The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Griffin Witcher Gear Set Locations (Armed and Dangerous Trophy)

The Griffin Witcher Gear Set can be found in Velen (Scavenger Hunt: Griffin School Gear). It consists of 6 pieces. Finding, crafting, and equipping all of them will unlock the Armed and Dangerous trophy / achievement. You can craft them at the armorer and blacksmith in Oxenfurt (big town in the east of Novigrad). To get the required materials you should loot all monsters you kill during story missions and side quests. Some materials need to be crafted from other components or you must dismantle a weapon. For example to get silver ingot you could dismantle one of your silver swords at the blacksmith.

After equipping all 6 pieces you will receive the trophy / achievement.

All Witcher Set Locations Playlist:

All Witcher Sets Showcase & Stats:


#1 - Griffin Steel Sword - 0:05
#2 - Griffin Silver Sword - 0:47
#3 - Griffin Armor - 2:10
#4 - Griffin Trousers - 2:10
#5 - Griffin Boots - 2:10
#6 - Griffin Gauntlets - 2:10

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All Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Trophies and Achievements:

Lilac and Gooseberries
Find Yennefer of Vengerberg.

A Friend in Need
Find and free Dandelion.

Help Yennefer extract information from Skjall's body.

Family Counselor
Find the baron's wife and daughter.

Something More
Find Ciri.

Visit Tir ná Lia and convince Ge'els to betray Eredin.

The King is Dead
Defeat Eredin.

Passed the Trial
Finish the game on any difficulty.

Walked the Path
Finish the game on the "Death March!" difficulty level.

Geralt: The Professional
Complete all witcher contracts.

Complete the subplot about choosing Skellige's ruler.

Assassin of Kings
Take part in the assassination of King Radovid.

Friends With Benefits
Complete the subplot involving Keira Metz.

Full Crew
Bring all possible allies to Kaer Morhen for the battle against the Hunt.

Acquire all the Abilities in one tree.

The Enemy of My Enemy
Use the Axii Sign to force one opponent to kill another. Do this 20 times.

Humpty Dumpty
Kill 10 opponents by knocking them off somewhere high with the Aard Sign.

Environmentally Unfriendly
Kill 50 opponents using the environment (e.g. swamp gas, insects or objects).

Kaer Morhen Trained
Perform 10 effective counterattacks in a row without getting hit or parrying.

Can't Touch This!
Kill 5 foes in a fight without taking damage (except for Toxicity) and without using the Quen Sign.

That Is the Evilest Thing…
Ignite the gas produced by a Dragon's Dream bomb using a burning opponent. Do this 10 times.

Butcher of Blaviken
Kill at least 5 opponents in under 10 seconds.

Triple Threat
Kill 3 opponents in one fight using 3 different methods (swords, bombs, crossbow, Signs, etc.).

Defeat Olaf, the Skellige champion of unarmed combat.

Make an opponent suffer from bleeding, poisoning and burning simultaneously. Do this 10 times.

Master Marksman
Kill 50 human and nonhuman opponents by striking them in the head with a crossbow bolt.

What Was That?
Attack, counter, cast a Sign and throw a bomb (in any order) in under 4 seconds.

Discover 100 fast travel points.

Pest Control
Destroy all monster nests in the Velen / Novigrad region, or in Skellige.

Card Collector
Acquire all gwent cards available in the base version of the game.

Gwent Master
Defeat Tybalt and win the gwent tournament held at the Passiflora.

Let's Cook!
Learn 12 potion formulae.

Collect the formulae for 6 different bomb types.

Read 30 books, journals or other documents.

Armed and Dangerous
Find and equip all the elements of one set of witcher gear.

Power Overwhelming
Have all possible Place of Power bonuses active at the same time.

Brawl Master
Complete all fistfighting quests in Velen, Skellige and Novigrad.

Fast and Furious
Win all the horse races in the game.

Reach character development level 35.

Fire in the Hole
Destroy 10 monster nests using bombs.

Fist of the South Star
Defeat an opponent in a fistfight without taking any damage.

Geralt and Friends
Win a round of gwent using only neutral cards.

All In
Play three hero cards in one round of gwent and win the match.

Complete the contract on the shrieker.

Fearless Vampire Slayer
Complete the contract on Sarasti.

Woodland Spirit
Complete the contract on the Woodland Spirit.

Fiend or Foe?
Complete the contract on Morvudd.

Ashes to Ashes
Complete the contract on Therazane.

The Doppler Effect
Resolve the doppler problem in Novigrad.
  • Darrell Berry

    What he didn't show you were the monsters you'll encounter the first time you arrive in these places. Be prepared.

  • Tahkos

    At Dragon's Grotto*, did a level 20 monster come and kill anybody else? Just me? okay

  • Mario x Jolien

    Why can't i crft the griffin swords? cant see them in list... eventhough i picked the diagram ...

  • DIonutAlex

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    Thanks for the video. What are the stats on each piece?

  • Typical Otaku

    Love your vids. Thanks for this. This is my first Witcher game and it is easily climbing up the ranks of one of my favorite RPG games of all time.

  • Lord3K

    i have all 6 items, but no bonuses ?i need to upgrade at mastercraft?

  • DominionOpinion

    Can you do a video or list all the people you have to send to Kaer Morhen for the Full Crew trophy please so we don't miss them, also is there any chance you are doing the Card Collector trophy guide?

  • Nayr907

    Where can I get a shirt at?

  • nicomuff _

    I'm 4/6 pieces but missing gauntlets and boots. How is that possible? Supposed to be in the same chest of the armor.Bug?

  • InanimateJon

    Does this trophy only work with the griffin set or can it work with the ursine set for example?

  • Maurog_AKA_ESP

    You need to find, craft and equip all witcher gear or only 1 set?

  • PureForceHD

    Im lvl 8 right now and i just got the gear for how long wil this last which lvl?

  • Leo Messi

    I'm level 29, does anyone know if there's armor or swords that I can find on hidden places like this for levels 29 or 30, I've got diagrams for armor and swords for levels 40 and over but I really don't think I'll ever make it there. I already finished the story and I'm just exploring and doing some side quests. Thanks for the help!

  • Matthew Bagg

    i have a complete ursine set but i didn't get the trophy?? someone explain please

  • gabriel caldeira

    where can i get meteorite silver ingot?

  • Jordan Suggitt

    Thanks a lot man! Where do you upgrade your witcher armour though?

  • VeggetoSSJ

    Where does one find the quest to find all of these? Like i already got 3 of the 4 quest for the cat school upgrade diagrams but they are lvl 23-33 quests and im only lvl 6 atm.

  • Gsus //

    Is this the best armor in the game?

  • Carlos Martinez

    Somebody knows where can i find the monster dust for  make de griffin gloves?? :(

  • bradlee goris

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  • Sam Lewis

    found and enhanced diagram while fighting the shrieker. and now im here. Is this as good as the nilfgaardian armor from the free dlc?

  • Blackened

    Where can I find the Diagram for the Weapon repair kit?? I still haven't found it.

  • Chr1s887x

    For the people that are having trouble getting the armor because of the monster there , you can take a different route behind the mountain where you can use the eye to break the illusion and you can go straight to the treasure room. After that just pop a cat potion and take the loot when the monster isnt close to it.

  • Bastiaan Buelling

    I only got the boots from the last chest... guess that the ps4 version has some differences... :( thx anyway your guides are awesome as always:)

  • Shane Toothsqueeze

    So...I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have all the armour pieces from just exploring without following the quest but when I put the quest as active it tells me that the other parts are in Novigrad? in like a weird puzzle room with lots of leavers in? I'm assuming the only parts I need now are the swords but why is it telling me to go there and no to the places noted in the video to find the swords? is it just a glitch or have I somehow screwed up the quest?

  • Hanzo Hazuki

    I did that but the trophy still locked

  • Ricky Nuom

    Anyone know an easy way to get meteorites? I check every vendor/blacksmith no one selling anything. I also checked my inventory and there's nothing for me to dismantle. I only need one more meteorite plate and I'll finish everything. Very very aggravating

  • mmk fd

    Where is a plate of the giant silver I did not find it

  • Jason Nickell

    Never played the Witcher games before don't really like RPGs too much but I'm loving this game a lot, what I don't like is how OP the enemies are in these areas for shitty diagrams, makes no sense to me, I got the diagrams but don't care for them too much at this point to use them, got better gear now, I feel like I will have the game well beaten by the time I use any of the good armor. That's really the only flaw in the game for me.

  • Leonardo Salvador

    How did you get so much gold at level 16? Please tell me i need gold too.

  • Nefrex Gameplay

    just did this at lvl 17, so no u dont need to be lvl 20+ or 25+ or whatever. Just use brain and tactics. Did on "sword and story"

  • Hmm...

    why are all the armour on witcher 3 so ugly?

  • diggi

    I put on all the enhanced griffin armor and both enhanced swords but it has not unlocked the reward for me, is it necessary to first put on all the normal griffin stuff??

  • Gamer

    How do you find these upgrade materials? And any suggestion what should I do: I'm level 10, currently doing the first mission in Novigrad. Should I go for this witcher gear set or level up and get the next one? Please advise

  • Madboy

    in the first area, the castle, if you go around to the back there are platforms/ladders to climb up to the top and not have to deal with the monsters in front.

  • Mike NPCnoch

    Is there a griffin crossbow? If not are there any other schematics around for crossbows? I've got the feline plans but it's lvl29. I'm lvl19.4

  • shinugami333

    Anyone knows how I can get the Powdered Monster tissue or what item I need to dismantle for the Griffn gauntlets.

  • squalltheonly

    So one sword is guarded by level 8-10 mobs and the other is guarded by a level 14 wyvern, CDPR likes to troll lol

  • Bourbon Kid

    i do exactly the same with build that griffin set but i dont get the trophy?? anybody else with the same problem?

  • VerindraGproductions

    I wish there was a upgrade for the starting armor because I thought it looked pretty good.

  • Jupiter

    ok a question,how do you make a lot of coins at level 16 im so broke im trying to get this armor now but im too broke I do all my side quest but im still broke :(

  • 7AMoOoD.K AlAwaDhi

    i missing some contents like eyes of monsters and blood monsters Uggh... only armor and gloves + swords left for me

  • Jerry Springer

    Someone here who knows where I can get a Shirt and Powdered Monster Tissue?

  • KidFrom106

    how come you have the map when you enter the cave and i don't my map disappears

  • Charlie

    Got everything but this bastard meteorite ore can anyone help me out to find some

  • Luke

    You going to make videos for the other Witcher gear too once you come across the pieces?

  • wjohn8048

    Could anyone tell me which monsters and their levels I would run into if i wanted to find this armour please?

  • Derrick Wade

    lmaoo heres me thinking i could get the armor at level 4! didnt know there was gon be a level 11 ugly ass boss in there to 4 hit kill me

  • Henley Merrill

    I didn't know there be a dragon in lornruk. Tore my freakin face off. Either way load save and head back there. Thanks for location

  • Rodmaster144

    Weird, i got all the bear armor , but no trophy :/ ? Help..

  • Mashersad Soedarsono

    Need help finding meteorite ore!! I have looked all over the internet no one knows for sure where to get them.

  • Thomas The brave latino

    Great video but do you know which enemies commonly drop monster essence and powdered monster flesh?

  • Estefani Corona

    Is anyone else here because Chris smoove got this armor

  • Sinanju

    okay so where can i get the materials to craft it?

  • krtoon djaj

    بعد أن كان قد تم نقلها إلى ملحق حتى لو كان بإمكاننا تقديم الوصف ولكن الموقع الذي تراه هنا لا يسمح لنا حتى لو كان بإمكاننا تقديم الوصف في سيرة ذاتية جاهزة من خلال متصفح يحتوي على الكثير من خلال فترة حكم العسكر من قبل قوات الامن الخاصة بك

  • Dark tripster

    I have every thing I need to craft griffen trousers,... Why can't I craft it? I'm on the level acquired to

  • Geralt of Rivia

    Thanks for helping. It would have been hard to find it with my Witcher sense alone .

  • GerryBerry

    Anyone know where i can get more meteorite ores?

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    @PowerPyx what if I sold my witcher armor along time ago

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    Powerpyx... dude plz i need to know the enhanced and superior ursine steel sword please please

  • Jason Smith

    got all the gear @ level 7.. Getting the sword was hard as shit though, at least on blood and broken bones... the wyverns can two shot you, probably took me 45minutes just to kill it, (spammed quen and hit it down with bolts) but just so you know it is possible, you just cant get hit more than 4 times with quen down!! but after getting the full set this early i would have to say its pretty epic.

  • Djamel Spaan

    Do you play on Deathmarch difficulty? +PowerPyx

  • Dutu

    You can set fire to the toxic spores with IGNI. There is a hint about this:WARNING! MINOR SPOILER:When you walk with Keira Metz in a cave, Geralt tells her a story about Vesimir when he almost burned him to death.

  • frank farr

    Will i think the clue to the dragon is below the sign post lol.

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