Magical Signs Guide - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

We examine the five different magical signs in The Witcher 3, and how they evolve as you level up.

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  • Deokflsa

    5:53 Geralt is so badass, that when he stabs a dude through the chest, he cuts the head off the guy behind him.

  • getyourpawsoffmeturd

    holy crap every skill upgrade is useful

  • No Commentary Gameplay

    I'm finding myself mostly using Quen, that might just be because I'm on the hardest difficulty and taking a hit just isn't really an option.

  • MrHpotte

    I usually dont use magic in rpgs, but in the witcher im using them often. They flow good with combat and are kind of nessary in death march difficulty

  • kentriz182

    So igni and quen pretty much

  • Syakirin57

    you didn't show quen and yardn alternate sign.

  • StingBear

    What a useless guide, if it can even be called that. You pretty much just read the tooltips of the upgrades. I was wondering how the Igni melt armor works in practice. Saying "Melt armor, well it melts armor" isn't very helpful. Can the effect be applied multiple times on a target? Does it work on all types of enemies or only those who actually have armor? A sidenote on how armor works could also be good info.

  • Yoerie

    damn u exams, i want to play this

  • RedeemedWhispers

    Anyone who gets the most out of geralt's magic seriously needs to invest in finding and crafting Griffin armor. Intensifies all you're signs! I'm only level 12 with a fair few points in alchemy as well as signs, and aard is always knocking enemies over, igni is always setting someone on fire and my quen shield lasts so much longer!

  • Nathan Whitt

    At 5:54 ... Geralt using the force to pop off another guy's head while he's stabbing a guy.

  • WillWhiskey

    Thanks for not telling how to rank them up Thanks for spoiling various fight scenes and monsters And thanks for a shitty video

  • TiMeSpLiT- -TeR

    Level 3 shield will heal you when enemies hits you. just hold R2 in ps4, when you let go, it will blast the enemies. level 2 or 3 I think for the traps, if you hold R2, it will create a stationary lighting bolt.

  • Michael Playez

    Very nice informative video. Could you do a similar one for the combat or swords tree and alchemy? Would be awesome

  • Rollin'

    Damn, so much misinformation. He is absolutely wrong about the quen and yrden alternates....i.e, level 3 versions.

  • 3P1CF41L

    Great video, but one HUGE thing missing. Level 2 Quen can be held to create a bubble around Geralt. This changes how you use Quen drastically, and in my opinion, makes it much more fun and rewarding :)

  • Thor Hjorth

    What I get from this:Igni go with 3, first, second, third, fourth isn’t needed if you have enough sign intensity you set them on fire 100% of the time anywayAard, 3 for crowd control, first, second, third while the last one is good, it’s not that needed as you already have igni, though suppose it can be used for damaging enemies with shields but I just wouldn’t go that way. Quen 3, don’t go with first, get the second, third and fourthWith Yden I honestly wouldn’t go with second, yeah sure leaving two traps is cool but IMO not really needed. Stick to second, third and fourthAxii I find cool but puppet is rather overated to me. I say go with first, third, fourth

  • Søren Hougaard Rasmussen

    The Yrden alternative is false in this video, as is the Quen. If you hold down the button for Yrden, you will make a rune that shoots at your enemy. Likewise with Quen's alternative you have to hold the button, which they clearly don't do in the video.

  • Tiago Gonçalves

    I can improve all signs to the maximum or only some?

  • muss

    ok but they didNt show the altenative mode for Ydren and quen

  • FumUnda Cheese

    I can't...I just... just go to 1:50 in the video.

  • marceronni

    Ehh, well that was underwhelming. Might as well have just read what it says in-game, in fact reading the skill description in-game will give you more information than this "guide". I also like how the alternate Quen sign was mentioned but not shown (it creates a sustained bubble around Geralt, you can't attack while using it and will often be staggered when it is broken, fairly useless if you're good at dodging).

  • papyshak

    Flood of anger gives you another, like level 6 power of the sign, but for me it works only with aard. It makes all enemies around you knocked and blasted with enormous amout of damage. I don't know why, but for me it works only with aard, sometimes with quen and it works pretty much same way, but with other signs its just waste of adrenaline points.I watched many witcher videos and never seen it work, maybe I will make a video showing how it works.

  • Tabacaru Mihai

    When surrounded by wolves it's better to use igni, then just dodge.

  • David Santos

    if you use igni a lot the game will take note and have the peasants say you smell of burnt flesh lol.

  • Joshua Burke

    Geralt is such a bad ass

  • Bartosz N

    The Witcher 1 music <3

  • Xaylen Lanier

    you didn't include the alternate form of yrden

  • trza49er

    Quen and Aard are probably the 2 most effective for me so far, but damn that Igni is tempting, lol. I need more ability points!

  • Rafi Zulmai

    Dude I am an op Mage I beat the game on death march using only signs and my sword only against wraith type enemy's

  • Michael Quinn

    Who the hell would give this video a thumbs down?  It's concise and perfectly explained.

  • Thurium

    u forgot the alternative yrden sign which is amazing!

  • James Shuler

    Very helpful, thanks Kevin!

  • Chris S

    This was really helpful. Thanks :)

  • Alex Espinoza

    Thanks this video helped a ton

  • Victor de Sá

    You can change the level of the spells in the battle?

  • MrCrockmitaine

    Hey guys. What's the armor at 0:29 and 1:08 ? Is it a nilfgaardian armor retextured ?

  • Pksoze

    Ok I have used the Skill tree and added alternate signs on my PS4 but I don't know how to use them. For Axi only stuns...but I want to use it to make somebody a puppet how do I do this?

  • InsaneGG

    I really like all the upgrades but i hate that you can only use a few ones you have equipped and not everything you spend points on, which sucks in my opinion.

  • Geon Quuin

    Axii is the most OP. I use Axii and Igni more often than the other signs.

  • Warboss Gorgutz

    Game isn't that bad, at least peasants have something to play...

  • Big Zay

    wat armour is he wearing

  • Yomka Hassan

    How he cuts their heads like that?My man is not doing that quite often...

  • JetSetDex

    What armor is he wearing?

  • James Franco

    Ok so how do you upgrade them quickly?

  • Jeebus McFries

    i did not learn anything new, how can you call this a "guide" when the info you show can be just read off in the in-game description?

  • brennantg7

    Am I the only one that rarely, if ever, uses Yrden. Only with wraiths really.

  • Ꮙǝǫค Ꮙ҉ǝ҉ǫ҉ค҉

    i guess u failed to show quen holding the button= u turn in to a shield sphere that heals u when hit...

  • Cn 21

    You had me dead at weanie roast

  • SexCannonMusic

    Why did they add the gourmet skills to the game ; (

  • Anshul Karia

    Lmao, what level were you when you did this or what difficulty??

  • Moey Moe

    5:55 "Rekt M8"

  • Sebastian Morgan

    U can hold Quen once u unlock it its lvl 2 or 3 u absorb the damage and gain health I'm level 47 lol

  • Kevin Rosales

    I can’t get any of the side quests from the quest board.Anyone knows what to do?

  • Jeffrey Crosby

    God your jokes are aweful, just stop 🛑

  • Diego Concha

    301 views hype train!!

  • Mark Simon Williams

    I too enjoy the greatest pleasure of the court,the HUNT.

  • JoshIsOneCoolKid

    You guys forgot to mention that if you upgrade Yrden you can hold down the cast spell button for whatever platform you're on and it creates the purple sign that shocks enemies with lighting.Its pretty effective when facing higher level monsters because it almost always disrupts them from doing a special move and it only uses half stamina so you can't place another one looooong before the first goes out to keep whatever monster or monsters at bay while you heal or plan a strike.Try it out, it looks fantastic in the dark because it lights up the ground around it a bright purple.

  • simosmaximos

    Aard with ice effect is most powerful

  • Ville Lepoaho

    I'd say Quen is the most useful sign in combat, but Axii is the best in terms of quests and dialogue. It saves you so much trouble and money to just use Delusion.

  • iurhviusdfavhi

    Having not yet play the game watching this video I would imagine that once you get the domination upgrade the game is gg. how could domination not be ridiculously overpowered and marginalize combat the entire rest of the game?

  • Elmehdi Idtaleb


  • Koyote 420

    An believably helpful . thank you so much for this video . you are very good at explaining things thank you again

  • Christopher evans

    Quen is quite OP and my favourite signs are Aard and Quen (Quen took igni's place)

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