Casting A 9mm Toy Gun Into Solid Aluminum Not Lost Foam

In this video im casting a toy 9mm cap gun into solid aluminum from start to finish. Hope you like my video. im going to be making more videos soon about casting aluminum so please be sure to subscribe.

  • Mrs. Sarbati

    I wasted my life 6:23 minutes

  • Mikhael Brown

    i got those same gloves

  • Yo Mama

    should've left it with the extended clip.

  • NickLocc NikLoss

    Why am I watching the whole video?!

  • Chandler McAvan

    what is green sand and how do you make it?

  • Victor Torres

    Tito4re: You are an artist! No doubt about!

  • Phil Anselmo's pet hamster

    what tool is that used to grind and polish

  • UCP Vlogs

    yohiceunak47 jajaja grandeeeeee

  • feel pain.

    lmao, not even a 9mm to begin with. That looks like a cheap plastic airsoft pistol.

  • Type 8.6

    já da pra fazer uns assalto ai

  • neffets kivøh

    i was not expecting the gun goes bang hehe i got scared


    3:45 kardeş bi besmele çek be :)

  • Zonies Coasters

    i love how you do this vid in pajama pants as if this is a morning routine like eating cereal

  • murilo nobre 90

    agora eso pimta de preto parti furta kkkk

  • Julia Gonowon

    Bro! You can try the shot gun or sniper.😇

  • Storm Wolf

    the first try looks pretty damn good! the third try witch is the very top one looks really freakin good! have you ever tried to cast anything out of or from metal or steel?? like bats, or somethin?? but like how ya do it though pretty cool.

  • ElHuiro

    why aluminium and not copper?

  • MrTyz3nn

    next vids tittle: Indestructible 9mm (usings nokia3310)

  • Mikhael Brown

    can i have one Tito4re

  • Man Why

    What kind of sand do you use?

  • Tommy

    6:00 scared the shit out of me

  • jonfvgf bossnes

    if you didn't cut off the bottom of the gun it could have been an extended magazine

  • Google Lists

    He was trying to make it pretty and prefect to show off and he

  • fernando fernande

    Selo recomiendo a todos

  • Jeronimo M

    And it actually shoots. What a good project

  • Aure Pacheco

    EU posso ir para sua casa

  • Alexander Cifuentes Naranjo

    yo lo ise y es re chebre

  • Plvg Visuals 漢

    Lol that scared me when you were "Shooting" it lol. Nice vids by the way


    am getting school shooter vibes from this channel

  • ralf 98

    wow you using baby powder

  • ruksana shaikh

    your edition or nonsences

  • Brandon Piatz

    do you watch the king of random

  • Decrode44 Decrode44

    Is that sand? Or what ist that?

  • Noah chelsom

    I thought he would just put tin foil on it

  • crazy Indian hacker

    don't work whats ues

  • ِ ِ

    Baby powder from indonesian

  • chumchum Meloy

    I had a gun ad before the actual vid

  • tony-kun

    curso de como assaltar pessoas na rua

  • Pedro Thalysson Oliveira

    vou fazer uma dessas pra mim

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