The First Hour Of Days Gone's Gameplay

In this exclusive gameplay video, Game Informer's Ben Hanson is joined by Days Gone's creative director John Garvin and game director Jeff Ross to walk through and show off the first hour of this open-world PlayStation 4 exclusive. Learn more about Days Gone in our exclusive hub -
  • Eric Williams

    Looks pretty good but it definitely needs polishing they really need to fix the transition between cutscene and gameplay.

  • Race car Car race

    I’m disappointed with decision to remove a lot of dialogue from the game and the moral compass that was included. Not a good move imo

  • GoatedDave

    Why are people hating on this game I think it looks amazing

  • Puranam89Gaming

    Why did they take out the "moral compass" decisions making

  • Tylerforeman1000

    Never understand why people complain about games like this. If you want a story-driven game with cutscenes, then go for it. If you want a more gameplay-centric experience, play Doom. Different strokes for sifferent folks. You not liking games like this doesn't make you any better. Same goes for people who enjoy these types of games, it doesn't make you any better. Annoying how after decades of advancements and a plethora of different potential experiences, gamers still argue. Play what you like, avoid what you don't. Simple.

  • First name Last name

    Xbox fanboys pretending to be ps users and calling this game trash 😂

  • Len Knox

    Anybody who doesn’t think this game will be good prolly got an Xbox

  • AHole Gamer

    I knew there was something missing... They took out the choices you can make

  • Tyrone

    Games like this usually don’t get big but some games you can buy these days that nobody mention are very good games I will definitely try this out

  • Dab Fiend

    I’m kinda pissed why didn’t they kept doing this on the final release this would make the game better well yeah there’s choices to decide which survivor to go to any camp for credits/trust but still

  • Chive05

    This is the most intricate and complex zombie post apocalyptic game I’ve even seen . AMAZING !!! Why do you make us Waite so long for this gift to be released

  • The Realist

    "If Deacon gets bitten, he dies." That sounds fantastic. Finally, a game where the player can't just tank fifty million zombies and be bitten constantly and survive. I like it.I'll probably be getting this, TBH

  • Cortland Dorsett

    I'm considering getting a Ps just to play this game. Xbox is still my pride and joy, but we're all gamers need for all the hate.

  • Kevon McNeil

    I think God of War ruined gaming for me.. in a good way. The whole being shot in a single frame with no loading screens or anything was just too good. Wish every game did that

  • Jeff Extreme

    So much complaining.... it's amazing. Learn to appreciate things. This game looks very promising. It looks great. And I don't even like zombie games. This gameplay was enthralling. Nice job Game Informer.

  • Brayden Garrett

    When you lose your girl at the mall after going shopping with her all day and you just want to go home: 41:43

  • Jay

    No difficulty is gonna ultimately kill the game for people who aren’t good at shooting games

  • Hitly96

    “What are you gonna do if something happens to me” wow way to be subtle

  • EricMichaelLP

    13:52 Love how them driving through a puddle sounds like tossing a massive item into a big pool xD

  • Armando Ruvalcaba

    I'm mixed about this, I'm gonna buy it and just hope it's alot more fun to actually play it

  • Jordan Duvall

    No longer Multiple choice in the real thing 😭

  • Lashaunda Green Gospel Show

    The graphics made me want to pre order it before I did.... I can’t wait till I pick up my copy from GameStop on April 26 th🥰🥰

  • Raziel

    When you get the crossbow, do you have the option to yell "RICK"?

  • Wildberry Taruto

    "Leon did this" Ha! A Danganronpa reference

  • Da Chrispy

    Just played the game but wasn't able to choose Leon's fate, I think decision making was removed...

  • make U cry


  • The Dirty Show

    I'll have this game tomorrow at 9pm!!!I've waited since 2016 for this 😁😁

  • AmazingAnimation

    We've had more footage from a game that releasing next year than we did from Spider-Man PS4.

  • Alexis Kan

    i really like the I Am Legend zombie like enemies.....and always fun to play as starkiller.

  • Kluthbrunner4

    "Your gonna break my shotgun"

  • JoJoLowEyes

    I've watched this so many times i'm going to know how to do this first hour with my eyes closed lol can't wait

  • Woe, Is Me [&]

    Ok this is my game of the year by my favorite Sony studio BUT you don’t get to choose who lives or dies like it was shown here @ 8:38.

  • Andorinha Pictures

    Hey Joe wanna play a zombie game?

  • mortuus

    release the damn game !!!! its 2019 already i cant wait much longer ffs

  • Jrpg Gaming

    i rarely see a 1 hour of gameplay preview of games nowadays hopefully this will be as good as last of us

  • Stephen Marchegiani

    I remember watching a teaser for this in like 2014 and you're telling me it still hasn't been released? Lmao wut

  • Rudy Bonilla

    4:20 why when I heard this I thought of my boss talking to me at work

  • Stone Edge Gameplay

    So many people are sleeping on this game. I reckon it’ll be fantastic. I can’t wait to play Days Gone!

  • ch0mper

    The enemy reactions "he shot me!" Lol wtf

  • 6ixester

    Why did choices get taken out of the game

  • S R

    This game looks awesome.


    So these are "I AM LEGEND" type zombies/infected combine with "World War Z" zombies/infected.... nice I can dig it

  • Gear Grinder51

    9:50 as so as it’s shown not even 20 seconds later your “choices” don’t matter if this their example it was a really bad one

  • Subfornoreason Kdkdk

    21:32 days gone 2 confirmed?!

  • J. Lebowski

    The details are Nice, but what i Don’t understand why are the weapons sticked with glue on his back? and his purse has a belt....

  • mike maceda

    21:43Zombie went through his head.HIS HEAD

  • Kabuki Syneri

    actually, this sucked me into the game already. I was expecting much worse. Some of the voice acting and dialog is a bit cheesy. But other than that it really looks and feels interesting.

  • Dave Carsley

    6:03 Dude literally looks directly at an empty magazine in his hand, then puts it in his gun anyway and is surprised when it doesn't fire???

  • Steven Squire

    "cover me" (fires 1 shotgun round)

  • Mr Nobody

    Love how ballsy they are, literally blowing off children heads.

  • DoxxyClean

    I just got this game and immediately realized they took all the decisions out? That's an odd one. I thought I was crazy

  • Yannis Maragakis

    First 10' was enough for me to get hooked on. Certainly on my radar.("Single player games are dead", my buttocks)Thank you guys for the demo.

  • origin trackz

    "Were just here to talk!" shoots gun lol.

  • Vince


  • Pika

    they removed so much good stuff

  • selectedjustin10

    23:02Wow... That segment was so disappointing, graphics wise. Lmfao

  • Ran Chan

    I know people are talking shit, but I'm amped for this game when it gets its polish it will be amazing. I'm excited for this game anyway.

  • wolfkin71

    I wont be leaving the house for weeks I dont think when this comes out . For me so far watching this has everything I want I just hope what Im seeing is not looking at fools gold , if not this game is gonna be epic .

  • Kai Dempsey

    They cut two of my favourite pistols out of he game so pissed

  • swjr1228

    " sounds draw freakers to you" proceeds to ride motorcycles

  • DTaXeDragonMaster

    20:04 I hope we get jump scares like that throughout the whole story and while free roaming through towns and tunnels

  • RavenousSpectre

    I don't care if this is spoiling the first hour because I've been waiting for more footage of this for a long while. I can't friggin wait for this.

  • Philminator

    I have probably spent more time watching gameplay of this game, than actually playing some games I own...this is going to be one of my all time favourite games. I can tell.

  • Artie da Party

    Voices don’t really feel fitting with the characters, I especially sensed it on that motorcycle ride 14:45

  • Recro Nancer

    Games been out already and I love the game, at this point people sometimes just wanna be followers and spread negativity to a game they low key like just because there going with what majority of what other people say

  • Shaggster

    reminds me of the mad max game, only because u start off with OP car then lose it, kind of cool actually, looking forward to this

  • Samuel Samuel

    Frames Gone.I'm sorry. I know this is Alpha gameplay.

  • MrJohnKiller225

    april 26,2019 got it wait for me days gone just wait.

  • Roshan Ramkash

    possibly the game of the year 2019

  • PlayBoii- Jayy

    36:07 that run tho....

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