The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Infinite XP Glitch (1.31)

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Infinite XP Glitch (1.31)
7 XP per kill
  • Galadrielh's kreative Ecke

    patch 1.31A (basegame) it works very fine - thank you for that great tip! tested with low level 5 - 10 works perfect!

  • kmorevil

    Still works! Very slow even with bonus exp. Better to just do quests.

  • ovo Kain

    25/10/17Just tested for a good 30 mins. This farming method NO LONGER WORKS. I tried it with a level 3 save and I was still only getting around 1-5XP per kill even though the Drowners where 7 levels above me. THIS DOES NOT WORK.

  • vexman7

    This glitch takes forever to lvl you up it sucks but thanx for trying

  • rindoue dragonus

    This glitch only gets you 2xp each once you are level 19 and above. Unless you have all gear giving xp%+ to boost it, but it won't be much

  • Eric Mitchell

    I can't hit them with the crossbow

  • kyloRen Arriaga

    thanks you very much I subscribed 😎

  • typicscroll

    i hope this works still

  • Hamd Sheikh

    not applicable on higher difficulties as it takes several bolts to kill the drowner

  • Ricky Bronze

    So this doesn't work on Death March?

  • trza49er

    Looks super enjoyable, and time efficient.

  • Kenneth Jasper Catan

    How come you dont aim? I have trouble aiming the target

  • J

    now you barely get any exp for monsters. i guess they just want you to do the story first lol

  • Cenzo

    Hey i am Lvl 23 and i only get 2 xp per kill...

  • Renzo Ernesto

    Este truco es o mejor dicho estafa como the witcher es una mierda 12 o poco mas de exp se aumenta

  • kyloRen Arriaga

    is this one still working??

  • Rocky smoky

    Is it working please answer me..

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