The Witcher 3 - God Tier Build - Alchemy, Combat, & Signs

0:00 Intro - 1:06 Skills - 8:00 Gear - 13:20 Important Upgrades & Stats - 14:36 Battles


Blood and Wine is the final expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -- an award-winning role-playing game set in a vast fantasy open world.

Become professional monster slayer Geralt of Rivia and explore Toussaint, a remote land untouched by war, where you will unravel the horrifying secret behind a beast terrorizing the kingdom. With all trails leading to dead ends, only a witcher can solve the mystery and survive the evil lurking in the night. Introducing an entirely new realm to traverse, new characters and monsters, Blood and Wine is a 20+ hour adventure full of dark deeds, unexpected twists, romance and deceit.

"Death comes to the land of wine”
Explore an entirely new part of The Witcher’s vast open world -- the land of wine, Toussaint. Embark on over 30 hours of new adventures and discover a land unlike anything you’ve seen in Wild Hunt or Hearts of Stone. Visit new points of interest and set out on new side-quests in a realm rivalling No Man’s Land or Novigrad in size. Kick back and relax in your very own vineyard, a real home away from home.

Unravel the mystery of the strange killings -- investigate a series of brutal murders and decipher the pattern to predict who’s going to die next. Discover the dirty secrets of Toussaint’s capital, Beauclair -- explore the city by day, ask questions by night. Use new gear, items, and combine them with your skill to slay monsters never before seen in the series.

Embark on your final quest in a world still brimming with things to do. Visit a world of fairytales gone wrong and battle surreal creatures you know from children’s tales and books. Dye witcher armors in different colors thanks to an all-new game mechanic. Take on knights in a grand tourney to show your true fighting skill, or set out to discover the gruesome mystery behind a spoon-collecting creature known as a wight. Team up with powerful allies to take down the beast terrorizing the kingdom, or turn a blind eye to what’s going on and play Gwent with an all-new Skellige deck.

All recordings are done using an Elgato HD60 and Sennheiser PC 360 Headset.
  • Rasslin fan and Animu watcher

    Grand those sword, but I prefer me trusty axe

  • John Constantine

    There's no need for an OP build. Just learn how to dance and use whatever you want.

  • Joaquim Perdigão

    Can you go against the nilfgardian camp and show us? ;)

  • Azrael Selvmord

    I haven't played Witcher 3, It looks fun. Is it a must buy? If I get it. I wanna buy the season pass.

  • Apex of War

    Put together a NG+ melee build that sustains 10k+ Silver Sword DPS. It's somewhat of a glass cannon build, but you put out so much damage it's ridiculous.

  • jtbear98

    Hey Cowboy, I just want to make a suggestion with the decoction choice. The Ekimmara decoction gives you vitality as you deal damage and from what I've tested, it scales with the amount of damage you do and the Water Hag decoction, which increases damage by 50% at full health, makes you absurdly powerful if you face a large number of enemies

  • Mcufre

    I'm glad i beat the game without a super OP build like this, this doesn't seem fun.

  • BigDk DPS

    Best. Build. Ever.Fits my play style perfectly.Thanks.

  • Robert Davis

    I know people talk about the near pure manticore build being god tier.. and they're not really wrong.. but I found a way to make adjustments to this build to give you the feline bonuses that 'we' all like so much & take advantage of the manticore's toxicity increase. For NG+ Swap out the Feline chest that you kept as master level.. for the Manticore chest. (Enchant it to lighten it.)... and instead of the random potion imbibed perk.. select Metabolic control. (A swap perk locations accordingly.)... Yes, you lose some vitality from not having 2 green skills in one of the pack of 3 slots.. but you can now imbibe 4 decoctions. (troll, Water hag, Exidna, Ekimmara.) You can now cast Quen to heal yourself between fights. (Any skill that uses stamina heals vitality) and enchant the two swords you use with Invigoration (When at max vitality any vitality increases turn to added damage upon your next strike.)... Combine all that together with proper oils.. and you can run with 4 decotions and make use of no less than 3 potions at a given time.. if you stagger when you drink them (So that your initial Toxicity spike wears off.) Meaning you can also run with Full Moon, Tawny owl.. and swap out any of the others as needed depending upon the fight in question. And you can get your damage increase in excess of 220% when it's spiked at it's highest.


    HEYNOW ~ awesome video ! Last night for hours trying to find a build with my feline gear & all slots open ( thought i was the onlyone who didnt wear grandmaster because of hood , gonna try your build tonight. Did you unlock the grandmaster Runewright ~ after 3 sockets then i enchanced the Aerondight ( dark orange ) & i'm playing +

  • Hoxton

    go with manticore armor and you can drink 4 decoctions and two potions doing even more damage than this noob build... 4k damage on silver at 49 is lower than what you get with manticore and aerondight.the focus on vitality is unnecessary as you become invincible with Ekimmara, troll, ekindra and last one of your choice.i would pick frenzy as it slows time when enemy getting counter attack! very helpful at leveling your aerondight.

  • Ben Ramos

    There is a better steel sword called the belhaven blade you can get the diagram from a lower eastern hidden treasure near drowners and some water in blood and wine

  • Dcypherman plays

    can I run Ursine armor with light Runes to get Cat skill bonus's?

  • Fierce Krypton

    Nice to see a build that looks actually fun to play. I've been using a rend build and it's pretty boring and sucks the instant I try to use any signs.

  • Tubby 0781

    Do we need Blood and Wine for the mutations?

  • cannnonfoddder

    I thought Hunter's Instinct doesn't work?

  • alexilaiho1st

    apparently, for you, every skill you chose is "probably the most powerful skill in the game"... is this the new "tons of damage" trend?

  • Rakschas

    For steel swords the "toussaint steel sword" is nice but both "Gesheft" and the "Hen Gaidth" feature higher base damage (with the same bonuses to critical strike chance and multiplier). I think with "Whirl" high percentages to cause longer lingering damage over time effects are a waste of good slots.If you choose potions that heal you and stay at full life anyways you would gain amazing synergy from the runewrights "Invigoration". Otherwise I personally find "Prolongation" broken, as it increases "White Raffards Decoction" 3s total damage immunity by 0.5s each time you hit, which is a lot with "Whirl". I personally prefer "Severance" though, because with a sword that hits enemies half a screen away it cant get any easier.

  • Jammer Jamski

    So odd, I've tried to get this build several times and have copied the setup exactly and I don't get these stats at all. 26% sign intensity and only 7500(ish) vitality.

  • Michael C

    Playing this in 2018 with mods & Ultra settings.

  • dafuq gusdafrey

    Seem like my euphoria is bug. It alway wear off at the end of the battle, and i need to reactivate it every time. so fking annoy.

  • zottelinho

    Not working for me, build 1.31. Not even close to the sign intensity.

  • jossa shinigami

    sorry dude but this build it's not god tier,actually it's bs, you waste perks and the armor it should be manticore 80-90 k ctitical hits at level 40 in new game plus you can get 150-200 k critical damage

  • Moksha Mahey

    I want to use this build with the ursine armor so im not going to use cat school techniques

  • [Last_Stand]

    This build still viable at NG+ at level 100? Heard some stories of people struggling like hell even on Death March some tried lowering the difficulty all the way down and with no effect at all. Heard no matter what you do you get easily one shoted by blows.

  • Sean Harris

    +FightinCowboy Couldn't you use whichever armor you would like, and use levity to turn it into light armor? I know the Cat School Gear has extra critical buffs, but you could theoretically use this with whichever, right? Or am I missing something? I've set this build up without the extra mutations, and I've been MUCH stronger from it, even with heavy armor.

  • xISp4RkzIx

    I just defeated deathmarch by using this build I pretty much replicated it but it really helped with the second last boss and eridin thanks so much. Also subbed to you man

  • Baked Snake

    You're pretty good

  • Alek S

    Am I missing something or does this no longer work? In NG+ I started with 100 toxicity again (so no 3 decoctions etc and some of the talents won't work till I relearn the recipes)

  • kennyPAGC

    I think one of the best and more flexible builds is going for alchemy but not too heavy: you only need to increase your toxicity threshold and increase your mutagen bonus, that way your stats will be buffed with decoctions/potions and the mutagens of course: so basically you just increased your vitality/damage/signs/survival with only 2/3 alchemy skills.Then with this as a starting point you can literally go any build you want, you can go for:- a full fast attack or strong attack build, a mix of both, you can opt in whirl and/or rend if you like them (personally I'm not crazy about them) depending on your playstyle.- an adrenaline generation build, this one is pretty good.- you could go signs, literally any mix of them, or just focus on the ones you like. - even an adrenaline/signs build with the two general skills: one that makes adrenaline points increase sign intensity and the one that makes signs generate adrenaline points- even more focus on alchemy, boosting your vitality if that's your think (great for survival), or focus in oils or bombs if that's your playstyle. I think the oil ones is op if you use the right oil. And the bombs one is super fun.

  • Potato

    Been using a build similar to this, But I noticed that after I finishna fight, My Euphoria bonus damage disappears. Is this a bug? Is there anyway to fix it?Would appriciate the help since I can't find anything on google. Thanks. :)

  • Tim K

    I am lvl 52 and i cant even use this build i run out of ability points -_- why is this so?

  • Prest10

    3:05 Actually if you combine that ability with all the recipes (including the dye formulas) and the +30 toxicity passive you can get to use 4 decoctions + 1 potion.

  • uso holger

    What about using the Wolf School gear with this build?

  • Connor Watts

    Next update for the witcher is definitely gonna be a nerf if anyone from the developing studio sees this

  • Marien Bougerol

    does the Light armor bonus works if we use another type of armor with the enchanting from the heart of Stone dlc ?

  • Shvabicu

    this build is subpar. there are way better builds out there

  • Flynn

    No signs were used in the build, although the title promised it :o

  • DerajAzden

    Does he ever use a rend in this vid?

  • avari cious

    i know its late 2018 ady, but i just started playing w3 with full dlc patches. and i might have skipped a few mins from the vid. just wanna ask if this works on death march difficulty? i just "finished" most velen/novigrad stuff and started on skellige. might wanna use this build as reference to what im in mind for my personal build, if indeed this works in DM mode. thanks!

  • Marc DeLateur

    Getting to this build rather late, I know, but a recent Steam sale made me want to replay this as I've never done any of the DLC (which I hear is incredible). I'm only level 14 at the moment, but one suggestion I would make for the leveling up process would be to swap Undying (Tier 2 Battle Trance) for Fleet Footed (Tier 2 Defense), since you are going for a Feline armor build and are trying to maintain Adrenaline as much as possible, meaning one is going to be very keen on the dodge mechanics while leveling up. It's a minor point, since you won't be using either of them late game, but I feel it fits better with the overall theme of the build, personally. Either way, it's an amazing build and I appreciate you sharing it with us!

  • Chukwuemeka E. Nwozuzu

    Why this armor and not the venom armor?

  • Jose Rodriguez

    The only bad thing about witcher 3 its that they never made a game+ where you can replay the game over and over and keep growing stronger with everything you found in the game. Cause i run out of save files replaying from the beginning man an it suck cause i love the game. I keep playing it over and over. Erase saves so i can replay it. Cd red last wich after a few years please. Pass that alone bro.

  • Max Caysey

    What is New Game Plus?

  • Daniel Zwierzynski

    op build to easy = boring to play

  • DarthGwyn

    There's no doubting Aerondight, it's a fantastic sword. But how can you dismiss Bloodbath for losing the bonus dmg build up but not state it as a negative on Aerondight? The answer to best utilise both is Quen. BTW all that vitality imo isn't required even on ng+ and death march. Points would of been better spent elsewhere.

  • Terrorclaw

    Funnily enough, this is kind of the same variation of build i was making myself before new game plus as well=D. And yes, it really is overpowered as fuck... It's unreal how unkillable you are. With the exception that I took up the skill that slows time when enemies are about to counter-attack, which is a very very broken ability. But for my new game+ play through I am probably going to make another build, this one is definitely fun for awhile as you see the barrage of crits and realize how much of a god you are, it becomes an X button simulator really quickly.

  • donovan cullum

    demonstrating the five chivalric values in the basegame also applies. i went into blood and wine post game immediately roamed. aerondight was the first thing i claimed having only paid the boy the five coin after i ignored the ditches and rode off instead of venturing to the tourney.

  • silver back

    i like this build but if there is anyone out there still reading the comments could you explain to me why using feline armour is better than using ursine armour with the rune to make heavy armour into light armour please help out

  • Michael Tarubal

    Theres a stronger toussaint steel sword thats what i use.

  • Michael Westen

    just play on super easy where shit doesn't matter

  • Lexonn

    No Instant Kill skill which allows to kill any enemy except bosses with a stick/crossbow/bomb?Pure nonsense.

  • Dreamer23245

    Is NG+ even worth it now? Because from what i see there's literally nothing new but bigger numbers. Like that's what i saw it come down to. It's just buffed numbers on everything and nothing else is new. The game is not any harder only easyer and it makes no difference to general gameplay on any larger scale. So what's the point? Could someone explain that to me?

  • Tanner Ray

    I've been looking forward to this for quite some time now, I absolutely love your play style, and needless to say I'll be playing your god mode build for sure, I already have a very similar style, but all the little details are such a help. I'm level 33 now, so I've definitely got my work cut out. Can't wait for the "summer of witcher" streams, keep up the awesome work, cowboy!!

  • JuruX SayokaX

    Death march is already to easy for me

  • SageOfBlades

    I used this build and ever got the high intensity thats shown in the video, not sure whats wrong

  • Tj K

    This, and any Euphoria + Synergy build, is just too OP. Trivializes death march. If you wanna get even more OP. Water hag decotion (+50% damage at full health) and the enchantment that turns any vitality regen when your at full HP into extra damage (up to 50% IIRC) makes for some crazy high damage. Worth it over 3 bleed runes IMO. Great video though. Loved the DLC.

  • arcane2152

    Great build and the narrating during the battle scenes is hilarious!

  • Jorge Dlm

    I just started playing the game today, im level 4, have max Muscle Memory, , use cat School and Sun and Stars, i was wondering where do i find mutagens so my abilities receive a boost, also i don't understand shit about the crafting, bombs and armor, where can i find better items? or as i am low level should i craft them?Thanks

  • Loveunit

    Just wanna say thanks for this build. It’s the base for the build I’m running with slight adjustments, the bigger one being the use of manticore set that allowed the use of 4 decoctions thus 210% increase from Euphoria,

  • trza49er

    I'm loving this game so far (level 6), but god damn the alchemy aspect confuses the hell out of me and it seems like it would be really tedious to be popping potions all the time, no?I'd rather just choose the abilities that I find to be both fun and effective.

  • MrAlbie1970

    as long as I stay the same color with the top tree I should be all good? This game reminds me of monster hunter , they borrowed a lot of it s ideas

  • alexandre boughanemi

    you can go further with the décoction by using manticore school set alowing 4 décoctions in 1 time and then enchanting the armor to be Light and still use the cat school technique in the tree

  • cummins24421

    Just started another play through (10th maybe? Not sure anymore). Every time I usually just concentrate on one thing. Fast or strong or signs. Never once used an ability point in Alchemy. I will be trying this build out. Holy shitballs.

  • Jim T

    Thank you man for the great build. You never stop to impress me!!

  • Matt Clark

    Hi cowboy I love the wincher as well.And I try to make my wincher a hybrid as well.

  • Cameron Housos

    could you explain how you have 5/4 Northern wind bombs. I'm just about to start the blood and wine DLC and I'm wondering if that is because of the heavy artillery perk on some exploit.

  • StupidBadyXD

    Lol yea, the biggest problem i have with super powerful build is that i can't utilize it fully. Shit just die before you even do a whole combo.

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