Games That'll Blow Everyone Away In 2018

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Please Note: Video game release dates and launch windows are subject to change.

Pre-planning is the name of the game in the entertainment industry. More often than not, video games get stamped with release dates long before they're ready to hit the shelves, and 2018's release calendar is already jam-packed with sensational new titles. Here are the games that will blow everyone away in 2018...

Far Cry 5 | 0:19
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night | 1:04
Monster Hunter: World | 1:48
God of War | 2:49
System Shock | 4:22
Crackdown 3 | 5:10
Red Dead Redemption 2 | 6:18
Spider-Man | 6:58
Anthem | 8:15
Detroit: Become Human | 9:39
Kingdom Hearts 3 | 10:59
The Last Night | 11:40
Death Stranding | 12:33
Code Vein | 13:32

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  • hunn20004

    Anthem looks nice, wonder how EA will ruin it.

  • Fin Deane

    Star Wars Battlefront III: Revenge of the Microtransactions

  • Andrew Grimes

    The worst kind of anime - Wimpy guys with edgy haircuts wielding massive swords which are only dwarfed by the ladies milk jugs which are struggling to avoid bursting out of their high school corsets. No thank you.

  • Matthew David

    Used to love everything Bioware but don't think Anthem will be their redemption given EA's view that gamers aren't people just cash machines

  • mkane212

    40% of these will be delayed

  • CAfakmykak

    i highly doubt anything is going to blow me away. With the invasion of Loot Boxes and micro-transactions in just about every damn game out there, i'd say it will be a while before we truly get games that will "blow me away"

  • Metal Maniac

    Death stranding in 2018 ? Loooooool, more like 2020

  • Odin's Playground

    Death Stranding is probably coming out before the olympics in 2020..... but 2018 I STRONGLY Doubt.

  • Jay Smith

    When you spot multiple games from a "Games that will blow you away in 2017" in a "Games that will blow you away in 2018" video.

  • IvantBurrito

    Thank God monster hunter world is on this list

  • Luke West

    Monster hunter is gonna be so good holy shit

  • Mr.Chimmybutt

    Overwatch 2: balanced hero’s?

  • Argoboy

    I need an Elder Scrolls VI

  • The Sporter

    Am I the only One who is dissappointed now?

  • Skelte Braaksma


  • Flame Shadow

    I thought the Norman Reedus thing was a canceled silent hill game?

  • Raqmedia

    Breath-taking games We'll be waiting eagerly. Aren't you?

  • Lukáš Macek

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance not? :(Again, we Czechs are dumped again.

  • Kilani Playstation

    Where's the last of us 2??U might say its 2019 but he also put death stranding

  • Tom W

    Actually, nothing here is worth looking forward to. It will be a sad 2018 for gaming

  • TheFlyingDutchMan

    Skulls and bones is gonna be way more epic than all of these guys

  • Dreb Deocariza

    so excited for cyberpunk 2077

  • ahwoofe

    40%comments:"these are all boring"20%comments:"why no last of us 2?"40%comments:"why no [insert favorite game rumored to come out]"

  • Erectile cOMBUSTION

    Smh my head still waiting for ROBLOX 2 😔👌

  • Joseph Mestas

    I'm so hyped for Red Dead Redemption 2....

  • Richard Jones

    This is really good but where Dragon Ball Fighterz???

  • Prev0k

    it all makes sense now, mass effect andromeda was so shit because they needed their best developers to make some destiny style grindfest meme game to sell microtransactions like everyone else

  • cakeofthepan 22

    is that Terry ..''yogurt Terry'' in Crackdown??.....yes

  • INCA-Channel

    We´ll lets see the reactions, when the games arrive to the players - i´m looking forward to it.

  • aj bodner

    thats not how you pronounce Mads Mikkelsens name mas mickolson

  • Robot Jesus

    Isn't Agony supposed to come out in 2018? FF7 2019?

  • Chuck Mangione

    Games that'll disappoint everyone in 2018:Anthem

  • Vincent Bahr

    U good bro ? ... I don't think so.Where is Kingdom Come Deliverance ?

  • Michael See

    Still waiting for the game that was supposed to blow my mind in 2017.

  • Nikolai aka CasSpell

    Nah man i'm waiting for Code Vein! Relases in 2018 aswell ❤❤❤

  • Eric B

    I completely forgot Crackdown was a thing! 😆 never played it

  • Shrimp Guts

    I can’t wait for MH world !

  • Rgoid

    And none of these are coming to the Nintendo Switch.More’s the pity, since any of these could make the Switch a success.

  • VON

    The game that'll blow everyone and everything away is Team Salvato's next project (which probably will be released in 2018)

  • Matt Foster

    Shodan (spelling?) looks so much like the Queen of Blades from StarCraft.

  • Huskyswagy

    ur forgetting one game thats for anime fans like me....SHINOBI STRIKERS

  • Cringekid 101

    Monster Hunter World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gabe capistrano

    everyone in every video: i want a new elder scrolls!!todd howard: here is SKYRIM MOBILE

  • ObsidianEndermen

    Was confused about the lack of quality then realized I was watching Looper.

  • L

    So nothing really to look forward to, more games with lots of hype and graphics but very little actual new gameplay.

  • ceasuro

    Pokemon for Switch? Metroid 4? lol

  • Papa Morde

    When it comes to Rockstar Games, I always say: Take your time guys, I'll wait another year for Red Dead Redemption 2 if I so have to.

  • JennyM1998

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance is what I am most excited for!?! gotta wait for a steam sale though

  • Rayzy GD

    Can't wait for borderlands 3!! (Hope its for xbox 360 ;-;)

  • JacobDoesStuff

    Ya know what we need?A Superman game from Rocksteady!

  • Lucy V

    far cry always looks amazing .. but never blows anyone away.

  • Grim SorrowxX

    100% anthem is going to be down graded

  • Crowno

    *Benchmark tests that will blow everyone away in 2018

  • ThiccDood

    I selled my wife for internet connection for play "conter stirk"Lol

  • Fanfan C.

    Shadows die twice...<3

  • rooster booster

    Metro exodus ? That’s set to be the best game of 2018

  • Kelly Rants

    all I'm here for is MH World

  • PIDOverride

    Stay away fromErixter - TarrenMillRethalian - TarrenMillPoutaneska - NagrandGhaladx - TarrenMill


    Games ill buy or tryGod of warAnthemMonster Hunter System shockRDR 2Spidey man

  • Rendertk1

    I'm so sad, you had the perfect opportunity to say Norman Reedus cradling a foetus and instead you went with baby

  • ZGuy0fSci

    "Monster Hunter: World...." hell yes. ^-^I LOVED 4U on 3DS so not having to deal with the loading keeping us restricted could be just the thing if not too overly cluttered with unwanted "mechanics" to say simply. (and more like what would be great in a true LoZ step)

  • neotargetone

    Sure....and just what are you doing for your "REAL FLESH AND BLOOD" son?????

  • Yami No Keshin

    Code vein seems to be drawing a bit from Prototype there in terms of weapon design

  • LumiereHikari

    Goddammit FINALLY, been waiting years for Kingdom Hearts 3!

  • Hyena

    DLC* That'll Blow Everyone Away in 2018

  • Thepikazapper05

    Wait... you can destroy anything in crackdown 3!? I need it now

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