Zen and the Art of Landscaping 中文

"Zen and the Art of Landscaping 中文" no description available.
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    Good video but now I'm scared of my mom and new dad and I can here them from my room help me

  • robert traverso

    Brilliant and hilarious. The definition of the dysfunctional family. Can't wait to see more of your work.

  • Otto VonHamburger

    Fabulous. That was 20 years of a typical soap opera crammed into a 15 minute short. Funny stuff!

  • حفيد هتلر

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  • Halfpinf Kmart

    And the days of our lives....Too funny and could be very true(how really knows) The son could have saved the situation but the mom jus couldn't let him have the glory...could she!! lmfao

  • Lord Gunther

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  • Jaffa Orange

    I saw this film years ago, but forgot the title. Now I found it again, but why all the dislikes?

  • Afr new

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  • Orlando Productions

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