Top 6 Favorite Videogame Trailers

6 - Skyrim Live-Action Trailer
5 - Star Wars The Force Unleashed II Cinematic
4 - Wolfenstein Gameplay Trailer "Nowhere to run"
3 - Assassin's Creed Unity Cinematic
2 - Tom Clancy's The Division Cinematic
1 - Halo 3 ODST Live-Action Mini-movie

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  • The Jadenator

    Before you criticize: this video was posted almost 2 years ago, and my opinion has changed quite a bit since then. I plan on making another soon! :)

  • United Potatoes

    The ODST trailer gets me EVERY TIME. So well made. The Game was not that good but the trailer man .. Bungie really knew how to make them so you get goosebumps.

  • RebelRed762

    the ODST trailer was one of the most epic trailers of all time. really made you feel for the common soldiers in the halo verse

  • RainbowStache

    Skyrim trailer : Everyone runs away Actual skyrim : Everyone kills dragon

  • Jeffrey Bassett

    The halo ODST trailer is by far the best trailer of all time in my opinion.

  • Justin

    The first half of the Division trailer was actually pretty emotional

  • Nitro Techno

    the division's trailer was so powerful and good, such a shame the game was a let down to so many people

  • Aaron Ed

    That's not even the best Assassin's Creed trailer.

  • Matthew Court

    All halo trailers were complete works of art. ODST's sent chills down your spine for showing what it was like to be human in that war. The Reach trailers 'deliver hope' and 'birth of a Spartan' we're a display of their god like strength and the secretive they made to be Spartans. All the chief ads were just awesome, awesome, awesome!

  • MRK

    Are they speaking hungarian in the halo trailer? Beacuse i am from hungary and i swear i can hear ,,Gyerünk! Gyerünk! Csinálják!" wich means go go do it. And then He says ,,sortűz" - volley.

  • 許正諺

    Division's trailer is really awsome ,but actually make people disappointed

  • Mariopwnzu

    Personally I don't agree much with the list but the ODST one is easily one of my favourites as well

  • Luke Stephens

    Shame the best thing about assassins creed unity was it's trailer

  • Thomas Daka

    If the division was its trailer.

  • Deaz Abbott

    I recognized Skyrim as soon as I saw the Stormcloak uniform :D

  • Brandon Luu

    the skyrim cinematic is 10 times better than the live action, easy

  • Dulf Nordensvärd

    Next to spartans is the ODST ! They awesome

  • Chill Thrill

    I saw the O.D.S.T. Trailer and it’s my favorite trailer too. By the way it means Orbital. Drop. Shock. Trooper.

  • James Harten

    Division coulda had a great story mode or something

  • Sebastian Simons

    ODST was the best Halo game to me it made you feel weak and helpless the atmosphere and how you had to choose your fights is what made it great

  • Vinny Santorini

    Wolfenstein trailers are gold

  • Anger Issues

    The Division trailer is pretty cool, but the game was trash. LOL

  • Sir LiEgglet

    Guys, chill it’s the uploader’s favorite game trailers. Everyone has their opinions.

  • Daniel Catalan

    Odst trailer almost made me buy a halo game. That says a lot. Wish they would make a movie like this

  • Paddy McNasty

    ODST was great, as was the Skyrim one, another rarer one that I absolutely love is the one for This War of Mine. It is short but super powerful.

  • Jonathan

    I feel bad for those storm troopers

  • Aleksey Gladkih

    if this is best of all time trailers then you don't know shit

  • FaPAtroN 3000

    Every assassin's creed trailer ever

  • TheYounggun551

    Have you ever seen the Mobius trailer for Metro Last Light? I never saw how someone could like a trailer for a game until I saw it.

  • Cameron Dopman

    there's better assassin's creed trailers, even for unity lol

  • jgoemat

    How could Dead Island not make the list? And why use the worst trailer for Force Unleashed?

  • AndrewBrewer917

    I knew the first one was skyrim once I saw the gaurd's helmet

  • Robert Espinal

    I feel like ODST was an underrated game. I know that it didn't have Master Chief, which is why some people weren't fans, but I always thought it was good.

  • Silver

    Man..the beta for The Division was amazing...

  • THE13Crew

    when they said star killer was strong with the force I didn't think he could obliterate stormtroopers with one mighty force blow

  • Significant Gaming

    whats the song in the halo tralier

  • CrazyLazyRabbit

    First clip i thought it was the hobbit

  • Razorback1871

    I forgot how good The Division's trailer was, I went to Wal-mart to buy it on release and ended up buying the Xbox One bundle of it. Pick it up again recently and it is still a great game can't wait for Division 2 to come out next year.

  • Darren Rogers

    Where tf is the gears of war trailer

  • RoseIsNotAFlower

    U gotta Add that Metro Last Light has a extremely dope trailer too


    yyyou stole my NAME!!!!

  • SkyDie 3


  • skillywilly187

    If Only They knew what a disaster that Division and unity were going to actually be

  • sabbel babbel

    I also loved the one for cyberpunk 2077. Odst and cyperpunk show that if you have some fine music it makes the trailer 10x better

  • Der Analbaron

    Ich think that you like the Publisher Ubisoft?! Because the most Trailer arme Games from Ubisoft like Unity Or the Division...

  • Dillon Nolan

    Prototype 2 trailer should be here, but the last three were amazing, emotional, and incredibly badass trailers.

  • Streray

    Deus Ex Human Revolution?

  • xJEWCEx

    its crazy how well the trailers look vs. actually game play. Division that trailer (I've never seen) looked F****** amazing but the game itself was meh, same as ODST, also, i am surprised ODST made it in your cut vs. Halo 3's cinematic trailer! halo 3 damn near made me cry when i saw it like what? 8 years ago lol

  • Piyush Kale

    Ever seen Dying light run boy run??But u ought to play the game b4 to get the reference

  • Ihrohni fan Sarrkassstenschtein

    Dieser Wolfenstein- Trailer :0

  • Oguzhan

    Assassin's Creed Unity best cinematik and bad games series :D

  • maxwell giermo

    not a real top ten list because it didnt have just cause 3 firestarter trailer

  • Ronnie Mephisto

    anyone here ever wear skyrim trailer armour?

  • HaloXD5328

    9:05 its hungarian ???

  • Optional Gaming

    Halo 3 ODST and Halo 3 were the best halo games ever made!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • TheGamingBacon

    Unity was the best or one of the,

  • M4GP1E

    Awesome trailers in there bro!! :-)

  • Conor

    Where is the infinity warfare trailor 😂

  • Bogy 1 Kinoby

    I love the music in halo 3 trailer. It reminded me of the tv show Vikings actually

  • Potato 3D

    Assassins creed revelations?! You can't have a top best video game trailer list with out that

  • Jedi Aidan

    on 10:28 you can hear han solos dl-44

  • Rhys1810

    If only The Division was as epic as the trailer, it was such a good game concept :(

  • PĶŠ Ğåmiňg 5

    The kid sees 1 path but the blind man sees 3 path

  • Main Man

    1. Dark souls three 2. Titanfall 2 (become one) number 1,5,6,4 of your list

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