Top 5 Most Legendary Video Game Cinematic Trailers of All Time #1

The Best Top 5: Most Legendary Video Game Cinematic trailers!

Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos 'Betrayal' trailer (0:01)
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Cinematic trailer (2:30)
Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty trailer (4:55)
Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer (8:50)
The Witcher Cinematic trailer (12:05)

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne; Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood; Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty; Star Wars: The Old Republic; The Witcher.

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  • DenizUe

    5? I have counted 6.There was the Battlefield One ad before the video started. ^^

  • vinny balzano

    who else came here just for Assassin's Creed trailer

  • vMan

    assassins creed brotherhood was the best

  • kristou Ahmed

    When AC use to be a good game....

  • ogdoughboii

    when I saw the thumbnail I thought target comes out of his shelter he's distracted by a feather he's like shoot me he likes feathershe looks up when he remembersOOH I LOVE BIRDS

  • TheEpic Oneization

    Oooh the first one Warcraft, brought back so memories lyl omg😢😢 i shed a tear...Who knows of (Warcraft:frozen throne) he dies and becomes undead n evil

  • Kevin Wolf98

    Who else thinks There should be movies about the old relublic? :)

  • sanddry

    Almost all of the Assassin Creed Trailers are absolutely amazing visually. It's so interesting how some animation and effects can go a long way

  • Rick Sanchez

    All I could hear during the brotherhood trailer was tobuscus and his literal trailer

  • Shadow _02114

    AC brotherhood is by far the best

  • MultiRv90

    Witcher 3's "A Night to Remember" trailer was better and probably the best one.

  • Roderick Albuquerque

    00:06 - Warcraft III: Arthas Betrayal02:31 - Assassins Creed: Brotherhood04:57 - Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty08:51 - Star Wars: The Old Republic12:07 - The Withcer

  • Choco Wat

    1. Blizzard2. Blizzard3. Blizzard4. Blizzard5. Blizzard

  • ÆvÆr

    What i thought while watching the AC Trailer:Hopefully those guards have good armor ( 3:35 )No, they don't. Maybe the other do ( 3:38 )They don't.Now act like you didn't do it. ( 3:40 )They're not buying it... ( 3:42)Target comes out of his shelter ( 3:47 )He's distracted by a feather. ( 3:50 )He's like, "SHOOT ME!" ( 3:53 )He likes feathers. ( 3:54 )He looks up when he remembersOoh, I LOVE birds!Nod at the bird and PEOPLE DIE ( 4:00 )Everywhere PEOPLE DIETarget doesn't die,HE'S FINE! ( 4:08 )Target sends horsemen to die. ( 4:10 )Kill the horse, the rider falls down.Kill the rider the rider falls down.Target's still fine. ( 4:17 )Target nods and some other guardsthat were hiding in pillarsCOME OUT ( 4:20 )and then take their formation ( 4:26 )then Target pulls out his swordthen goes to smell his sword...not sure why.  ( 4:31 )Mysterious hooded man joined byother hooded people... ( 4:38 )YOUR'E NEXT.RUN-NINGRUUUUUUUNNING ( 4:47 )SLOW MOTION JUMP ATTACK ( 4:48 )

  • Zeus54321

    At 10:09 the video pauzes to show me the the COD IW trailer.... sigh

  • Vadim Cutevich

    14:08 - Geralt from witcher 3 is dead

  • Ski Mask The Ugly God

    Assasins Creed RevelationsNothing is real Everything is permited

  • Chris Ecker

    Brotherhood Trailer was fking Amazing!!

  • Brandon K

    the Halo Reach Deliver Hope extended trailer is my number 1 and probably will always be

  • JayY1Thousand

    We're now at a time video game in engine graphics are so good, cinematic trailers aren't needed. Just look at Uncharted 4 and Battlefield 1. Ubisoft will probably always have cinematic CGI trailers though, no matter how good their graphics get.

  • jason jefferson

    I think the assassins creed revelations trailer should have been here

  • Keshav Jugran

    I just came here for brotherhood

  • Pan Pan

    who thinks the old version of warcraft was better?

  • ohK

    You need to add the battlefield one Pigeon cinematic to this list.

  • Yuri Hendrix

    even though I like this list, after seeing some other trailers I noticed the trailers are based on epicness.How about the effect/impact is has on the viewer? When I first saw skyrim's trailer I was just utterly amazed by every bit, from the narrator to the dragon, from the dragonborn to all the beautiful places and graphics skyrim showed in the trailer. Even to this day I get goose bumps whenever I watch it :POkay so that was my opinion using skyrim's trailer as an example, still all of these trailers are incredibly epic and I like all of them!

  • Axel Allaert

    I still remember back making your team at assassinscreed brotherhood

  • Dimitrix Wizard

    Mysterious hooded man watches(from a distance)Take a second to look awesomeTime to go.Walk in slow-motionSo you still look awesome.Guard just saw you,And he's gonna shot you.But don't mind himJust keep looking awesome.That shadow will take care of himWHITE! Guard says "Stop!"Just kill him with your awesomeThe other got it by an arrow so you're good.PART THE RED SEAHopefully those guards have good armorNo, they don't. Maybe they doThey don't...

  • Random name

    4:49 Ehm, those non assassin guys had long spears, how smart is it to jump into them from above when they are charging right at you?

  • Oskar Bzducha

    How dare you not include the Assassins creed 3 cinematic trailer 😤

  • unknown _

    Don't get me wrong but who else thinks that Assassins creed is dying. I wish it was like the good old days like counterattacks. Don't know how but i actually learn how to fight and use a knife. And when i started playing, my brain reacted faster than usual. And somehow i knew when someone was behind me but when stoped playing. It all went away i miss my old self

  • TI Pilot

    there is only one thing I like about this list. Its 100% accurate and undeniably true. These are the 5. no matter what else anyone says. these are the five and these are the only five

  • Dylan Patterson

    Assassina creed brotherhood was the best. Why? Because the trailer was the most relatable to the game when it came to what you could do.

  • Say Me

    where is world of warcraft wrath of the lich king?

  • Arkardor B.

    Every Assassin's Creed trailer. They are the best video game trailers, hands down.

  • FastRedPonyCar

    Can we all agree that the Witcher 1 intro cinematic has finally been topped by the Witcher 3 Alp barn fight cinematic trailer?I think aside from maybe Blizzard, no one can come close to the quality and bad-assery of CDPR's trailers.

  • Go Ku

    Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelations (The Ezio's Saga)

  • TheDarkHunter81

    Gotta remake this top 5 because the Star Wars Knights of the Fallen Empire trailer is badass af

  • SkittleArchAngel

    Mysterious hooded man watches.. from a distance...

  • Spiffy Brit

    I'm a simple man. I see Warcraft 3, I like

  • Jara

    3:32 no one expects the spanish inquisition!

  • Aster

    my fav in this list.. gotta be assassin creed brotherhood <3

  • Deniz Can Yener

    The Assasins and star wars are the best of my way. 10/10

  • Jason Kieffer

    Darksiders trailers man. They're too godly for these to even compare

  • Bob Lee

    these videos are classical and memorable, thank u for your uploading.

  • Atrum Angelus

    I love that the trailer for Witcher 1 is essentially just the short story in the book "The Last Wish" titled "The Witcher".

  • 天楽

    I would say Blizzard trailiers are the most "effective" ones.Assassin's Creed trailers make me wan to watch a MOVIE about it because it's a fantasy story with awesome characters built on real epic history events.Witcher series (especially Witcher 3) trailers' make me want to read the original NOVEL, because it's nothing like the mainstream sword&magic novels we've gotten bored with.Blizzard trailers make me actually want to play the GAME, because what's just shown in the trailer would bring huge consequences and revelations, I need to play it RIGHT NOW to know what's going on next.

  • Joseph

    King Terenas: What Is This? What Are You Doing My Son? Arthas: Succeeding You. This is the most chilling cinematic ever. I'd recommend you all to play the game (warcraft 3: reign of chaos), one of the best story lines ever.

  • Alejandro Bossan

    god! you open with Arthas, bro, there´s nothing better than war3 cinematics.

  • Haku`s Secret

    Assasins creed games had always the best trailers ! to bad the games are not geting even close to be as good as them ! so assasins creed trailers are lying shit !

  • Alokin

    add The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the list, put it at number one and its all good

  • Pueken

    Love how i knew the first trailer just from the bells ringing, without even the video itself.

  • Matthew Sanders 2011

    What about ALL the SWTOR ones?

  • inline skater

    ac brotherhood is my fav

  • Defiantly A Human

    I watched that brotherhood trailer 24/7 my fav trailer ever

  • 3813marcus

    Could've just put all AC trailers

  • Muhammet Boynukalın

    Good old times when Assasin's Creed was good

  • EMINEM 1

    Assassin's Creed is the best game ever

  • Just A Bee

    Who else sung the literal trailer to brotherhood

  • t!ger io

    10000000% assassin's creed is here

  • Micah Bell


  • Darth Lttl

    ACR takes the cake for me

  • Sidharth

    I liked the fact this video was 100% pure content...and also that there were no rankings to avoid unnecessary arguements

  • Scott K

    Excuse me... Elder Scrolls Online???!!!!

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