The 15 MOST REALISTIC GRAPHICS Games Upcoming 2017 & Beyond | PS4 Xbox One PC

Top 15 Upcoming Most Realistic Graphics Games of 2017 & Beyond

TBA 2018 (PC)

The Works Of Mercy
TBA 2017 (PC)

Call of Duty: World War 2
Nov. 03 2017 (PS4 XOne PC)

Star Citizen

TBA 2018 (PC)

2017 PS4, PC

Q2 2018 (PS4 XOne PC)

Days Gone
2018 (PS4)

God of War

Escape from Tarkov
TBA 2018 (PC)

Star Wars: Battlefront 2
2017 (PS4 XOne PC)

Middle earth: Shadow of War
Aug. 25, 2017 (PS4 XOne PC)

Red Dead Dedemption 2
Fall 2018 (PS4 XOne)

Gran Turismo Sport
2017 (PS4)

Project Wight

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  • Cyrax loops

    1:40 "Most realistic games" enters kitchen no women in there.

  • EdBad

    6:45 damn. that's the most realistic dead corpse slide ever.

  • Max

    Is it so hard to put game name permanently in the corner.. ffs people

  • Sup3rn0va11

    Call of Duty and realistic graphics can't be used in the same sentence.

  • St. Mark

    Upcoming Games 2017##########################00:01 Mordhau 01:31 The Works Of Mercy 03:54 Call of Duty: World War 205:02 Star Citizen07:32 IDENTITY11:32 HELLBLADE09:42 WAR OF RIGHTS13:35 Agony15:05 Days Gone16:45 God of War 18:15 Escape from Tarkov19:50 Star Wars: Battlefront 221:38 Middle earth: Shadow of War 23:08 Red Dead Dedemption 223:35 Gran Turismo Sport24:37 Project Wight

  • ww2 colorizer

    i threw up in my mouth when i saw Identity. damn people, go outside

  • Haramasch Abrasir

    0:16 when a game is so realistic it even features the common horseglitch known from real life as horseportation

  • Kevin Netx

    7:06 when she starts flirting with u

  • Malfurionxtc

    "Mordhau" i want it so bad...

  • Latest But Greatest

    11:11 me when i try to face my fears xD

  • BakaraK


  • Kevin

    Most of these have beautiful rendering engines, and terribly cheap animation. I almost prefer the graphics to fit the animation quality. I feel like unrealistic animation stand out less in a cartoon type game.

  • Low Light

    What kind of SICK game is Agony, and who creates such a "game" and for what reason???

  • extremeskins04

    "Star Citizen - TBA 2017" HAHAHAHHAHA no. Try 2019 at the very least. Shit is atleast 2 years away still.

  • Marcus Caceres

    The first one looks like mount and blade but with high graphics

  • Dillon Maki it me or does that first game look really bad.


    Why does identity make me think that it will be like a gmod rp server gone wrong, or something like that will take place

  • jjclose

    I'm confused. some of these games look like they have 15 year old graphics.

  • I C

    I know who is gonna crack the lvl cap in Identity. That WoW pro from South Park.

  • ReiPieR

    make some shitty models... add a little bit of blur on character movement... 100% realistic game of 2099....

  • RancidFran

    the clunkyness in videogames will live on forever.

  • Craigers

    Star Citizen? Who you kidding that game is never coming out. lol

  • Sam Hale

    sadly most of these TBA games will not live up to there trailers.

  • Mr. Extraordinary

    These games look great and seem fun to play and they are really ambitious but we all remember... No Man Sky.

  • Mark Szita

    There's this whole generation of people probably thinking "finally, a WW2 based Call of Duty game".......

  • PerfectGamer


  • Batyda

    The 15 MOST REALISTIC GRAPHICS Games... and it shows console graphics really?

  • ThusIsBrad

    7:47 SO REALISTIC! Is that a 3d animmated character, or a real MAN!? IM SO COFUSED1!!!

  • Hector Raul Gomez-Sanchez Mateo

    Star Citizen? really? come on... this game upcoming 2025 jojojo

  • Chuka Kaelo

    Do some of these games ever even get released?

  • Stat1c

    IDENTIDY: the game for people to have another chance if they failed the first one

  • Niedźwiad YT

    COD WWII? Realistic? Mehh.

  • Johnathon Matteson

    They need to make new versions of Soul Reaver/ Run like Hell/ Mega Man Legends/Dark Cloud/Medieval for PS4 & other next gens

  • loo lolo

    Well the first medieval game is not very good for my opinion... it is missing realistic gore, armors aren't realistics, movements are too much rigidity, and impacts aren't realistics at all. No damages on armors, sound of blood is ridiculous... did you already heard somewhere that blood is making the noise of a fountain?

  • justerthought

    Why do all PC games look like they are filmed with a fisheye lens, creating extreme perspective distortion when you pan around and tiny arms sticking right out holding a gun like a cripple. I guess we have Doom, the unreal engine and Todd Howard to thank for that. God bless the master race.Thankfully the games get transformed to a more realistic perspective when they get ported to console.

  • Traumadd

    Top 15 games that were downgraded

  • IcanTellYouHadEnoughYTForTodayStopWastingYourTimeAndMakeSthOutOfYourLifeNowAndDontReadMyNameAgain

    I believe Star Citizen will be there in October.of 2020.

  • The FitnessGram Pacer Test

    Battlefront 2 should be 1st, it looks like a movie!!

  • Héctor b

    COD will have the same graphics that untill now. That is a trailer and not a gameplay and in trailers even minecraft seems to have real graphics...

  • Savage

    The Works of Mercy, wtf game is that??

  • nova/cody Perez

    more videos more more thanks

  • Samsonisti

    18:54 so realistic! Look at the realism of this soon to be true reality!!!!

  • loo lolo

    Project Wight look good but ragdoll isstupid like in so many games. When a human body is throw away in 100m and fall for very high, it not stay like if it was hard and indestructible, it is crushing on the floor and splashing like a pizza. It' isn't bouncing like a soccer ballon.

  • MD MArtin

    7:41 so innovative! i couldnt do anything of this in real life wow. Next Gen slavery

  • tomek dargiewicz

    welche pc systemvoraussetzung und wiso nichgt in 4k oder 21:9 ?

  • Sekay

    Call of Duty ? Realistic ? LOL

  • Frederic Filiatrault

    "& Beyong" is for Star citizen.

  • Remo Williams

    unbelievable! folks just go out and do something. I mean Jesus Christ you're going to sit around in a virtual world and do nothing!? if Facebook wasn't enough now they come up with this crap, no wonder the world is in the sorry state that it's in.

  • loo lolo

    We have billions of sources of guns sounds in documents of WW2... why videogames still can't use realistic guns sounds........

  • loo lolo

    War for middle earth realistic graphics? is that a joke? the game already coming from 2000's begins... All LOTR games sux so much.

  • Firstpo jkh

    All look good except COD. That just looks like the same garbage they release every year

  • loo lolo

    Game about secession war could be really great cuz it looks very realistic. It's a pre alfa but if they improve it, it would be great.

  • Ratcat17

    its only a flesh wound at 1:24

  • HollyMolly

    Battlefield WWII nein Danke das Battlefield 1 war schon der letzte dreck. Geschichte ok online No Go. Ist mir mein Geld zu kostbar und gehe lieber dafür in denn puff^^

  • schimpansjens

    Damn. This is the best list on the internet. I totally agree with this list. It's really spot on.

  • Andeciuala Nobre

    What game is the first one?

  • loo lolo

    Day gone looks really boring. run run run run run with an infinite dead mass behind.... boring boring boring....

  • zx spectrum

    There is a missing game on the official list of uploader. This list is real.Mordhau 00:00The Works of Mercy 01:25Call of Duty World War 2 03:54Star Citizen 05:00Identity 07:32War of Rights 09:41Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice 11:32Agony 13:27Days Gone 15:01God of War 16:43Escape from Tarkov 18:10Star Wars: Battlefront 2 19:48Middle-Earth Shadow of War 21:37Red Dead Redemption 2 23:09Gran Tourismo Sport 23:34Project Wight 24:38

  • DannyBoy

    Mordhau looks good but I would need top play test it ... I am a pc gamer except for PS4 exclusives I do play and love. I want to know if this is coming to the PC .... I really hope they optimize it and make the reaction to be fast .. Not just ping. I mean when you click a button the move is performed fast and flawless, God of war ... I will be getting that for a PS4 those and Uncharted series are awesome.. But man playing on a 1080ti and a 144hz 1440p or 4k ( i prefer 1440p 2k and much higher fps than 4k at or around 60... 140 steady fps is so awesome with a g-sync monitor, guys if U can afford it you will never go back to consoles... It makes the game I play mainly 1 on 1 fps duels in the New PC only quake Champions and playing the new wild west mmo... Gear of war 4 is also wicked fun on PC as well as xbox I am sure Escape from tarkov looks good but I am jaded and cant handle anymore war fps... but i am sure for those that like them they will like that.Star citizen look very promising... i'll have to see..SW Battlefront 2 I will have to get for PC but I really hope its story is good since I am so Jaded from the multiplayer aspects of all these games that campers can actually do fine. Those games aren't my cup of tea... but I hope the story is good and it looks promising but I am probably just lying to myself to justify buying this game =pwell what do U guys think of these and does anyone have similiar opinions as I do?hey I like hearing different views..Cheers

  • Evgeniy Peshev

    Шутка что ли? 2/3 из представленного списка с чемоданной топорной анимацией. А на 7:50 минуте - ЭТО ВООБЩЕ ЧТО ТАКОЕ?? В Kingpin '99 года полигонов побольше будет

  • Bes Art

    Forza Horizon 3 fehlt, aber dafür Gran Turismo Sport. LOL. Grafisch ist Forza das Mass aller Dinge bzgl. Rennspiele. Grundsätzlich wirkt die Zusammenstellung sowieso voreingenommen... Daher nicht wirklich sehenswert.

  • Roma Kryb

    лучшее - детям. убивайте и учитесь убивать в этих добрых и поучительных играх.

  • therealKINDLE

    What a typical & disappointing line up. There is nothing quite as tedious as your average Yankee-Doodle American War tripe. European settings are so much more diverse & captivating. And the Writing? WHAT Writing? The people responsible for these servile titles have no interest in literature. And yet the first 10 minutes of The Last of Us gripped everyone down to clever writing. I may be getting old. But I have seldom seen such a lackadaisical line up. There are NO new IPs that inspire. The only games that are worth the asking price are all sequels; God of War II, Red Dead II, The Last of Us II.

  • Young God

    Soldat Oprah, Soldat Minaj, mach schnell !

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