Games That'll Blow Everyone Away In 2018

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Please Note: Video game release dates and launch windows are subject to change.

Pre-planning is the name of the game in the entertainment industry. More often than not, video games get stamped with release dates long before they're ready to hit the shelves, and 2018's release calendar is already jam-packed with sensational new titles. Here are the games that will blow everyone away in 2018...

Far Cry 5 | 0:19
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night | 1:04
Monster Hunter: World | 1:48
God of War | 2:49
System Shock | 4:22
Crackdown 3 | 5:10
Red Dead Redemption 2 | 6:18
Spider-Man | 6:58
Anthem | 8:15
Detroit: Become Human | 9:39
Kingdom Hearts 3 | 10:59
The Last Night | 11:40
Death Stranding | 12:33
Code Vein | 13:32

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  • hunn20004

    Anthem looks nice, wonder how EA will ruin it.

  • Fin Deane

    Star Wars Battlefront III: Revenge of the Microtransactions

  • Andrew Grimes

    The worst kind of anime - Wimpy guys with edgy haircuts wielding massive swords which are only dwarfed by the ladies milk jugs which are struggling to avoid bursting out of their high school corsets. No thank you.

  • CAfakmykak

    i highly doubt anything is going to blow me away. With the invasion of Loot Boxes and micro-transactions in just about every damn game out there, i'd say it will be a while before we truly get games that will "blow me away"

  • Jay Smith

    When you spot multiple games from a "Games that will blow you away in 2017" in a "Games that will blow you away in 2018" video.

  • The Sporter

    Am I the only One who is dissappointed now?

  • Matthew David

    Used to love everything Bioware but don't think Anthem will be their redemption given EA's view that gamers aren't people just cash machines

  • IvantBurrito

    Thank God monster hunter world is on this list

  • Tyler Wilson

    Monster Hunter world looks amazing. 100% picking it up if it doesnt have many microtrasactions.

  • Flame Shadow

    I thought the Norman Reedus thing was a canceled silent hill game?

  • Metal Maniac

    Death stranding in 2018 ? Loooooool, more like 2020

  • Skelte Braaksma


  • mkane212

    40% of these will be delayed

  • Luke West

    Monster hunter is gonna be so good holy shit

  • the week

    I just want kh3. Literally the only reason i copped a ps4. Every other game is just "cool ill try it out" or "nah not interested"

  • Fifa16 Goalz

    Why would anyone dislike these videos, why does he deserves 2k dislikes just why dam haters will always hate I Hurd. Guess it’s true

  • Lost Shade

    JUST MAKE ALREADY HORIZON ZERO DAWN 2! can't wait anymore

  • Cayde 6

    I can’t wait for MH world !

  • Odin's Playground

    Death Stranding is probably coming out before the olympics in 2020..... but 2018 I STRONGLY Doubt.

  • chaotic/Silence

    video lost me after "PS4 exclusive"

  • Mr.Chimmybutt

    Overwatch 2: balanced hero’s?

  • Raptor Kid

    No shadow of colossus????

  • 7th_dimension

    it all makes sense now, mass effect andromeda was so shit because they needed their best developers to make some destiny style grindfest meme game to sell microtransactions like everyone else


    GO KINDOM HEARTS!!! It's the only one I will probably get to play

  • Nick K

    Sea of Thieves not mentioned? Okay.

  • Patrik Gana

    Where is Kingdom Come Deliverence ?

  • Nimbl

    Anthem. An openworld-multiplayer-sci-fi-shooter. Bioware´s last project Mass Effect:Andromeda was the same ,without multiplayer-focus (multiplayer had an own gamemode). Ya´ll saw wat we got outta that. Even besides bad facial animations the game was unoptimized ,buggy and overall pretty shallow and lazy developed.So.. neither the rather new Team of Bioware ,what maybe still has 5 guys who also worked on Mass Effect 1 and 2 (and 3) nor EA has changed since then. Plus the Lootbox-debacle in STAR WARS BFII and the new UFC.If anyone of you has any hopes for ANTHEM youre out of your minds.I´m calling that ANTHEM will be the last project of Bioware ,before EA will drop them like many other studios before. For example Visceral Games made a popular horrorgame (Dead Space) and with every following title the studio was shoehorned in deving a game for the masses what in the end was their downfall. Same case with Mass Effect 1 to Anromeda. Mass Effect 1 was a big hit. Mass Effect 2 ,too. Mass effect 3 was already sliding downhill and Andromeda was the bang on the lowest floor. I´m so done with EA and AAA-titles in general.

  • Mike Custer

    So basically all the overhyped AAA games that are supposed to blow everyone away are gonna blow us all away?

  • Dawood Ali

    what about naughty dog games? Aren't those the best game in the world, not only graphics but those games have the best story in them for example, Uncharted The Lost Legacy and THE LAST OF US 2!

  • Tommy_Draws

    Where's left for dead 4?

  • pointman1921

    I was hoping to see Sea of Thieves on here. :(

  • رناد فهد.

    Red dead redemption 2 gonna be it for me.

  • Chuck Mangione

    Games that'll disappoint everyone in 2018:Anthem

  • Dustin D

    monster hunter looks like the only decent game

  • Lost Spotlight

    Who's watching in 2018?Farcry 5 is already out.

  • Cat Lover

    Published on my bday! 🎂


    The games are becoming bigger and better. The cinema can not compete with that anymore.People get more entertainment in the games, than with the films.The only way to compete with that is to produce high quality series with a good story line, jokes, intrigues, surprises and beautiful actors. Then again, the best games have all of that.

  • Gina Gangwer

    Anthem is not coming in 2018 it's coming in 2019

  • IsakDoesNothing

    anthem will release in 2019 :P

  • Random NPC

    "Blow Everyone Away"You have no clue how the Gaming Industry works, how mediocre some of the games you've shown us are, or how frequently disappointing industry practices are.

  • Joseph Mestas

    I'm so hyped for Red Dead Redemption 2....

  • The.Flaming.Tornado

    Here's a game to get hyped for: Ashes Of Creation. It's said to come out late 2018 and is a MMORPG. It got millions of dollars on kickstarter, and I can't wait to see where it heads.

  • Matt H

    ea will make anthem better. hey guys wanna hear another joke?

  • Argoboy

    I need an Elder Scrolls VI

  • Rendertk1

    I'm so sad, you had the perfect opportunity to say Norman Reedus cradling a foetus and instead you went with baby

  • Geeks Tutorials | RaQMedia

    Breath-taking games We'll be waiting eagerly. Aren't you?

  • Duck King

    Dragon ball fighterz anyone or just me

  • Damian Lieferink

    I hope with all my heart that anthem is not another let down it looks just so good.

  • Siddy Biddy

    The only one I was interested in was Monster Hunter World. The other ones felt like they've been used before. I think in the next few years we're going to run out of plots for games and it's just going to be a lot of sequels.

  • Jason Bouchard

    I would Replace Crackdown for Vampyr cuz Vampyr WILL BE one of the game of the year...

  • PotatoPeeler

    Konami and Square piss me off, those developers show off and announce games literally a decade before they're released sometimes.

  • joe nodden

    Anthem is sorta like just cause 3

  • Branden V

    The lack of new ideas in all forms of media (art, film, music, entertainment) suggests that we're at a turning point in human history. Culture will either stagnate and we will collapse societally or we will advance above the need for these things.

  • Kelly Rants

    all I'm here for is MH World

  • hedwegg

    With all the new "updates & play styles" to somehow invent a story...we have "massive" "violence & danger"...all through the game play!...Point: We have invented "Nightmares" not "Dreams" for Kids & families.  All for Dreams & anything can be!  Lots of Love & Creativity, Everyone.  Merry Christmas!

  • Obea

    No mount and blade banner lord

  • Brutal Berserk

    I just want a persona 6

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