10 Things Witcher 3 Players HATE

The Witcher 3 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) was one of our favorite games of last year. Fans love it, but no game is perfect and Witcher fans have some complaints.
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  • Memerwave

    My worst enemy in the witcher isn't alive, its falling from the smallest heights and somehow dying.

  • Akeyy

    11. Walking 2 metres in Skellige and getting attacked by sirens

  • Hugin Starkstrom

    Standing next to a killed enemy and not being able to loot because you walked one step too far. Turning around - same Problem. no, you have to walk away for 4 steps, then turn around and go one step Closer...my mother is better at parking her car.

  • JOSHUA Montoya

    Having to run from crows perch to get to the master blacksmith

  • SeptOz

    11. Getting to the master armourer in Crow's Perch, all the way from the signpost

  • Thanos V.

    Ignite. Everytime I try to loot and instead I ignite a fire, is one step closer to becoming a terrorist.

  • Ian Ojeda

    Gee, if only there was some kind of bestiary with every weakness and some tips that the game encourages you to read before every contract, why didn't CDPR add that to the game?

  • Ginger Ninja

    This should have been called “10 Things I hated about Witcher 3 because I was too stupid to read the bestiary”.

  • Chyżu

    Crach: >>This sword was forged in dragons fire and weared by the same king 100 years ago<<Geralt: Dunno, costs 1000 gold, thanks for Kaer Morhen battle support anyway.

  • mkara 007

    Not being able to gallop in novigrad

  • Hynotama

    The fact that you can’t actually have a threesome with Yen and Triss.

  • Jason Miles

    Those damn Sirens in Skellige, can’t sail five feet without them tearing my boat apart

  • julian lavooij

    when you lose in gwent because of a tie and they got the nilfguard faction

  • nickdong13 dong

    10 things witcher 3 players hate ?Gameranx

  • Nightwing

    i hate how the map doesn't show you all the quest locations marked altogether. and i had to manually switch between quest to see which was near me

  • Luis F.I

    The witcher 3 wasn't "one of the best games of 2015", it literally was THE BEST. So please.....

  • General Grievous

    "Witcher 3 was one of the best games of 2015"Correction: "Witcher 3 was one of the best games of all time"

  • Hakan Earrape

    lighting or extinguishing torches while looting takes a decade

  • Isaac Kraemer

    For me its listening to Dandellion summarize every time I load the game or fast travel to a new areaits cool the first couple of times I like it, especially when its a new scene, but, fuck, if I hear "Wounded and Tired, Ciri fled to the swamp" one moe time

  • DoomFinger511

    I don't get the wraith complaint. The game literally paused for me and then told me to cast the sign to defeat it. In fact my first hour of playing was incredibly annoying since every 2 minutes and EVERY option in the pause menu forced me to acknowledge another set of "helpful" instructions. Yeah I know I could of turned them off but I didn't want to miss anything important.... like how to beat a wraith.

  • SoloTurk

    Things Witcher 3 players hate - No threesome with Yen and Triss ;-(

  • lol

    when you get caught in a puddle in a swamp during combat

  • Lyric Tea

    I thought the fact that it takes like 6-10 mins to load your game after you die was the most frustrating thing. especially since i spend that time getting more and more revenge thirsty with each second that passes. then i go back so i can kick the ass of whatever beat me but because the load took so long i'm angry and distracted and i die again

  • Gold Roger

    Damn I forgot that Witcher 3 was released in 2015 it looks so much better than any other new game from 2018 and I am not gonna even mention the gameplay props to cd project red can’t wait for cyberpunk 2077

  • xxHeaVenXXSeNTxx

    I hated some movement in the game when climbing high on platforms then falling down because of a delayed sprint. I hated how roach would vear off path and always choose the wrong one. I hated that I upgraded all my Armour to grandmaster and still find better armor in game. The leveling system did suck. And some ability trees sucked, like all of the non combat or sign abilities. Still love the game, but damn those were all annoying. Candles being put next to objects to be looted OH MY GAH!

  • CookiesfromHell

    You know what I hate, other RPG's now.

  • The Real Dr. Janus

    Having to be looking at someone or something in a really specific position to trigger the conversation or action.

  • Joshua Hebert

    When battling some monster near a cliff and the one time it doesn't auto aim to the enemy and you lunge while swinging your sword and down the cliff you go!

  • Bartłomiej Dudek

    Number 4 is actually a great thing, making it much more realistic. No matter how good you're in fighting when you're cornered even by 4 drunkards u might be in a little trouble. And fighting without weapons means he doesn't want to kill them, that's what makes fighting tougher also, being so good, all life fighting to slay monsters - kill as fast as you can with all deadly techniques and now u have to hit them and not even to hard not to kill :DBut number 1 is so freaking true, I was so hyped about the reward I completed this mission on level 13, using axii and fighting every for soooo long as everyone had a skull next to the name and I got a shit sword which I couldn't even equip -.-

  • Titi Müller

    Or when you use the Axii to make one enemy kill another one. After it Geralt takes back his sword then the controlled enemy turns against you.Or when you start a quest. You need to rescue someone. To find him you meet a person. This person has a problem with his friend. This friend needs you ti do another quest and there you get another side quest. :D

  • Leif Leifnephew

    The weather.When it rains it gets literally darker than at night, and it rains THE WHOLE. EFFING. TIME.I eventually cracked and learned the console command to change the weather.

  • Omg It's Jass

    I hate that wolf school gear glitch

  • Creatura Nocturna

    The only thing I hear is mimimi I can't fight

  • andrew shepperd

    not being able to exit dialogue options by pressing B or circle, instead I have to say bye. geralt has stuff to do just let me exit conversations faster

  • Nikos Amoiridis

    W E H A T E P O R T A L S

  • Darkened Vision

    IDK why people want to play a game that is super difficult. Masochists? I just play to immerse myself, not hurt myself. I get enough struggles and challenge out of real life. I game to relax and escape.

  • Archon331

    Wraths are easy, the worms that had the exploding plants arround them in DLC were waay more anoying


    W3 fans mostly hate other games after playing W3 and comparing the quality with other "AAA" games...

  • Austin Bosh

    11. Going into waist deep water to collect loot and then realising you can't exit the water because you're in a hole. Couldn't tell you how many time this has happened to me. Untop of that, I usually hadn't manually saved in a while so I would have to reload to the most recent save, redid everything I did, and then hopefully remember to save so I didn't fall into the hole again.

  • Duckbilled Walrus

    I hate the fact that there isn't another Witcher game to play after you finish this one

  • FirstBroGamer

    10. There is a thing called "Bestiary".9. I'll give you that one actually.8. I wouldn't call Skyrim as one of the best games honestly and this is why I can't compare it to my favourite game, heh.7. The game teaches you that you should go for the level you have, It would be stupid if you beat one thing and fight with better equipment through easier missions or get a lot of money by selling it, It would be boring (If you know what I mean).6. I don't think It should be on that list, I don't mind having more missions in this game and It wasn't that annoying.5. The game like this is supposed to have a difficulty like this, we got used to very easy games these times.4. And the fist fight would end with one punch then... again, It would be boring if not something like this and If you fight more often, the space will not be a problem to you.3. Roach is one of the most glitched things in this game probably, but It's not the thing I hate actually.2. H...how?! How did you not realise? lol1. Agreed, I hated that honestly. It seemed to be more exciting than that mission for Dwarf (that armorer from Velen) and turned out it was a waste of time.

  • Brian Lin

    11. All shop location icons aren’t permanent

  • Golden One

    The fact that you can’t upgrade anything but Witcher Gear. Might have a favorite sword or piece of armor that becomes useless after you level up about 4 or 5 times. Especially the relic swords smh.

  • L Jennings

    Cons: One thing I would like is to take screenshots without all the HUDs in the way. Especially after an awesome kill. I'd like to be able to sit down and talk instead of standing all the time (unless it's a cutscene). I also found that Bandits had super Olympic grade archers that could hit me from a 2 mile range even if I was hiding behind a house!One last thing, in combat... when I wanted to back off, Geralt would suddenly leap TOWARDS the enemy and i'd be like NoNoNonONOOOONOOOOOO!!!Pros: If you do a mission retrospectively you get "your level" loot so sometimes it might pay to return to a particular nasty monster (leshen) when you're a level or two higher. The armour might be not as good but I found better runes/glyphs and goodies to sell.Conclusion. Awesome game.

  • Michael Giraldo

    number 10: gee if only there was a bestiary :x

  • thecupcakefox-blog

    I don’t really relate to this countdown, but I found the video hilarious nonetheless.My biggest pet peeve is any time I try to interact with something and there’s a candle or person nearby. 😂😂😂

  • MusicisLife8393

    The loading/cutscene every time you load a game <_<

  • fidelcrisis

    Nobody:Roach: Randomly stops before a small bump, while I'm attacking enemies from her back

  • Krzysztof Marcinkowski

    Every mentioned point sounds like Sapkowski except jumping and level requirements.

  • Azmek

    Fall damage. Simple as that.

  • trolololoolable

    The wraiths weakness are in the bestiary... no need to google

  • Mik-FN Ps4

    Deathmarch for me was supprisingly easy though?Not bragging. But there most me many of us feeling that way?

  • ImaMuskyFreak

    1. Going to sign posts to fast travel2. Custom green marker doesn’t leave foot trail on the map3. Finding the upgrade diagrams

  • NotJo

    Having to use sign posts to fast travel.

  • Haldier

    pff Deathmarch ain't hard you just gotta git gud


    lol the Hattori master swordsmith mission confused me so much...I grinded it front to back because I was like hell ya im getting something dope...and you get a needle

  • Keyboard Warrior

    This video should be less than 7 min without useless comments and pictures.donald trump walls? Travel through time and space?titan?

  • Amartya Biswas

    I even sold the sword to him after that quest

  • Kalupz

    STAGGERING, Getting staggered is the absolute worst part of the game and most of all the combat.

  • Olaf Lesniak

    The Bestiary gives you hints as to what Sign to use. I'm confused.

  • Sir Failsalot

    I hate the loading screens for PS4 because U usually die in a hard fight and you have to sit there, I'm actually typing this as I wait

  • oddeda

    Ignite/extinguish can be solved by assigning a different key to it.For all those mentioning it.

  • Fairon Gaming

    „I would make a big sign over his shop saying: Caution. A guy claiming to be a master sword smith.“ 😂😂😂 🚨🚨🚨!!Spoilers!! 🚨🚨🚨This is literally one of the quests in Velen.

  • Thanos K.

    I kept the prop until it was damaged, visited a blacksmith and THEN saw the title of my equipped weapon...

  • Veyroz

    "Roach"? Lmao, only Płotka is the best ;).

  • Philipp Schmid

    ..the google.. to kill wraiths or you know.... use your bestiary

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