Witcher 3 - Skellig Peaceful Theme


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  • gianPalats

    its one of the best games in the history of gaming...

  • SEaster IslanderS

    The music in this game brings me to the verge of tears from happiness. The Witcher is to video games what Lord of the Rings is to film. No other fantasy RPG game captures the sheer scope and scale of the game. I cannot wait to see what CDPR does with Cyberpunk 2077.

  • Andyson

    I hate when I suddenly bump into some monsters so the soundtrack switches

  • Dyno King

    Skellige is like a promised land for RPG gamers, and Witcher 3 is a promised game to us as well.

  • Rj Diggs

    I wanna share something personal to anyone who is going though the same thing I'm going through. I know it will be irrelevant to a lot of you and a lot of you will never understand how I feel right now, but I know some will understand and that's all we can hope for. Anyway, I've been in love with this girl for a long time now. I've been trying hard to move on from her because I found out awhile back that she doesn't feel the same way as I do about her and she likely never will because she moved away so I'm probably never gonna see her again. One thing I'm doing to try and get over her is listening to this soothing song. This song helps me realize that there is always hope when you are feeling down and it is helping a little. I know this is gonna sound ridiculous to a lot of you, but I don't give a fuck. If it helps me move on from someone who will never love me back than so be it. #thankyou #cdprojectred

  • Callum Abbott

    This is great for sleeping and meditating, or just for sitting and thinking about your life and the universe and shit

  • Gil Gene

    I still remember when I first enter Skellige port and I heard this song. I was just amazed at the location and everything that was going on in the story.

  • TechFromHeaven

    imagine if we could have witcher in VR... i wouldn't want to live on this earth anymore

  • Xadion

    The success of Witcher is the demonstration that quality and dedication pay even today...

  • Krispyshots

    This ambient music makes Skellige more than Skyrim. You feel like your not in just any wintered, mountainous land. You feel like you're in a place like Yellowstone, an epic visage concealing the world's inevitable, beautiful end underneath its surface.

  • Harris Homayoun

    20 people who have disliked this Are Probably 9 year olds who like infinite warfare

  • AllOfThePoptarts

    instantly fell in love with this the moment i first set foot in Skellige. anyone else?

  • Sven

    I could listen to this forever.

  • StSins

    I have never played a game that had the immersion like Skellige. Probably never will...

  • dodfreakki

    cant get enough of this game its just so awesome :,)

  • Jonathan Morse

    I loved Skyrim when it came out. But over time and after playing it for many years I kinda resent it. It's a mess. Sure, the world is big. But the voice acting is shit, many voice actors voice the same terribly voiced characters, the story is 2 dimensional, and the bugs are plentiful.And then Witcher 3 comes along and it's like it improved on everything Skyrim failed on. Excellent graphics, voice acting, incredible story, and a huge world that I actually WANT to explore. In Skyrim, I only started exploring when I became bored because I had nothing to do. With Witcher, I find myself veering from main and side quests to explore anything.

  • janine

    I'm a mom of 4 kids and I play The Witcher 3 every night xD I don't like monsters but this game is awesome. Can't wait for The Witcher 4

  • R

    The game shifts the tone so dramatically in Skellige, it's awesome. Music and imagery alone, the same exact engine, only with music and imagery they change the game completely. Velen is a rude place, filthy, a realistic depicture of the middle-ages. The game convince you with this kind of auntheticity. Then you arrive in the fantasy land of the nords, the game transports you to a heavy fantasy based land, very authentic as well. I am replaying the game now and I'm curious with Toussaint, with the tone of that land. Skellige is by far my favorite location in this game, it is what Skyrim should be.

  • Kurp

    Thanks for making this video. I absolutely looooooove this atmospheric music. One of the many times in Witcher 3 I just had to stop and just take it all in. Absolutely amazing.

  • Acss47

    Could it be possible for a music to be that powerful, engrossing and deep ? This theme is what answers the question. For a reason I think about death,my past, unforgettable moments happened before and ones who I love. There are only a few thing that can change my mood in a second and this masterpiece is one of them.I want to say that I love you to people who take big place in my heart in case I won't have the chance to do in the future.

  • Zero Saber

    Continentals are too political/ fanatical. Skellige has better culture.

  • עמית עציץ

    Whan thats music start on the first moment i got to Skalige i felt like looking at the sea and feel the endless feeling, like a little fish in the ocean

  • patreusz1

    Jestem dumny ze polacy zrobili tak swietna gre i skomponowali tak przepiekne utwory.

  • ItzBAKI

    best...fucking....game...ever... seriously I never felt that inner child in me while playing a game since red dead redemption. CD projekt red thank you so much! can't wait for Cyberpunk 2077

  • Alex Hayes

    This is so beautiful it makes me weep.

  • Khairul Anam

    one day when i visit the Nordic country i will play this song on background, so epic

  • Hyperperion

    Beautiful beyond any expectations.. This theme is why I love Skellige so much, I'd like to travel some day to Lofoten Norse Sea, the actual place Skellige Isles were inspired from.. This music fills me with emotions, may it be everlasting; Geralt's glory and the love he shares with his daughter Ciri..

  • H

    This game making me feel like a child who discovered video games again !Just WOW ...

  • van kk

    This game makes me feel like a kid again. daydreaming somewhere far in the sky about something I've never found

  • Federico Rodríguez García

    Skellige have the most beautiful sights.

  • Ingaz

    This is the new standard in gaming. Absolute masterpiece, two absolutely jaw dropping expansion, a host of free DLCs and one of the most gamer friendly publishers I have ever seen in CD Projekt. I have played through it twice and still feel the desire to take it up again.

  • Zetanist

    I get goosebumps from this. So amazing. Sometimes I just venture to Skellige just to hear it's music <3

  • VenomKhazam

    I cannot like that, because "like" is too weak a word to express my feelings for the awesome music of that beautiful game. sighs But i will do anyway, hence theres unfortunately no "Holy shit, i love that epic stuff!!11one" button... : /

  • finding diamonds

    Witicher 3 is a masterpiece of gaming and storytelling will always hold a dear place in my heart and sole

  • Tomáš Špák

    Toto je jedno z najkrajších kúskov hudby aké sa mohlo kedy dostať do hry, čo, táto hra ich má veľmi veľa. Samotná hra, nieže je, hra roka, ale hra desaťročia. Jednoznačne sa zapíše do dejín ako jedna z top RPG hier ktoré sa kedy vymysleli.

  • Karla Trihy

    TW3 is perfect all round! The game play itself, the story and the soundtrack! In all my years gaming I've never gotten so emotional playing a game. Looking forward to Cyberpunk ❤

  • IrishNoodles

    Love how Irish Skellige is. Everything from the accent to the culture and language is.

  • Lautaro Gomez

    I've been looking for this for ages!! Thanks!! :D

  • Xristos Imprezas

    what a game..what a soundtrack what all!!i pitty those who didnt play this game

  • A Ghost Without a Past

    You've no respect for our customs!Not ye, nor that witch Yennefer!

  • fabiogibson

    esse jogo foi foda demais... zerei hoje e digo que é um dos melhores que já joguei na minha vida

  • Kekistani Reichsführer SS

    Witcher 3 is an amazing and outstanding game, and has (IMO) the best battle songs. But for me Skyrim will always have the best peaceful songs.

  • Dorian King

    This reminds me of Dune. The music in that movie was very similar.

  • TheGenericDude

    I had to deny my love for Yen due to my love for Triss. After that heart wrenching conversation this song was playing. It was at this moment I realized witcher is more than a game. It tapped into my emotions big time ....


    Youtube, I love you soo much

  • TheEaterOfDreams

    Thank you so much for uploading this. It's perfect for reading or writing, and for slaying monsters of course.

  • Dustin Aron Fehrmann

    Thank you, this is my favorite theme from Witcher III

  • Sxodan

    No game has ever got me so immersed and made me feel part of it's world like Witcher 3, it's just amazing how you get that unique feeling playing The Witcher 3, no other game does it like that. hats down CD Projekt Red, can't wait for CP2077 and new The Witcher game.

  • Almost Ariadne

    Thank you for uploading this. This soundtrack is simply beautiful. I wanted to listen to it while working on my dissertation and found I just couldn't work because I was too concentrated on the music instead.. it's kind of overwhelming music. Will listen to it again when I have something less important to do haha (I'm not even sure I could read while listening to that).

  • Waldzwölfe

    7 dislikers got introduced to Steel

  • Invisible, hated, Not wanted, Forever Alone

    Best music in the world.. From this games soundtrack. 🙏🏽

  • Geronimo

    i miss the game so much.

  • Dre4de

    I first heard this breath taking song when i decided to float out to sea on my Boat. Obviously the Sirens left my Boat in near about ruins but when i killed them this song hit me. It was so foggy and all, i actually felt so connected with the game when i floated nearer and nearer to the mountains that watched over Skellige, getting bigger and bigger. I felt like a cowardly insect before them. For a video game i will never forgot that moment. Thankyou CdProjektRed, there is hope for game developers

  • Ron Destiny

    To me, the Skellige Isles and the Duchy of Toussaint were the most immersive areas of the game.

  • Tahkaullus01

    The first time I entered Skellige and heard this beautiful melody I just paused the game and left it like that for a good solid half-hour. Gods I love it.

  • arg4el

    Great for boring work at the office. :) Thank you!

  • Marko Esp

    If aurora borealis produced sound, this would be it.

  • I

    What's the title of this piece?

  • Two Headed Dog

    This theme is somewhat reminiscent of some ambient works by Brian Eno (Prophecy Theme he did for Dune OST comes to mind). At the same time, it reminds me of some of the stuff from Burzum - perhaps more in the feeling that it conveys rather than the actual musical style. As peculiar as that is, this song is amazing on its own. Shame that it wasn't included on the official soundtrack, along with some other tunes.

  • ColaMen17

    Everytime i get back here and feel like home

  • Wyl

    with -30c and this song playing it's so easy to fall asleep

  • alawa latif

    believe me i crying while i listen this sound it remember me my past the game of witcher is the best game

  • OhhBessell

    the start of the skellige bit to the end of the game was easily the best part of the game

  • උໄඹގގiቱi౯d ՖѪ

    I did a second playthrough and i teared up at the sight of the baron next to his dead wife ;(

  • Olegh Rozman

    sounds like Behelith Theme from Berserk)

  • SamVision

    Velen and Novigrad were place of stories, Skellige was a place of adventure.

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