Best Beginning Sword In Witcher 3 (Location and How to Craft it)

In this video, i show you where to find the Serpentine Silver Sword. It is witcher gear which is the rarest gear in the game. Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to subscribe for more. Thanks for watching!

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  • Sinister Stories

    Always search wraiths. They drop all kinds of dust needed to create those weaopns. Save you ALOT of coin.

  • kataMEMER

    you can find an emerald in a chest in the house during Contract: Devil by the Well in white orchard

  • kbutta01

    Lol OMG...nearly 10hrs in and didnt realize there were torches to carry...Sigh I've been fighting dark ass corridors. I hate my back stabbing ass brain some days.

  • Nabil Rahman

    U get emerald dust by killing the noonwraith in the quest 'Devil by the well'. :)

  • necro mantis

    wow you sound like Danny McBride.

  • Hector Smith

    Hey guys, I need some help, I've been thinking about getting this game for a while, but if I do I won't be able to get another one for about 7 more months. So, is this game worth the money and can keep me entertained for that period of time? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys. :)

  • Sir Budz

    I got two emerald dust before killing the griffin, i found them buy stealing them from peoples houses- i got other kinds of dust also. I did a quest to track down this item and the other one but this sword was called Viper Silver Sword not Serpentine

  • Zacharia Poop

    You sound like Kenny powers man.

  • Logan the Krogan

    Damn this would have been useful. Too late now though.

  • MrOndras1984

    you get emerald dust at the smugglers stash under the bridge.

  • Adirtybirdy

    u can get emerald dust off of wraiths. theres a quest in velen where an old woman wants u to clear out her manor so she can move back in and there are like 5-6 wraiths there so u should get at least 1 to drop. I think the quest was in a place called linden-something :P

  • john sosebee

    Can't tell you how many times I rode by that wraith or whatever she is on my way to a quest and thought "I'll be back for you" but never went for her. Thank you man, liked your style, succinct with no filler. Subbed.

  • RazorMambaGaming

    I can't open the door downstairs Pls help

  • darkenkilla

    Thanx fer the info been lookin for a better silver sword

  • D WG

    I looted this place was not there for me. Also I believe the loot is somewhat random. I looted two swords at the windmill I died whent back and there was only one rare sword.

  • Matt Davis

    for real you sound exactly like dany McBride hahahaha amazing.

  • Vintage Jeff

    I'm lvl 10 and still have that sword bc of the 20% experience gain. I have a way better one but like to lvl up faster with this one

  • Twentyfo

    Dat Intro. Subbed cus of that

  • HitmanRaider30

    how do you get a toxic poison

  • Butcher of blaviken

    telekenetic sign is AXII dude :)

  • William Lowden

    i found this and the serpentine long sword aswell thats in a chest in an abandoned house just to the south on the same map a little way after the bridge with the bandit stash under it

  • Mihai Asaftei

    why my swords are called viper swords instead of serpentine? :D ....its the same ones, same location etc, also they dont look like the ones from man at arms, i was looking forward to wear those, pretty much the only reason i wanted these :D...i'll get feline swords at lv 6 i think so no worries :D

  • Ben Norris

    I found this last night at 4 in the morning by myself with no guide! witcher binging pays off

  • Nathan Williams

    where can u get the armour?

  • Harambe

    Is there a way that I can travel from velen to white orchird even after you leave with yennefer plz help lol

  • hanscarlito

    What a load of BS. I wonder how someone even bits on it. This is not the rarest gear in witcher 3. The rarest are relic swords and even those you can find pretty easy. Like now a have 8 relic swords in my backpack and i sold more than 10 of then so far. Level 17 now.

  • Nii Lantei Bright-Davies

    Isn’t the moonblade better?

  • MrLexx360

    Thanks for the help but you gained to say at the beginning that you still needed extra parts. You should lead with that this is a part of how to get a killer blade. Misleading off the back sir

  • Γιάννης Κωνσταντινίδης

    Where have you been man

  • rnagic

    Emerald dust can be found right there next to the wind mill. Kill the 5 bandits and go into the shack. There is a basement with some loot. It will be in one of the chests. .

  • Casper 418s

    Each weapon and armor have A color does that signify its rarity for example the serpentine sword has the green background - some have blue there are other colors as well which color would be the best

  • Quiet Time Gaming

    Dude, Pro-Tip... When you do ANYTHING dealing with a location on a map... ALWAYS zoom ALL THE WAY OUT... then ALL THE WAY IN. Because I have no idea where your're talking about, and it's not like TW3 lets you browse the map by location name.

  • jesse Fitz.

    Break down runes an sometimes you get emerald dust

  • Krushim

    Nothing rare at all about the green gear. Just have to go to the locations to loot it then craft them.

  • Fenris pro

    yay this is available! The original one is not cutting it haha and I'm on a new play at level 5. Serpentine is not same as viper? Emerald dust is dropped by wraiths, im doing a mini quest and during the botchling ones lots of wraiths too

  • Uzzi-EL

    You can get it in hearts of stone

  • Kiko Yu

    whattt! I sold that sword.

  • StreetSoldier00

    thanks bruh! i get this tomorrow so its good to know

  • Jacko Baylis

    i picked up the diagram but when i went to craft the sword the name changed into the viper sword is this supposed to happen or a bug

  • Miraak

    I think i found Emerald Dust at the Bloody barons place just look around downstairs

  • Ka Nyaw

    Good sword for a starter but I'm lvl 33 so that sword is not a good one for me to use.

  • Jeff Poleet

    You can get emerald dust from killing wraiths, as well as a lot of other stuff.

  • Darveek Blancovitch

    I went to the place where i know it is but it doesnt appear as a craftable item or the diagram

  • Maximus

    Uhm... well there is no sword there for me...

  • Gonzales9514

    The metal door to get to the diagram is closed when I go down there - I already defeated the Wraith above ground ages ago to use the Place of Power and when I come back he doesn't respawn. Hope CDPR patch this unless there's a way to get in there somehow?

  • Bryan Andrew

    okay... someone help me out.. I went there killed the wrath looted the bodies but the sword is not in my inventory I even went back to make sure,I picked it up.. I can't create silver swords and I'm a level 5 in this he was 3... help!

  • Vagelis Stefanou

    did you find the emerald dust ?

  • Haili Lo

    Can anyone help me? I beat the we with but cant get down there cause it spawned back near the place of power. Is there a key i can get or what plz help.

  • Jooorik

    The gate on the bottom is closed for me, anyone can help?

  • Tc867

    Where do I craft this?

  • P.J. O'Brien

    I can't get in the basement the get is locked.

  • Rahik Alfahad

    hi i got all the materials needed even the emerald dust but who do i go to forge the weapon i found a blacksmith but he only does armour. ps i'm a level 3 lol

  • SnoOW42

    How do you get the venin to craft the sword please ?

  • Jonas V

    Where can the sword be crafted?


    If you kill everything in an abandoned city like where you killed that Wraith.. The people come back, new merchants and a mini town is built back up and they'll offer gifts..So, make sure you get everything in any abandoned place and kill all enemys around for the city to be repopulated and you can get many new items that way.. You just have to wait 1 hour after you finish killing the enemies and looting for the people to repopulate.

  • Peter Scott

    I have just started playing the Witcher and I have found a relic sword with 3 magic stone slot things in it, but I put a wrong one in there anyway I can take them out once I have put them in? Thank you

  • LethalPhatGuy

    I went there it was a steel sword not silver?

  • RainbowDash.Com

    I have over 100k not hard to get money <3

  • Irmão preto e branco do BrunoJVP

    Where can I find wraiths?

  • Jaystar

    How do you get the torch

  • Invisible, hated, Not wanted, Forever Alone

    I see only a "viper" swords not "serpentine" swords... Where are the ..I did all of this and only have diagrams for a level 1 viper sword not serpentine

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