The Witcher 3 - Top 5 ESSENTIAL Mods

So I decided to make a video on the Best Witcher Mods that I've found in the past few weeks. These are mods I would highly recommend to anyone that plays the Witcher.

So here's the 5 Essential Mods for the Witcher 3.






Ok, I get that these mods aren't actually essential, as the vanilla game is still amazing, but these mods will definitely improve your experience and immersion if you install them.
  • Knight King

    You don't complete quests for the exp, you complete quests for the STORY!

  • rasurgott_gillette

    Top 5 ESSENTIAL Mods, Two: Light torches quicker. claps

  • JDolande

    I did all the quests I could find regardless of level because this game is fucking awesome

  • k g

    no fall damage is needed in this game , geralt falls off a step and dies otherwise

  • Matt Novosad

    I find your points about the XP mod to be lacking. I don't think I've ever played an RPG where I haven't wanted to do a quest because I'm not going to get a lot of XP at the end. I do the quest because it has an interesting little story and some fun gameplay in between the story bits.

  • Jammy

    If you're disregarding quests because you don't think the reward will be worth it, you're playing this game wrong.

  • Stinky_Pole

    It’s the Witcher 3 bro no one plays for the XP lol

  • Who Dat Ninja

    Pretty sure removing the HUD is in the game already. Just press the Home key.

  • DJ Mizzle

    For the first mod, couldn't you just turn on enemy scaling? It makes all enemies and quests either your level or over your level. I feel it would give you the most adequate experience for your level and not less than?

  • Eastcoaststyla

    "Top 5 ESSENTIAL Mods" - first Mod basicly ruins the game.GG

  • Ashfalor

    About as essential as farting while holding a tulip.

  • Detective Geils

    The first one is cheating because you'd be on level 40 when you do a level 10 quest and still get all the xp but the quest would still be so easy. You didn't earn the xp.

  • cami_ insidebooi

    First mod is rubbish. Just finished the game for the first time last night, and XP isn't the reason you do quest!!! *facepalms ahhhhLike only the best RGP I've ever played. Edit: did I say RGP? Sorry I mean best.

  • Victor Hugo

    I'd like to add to more:CiriBathRemovalLingerie Removal (This one is part of the Wild Nudity Project)

  • van senn

    0:32 Number5: XP Mod2:22 Number4: Graphical details issues fix3:46 Number3: HD (High Res)5:42 Number2: Torch Fire Hold6:50 Number1: Disable/Enable HUD/UI etc.

  • Kristopher Williams

    None of these mods interests me except for the button change for lighting fires.

  • Rareș Fărăgău

    The thing is, none of these mods are *essential*, in order to play The Witcher 3. Number 5 almost breaks the game, if you ask me, number 4 fixes some things, but breaks others, if you read the notes. Three is out of the question for some people who can't even run the witcher at medium settings, 2... I don't remember ever running into that problem, so yeah. The only truly useful mod out of all of these is 1. Getting rid of the ui while exploring really does justice to the game.What I want to say is... this is not Skyrim. The game works just fine without mods, and is a pleasure to play. There are definitely no 'essential' mods for the witcher 3, just really good ones. Like the 1st.

  • Francis Tan

    I can actually do number 1 without mods. discovered it accidentally by pressing the "home key"

  • That one Fucking Retard from ARK

    Your voice is ASMR man..

  • kinglouiexx

    Watching july 2018, i think you can be a really good youtuber. I mean your videos are surprisingly enjoyable and pleasant, i am rooting for your success. Subbed.

  • Herb

    nice video, well edited, i appreciate the effort you put into this

  • Three Jackdaws

    Great Vid. Big fan of Witcher mods, keep these vids coming

  • The Lion

    bro i went to your channel to see some skyrim vids and i noticed you havent uploaded since last year?! sad face lol

  • Polydynamix

    The 'original' textures you showed comparing the high res texture pack were the lowest settings 'original' textures...

  • _VenomDunkerZ_

    Lighting torches has basically improved my game experience. No. It made you mental

  • xerader123

    The only mod I think is needed is friendly hud, and that too so you can enjoy the beauty of the game more.

  • robert f

    So much backlash for saying that a quest should reward you some decent exp for doing it. I've done quests that give 3 exp, 10 exp, that number is WAY too low.

  • Chamath Amarasinghe

    -Roach mod which makes him not to stop in front of obstacles-Relic Gear upgrade system-Better icons

  • Daniel

    I've played through the game like 20 times...Never had the torch issue or a problem looting stuff next to a candle.

  • Mein Leiben

    Yeah, break the balancing for all the people who play the quest because of the interisting storys and loot.

  • Brogan

    Some really, really poor choices for a video that supposedly identifies "essential" mods for W3 (something many, many new players will search for). Obviously you only did 5, and the technically oriented people will know that more mods are possible, but for the rest (and if you're going to call it Essential), you have to cover some of the actual essential mods that the great mod authors over at Nexus and elsewhere have provided us:- No More Rolling Down Stairs - Oils/Potions/Bombs Tab by Default - Better Torches - Walk by Default - Alternate Lightsources Interaction (a MUCH better option than your #2) - TW3 Gameplay Tweaks by wghost81 -, your #'s 5, 4 and 3 are great mods, not essential, but serve good purposes. Your #1 is a highly specific, extremely comprehensive option that some will find daunting (tho the mod author is amazing and will help anyone with anything re: her mods). For example, some like to use much 'lighter' aspects of it via smaller, simpler mods, such as this:- Immersive HUD Tweak - based on complaints of players over the last few years, some other "non-essential" and immersion mods (like your 3, 4, & 5) have also become popular to the point of being near-essential for people:- Leave Roach Alone - No More Horse Voice Commands - No Combat or Weather Commentary - Remove Screen Water Droplets Effect - No Talk Icon - See Your Trophy - Horse camera mod - Sensible Map Borders - No more forced teleporting -

  • Matt G-B

    I know this video is super old now.But you can already toggle the hud in the game with any key you want. Just go to key bindings and go to the bottom, click to unlock the bindings and make it whatever you want. Then you just re lock them. The default key is 'home'

  • alexander atprime

    This video is great. I'm just getting into mods this new game + play through and the only one I use it true mutantism. Excited to try some of these new ones out

  • Derek Pennington

    Mods in this game and in general are obsolete, Skyrim was the last moddable game. Modern games don't require it.

  • Jack johnson

    No AMM? C'mon bruh..

  • Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule

    You need to improve your concept of what "essential" is

  • Jeff Garton

    The first mod is why places of power are in the game dude.

  • Fubbick

    Sorry, but you could've picked way better mods for this. I have no idea how an XP mod is "essential" a long with 2 visual mods. The game is already great visually so upgrades textures are far from essential. They will also impact your FPS negatively and add bugs.Here's what I'd say are essential mods that stay true to the vanilla game:Jump in shallow water (does just what it says)FriendlyHUD (greatly improved HUD, 100% customizable, comes with a mod menu)Sort Everything (sorts inventory, quest log etc. how you like it. Comes with a mod menu)Immersive Cam (Improved and customizable camera, implements head-tracking etc. Comes with a mod menu.)Alternate Light Source Interaction (It's a more fleshed out and immersive version of "Torch Hold to Interact". You use Igni to ignite torches and Aard to extinguish them. You wont see the annoying "Extinguish/Ignite" prompts unless you have Aard/Igni equipped.)No fall damage might be useful to some people as well, but I personally don't use it, so I can't really vouch for it. I don't fall to my death enough to consider it an essential mod.

  • Matthew Goodfriend

    The only thing I'd like is a fix to the movement in the game. There's no hope for the combat system so if I could actually control my character's direction outside of combat at least this game might be worth finishing. (Bad movement is definitely my number 1 pet peeve.) That is if I don't have to track down somebody else before EVER finding Ciri. Never seen a story work so hard at going nowhere.

  • LilDabatron _

    You played the game wrong buddy

  • BasedSif

    For some reason the nitpicker patch mod doesnt allow my game to start. And I’ve tried the lite version. I have EE installed so that might have something to do with it...

  • Gustavo Morales

    Interesting. Personally, the only ones truly essential from this list are FHUD and HDRP.Always Full XP is not an essential mod, unless you do quests for XP and not because you actually enjoy the quests themselves. It's like saying that some mod called "Always Lots of Gold from Quests" is an essential mod; it's not, because the game is tuned for this specific XP/gold curve. The fact that some enjoy this mod because they get more XP out of their play time is just a different point. Nitpicker's Patch is OK but barely noticeable, let alone essential. Torch Hold is fine, but a small QoL mod; the game will not change drastically because of it.Instead, I would like to suggest for example "Immersive Motion" (improves a lot the jerky and imprecise transitional animations in the vanilla controls, one of the few low points of the game); or "Autoloot Configurable All-In-One" (streamlines the looting process, letting you focus on itemization rather than clicking corpses). Honorable mention: "Alternate Horse Controls" (part of Immersive Cam); changes the horse controls to a more intuitive/easier one, based on reins and spurs. Not so essential, but it gives an exceptional riding experience.

  • TheDutchGuy110

    Mic: Please i beg of you, no more words with a ''P''Urdiak: PPPPPPPPPPPP

  • Main_Antagonist

    People whining about xp seem to have a lack of understanding of time management it's more time efficient to level up by doing high reward quests so why go backwards for low xp, low loot etc.The problem is that the xp should scale regardless of what quest you're on based off your current level the xp doesn't scale therefore there is little incentive unless you have a raging hard on for small side quests despite the lacklustre reward.

  • Danny Gomez

    #1 is useless. All other suggestions are good though

  • V

    Are there good armor mods? Witchers armors look so bad.

  • Mint Mag

    Personally I wouldn't bother installing any of these mods, but this video is great. It goes into detail to what each mod does.

  • damarlboromans

    Friendly HUD/UI Mod conflicts with every mod i have after merging it and editing it not to mention trying every fix under the sun for 5 hrs i gave up other then that good video thanks

  • Konha

    Good list, but the The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project mod increases my CPU to 100% on ULTRA settings.. so lowering the setting might work for some PC's.

  • Tenvian Rabbit

    Essential mods.All just fix graphics that never had a real issue or adds stupid options to things I never had an issue with.Why?

  • Lucas Kelly

    The super turbo lighting mod is the most essential mod of all I think. The vanilla lighting is far too harsh and unrealistic.

  • Valderhide

    graphics improvements, like the game needs any

  • Daalkiel GP

    Hi there great work in that video! but...I only have one doubt, I have the game paid for steam, if I install some mod with nexus mod manager, will something in the original game change? Leave something to funsionar? Like achievements or something like that? thanks!

  • ActualZombie

    if your mouth could be a bit further from the mic that'd be great lol, great vid though, that is my only complaint

  • Luke Brincat

    Thanks for this... just completed Witcher main story and recently purchased the expansions.... never knew Witcher had mods! ... I love all mods you chose, especially the First and Fourth.... While the witcher is a beautiful game with stunning visuals and views.... the HUD often feels hindering immersion... If only I knew about these sooner... ;) Thanks tho! cheers

  • Sergio Neira

    Are deactivated achievements when installing mod?

  • AmonRa

    omg a mod for not lighting a fire !! +1

  • NoLuckScape

    Low rez textures doenst break my imersive expirience

  • CNN

    About mod #1, you can already turn on and off the HUD with a hotkey in vanilla. Press "Home"

  • rostislav kuznetsov

    STLM also maybe? or MORE SHADOWS mod? u missed them, but they r very populat now

  • MadMax

    Not played this in ages, the texture mods looks great.. Its going to be too much for my 3GB video card though. But its a great idea for the 8GB + cards coming out these days.

  • Bill Ly

    The over 9000 weight mod is more essential I think.

  • Afterfall 81


  • Zach Hodge

    thanks for the leads! good vid

  • Bram

    i hate and love you at the same time cus instaling this mod took me for about an hour XD (friendly hud)

  • Jundy Mar Sotero


  • her artpage

    Anyone else say wtf when they first encountered the caretaker? 😂 but I beat him by running around the fountain 🤦🏽😂

  • ReinDawn

    Number ONE friendly hud toggling the ui on and off... I discovered home button does the same thing.

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