop without rolling, and how fucking long the loading screen takes after you die to spawn in

  • O Libertário

    Definetly that supid horse that gets struck on every fucking thing ever, and receiving quests that you are dozens of hours of gameplay behind... Like, I'm lvl 13 now and I got about 10 witcher contracts that are lvl 20+. FFS, give me contracts I can complete.

  • Nick Roberts

    My one thing I hate was how hard I have to grind to get enough coin to make my armor plus the right stuff

  • Mande Loo

    Approach the monster, get it in the bestiary, run like hell, come back

  • hamad alkhalifah

    I think when you want to climb the mountaints by the hourse but he can't that's annoying thing

  • poblo pubblewash

    the moment where you hated nothing about a game

  • Anway Roy

    There lots of things I hate about Glitcher 3

  • Cliche

    Kinda funny how most of the complaints in the comments can be fixed by some lightweight and lore-friendly modding on PC.

  • Vincent Wolf

    You know that Hitori does actually make your mastercraft witcher swords. besides Ofier in the expansion for grandmaster gear he really was helpful. Wraiths aren't that bad and there was a beastiary that explains enemy weaknesses.

  • Earl Brydges

    This more of a “wish it was in the game” than a “annoyance”, but I’d love it if I could just bloody crouch. Would add a bit more to the game in terms of combat.

  • Steve Robinson

    All these 10 things are just because your shit at playing the game.

  • Blobfish 101

    The werewolf with regenerating health! Normally I was able to take out enemies who were 5 or even 10 levels above me so long as I was careful and did a lot of dodging etc. But with the Werewolf I just wasn't able to output enough damage at the time to beat its self healing!

  • Tokoo

    Considering that the Wraith is one of the first mobs you run into, it pops up and tells you to use Yrden. However its also in your guide book of monster slaying as well.Fist fighting isn't much of a challenge, either go on defensive, or go all in. Skyrim was a good game, but lets be honest it's way over rated, the main story is horrible, while side stories are good, but they are linear. I give you Roach, and moving over certain items. Maybe I should do my own top 10 annoying things, because you missed most of the annoying things. Like looting, is annoying as shit sometimes. Combat is great, but starting without a sword or the wrong sword is really annoying, because it seems like it take ages to pull the right sword.

  • Sarah Cairns

    I have done every single thing on this list. Is that sad?😅😅😅😀

  • john brown

    I hated fighting any monster and they’d just ignore the hits they’re taking from me and become invincible for like half a second while they take half my health away

  • Maurice K

    Anyone else annoyed by the fact that the warrior's leather jacket, being what Geralt wears for everything from promo art to the spoiler alert Ciri flashbacks at the end of the game, is something you can't upgrade as you carry on, and have to wear random pieces of (not the most aesthetic) armour before you say fuck it and hunt down witcher school gear? That's what annoyed me the most.

  • Genadij Smradztoiek

    The prop sword also auto-equipped when I fought the Ofieri mage in Hearts of Stone. That sucked.

  • Jade Legault-trudeau

    TBH, I forgot to re equip my pants in kaer morhen after that drunk night. Let me tell you, the cinematics were weird as fuck.

  • RysterialProductions

    I hate the fact that I couldn't bang Rosa

  • RunningToast257

    I literally only agreed with one of these and that’s the roach one. The rest just seem like a reflection of this guys lack of skill.

  • Mika Hervel

    That blunt sword!! That's why the Vampire beat me all the time in later in the Carbaret questline!!

  • qwert67890uiop

    No one mentioned how sirens and ekhidnas would destroy your boat all the time while trying to the get to smugglers cache spots in Skellige, and after that you'd have to swim all the way back to shore.

  • Adam Godard

    It's called "DEATH MARCH" for a reason

  • rule R

    The Skill tree isp total shit.Gameplay mechanic as well And the ai. Thats it.

  • Pan Daimonium

    Sailing. Sailing was the worst.

  • Danial Nikpeyman

    Am I the only one who hated cnadles?? you're trying to loot and accidentally extinguish or lit a candle. most annoying part of the game! why would you even put this in the game?! no point in it.

  • I need waffles Tabernacle

    1. Enemies with shields 2. How the camera constantly adjusts when you go up ladders 3. How annoying it is to craft white gull4. How expensive it is to build dimeritium for mastercrafted witcher gear5. Harpies and Sirens6. Portals

  • Jesse Smith

    The System for interacting with things......I kept running into this problem where the interact prompts would come up for a split second before disappearing. and if Geralt wasn't facing the things perfectly, I couldn't get the prompt to come back up........It was infuriating....other than that

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