Casting A 9mm Toy Gun Into Solid Aluminum Not Lost Foam

In this video im casting a toy 9mm cap gun into solid aluminum from start to finish. Hope you like my video. im going to be making more videos soon about casting aluminum so please be sure to subscribe.

  • Zonies Coasters

    i love how you do this vid in pajama pants as if this is a morning routine like eating cereal

  • henrik fjäll

    can you sandblast a brass/silver/copper bar ???? It might save a lot of time so you don't have to grind for a long time, but maybe you can start polishing right away if it is even needed ????

  • Michael Garcia

    Quando Falam que Gatuno Estudou a Bandidologia Tá aí a Prova kkk

  • BOVI master gamers

    OMG!!! Your gun is so beautifle

  • RaFaeL J.C

    pronto!! agora já pode assaltar o mercado do bairro.

  • Chandler McAvan

    what is green sand and how do you make it?

  • Rey Copas

    Melhor te feito peças por peças

  • hell boy1215

    Love this channel i might do what you do so keep it up

  • Sr BielzH

    6:00 quem achou que dava tiro de vdd ksksksks

  • Noah chelsom

    I thought he would just put tin foil on it

  • AreebPlays YT

    hardwork should be appreciated

  • Master Shot1911

    Now paint it black and go point it at a cop. Make sure you last words are "YO BLAQUE LIVES MATTA PIG!" And see what his reaction might possibly be?Wata ya think he'll do?

  • Dontay Martinez

    Lmfao your grinding skills are on point

  • Daunte Bullbear

    You Should Do A Give Away For These Bro Their Some Cool Items Good Job 🤘🤘🤘

  • neffets kivøh

    i was not expecting the gun goes bang hehe i got scared

  • Victor Torres

    Tito4re: You are an artist! No doubt about!

  • Mrs. Sarbati

    I wasted my life 6:23 minutes

  • lucas muñoz

    5:59 cuando la cagaron


    Assim vc gastou muito alumínioFaça um peça de cada vez

  • Jeronimo M

    And it actually shoots. What a good project

  • alberto santos santos polanco

    apoyemos a omega el fuerte🌎

  • Murilo 22

    agora eso pimta de preto parti furta kkkk

  • Jerson Marc Pampuan

    pls make a video of making your metal foundry

  • Plasma Channel

    Great video. Definitely worth a like. We plan on doing a few casting videos of our own. Usually we focus on Fire and High voltage, but casting is entertaining too!

  • Chaoscody

    I'd laugh so hard if he said break yo self fool

  • Math Gmzz

    pronta pra fazer um assalto

  • Baburu

    Sir the top of your foundry looks like a poke ball. 100% intentional and I love it11/10

  • Evan Pennock

    Tito I love watching your videos. Do you have a video tutorial on how you made your foundry?

  • MrTyz3nn

    next vids tittle: Indestructible 9mm (usings nokia3310)

  • Compton Apex & A.J Gordon™

    Tito For English Is TitusEdit: I think I should delete this comment

  • XL 7

    It looks satisfying and I SUBSCRIBED

  • Alan Diaz

    you should do a shoe mold

  • Sk Allaudin Sk Allaudin

    nice work and you are absolutely genius

  • 10 minutos pense rápido

    Carminha eu quero eu moro em Brasil me dá essa minha eu moro em Brasil

  • Antonio Rodrigues

    pinta de preto aí fica topppp

  • Raphaell

    Da hr pra fazer uns assalto

  • ComitialFir14

    Jajaja THE Gun shot effect

  • 1000Subs and I'll scream till I pass out

    Idk why but I usslt never watch whole vids but every vid of yours I watch start to finish


    what sand do you use and where did you buy it?

  • Edwin Martinez

    el se creia steve asiendo hierro

  • Connor Norcross

    You spray paint the gun

  • Ikhsan _XD

    Please Subsraibe Channel Youtube Aku Di "234 Channel" Oke Aku Tunggu Ya

  • Jorge Martinez Jara

    Buen video amigo,,mi consulta es ,se puede utilizar la greda como molde para vaciar plomo,,?,gracias.Saludos desde chile..

  • thor 90

    This is extremely similar to the process for making a Raven 25

  • Mikhael Brown

    i got those same gloves

  • Matador Caveirinha

    5:59 kkkkkkkk so eu to vendo isso mano

  • NickLocc NikLoss

    Why am I watching the whole video?!

  • Aiden Flannigan

    Not a 9mm that is a colt 1911

  • Himanshu Singh

    Oooh wow fantastic Good activity

  • CDLXXIX.479

    tito made me start metal casting.

  • David Mtz


  • Yo Mama

    should've left it with the extended clip.

  • UMAID box

    It is good but it is much better to buy a new one and nice picture editing

  • Thiago Vinicius

    Vlad faz com galio e massinha, bem mais prático

  • Memertarian

    6:01 He made a fully semi-auto assault rifle AR-15 pistol killing machine from a toy gun! Ban all gunz! Screw the 2nd amendment!

  • JLS Productions

    Seeing that block of foam getting cut by the knife is soooo satisfying!

  • brendinodebert

    bruh are you sure this isn't metal?

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