Mr. Odd - Let's Play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Part 1 - Yennefer, Ciri, Kaer Morhen, Vesemir

This is my blind let's play of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. After finishing The Witcher, The Witcher 2, and some of the Witcher books, I cannot wait to dive into this lets play! This series will be a full walkthrough, playthrough, and I will try to be very thorough in exploring all aspects of the game. I'm playing on Blood and Broken bones difficulty.

Here is the link to the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt playlist:
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  • Audixas

    Wow. The first let's play of Witcher 3 I found and it was uploaded on my 18th birthday. Nice!

  • Eefje Poppelaars

    I found your channel by searching for ''let's play the Witcher 3'' on youtube, and I like your style so I'll watch the rest of your playlist. Thank you!

  • Almozayaf Roman

    What a let's play from sameone who read the Books O_O

  • Grekinski

    It's a little late, but I found your channel by asking people on Facebook for a good youtuber that doesn't skip everything in RPGs.

  • The Captain Crow

    Me?Me found yer channel just by lookin' for a reliable playthrougher an' commentator for good ol' The Witcher III... But, me have to say, I never heard of a commentator askin' th' viewer that question b'fore... At least, not like that. For that an' other reasons, me commend yer courtesy.With both yer innate knowledge of The Witcher settin' an' lore along with th' fact that ye read th' novels 'emselves, 'tis be me go-to Youtuber for this 'ere series from now on. Yer conviction at times from what me see, as well, along with yer decent, if not well-played, humor solidify me enjoyment of watchin' this as well. Yer not a Slim Shadey Gangster-Wannabe Teen, yer not a deadpan version Solidus Snake, an' yer not an overly excited Saint Bernard puppy tryin' to make every single fuckin' thing that happens in th' game 'ore humorous than a legendary Monty Python skit... Yer a good balance of what a good Youtube Commentator is, mainly.I'll be keepin' track of this 'ere series an' I be glad me found this. Ye don't seem to be th' guy to make fun of or emotionlessly skim through the Shining Lights, Even in Death mission in The Phantom Pain either so I'll be lookin' into 'ore of yer stuff.Fair winds from th' shores of Fiddler's Green!

  • icemunmun

    I was searching for a thorough LP of Witcher 3 ( since a new EP is being released) and came upon your channel.Saw that you have 125 vids in your Witcher playlist and immediately subscribed :).And I see that I am answering your question 1 year later :p

  • Durinsbane34

    1st time viewer. Saw your X-COM 2 lets play, was searching for a good Witcher 3 playthrough and found yours. Subscribed! :)

  • hedgerider

    I found you by chance, searching for lets plays to watch. I sustained a brain injury and watching lets plays is quite soothing for me. I can focus as much or as little as I like. I like the fact that you don't shout and scream like others I've found on here and you seem like a nice chap!

  • MsCarsonelle

    OKAY, I might not have been able to catch up on your Witcher 1 & 2 videos but damn it I'm determined to keep up to date with these. I need this game.

  • Playcool18

    "Odrin, where are you boy?""Odrin came here boy, Odrin?"The Witcher 2 Act Roche Path, anyone?

  • Mia Vegan

    How I found your channel: I love The Witcher series, be it books or games. Sometimes I wish I could live in that world, meet Iorveth, help the injured no matter which side they are on, explore every mile, spend my days reading all those books..Needless to say, I was looking for a playthrough by someone who actually cared about the story, too many youtube gamers who completely butcher it. So, Thank you Mr. Odd :)

  • Benman

    This game of if not the best games I've ever played

  • Mr Tav

    Wow, after over 3 years I will finally watch Mr. Odd's W3! Yeeeey... I can't even remember how I founded your channel, can't remember if the very first playthrough I watched was maybe of Wasteland 2 or was it even one of the earlier games (was Shadow of Mordor released earlier? Have no idea...). I know that when I was browsing for those games I was aiming to find someone who is not annoying and who reads/explore everything and you succeeded in that completely! :) Thank you Mr. Odd for being a unique let's player. :)

  • Kamil Szadkowski

    Fun fact: Today, the creators of The Witcher were invited by the Polish president to the Presidential Palace. President from the hands of developers received his own copy of the game.

  • NFSlugger13

    First-time viewer here. Good 1st part (and excellent video quality). This game looks great and I'll be sticking around for more episodes. Subscribed.

  • Jacob Payne

    kid you not i forgot that this was commentary gameplay due to how quiet he was in the intro

  • Daredevil 22

    Random fact about me: I am actually able to do most of the flashy moves Ciri was doing in the beginning, I know it's not useful in actual combat but it's fun to amaze people with tricks like that :)

  • thentrav

    I found this video via google search "let's play the witcher 3". Probably the 10th result.My requirements were: commentary, thoroughness, cinematics/lore, PC. I would like webcam as well, but it's not a deal breaker.I loved hearing "Remember to set the vibe. That's lights off, headphones on, volume up" at 1:58. Getting me pumped as well! YEA!

  • Glennsi

    I can play The Witcher 3 without having played the first two games?

  • Mazdy Soraya

    SUBED.. I watched you playing your XCOM2, then i searched to your playlist videos that you have.. I rally liked the games, your style of playing.. I think that your channel is great.. Now i am your follower..

  • coffeekoneko

    I'm a little late.I found your channel searching for an LP of Amnesia:The Dark Descent that wasn't Pew Die Pie's. At the time I couldn't really appreciate his LP style. I have since watched a ton of your LPs, and I really love your video quality as well as your wholesome (is that the right word? :D), Canadian honesty. Being from the Midwestern US, I find your accent and way of speaking reassuring and comforting. Keep up the good work!

  • Pedro Silva

    i found your channel to watch the witcher gameplay man u semm nice to me xD

  • Hugh Jass

    Hey Odd, many of my subscribees(?) are doing W3 LPs, but I'll be watching yours because you're one of the few let's players who can play an RPG properly.I originally found your channel when I was looking for a blind Mass Effect playthrough.

  • Lardon2

    This game is epic and beautiful! As good as Oblivion or Skyrim, in my opinion. Polish developers had done a great job! I hope this will be a long Let's play. ;) Eventually, I will have to check the books.

  • MidnightSt

    How I found your channel: I was searching for some non-stupid, non-hysteric, non-annoying LP of dark souls. just trying out a few minutes from loads of guys and within that session you were the first one fulfilling the conditions, so I watched some more from you and subscribed.

  • Blood Angel

    Man, you found out about Odrin. Do you remember the drunkard in the Kaedweni camp in the Witcher 2? ;)


    God, i have over 1000 houres in total gameplay over 7 playthroughs in this game and still get emotional over the music, the scenery and seeing the old friend Geralt. This is a masterpiece that is timeless. Love this game so much. Thank you CDPR for this diamond in these dark times in the game industry. Also thank you Mr. Odd :)

  • Captain Italia

    First video I've seen of this guy. Glad I have, he's damn funny


    I found you through searching for vampyr playthrough and was disappointed that you abandoned it because i really liked vampyr. After that i watched your evil within 2 playthrough and bloodborne. Now i'm watching through your witcher series. This is gonna be fun. I have to say i liked that you used face cam for evil within since it's funny to see the players reactions and impression while playing.

  • abbynady


  • Blitz Wolf

    well... i'll do it just because you told me too...SAYY...SLAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • Michael Suarez

    Hi I’m new. I just got Witcher 3 yesterday as a Christmas gift and I was just looking for a let’s play video to see how others go through the same scenarios I went through and maybe pick up some tips

  • Nikolay Asparuhov

    How I found your channel: Was looking for somewhere to watch a playthrough of RDR2 when it releases - more importantly someone who cares for a game with a good story. So I checked for someone who has actually finished Witcher 3 and both the expansions. Watched a portion of the RDR1 playthrough and now I'm gonna watch the Witcher one :)

  • Grievous129

    Lol... Bad Ass Witchery

  • Oolaus75

    Foud you from Allan Wake

  • Imatallelf

    Well Im 3 years late but I'm still going to answer the questions. I found your channel because I wanted to watch a play-through of the new release of We Happy Few. I love how thorough you are and the way your voice sounds! I love to binge watch so when I saw you uploaded the game twice everyday for 30 mins each i was delighted! I did watch it for about 4 hours straight though which wasn't great. So now I'm just going through your channel looking for more games I like!

  • OB Production

    I just search for witcher 3 playthrough. That's how I found your channel.

  • Lord of Cinder

    I found your channel just by searching for witcher 3 lets plays and you were the first result.

  • bloodygentleman

    facebook witcher 3 site linked to your video of witcher 1 walkthrough, really enjoyed your videos and subscribed, I read all the books a few years ago and started to read them again, I am currently in the thirdt saga book, trial of fire or something like that in english, this book contains my favourite character of the whole witcher saga, yeah and just a note, when you finish reading the last book you will cry :P

  • Designs12934y1

    I found your channel with the Divinity Original Sin II play through with your friend and am now following your past and present videos of games I am interested in or have played :).

  • Marco Dahlgren

    Maybe a bit outdated comment, but I found your channel when I looked for Detroit Become Human playthrough. Since then I have used your channel as my primary source to watch games i enjoy. Keep it up!

  • Yorkshire didz

    yo dude i found you from horizon zero dawn, picked the game up after your first episode and I've been watching your uploads ever since. Looking forward to this one :D

  • Henry Mark

    I am loving this walkthrough. I dont have witcher 3 but I enjoy watching you play. I am especially thankful that you are not only taking the time to complete the whole game, but that you are also reading the quests and the lore. The latter is especially rare to find on youtube.

  • kenjutsukata1o1

    Exciting times!  I haven't had a chance to finish the video yet, so forgive me if this is old hat, but after watching your fight with the ghouls I've got a tip for you: Get used to dodging instead of rolling.  The Witcher 2 has the roll dodge ingrained into your soul (it did for me), but in the Witcher 3 the quick dodge allows you to get out of the way and quickly counterattack, whereas rolling is more for putting some distance between yourself and the enemy.  Unlearn the roll!And as far how I first found you, I was looking up a Dragon Age Inquisition let's play and yours seemed the most interesting, so I stuck with it.  Then I started watching your Alien: Isolation let's play, and I've been here since.

  • Wanderfool

    So glad I found you. Like... its so refreshing to find a YT gamer that doesn't have this obnoxious opening sequence. Kudos, you have my subscription. <3

  • koinze bg

    I found you'r channel at first it was in the witcher 2 hh becaus  I love that you don't just speak  but you talk and I learn from you a lot about the game and the story and the thing that  make me happy you love what I love is hh searching hh   don't let anything slip that what good about you keep going =)

  • Valtteri Vitikka

    Its an old playthru but ill still answer, i found out about your channel like 4 or 5 years ago, i've watched all of your XCOM playthroughs lmao

  • Gamster Kungfu

    Was searching for a Witcher 3 playthrough with Yennefer chosen, and your, Chris, was unexpectedly cool!

  • Michael Atkins

    I just found and finished your videos of We Happy Few, Really enjoyed it, never played TW3 so I'm interested how you perceive it.

  • Dylan Thomas

    1st time viewer, searched for Witcher 3 lets play on Youtube, super excited to see the long series :)

  • Pepijn Vermeulen

    I typed in: "Let's play the witcher 3" after Marcus (ENB) decided to end his series, sadly :c, but I already love this let's play! ^^

  • Jerrel28

    I found your channel when I discovered the Syberia series a couple of months ago. You did a great playthrough.

  • Victoria Hainsworth

    First found your channel after Hollie from Playstation Access recommended your playthrough of Dark Souls 3. I had been looking for a good playthrough of those games so I jumped on board immediately. Now just slowly going through your back-catalogue of playthroughs. Great channel! :)

  • AniCator

    You didn't get the crystallized skull at the spot where you first get attacked by the ghouls. You can still get it if you go back before finishing too much of the current main quest as far as I know. I went to fetch it as well.

  • NullHazard7

    I found your channel through one of your XCOM playthroughs. Watching your newest WOTC playthrough. Loving it, mess-ups and all.

  • Jinx Wayion

    Hey Christopher~ this is late but I'm having wither withdrawals while waiting for more DLC so i came back to watch your play through! so I found you a few months before Witcher 3 came out when I realized I didn't have a computer to play the first game so I watched your full play through of 1 and 2~ I love how thorough your play style is and I can't wait to see your choices in this one! and the books are super awesome! I totally agree ;3

  • Skandalos

    The unnatural and forced voice acting of the main character destroys a lot for me. Also, the game seems to completely enslave itself to some stereotypical medieval English world with the music and the overused English accents. The game could be so much better would it give itself more stylistic freedom and creativity.

  • Stein

    just found your channel through xcom, started binge watching all your rpg playthroughs.

  • The Jingo

    I'm expect a lot from you since I saw too many trash let player but you show potential I shall follow you until the day you change

  • Otoryu The Sound Dragon

    If I remember correctly, I found your channel when I was looking for a let's play of valent hearts.

  • Elise VanHorn

    Hey Odd, to answer your question: I found your channel by searching for a Let's Play of this game. Yours was the first result.

  • Blue Gaming

    Found your channel through We Happy Few and would check your channel everyday for a new episode

  • Fran Krsto

    Hi, since you're asking, let me tell you even though this video is already one month old. I've recently found your channel by searching for Xcom videos. It is a really good channel and you have a great broadcast voice, so I subscribed. Unfortunately, I can't play all these games since I own a laptop instead of desktop and it gets obsolete very fast, but I can sure watch the videos and it is almost as fun as playing. Keep up the good work! :)

  • NightsGamingHD01

    I see your channel a lot and it seems cool

  • SciTk

    A few months late but found your channel through mass effect playthrough

  • Abofus

    Found you through your Bioshock 1 LP, been watching for a few years now.

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