The Witcher 3: One hour of Emotional and Relaxing Music

This video contains a one hour selection of songs defined as emotional or relaxing from the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and it's two expansions (Hearts of stone and Blood and wine).

The songs from the official soundtrack are included. As do the songs who weren't part of the official soundtrack but appeared in the game.

The video includes pictures who illustrates sceneries, memorable moments, and characters from the game. These pictures are also fitting to the music and can let you relive the story of Geralt of Rivia.

The Witcher 3 is an adult rpg. Some of these dramatic moments are illustrated in pictures combined with the more soft emotional songs.

All the songs and pictures belong to their rightful owner CD Projekt Red the creators of the Witcher gaming franchise.

The music is composed by Marcin Przybyłowicz, Mikolai Stroinski, and Percival.

US= Unofficial soundtrack (Excluded out of the official soundtrack but appeared in the game)

The Witcher 3: One hour of Emotional and Relaxing Music Part Two:

The Witcher 3: Emotional and Relaxing Music Part Three:

Song list

0:00 Kaer Morhen (Wild Hunt)
2:33 The Vagabond (Wild Hunt)
5:19 The Outskirts of Novigrad (Wild Hunt) (US)
10:54 The Fields of Ard Skellige (Wild Hunt) (US)
14:01 The Slopes of the Blessure (Blood and Wine)
18:04 The Wolven Storm (Priscilla's song) (Wild Hunt) (US)
21:20 Lady of the Lake (Blood and Wine)
22:31 The Tree We Sat Once (Wild Hunt) (US)
25:04 Yes, I Do (Wild Hunt)
26:38 Dialogue Background (Blood and Wine) (US)
30:54 Whispers of Oxenfurt (Vocal) (Wild Hunt)
33:30 Ard Skellige Village (Wild Hunt) (US)
37:14 The Banks of the Sansretour (Blood and Wine)
41:10 Spikeroog (Wild Hunt)
44:16 White Orchard Theme (Wild Hunt) (US)
49:00 Fanfare and Flowers (Blood and Wine)
52:10 King Bran's Final Voyage (Wild Hunt)
54:23 Now or Never (Wild Hunt) (US)
57:46 After the Storm (Wild Hunt)

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  • Prestigious_Gaming

    Dear fellow Witcher Fans,With a lot of pleasure I can announce you that The Witcher 3: Emotional and Relaxing Music Part Three has been uploaded. I had enough content for another 46 minutes of listening pleasure. This will be the last part of emotional and relaxing music for the Witcher 3.This one is a special gift to all of you Witcher fans, who have been so extremely enthousiastic and shared your opinions about this beautiful game and it's lore. Let's never forget those precious memories!Link: fun,

  • Marcus Magnusson

    The worst thing about this game is that we'll never get to experience it the way we did when we first played it.

  • Guilherme Al

    Finishing this game and spawning at Kaer Mohen all by myself left me without a sense of what to do with my life.

  • Yash Vyas

    This is not a game..... It's art. Absolute Masterpiece

  • Fahim Jaowad

    Some of the best times of my worthless life. Thanks CD projekt Red

  • Jormungandr

    This game will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Gregorii Katastrov

    My wife suggested this as background music for our civil wedding. I couldn't say no.

  • Qopiq q

    I wanna go to a tavern for a week and drink and play gwent with you guys, while this music is on. No worries for a while, just snaps and gwent. Who's in?

  • OweN CubeD

    nothing will ever compare to the feeling of the first time I pushed the WASD keys in Kaer Morhen.

  • Tarek Chamas

    whats sad is that there wont be another great game like this for decades

  • Muhammad Rifqi

    I played witcher 3 cracked version.. lol.. bcause i thought this game will be boring. but after 2 hours play i was like, hmm okay this is very very wrong.. and then i decided to buy it through steam. How dare i play such a beautiful game for free... this isn’t just a game.. this is piece of art !! I love you cd projekt red

  • Angelos Tsitsipalis

    This is perfect for studying

  • Martyna Sobolewska

    It makes me proud of beeing Polish <3.

  • Javier

    Farewell uncle Vesemir :'(

  • Baljika Dalai

    My graphic card is GeForce GT730(I can't afford GTX I'm student with low budget) I bought Witcher 3 and wanted to play it when I got better graphic card but it was gonna take me 1 year and I started playing without good graphic card.I finished the game with 20 fps and even I played with that fps it was the best game

  • alenn mosses

    that moment you know nothing about witcher game but you have planned to play it..and the hype is real and the comments are damn good...hmmm... its gona be a fun ride...dear steam here i come...

  • Rustam

    I love this game, I love this game, I just fuckin love this game.

  • Daniel

    Best game I ever played, and I would replay it over and over again just to get them witcher 3 feels again.

  • Ezequiel

    The Fields of Ard Skellige is an old gaelic scotish song called Fear a' BhataFhir a' bhàta, na hóro eileFhir a' bhàta, na hóro eileFhir a' bhàta, na hóro eileMo shoraidh slàn leat 's gach àit' an téid thu'S tric mi sealltainn on chnoc as àirdeDh'fheuch am faic mi fear a' bhàtaAn tig thu 'n-diugh na 'n tig thu màireach'S mar tig thu idir gur truagh a ta mi

  • TheGeordie4life

    Amazing use of pictures here mate, fit perfectly.

  • Marth286

    It is hard to describe what I feel. Bought the trilogy in 2016, finished it only recently (August). W1 & 2 were astounding, gigantic and gave me both hundreds of hours of fun and so deeply inspired and interesting storyline and quests to follow. Then came W3 and outperformed everything (aside minor details): A huge open world, that I personally never thought to be imaginable. So intriguing and interesting plotlines (either maingame, notably the Radovid part. And the 2 DLC stories are JUST amazing! So well written). The music is wonderful, the scenery so gorgeous that you spend hours just exploring rather than doing anything useful. The characters are well made (esp. in the DLC). It is fun, well though, well built for a proper gameplay. Each region has its unique traits, and it's a wonder to look for every little secret hidden gems left by the developers. I spent more hours in this game than the two first combined and I am quite a completionist! CDProjekt Red honored its supporters and gamers. Witcher 3 is (for now) the ultimate dedication of a true video game player's passion. It is complete!

  • Kimmick

    Wow, it only takes one second (maybe even half a second) of listening to this music and I am instantly being drawn back to the game. I am so playing this from start to finish again ❤ This game blew my mind and still does, what a masterpiece!

  • Sergio Aguirre

    When a game feels way too real, you know it has made history. It deserves all the recognition it has and even more.

  • David Uziel

    This Witcher along with both Red Dead Redemption games are the best and most beautiful games to date.

  • liiindseyyy

    i have never cried or laughed or been as emotionally moved as much as i have during this game

  • holemmo ramieres

    33:30 makes me cry everytime. Visiting Skellige is so sad while listening to this... it feels like something that i loved some much is gone now, and it will never return again... damm this game is something...

  • Tahmid Antar

    The best video game ever created in video game history.

  • GBN Games

    definitely the best game of this generation!

  • uniikkiz

    I was proudly playing this in my room and watching the beautiful scenes full-screen until the scene switches to shirtless Gerald at 12:29 and when I look over my shoulder to check that the door is closed: I see my gf at the door looking at me funnily with her mouth open. Caught red handed lmao

  • Marcus Jarrell

    10/10. Would get chills again.

  • Theak47forall

    I get flashbacks and goosebumps just by listening the music. This game is my number 1 game of all times. Nothing comes even close.

  • Exgecko

    Please delete my memories so that I can enjoy this game again. PLEASE!!!

  • Quality A

    I love it best game in history I love polska from kingdom of Saudi Arabia my best game in history I like Poland 😘😘😘😘🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Gregor von Guenther

    Playing the game is always like coming home after a long time ;)!! Definitely one of the best experiences in my 20 years of gaming

  • catalin ionut

    This game reminds me of my childhood. I was born in a village in the heart of green hills with rivers and forests. This game bring me back in time when I use to running through forests and hills without shoes and swim in rivers around the village. certainly it was the best moments of my life. I totally love this game .

  • Lucas Genari

    14:01 OMGGGGG.. THIS IS SO GOOOOOOOOD.. whoever created this... You are AWESOME

  • Ralph Tex

    "How you like that silver?"

  • I Create Carnage

    I FUCKING LOVE THE WITCHER SO MUCH!!!!! 😭😭😭😭. It makes me really sad that I'm never going to experience the same feeling I had when I first played the game. Best game ever ❤️

  • Marek Znikąd

    Jak oglądam te screeny i słyszę tę muzykę, to aż nostalgia mnie napada ;-;

  • ZaHiR Dad Khan

    why every time i listen these soundtracks there are tears in my eyes.

  • growmania

    a man does not simpely 'play' this game.

  • TK-421

    Most beautiful game I've ever played

  • Josh Bourke

    You know its good when 'dialogue background' is better than most soundtracks main theme

  • Pranav Acharya

    i really appreciate the fact that you haven't monetized this video with ads. Thanks man. Keep up the good work, you're the best Witcher fan I know (apart from me ;) )

  • Sleepy1988

    20K likes to 297 dislikes. I'm sure very, VERY few videos on youtube can match that ratio. This is fantastic stuff.

  • Iron Mike Tython

    Whenever I hear this Soundtrack I get goosebumps... this game was so great and I felt legit empty after finishing it. It felt like I lost some good friends :\

  • Hammy Moo

    I bought this game 2 years ago, i left it collecting dust for 4 months before i even had time to consider picking it up. I lost my job and so .. i guess without meaning to i had time on my hands once more. And I tell you what, i have never felt so passionate about a game. Not only was the storyline captivating! It was visually pleasing! I was glued for weeks. Now ive completed it, i cant bring myself to replay it.. as, this sounds silly but.. it means so much i cant fathem the thought of it being over. This music brings great memories and sends me to sleep.

  • JellyBeams

    Miss the experience I had the first time I was playing the Witcher 3, it's a feeling I can never find back again😪

  • Inigo

    Anyone else who plays witcher 3 soundtrack while playing other games?currently playing this while exploring in assassins creed odyssey

  • Mohd Hafiz

    This is not just a game..its play your emotions..! ♥️😔

  • meat

    Up for a round of Gwent?

  • Blobfish

    Am I the only one studying while listening to this?

  • chinchin 1

    Thank you Poland and all the devs for this amazing game. I didn't like RPGs but this game is so amazing. Love from India

  • Aleef Mohammed

    I wish i can erase my memory of this game and replay it all over again.

  • Alan Brody

    I can't really tell how much this game means to me: wonderful story, infinite content and such a soundtrack! CD Projekt Red has really reached such a level on gaming industry that all should bow on them!

  • Santi Martín

    I'll explain briefly how this game makes me feel: I finished it with a smile and a tear of joy rolling down my face

  • Maicol L.

    Thank you Poland for this beautiful Game.🙂Nice greetings from Italy ✌

  • Cadroll _PL

    I wish the Netflix series will be also such climatic as a game and I hope that soundtrack will be like this

  • Michael F

    1) Find Witcher Music2) Like 3) Save to "Studying" playlist4) Repeat

  • P.D.

    Geralt breaking the 4th wall... I just cried.

  • hotbananas 2

    This is like looking through an old photo album of a journey i undertook in my past...almost like i have been there, thank you for sharing this.

  • Kaumoo

    This music brings back the memories I have of playing this game, simply beautiful.

  • JellyBeams

    Just the witcher's music alone can bring back so much nostalgia and longing for this piece of perfection once again. So grateful to be able to experience this paragon of video games (or art should I say), which will surely be unrivalled against for a long long time to come.

  • nawaf

    i love it it's relaxing and somewhat familiar it's like the safe space in my mind

  • Daniel LaGant

    Been trying to find a game to fill the void that TW3 left.... I cant.... :( no other game has the depth, detail, and love that TW3 has.

  • Opixim

    I really want to replay this game just to hear this beautiful soundtrack once again. Truly a spectacular experience to endeavour on.

  • PCGaming

    I can't see another game beating this one.. simply amazing

  • Deep House by Grego 91

    18:04 The Wolven Storm (Priscilla's song) (Wild Hunt) THIS SONG SHOULD BE IN POLISH !!!!!!!!!!!!

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