5 NEW Fantasy Open World Games 2017 Upcoming | PC PS4 Xbox One

Presents 5 NEW Fantasy Open World Games 2017 Upcoming | PC PS4 Xbox One
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0:00 - Middle-earth: Shadow of War ( PC / PS4 / Xbox One )
2:10 - Styx׃ Shards of Darkness ( PS4 / Xbox One / PC )
4:07 - Project Wight ( PC )
6:53 - Final Fantasy XIV׃ Stormblood ( PS4 / PC )
8:53 - Prey for the Gods ( Xbox One / PC / PS4 )
  • ninjataisen

    Nowadays trailers are better than the game !!

  • Master Zhao

    If only Final Fantasy actually played liked that. Deceiving trailer

  • Kee Leichtle

    I want a PS4 fantasy game where the main character is a mage and we can achieve different magic skills as the game goes on and we can change their clothes and has awesome graphics! Basically a game that's like a mix of Skyrim and Witcher 3.

  • Mir Remon

    such disappointment!! Did the world forget to release fantasy RPG game like Risen, Arcania Gothic 4, Kingdom of Almar the rekoning, Dragons dogma or skyrim?? or they are unable to find any suitable story for the game?? you kidding?? there are thousands story out there. damn... 2 year and no good game..

  • Tyler Dickerson

    someone really needs to make a game of thrones game like skyrim

  • Zakiy Ramadhan

    "To infinity, and beyond"

  • justƿlɅy

    Damnnnn....This Cinematic made me want to watch the Movie again!!!!. The Movie, Games, Developer are sooo damn EPIC!.

  • Brady 2.0 Fan

    Wheres my Shadow of Mordor fans!!!!!1

  • Marcos Lima Filho

    STYX OPEN WORLD??? ya right

  • Blu La

    The character we have to play in Project Wight. Looks like a human. @ those hands

  • blowmebiatch

    God.. I wish someone would make a proper continuation of the THIEF series, starting from T3.Just make it 4k graphics ready and 100% PC mod compatible with Stephen Russell in the lead again. I cant believe there isn't a decent enough developer out there who can see how invaluable this series.. and I'm not just talking financially, either.

  • Cosmic Tuxedo

    Styx looks very good but, i am just waiting for the shadow of mordor.

  • SRNF

    You mean coming in 2017 or EA in 2017. Ya know, where you buy the game then realize devs took your money and shuffled off only to give you a random bug fix patch every 6 months for years to act like their trying (*dayz*)

  • Maurice N

    None of these appear to be open world at all.

  • Nancy Royal

    What is the name of the game

  • innocent baraka


  • Jayd Lor

    I wonder how these games would look on a Nintendo DS.

  • Aldi Ra

    Number 5 the bird is same in shadow of the collosus

  • Vusko

    First game has the Lich King as the main viliain...how unoriginal of you :)


    a good game but very long story..... Its very hard to play

  • Max Krampe

    Prey for gods looks like a real innovative game that could turn out to be a classic

  • eatoner135

    well, gonna be a very sad year for video games

  • mm

    Where's Life of Black Tiger 2?

  • Jehwan Lee

    Let were being friends and same multiplayers video games PlayStation Xbox one psp psvita Nintendo ds.

  • dennis daniel

    that project wight game like a lifestealer from dota 2

  • Hansi Janosch

    styx isn't open world game!

  • Tanuki Chopper

    1st time i saw a black dude in LOTR

  • Cole Henderson

    when does project wight come out it looks really cool

  • Xenwing

    Great video and some awesome games coming out to. But I play Final Fantasy 14 and it's not open world. The play are restriced in the areas, but I to wish it was open world.

  • Michael Brown

    The female in red we would so be battling

  • Emerson Andes

    lord of the rings hahaha

  • Nick of Time

    Deyum. Who else got an add about LITTLE BILLY?? This might be the best ad i have ever seen!

  • MrFox 14Gamer

    Styx Master of Shadows was a hell of a stealth game

  • Pok Ki Chu

    Carrying two swords just like Geralt of Rivia from the witcher games

  • Petro

    Styx Open World Game ? Realy?

  • Deborah Jett

    The first one reminded me of my presses from Harry Potter 😂

  • juan ligorria

    now acording to ubi, sauron didnt forge the one ring...please

  • Vex T

    Project Wight and the new LOTR game are what I wanna play!

  • Legend of Horian

    The Epitome of the word Epic is here: legendofhorian.com

  • Istok

    Who is woman on start?

  • Ati G.

    name of the last game?

  • Yeshwant Lade

    Cool man game is video of you are 😎

  • Yunishot

    Nothing about ashes of creation or mount and blade :,(

  • LovelyLady Bonez

    you are not the best gear is the w

  • Si Anak Magang

    shadow warriorgreat gamebut your enemy ALWAYS ORC!!!! and if u found captain orc, u cannot skip his opening act

  • Krom1hell

    Styx is open World....People are loosing their minds.....Since when is that comparable with the open world genre? (between I liked it very much, and finished it, so I know what I am saying).....

  • Eine kleine Nachtmusik

    FFXIV always looks so cool is these cinematic, but every time you get in-game you remember what an annoying experience it is. It is NOT an open world game. It does NOT belong on this list.

  • archit misal

    nazguls are so strong...sadly a hobbit and sexy princess kills him

  • Bass HD

    Hello there, please read this.So like 1/2 years ago I saw a few times a trailer. I think its a really cool trailer but i cant remember the name, what game it is ...SO I will try to explain the trailer/video as best as possible. (Sorry for bad english).It was in a church, like few hundreds years ago. You saw a priest or something talking the whole time and it switches the whole time to the door, which were "monsters" banging on from the outside. On the end you saw a "Knife" came through the door and you saw all the monsters outside (The screen was going through the hole to outside) I thought it was winter too and there were sitting people in the church with the priest too. ...................... Anyone knows the trailer/game im talking about?

  • XxWraith The WitcherXx W.T.W


  • Stefan G

    7:44 who is that hunk From Final Fantasy xv?

  • smootskin

    Project Wight - oh my god!

  • Hauptmann Willi Herold

    Love the balrog in this vid

  • Marcus Dupont

    why the hell is styx on the list?

  • Eric Mesias

    Final fantasy meets dragon ball super

  • Marcus Dupont

    why the hell is styx on the list?

  • Picaso Black

    The ffiv trailer kinda annoys me. "Let's have some Asian architecture and music, with Asian martial arts and meditation... performed by white people. As an added bonus, let's have some frail woman fight on par with a well built upper middle weight fighter just for kicks." Is it so wrong to have the heroes be anything but European? Do we really have to force the idea that "women are warrior material too"?Jeez...If I wanted to hear all this PC crap, I'd go to a liberal rally. 😑

  • wrapped

    bulcrap boring games...


    it is vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvery bad game

  • Nightrider

    squarenix and its its sissy games,with sissy chacarters and stupid storyes..

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