10 WORST Video Games Of The Last 10 Years!

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Every decade in the video game industry us gamers are lucky enough to get the chance to play some amazing titles and also be a part of a whole new era of advancement within the industry. Sometimes though, video games get released that make us question just what the developers were thinking. You’re watching GamerBrain and today we're taking a look at our picks for the 10 worst video games of the last decade.

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  • GamerBrain

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  • Jay Benn

    Offensive language with context should not be a factor for an adult game to be worse.

  • Eddie Mele

    Dude you sound like you are asking a question every time you finish a sentence

  • Fiasco Linguini

    Narrator sounds like he's REALLY bored of his job. Painful to hear.

  • Illuminati Nope

    Rogue Warrior did suck, but really? Foul language is a problem?

  • Pills here Here

    I give this video 1.5 out of ten painfull

  • An Account

    What I heard in this videoIgn ign ign ign ign ign ign ign ign ign

  • Inspector512

    IGN is not a good source.

  • Mr. Virtue

    1-Madden 102- Madden 113- Madden 124- Madden 13 5- Madden 256- Madden 157- Madden 168- Madden 179- Madden 18 10- Madden 09

  • CallaWolf

    You based the general scores off of IGN scores? Dude, really? I don't think anyone really trusts IGN scores, so when you mention scores from them, especially multiple times, validity goes through the window.

  • Bloody Shqipez

    bo1 in thumbnail ... guys be ready to dislike

  • Tsochar

    My god, you sound like you're reading a list off a script that you couldn't care less about. If you sound bored, why should your viewers be interested?

  • TheRealSuomi

    That comic has better graphics than the game 😂

  • Dingaling Bros

    The format of this video is like watch mojo

  • gnta44

    "foul language" cause cursing is so bad in a gun game where killing is the game

  • Matt Ramsay

    Good content, but the inflection in your speech makes me want to vomit.

  • Laura Badeaux

    4:30 “was not based on Donald trumps presidency”. Well duh of course not since the game came out way before he became our president. That statement has not one thing to do with the game or this video, so why say that at all? Makes no sense

  • K-Watte Entertainment Studios

    I loved Black Ops Declassified back in the day! 😅 Of course it wasn't anything compared to the console counterparts though. LOL

  • Eric Nieters

    #8 looks like Jimmy Neutron graphics.

  • ThaTOneDUDe Named billy

    Number seven didn't look bad👌👌👌

  • Cyrus The Mask

    Duke Nukem Forever, Aliens colonial marines, Quake Wars to name a few.

  • Cyrus Miller

    top 10 worst games video > undertale musicare you tying to say something >:c

  • Pola Huchwajda

    The black tiger had a good idea, but it was executed wrong.It could have been good.

  • Grizzly Poota

    You should be playing Christian games if you are that offended of “language”

  • ReeseyGotIt

    First of all, Black Ops Declassified was the best game on this list

  • Marley D.

    Bethesda Softworks was the publisher of Rogue Warrior. Bethesda Game Studios was not the developer. Very important distinction. Rebellion Developments created Rogue Warrior.

  • ancient122

    >undertale music>supports IGN reviews>"racism" accusationsLooks like I'm in for one hell of a crappy video.

  • Dj Striker

    (Family friendly content)

  • Sonicteam998

    Sonic Boom was also developed for Xbox 360 and PS3, and CryEngine wasn't supposed to be used for Wii U games

  • Spaghettiman

    8:23 ”Terrible anime A.I”

  • Cisco Rodriguez

    Lmao I'm Hispanic and I loved Homies growing up. People need to lighten up and stop talking things so seriously

  • Saidina Ali

    What is a best game ever?LIFEArfgghhhh im a dragon...

  • HughJasole

    When the true horror of Tony Hawk 5 being released as a full priced demo disc isn't even mentioned, the validity of this entire video is questionable at best

  • branden8045 theultramangofighter

    Ign is a horrible gaming news channel. Never trust ign guys

  • Why can't I think of a name?

    Anything before may 18th 2007 is good okayEdit: May. not march.

  • Pj Lewman

    Lol I gave someone ride to hell for Christmas without knowing anything about it

  • Raptor Jesus

    "One Mans Lie" should be No.1Ride to hell was s%%t, i totally agree there, but No Mans Sky was pretty much a con.

  • Rando Mcrandom

    I wish #7 was good because I love Richard Marcinko, and his books were amazing. He is the ultimate real life badass!

  • burnt

    undertake music remixsupports ignuses their own system for ratings as wellskips number 6 just for that good ol’ top 10 and not top 9HOLYSHIThis video is bad

  • Nightbreed

    Declassified wasn't that bad.

  • Linus Hyper

    This video was sponsored by IGN

  • Joshb 45

    Awesome video bro! I am trying to learn how to make cool videos like this. Woudl luv any suggestions you have 👍👍👍

  • Tushar Kashyap

    Bro you listed the games in a wrong way....The worst game should be on no.1 instead of no.10

  • kingJamison 2006

    I was spinning a fidget spinner and he said °BETHESDA and it just flew out of my hands

  • HUFORIC - UFO Investigations Center

    These are my Top 10 Favorite Games!!

  • ZombeyDragon

    the music in this video made me determined!anyone? i mean most people HAVE to know this refferance right? n...no? damn

  • Lord Tachanka

    Hey cod black ops declassified was decent for a mobile portable system

  • adultmoshifan87

    What do I think should have been number 1? EVERY FREEMIUM SMARTPHONE GAME OUT THERE!

  • Fury Gaming

    You clearly did not play at least some of these games you are just stating what other people said about the games and when those other people are IGN it loses all credibility

  • dr. Doeslittle

    I actually liked the tony hawk game...

  • Searchmeister

    I believe that "Destiny 2" should be on the list.

  • Vasily Krushev

    You have the most boringly uninspiring voice ever dude.

  • chiefsoho

    I played quantum theory when I was 10 I didn't think it was that bad

  • MultiGameKing101

    i remember playing rogue warrior. The ONLY thing about that game that was good was gun sounds

  • Shubham Bhatnagar

    I jumped in my seat when I realized that undertale was playing in the background

  • Evan Schweppe

    I stopped taking you seriously when you said the game was low quality because of "foul language"

  • Entry Denial Device

    Hears music in background * is that motherfucking undertale?*

  • Wazy

    Why does it sound like you end every sentence in a question? You should probably fix that for later videos? That would be great? Thanks?

  • Lone Star

    Nice list. But do yourself a favour and ease up on the I.G.N namedropping. That company is the worst joke in gaming.Gamer Rankings are your best bet.

  • Above The Usual

    Technically this is a top 9, since you skipped 6

  • GVGavenatore

    WAITING for the Haters:1. CS GO2. Battlefield Series3. Dice Battlefront4. NFS games after Underground 25. Team Fortress6. No Mans Sky7. COD8. Sims9. No Mans Sky10. Evolve!!!!!

  • Ashton

    Battlefield V The Culling 2 BO4 Anything made by EA4 more for you

  • afromarco005

    #9 is not supposed to be on the list... life of black tiger is an amazing underappreciated and misunderstood gem

  • Nathan Robinson

    Walking Dead Survival Instinct

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