Witcher 3 DLC: Are All Monsters Evil - Skellige's Most Wanted

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt DLC: Skellige's Most Wanted Contract - Side Quest related to the Main Story. Pick it up at Fyresdal
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  • xLetalis

    Lost Miners wasn't anything special but this... I like. Especially the way it's connected to both other side quests and main story quests. Not to mention that with the release of the official cinematic trailer (Night to Remember) I was hyped about exploring the monsters' human nature a bit more.

  • 2009 Year of change

    The music in Skellige is so beautiful.

  • capz

    couldnt finish this quest. werewolf bug

  • griemreaperxx

    I can't finish my quest it keeps bugging out saying I didn't slay the wolf but I did and he just stands in place growling with no life on his health bar. Can someone help

  • Fortunatus

    Am I only one here of feels like the four are some kind of Fable story refference

  • Son Goku

    This moment was epic af

  • Jacob Peters

    What did the godling give you?

  • A Bear with phone 408

    I'm sorry but seeing a damn mini council of monsters made me laugh so much😂

  • Von Dozier

    "BUT HE SPARED A GOLDEN DRAGON!" damn that is some deep lore from the books

  • Cheesus Crust

    You let all those monsters in the contracts go? Wow you're...lenient.

  • Sniper Fodder Jetson

    Godling seem to be nothing but children (ugly children) with supernatural powers

  • Samuel Azurdia

    is there any DLC for consols yet

  • GingerVikis

    I'm curious... (spoilers) if you get the bad ending but spare Berem the werewolf and do this quest after, do you get that as one of your "I was a friend to monsters" options? I'm wondering if it's possible to sway the hateful werewolf from attacking you.

  • FlamesAndShadows

    I love this quest, but is anyone else bothered that the 'nice' monsters had captured, tied up and sawed off legs of several nekkers just to make those boots to cover tracks? I know nekkers are a bunch of nasty buggers, but they slowly start evolving from the feral beasts to some rudimentary semblance of intelligence it seems. Thats hypocricy

  • 2009 Year of change

    I really don't understand why anyone would want to use any armour other than light it has a lot of drawbacks, while light is perfect for everything.

  • Panda King

    do i have to complete the nain quest for thos because the group of npcs arent there? I have the 2 dlcs too

  • SeagodWolf

    i killed them all.. whoops

  • NoFlayNoPlay

    man rewatching this, it's so obvious his story's a coverup


    Ive completed the story, done every side quest i can see on the map but have a lot of witcher contracts still out. I am seeing loads of side quests on youtube including this one which doesnt come up on the map. Are u just meant to find them as you walk around? Also do you think its worth playing again on a higher difficulty now or finishing all the witcher contracts and everything else?

  • Prince Of Zakuul

    where do u pick up this contract?

  • Emi The Ninja

    4:48 that boulder scared the shit out of me

  • The Mighty .Chicken

    Now I wonder: if you lift Morksvarg's curse(and let him go), does it have an impact on the outcome with the werewolf ?(like you mentioned how you saved other monsters and gained their sympathy)

  • Chiara Butteri

    What is that "little something" that the she godling gives to Geralt ?

  • Fanserker

    Godling's skellige accent tho 😆

  • ChaoticEchos

    This DLC has a reference to The Last Wish book, when the werewolf mentions the Bruxa Vereena, who was from the short story A Grain of Truth. Another reason why I love this game, there's a lot of book references in it.

  • MsJavaWolf

    I killed them all, with a smile on my face. I spared the trolls in Kaer Morhen, not all monsters are dangerous, but if you try to kill me with a boulder, I am more than happy to kill you.

  • Ehud Riven

    I'm never as patient or forgiving with them

  • Mr. Offender

    Monster doesn't mean to scare just misunderstood

  • ciriciri

    Cannot finish this quest in 1.07 damn bug...

  • Val kyra

    I can't end the Quests.. it bugs, werwolf doesn't die, he just goes down like he would died, but his live bar remains on half.. lol.

  • Vinicius Gualberto

    One of the best quests of the game.

  • James Taylor

    What armour are you wearing?

  • James Raven

    lots of book references from the werewolf

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