Evolution of Just Cause 2006 - 2015 | ULTRA | GTX 970

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MB: Asrock Z68 Extreme 4 gen 3
CPU: i7 2600K
RAM: Kingston Hyper-X Fury 16GB DDR3 1866 MHz
SSD: Kingston Hyper-X Fury 120GB
HDD: Hitachi 2TB
PSU: Coolermaster GX 550W
CASE: AeroCool Xpredator X3 (White)

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Extreme Negotiations 1 - Johannes Bornlöf

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  • PlayGround

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  • The Gintama6

    Rico just looks entirely different across all 3 games. Are they even the same person???

  • halospartan 129500

    2006 blurry. 2010 darker colors. 2016 brighter colors.

  • Kaumudi Prajapati

    JC1:blurry AFJC2:dark AFJC3:bright AF

  • Broken Foxy

    Just cause 2 best water

  • Rasmus Sjöberg

    Just Cause 2 has way better water than JC3?

  • MuDDy BLooDy

    Damn,Just Cause 2 is an absolute winner for me.

  • Kaumudi Prajapati

    Rico evolution:2006: Just a dude with guns and an endless parachute.2010: A awesome looking guy with some hi-fi stuff.2015: Who is that guy? I mean WTF¿?

  • tominatorxx

    2:30 "Don't mind me. Just passing through."

  • do you know the wey queen

    Just cause 2 because tuk tuk laa

  • A.B.O Gamer

    the only bad thing in juste cause 3 is the driving phsics..

  • Andrew D

    In many respects jc2 has better visuals!

  • JustFun598

    Ohh man, I remember when Just Cause 1 was released, and at the beginning of the game when Rico jumps out of plane and you have to navigate your way down with parachute, but damn this game had one of the best Graphics I ever saw in that time, it was absolutely stunning, my favorite part of the game was, getting a boat at night and hang out near the prison area, damn it looked beautiful, the water reflection the moon, just everything, ahh good old times :D

  • CodeName420

    I have played all three.JC1: It's pretty good, however, you don't have a grappling hook. You unlock it after a certain mission, and you can only grapple to cars. It's pretty blurry too.JC2: Pretty fun, has many features, but it gets kind of boring after a while. The graphics? They are good for its time, and, the water surface looks better than in JC3.JC3: Awesome game. I like how the game is bright and colorful. It has many features that the past two didn't have. It won't get boring so fast, with the Cargo Plane, new grapple... (been playing it for a few months now). I also like how you could see underwater.This is my opinion, so, don't start hating.

  • Xx_Sh3rkLovmi_666 _xX_

    just cause 2 water graphics wow

  • Josh T

    Just cause 2 all the way for me !!

  • Hey Dude

    Just cause 2 was the best one


    I personally enjoy Just Cause 3

  • TomyN

    waiting just cause 4:))

  • Spider watch

    Jc1 = invincible trees Jc2 = you can ram through the trees fairly realisticallyJc3 = trees kill you.....enough said

  • Droque Gameplays

    Why graphics of just cause 2 are looking better than just cause 3??

  • Aryan Piprode

    Just cause 2 better than just cause 3

  • GamingDominari

    Just Cause 2 had the same shit over and over again when it came to graphics. The game looked boring and bland, but was fun in it's gameplay. It also did really good at it's story.Just Cause 3 on the other hand was really good with graphics and held true to it's AAA category. The gameplay was alright but the storyline was so bad that they just let you skip every cutscene.Also, we don't talk about JC3 boss fight .-.

  • SirCreepsAlott

    Just Cause 2 is the best. <3 I love JC3 too though even with its flaws. How I would rank them: JC1 (Never played) JC2: 8/10 JC3 7/10

  • old manestiban

    it makes me so happy that just cause is still relevant in 2017

  • Hayden Bottorff

    JC3 is better because it has rebel drops

  • Venkman

    The first one looks like when I walk around without my glasses on

  • Kaumudi Prajapati

    Damn those 4 years were a big leap

  • Trem

    Rico looks like an Indian scammer in JC1

  • The Banditøs

    I like just cause 3 the best

  • Devyn Tomlinson

    Just jause 3 is my favorite


    Just cause 3 is better

  • Vruinz

    Just cause 2 looks best?!?!

  • Excylt_

    Back in the day u wouldn't notice the graphics but these days that's 1 of the most important aspects of a game

  • MonaCraftYT

    Just cause 3 wasnt made in 2015 it was made in 2017

  • Tech Gadjets

    Vote goes to jc2 amazing water


    After Watching This Video I Buy Just Cause 2 and 3

  • Rahmi Khumaira

    In just cause 2 its looks like the water like a real life!


    jc2 is the best jc game


    my only complaint with JC3 is the framerate drops on ps4.

  • black white

    well i know that the 3rd is better but i like the 2nd morelike if you agree

  • Everaldo Santos

    He looks a lot like Nathan Drake, in JC3.

  • Sheryl Crusco

    I miss just cause 2 I miss the desert very much but I wish there was a wingsuit in that game

  • Jeff LaFlare

    JC3 physicd are 10x better

  • Why is Gardevoir so tasty, /vp/?

    Just cause 2 had the best surface water yet Just cause 3 had the best underwater

  • Droque Gameplays

    Hey man I just say a commentary if People like or don't like

  • Grizzly

    Who else is here since 100 subs

  • Hayden Bottorff

    JC1 and 2 explosions look so unrealistic

  • K1MO

    I would love to see a part 2 but compare gameplay

  • Motion Kings

    All three games are good but Jc 2 is best

  • SkullDeath Voorhees

    2:50 The explosion of just cause 2 is better than just cause 3

  • TheCoon GingerCoon

    JUST CAUSE 3 Rico looks the best

  • Kurama Yoko

    o game ficou muito bonito com o tempo, achei a agua de 2010 do game melhor que a atual, otimo video cara, continue assim

  • GLITCH boi

    I wish they add a radio in vehicles. 😊😆


    just cause 4 has just been announced

  • DASH

    2010 Graphics are better than 2016

  • Noodle Gamer137

    I hope jc4 will have crash physics just like in jc2

  • Brock

    I never played the original game, I really hope it gets a remaster for PS4 sometime in the future...Recently Just Cause 3 was free for PS+ members so I downloaded it and having a blast, super fun and MASSIVE game.But.... Just Cause 2 was the best game, the graphics still look decent considering it's a 7 year old game and the story was surprisingly decent.

  • Oliver Arine Vlogs

    Just cause one graphics are better than I expected

  • Mr. PWETS

    Because they do much hard work on just cause 2 not has much as JC3

  • Housto n

    Just Cause 2 and 3 The best

  • B R O K E N

    2015 Wins my dad just love love love love the game im a girl and im 10 AND IM BETTER THAN HIm he even hasnt finish 1 missions and he keeps saying I GOT THIS idk why but he funny And WHy 2015 better is cause The cars got better and Theres lots of People and places to win In my Opinion, 2015 wins :D

  • Alexandre Callegaro

    I love the nature of Just Cause

  • Dani Ajh

    Just Cause 3 Like a GTA V

  • Roger Wolfe

    JC3 is better cuz you can get rebel drops and there are race cars that you can find in JC3.

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