The witcher 3 blood and wine : Double ability glitch mini guide patch 1.22/1.23 pc,ps4,xbox

How to get double Hunter Instinct ability,Acquired Tolerance,Synergy and more. old glitch
  • n00bRaMoS

    Still working as of October 2018, just did it on my PS4, vers1.60. This is awesome!

  • Phantom Stranger

    2019 March still working! Thanks mate!

  • T m

    Still working as of 1.31.You can get over 360% damage increase with Euphoria this way and be able to have 6 or 7 decoctions active at a time.

  • palladin

    do you have to repeat this glitch on new game plus after doing it in normal mode blood and wine.

  • Mike Jones

    Hey hey, can anyone tell me if this still works after patch 1.3?! Cheers

  • Mako

    To anybody that sees this, im on patch 1.31 and this still works ! You have to do it exactly as in the video and you can only do it with the last unlocked ability slot

  • markredblue

    Nice trick.Hmm. I don't think I have enough Ability Points and Mutagens to try this out.

  • Anthony

    Your character panel looks different then mine. Is it because of the DLC?

  • Jason Frey

    you a animal! good work!

  • Lavon Hampton

    Does this glitch still work?

  • Phelipe PM

    So Deadly precision now have 4 per cent to instant kill?

  • blacksigil

    Does this still work??

  • اسامة المالكي

    Thanks for the video but I don't understand how do you have 72 skill points while you're still in level 48 pls response and thanks again .

  • Fabian Mejia

    How you put uncolored habilities in the center?

  • Taher Azklany

    where can i find the potion of restoration cause i can only find the potion of clearence??

  • Brian McCombe

    Great Vid as usual Mad Monkey.You are the man for glitches in this game.Thxs man.I should point out though that this glitch is NOT easy to achieve if you do not have "A Shit Load Of Greater Mutagens''.(Look how many Monkey has in his inventory)So you need to craft them.There are two problems :Winter Cherry (Needed to Craft Red Mutagens)This is driving me nuts as they don't respawn quickly.I have tried meditating in a different part of the world and then coming back to Geralt's house (the only place in the game to find this flower) respawn is random and takes a long time (A real Piss Off).Anyway,if you want to do this glitch be prepared for a lot of frustrating time spent in finding or crafting the neccessary mutagens.But as i said earlier "Brilliant Vid" Monkey :-)

  • Raphael Michiels

    Do u know place to farm blue mutagen bro??

  • John Goli

    As of Oct 2 2017, Patch 1.31 PS4, still works for me.

  • Haido3D

    where do you get that center panel & the 4 slots? DLC?

  • Troll Destroyer

    Can i do this on xbox one please tell me if any one knows

  • Morobosh akai

    good job man ...if wasn't you no one can fund this glitch

  • Gold Gil

    Hi MadMoney,Hopefully double synergy doesn't stack :). However double acquired tolerance does ... Just making euphoria god-like. I can drink up to 7 decoctions so Euphoria is at 368% ... And it can be a even higher with maybe one more little potion. Crazy OP glitch.

  • Mrcl Lsts

    Anyone knows if it is possible to do this glitch and the glitch to unlock all magic signs - at the same time?

  • LeggeSamurai

    This does not work anymore it seems. The ability will remain but just not register. Damn shame

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