Games That'll Blow Everyone Away In 2018

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Please Note: Video game release dates and launch windows are subject to change.

Pre-planning is the name of the game in the entertainment industry. More often than not, video games get stamped with release dates long before they're ready to hit the shelves, and 2018's release calendar is already jam-packed with sensational new titles. Here are the games that will blow everyone away in 2018...

Far Cry 5 | 0:19
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night | 1:04
Monster Hunter: World | 1:48
God of War | 2:49
System Shock | 4:22
Crackdown 3 | 5:10
Red Dead Redemption 2 | 6:18
Spider-Man | 6:58
Anthem | 8:15
Detroit: Become Human | 9:39
Kingdom Hearts 3 | 10:59
The Last Night | 11:40
Death Stranding | 12:33
Code Vein | 13:32

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  • Flame Shadow

    I thought the Norman Reedus thing was a canceled silent hill game?

  • The Developer's Room

    I need an Elder Scrolls VI

  • Chris Hansen

    Star Wars Battlefront III: Revenge of the Microtransactions

  • SpartanCrafter 7

    Monster Hunter World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IvantBurrito

    Thank God monster hunter world is on this list

  • Skelte Braaksma


  • Matthew David

    Used to love everything Bioware but don't think Anthem will be their redemption given EA's view that gamers aren't people just cash machines

  • medusathedecepticon

    GO KINDOM HEARTS!!! It's the only one I will probably get to play

  • Dawood Ali

    what about naughty dog games? Aren't those the best game in the world, not only graphics but those games have the best story in them for example, Uncharted The Lost Legacy and THE LAST OF US 2!

  • Lost Shade

    JUST MAKE ALREADY HORIZON ZERO DAWN 2! can't wait anymore

  • pointman1921

    I was hoping to see Sea of Thieves on here. :(

  • Chrisavgi Glentze

    Death stranding in 2018 ? Loooooool, more like 2020

  • Highly Elevated

    Can anyone tell me the name of a game where there's teams of 2 on a small map hunting a boss monster while other players as well?! Saw the trailer and can't recall the name! It was on IGN a few weeks ago.

  • The.Flaming.Tornado

    Here's a game to get hyped for: Ashes Of Creation. It's said to come out late 2018 and is a MMORPG. It got millions of dollars on kickstarter, and I can't wait to see where it heads.

  • That Guy

    Cant wait for anthem and monster hunter!

  • CAfakmykak

    i highly doubt anything is going to blow me away. With the invasion of Loot Boxes and micro-transactions in just about every damn game out there, i'd say it will be a while before we truly get games that will "blow me away"


    None of these games are even slightly interesting. Just the same shit over and over again.

  • Duck King

    Dragon ball fighterz anyone or just me

  • Odin's Playground

    Death Stranding is probably coming out before the olympics in 2020..... but 2018 I STRONGLY Doubt.

  • Fifa16 Goalz

    Why would anyone dislike these videos, why does he deserves 2k dislikes just why dam haters will always hate I Hurd. Guess it’s true

  • thenewgoddamngambit

    Please god! Please let Far Cry 5 have actual co-op and not that BS that FC4 had! Where you have to play 60% of the game in single player mode just so you can play 40% with your friends.

  • MrWaffleBannanas

    I really want the Spider-Man game but I own a pc :p

  • MrWaffleBannanas

    I want a Saints Row 5!!!

  • XFreeze

    Why days gone isnt on this list?

  • chaotic/Silence

    video lost me after "PS4 exclusive"

  • AcidxXbeemxX

    Where's left for dead 4?

  • Shelby

    aaand kingdom hearts 3<333333

  • The Sporter

    Am I the only One who is dissappointed now?

  • D-Schloss the boss H-town rowlin hard


  • رناد فهد.

    Red dead redemption 2 gonna be it for me.

  • Nimbl

    Anthem. An openworld-multiplayer-sci-fi-shooter. Bioware´s last project Mass Effect:Andromeda was the same ,without multiplayer-focus (multiplayer had an own gamemode). Ya´ll saw wat we got outta that. Even besides bad facial animations the game was unoptimized ,buggy and overall pretty shallow and lazy developed.So.. neither the rather new Team of Bioware ,what maybe still has 5 guys who also worked on Mass Effect 1 and 2 (and 3) nor EA has changed since then. Plus the Lootbox-debacle in STAR WARS BFII and the new UFC.If anyone of you has any hopes for ANTHEM youre out of your minds.I´m calling that ANTHEM will be the last project of Bioware ,before EA will drop them like many other studios before. For example Visceral Games made a popular horrorgame (Dead Space) and with every following title the studio was shoehorned in deving a game for the masses what in the end was their downfall. Same case with Mass Effect 1 to Anromeda. Mass Effect 1 was a big hit. Mass Effect 2 ,too. Mass effect 3 was already sliding downhill and Andromeda was the bang on the lowest floor. I´m so done with EA and AAA-titles in general.

  • Jason Bouchard

    I would Replace Crackdown for Vampyr cuz Vampyr WILL BE one of the game of the year...


    Where is sea of thieves

  • Shrek

    was the giant serpent The World Serpent from the Magnus Chase series?

  • Furaxxxxx

    I cant be the only one who think theese all seem like overdone crap games, or am I just getting too old?

  • DabbertDaan12

    I wish Borderlands 3 came out.

  • Lucas

    what about Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

  • Andrew Grimes

    The worst kind of anime - Wimpy guys with edgy haircuts wielding massive swords which are only dwarfed by the ladies milk jugs which are struggling to avoid bursting out of their high school corsets. No thank you.

  • Easy Bake

    I don't care about any of these games.

  • Sergio G

    I just want a persona 6

  • Callum Brown

    Mans be waiting for Tekken X Street Fighter , MK 11 , Last Of Us 2 , & GTA 6 LITTY 2018-2020!

  • The_Angry_Raccoon

    Konami and Square piss me off, those developers show off and announce games literally a decade before they're released sometimes.

  • Jim 11

    It blows me real good and now I need another box of Kleenex.

  • Francois Tremblay

    All the games have great graphics, but they look really boring...

  • mattb128XD

    no darksiders 3??? the last of us 2???

  • hedwegg

    With all the new "updates & play styles" to somehow invent a story...we have "massive" "violence & danger"...all through the game play!...Point: We have invented "Nightmares" not "Dreams" for Kids & families.  All for Dreams & anything can be!  Lots of Love & Creativity, Everyone.  Merry Christmas!

  • Kane Aquino

    Games That Everyone Will Blow In 2018

  • Captainhh 2345

    Far cry 5 comes out on my birthday I should ask for it

  • MrGaiden100

    "blow everyone away"1. No2. What? hell no.3. Might be okay but blow everyone away? Nope.4. Only if you liked the other ones...5. blow us away? HOW?6. This looks freaking stupid.7. Finally, you might have been right on this one. Red Dead.8. Now your just pulling games out of your ass.9. Could be good have to see game play and make sure its not another boring ass destiny.10. Blow us away? how?11. Blow us away? Only if you liked the other KH games.12. This one has the potential to actually blow everyone away.13. No.2 out of 13 games shown have the potential to blow gamers away. the other ones you pulled out of your ass.Click bate title for a click bate channel, only brain dead people watch this shit. Thumbs down.

  • Gabriel Swartzendruber

    Anthem looks dope, so does the new spiderman.

  • Devils Night

    Every game sucks since Witcher 3 was released, you all know this.

  • frankenpope

    monster hunter world i played the beta and the combat sucks very pissed!

  • the week

    I just want kh3. Literally the only reason i copped a ps4. Every other game is just "cool ill try it out" or "nah not interested"

  • Skycoder 95

    the time i have seen dbz fighterz isnt here i left the video

  • Nate F

    They just all look horrible to me. Maybe i have grown out if gaming...

  • Bannana Joe

    Yeah if you are 10 year old you will be blown away but for us HC gamers all boring or repeat of same games been there done very few playable games gta etc

  • Hifumi Takkimoto


  • The Ren Den

    Drew Karpyshyn is an amazing writer. I read Old Republic: Revan and loved it. Him doing the story means Anthem’s story will be AWESOME

  • Kawaii Kitten

    No shadow of colossus????

  • TheLonePeasant

    "Games that will blow"

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