The Witcher in 5 Minutes

Before you play The Witcher 3, catch up on the twisty tale of Geralt of Rivia and a few important characters that you may have forgotten. (Covers The Witcher and The Witcher 2)
  • Philly's Finest Productions

    Just picked up the witcher 3 thanks to a ps4 sale, this does help out.

  • sth128

    IGN forgot the most important part: Witchers are immune to STDs and so Geralt bangs every maid, witch, lady, and female magical creature during his quest and collects nude selfies.

  • Aleksa Petrovic

    everyone who met Geralt knows:1. He is a witcher.2. Has horse named Roach.3. Hates portals.4. Want to play Gwent.

  • Michael Biland

    They really should remaster Witcher 1 and 2.

  • GeorgeBonanza

    Watched the whole video, still confused.

  • Dwayne Garcia

    who else is playing witcher 3 but did not play the first 2?

  • omasi Ynoa

    I watched a 30 minute video explaining witcher, but somehow this 5 minute videos explained it better

  • admiraln8

    Thumbs up if you watched the video first, then started Witcher 3, then came back again cuz you still had no idea wtf's going on.


    I haven't played any Witcher game but the 3rd one got my attention and would definitely give it a try. Thanks for the 5 minutes story-line! May 19 it is. :)

  • tonerton

    Actually, it was Emperor Emhyr who hired Letho to kill the Kings, not Sheala de Tancarville.

  • mezuki64

    The Wild Hunt: Every decision you make will bring devastation!

  • Jamal Ahmed

    this video REALLY needs captions, because of all those crazy names

  • John NoNameGibbon

    That confused me more. What's Milfgard? I love milfs.

  • Zgamer7

    Witcher knowledge upgraded by 2

  • Kelvin Martinez

    The witcher 3 and batman arkham night and metal gear Solid 5 the phamton pain are MASTERPICES already in my list:) 10/10....

  • Magical Trevor

    I spent damn near 45 minutes watching unnecessarily long videos to try and understand the story up until Witcher 3 and was just getting confused until I watched this one. Clear and to the point, no wasting time explaining things I don't need to know. Thank you.

  • Anthony Tosh

    Anyone else want a witcher 2 remaster

  • Danial Mahmood


  • Smartem

    finally a usefull IGN video

  • Ole Uncle Ben

    The scoia'tael don't want equal rights with humans, they want their own empire separate from humans like it was before the humans arrived on the continent, following the conjunction of the spheres. In fact, most scoia'tael would see every human killed if they had the chance and the power.

  • Mike Booyakasha

    I genuenly thank you for this IGN.. THis is a helpfull video,that will improve the witcher 3 experience for players like me who are new to the series..Hope you do more videos like this for games like Metal Gear Solid ,Splinter Cell,Hitman..While i do love these games i haven't played the really old ones extensively and get into their story and i don't think i am able to pick them up and play them(talkin about games like Spliter cell:Pandora tommorow or Hitman:Silent Assasin)Please make more videos like these that tell the story of their predecsesors!

  • B4d7ss

    Before i finish, does this video spoil Witcher 3?

  • ŽelezoBeton

    video should has name TW1 and TW2 game in 5 minutes :D this is only top of iceberg of witcher stories :D

  • Sentro

    OMG ty ty ty so much! i was so confused after i started the witcher 3, and had no idea what the references to these past characters were.

  • Anthonynewdivinity

    I'm Mr. Meeseeks look at me

  • AstroCyborg

    5 mins isn't enough to recap the story

  • Bone Daddy 69420

    Random stranger: hey witcher, why do you carry 2 swords. Geralt: one's steel, other is silver, both are for monsters.

  • ivan guerrero

    So is this video spoiling The Witcher 3? Or is it saying what happened in the last 2 games so I know what's going on in the 3rd one?

  • lesryglfohser

    see this is why skyrim is better. it's story is so much simpler.

  • PCGamingMaster Race

    This is good for the ploughing console whoresons who haven't played the first game and PotatoStation fanfairies who haven't played the second.

  • Yan

    People should still at least play Witcher 2, it's an incredible RPG that still stands today in terms of gameplay, graphics and story. You make a lot of important decisions in it and a few will impact the story of Witcher 3, such as the choice of sparing or killing Letho the Kingslayer Witcher. I know this for a fact because you can also slightly see him from behind in one of the trailers. And of course if you do play the 1 or 2 you will actually care for the characters that Geralt encounters such as Triss, Yennefer, Dandelion, Zoltan and many more.

  • Meysam Feghhi

    It was really difficult to follow since the voice speaks too fast. Eng is my second lang and I had a lot of trouble following the story. other than that, Great work and thanks

  • Bradley Bindle

    Spoole from FunHaus approves of this video.

  • Stormy Stories

    Jesus...0.o that story is like if game of thrones had a baby with Metal gear solid! I love it, but OMG that's dense! ^u^

  • NeoReziel

    really well made, good video

  • DNS

    You talk too fast!!...

  • eastendthug

    Sigh, another Resogun clone.

  • Three Jackdaws

    Just to make one thing clear, the scoia’tael do not want “equal rights,” they want the death of all humans. Their queen tells them to kill humans on sight and their battle cry is “humans to the sea!” Which means “get humans off the continent.”

  • CKBrom

    Yep, still have no idea what's going on

  • zoza

    Why they have a scar under the eye?? I’m sorry if he mentioned that already I’m actually not so good in your language 😅

  • Rohith K Sajeev

    ign also forgot that all witchers and sorceresses are impotent

  • Climatic Hawk

    I'm on my 3rd playthrough of witcher 3.


    This video should be called, "The Witcher GAMES In Five Minutes". I only wanted to know about The Witcher, part one, which is what the title of this video implies. The description under the video is very small and easy to overlook. So yeah, thanks for spoiling part 2 for me.

  • Kurosaki Bilharinho

    What the hell Letho is the bad guy? I just helped this motherf#cker in The witcher 3 and sent him to Kaer Moren

  • NinjaAimless

    I'm going after Triss play through one. Yennifer is great too now and she seems like the more powerful of the two. I just love me some redheads I guess lol At the end of the day you really can't go wrong with ether, just don't think you gone be able to keep them both!

  • MP

    Wow. A real master class in conciseness, great job!

  • Sloan Weekes

    Is there any chance of a Witcher one and two remake?

  • vKILLZ0NEv

    THANK YOU! This is like the 4th video I've watched trying to catch up. Definitely the best explanation yet.

  • Özgür Kurtaran

    please add the subtitle

  • LegitGamerXpro

    This series is the one of the few videos i actually like from ign

  • Michael Lattimore

    Since Game of Thrones is ending(the show is catching up with the end of the books) it would be genius for someone to make a similar styled show using the Witcher lore on HBO....just an idea.

  • RipThememesGames

    Amazing storyline, just bought the Witcher 3 and I needed this.

  • Logan Walker

    That's how you do a recap

  • Anton Engström

    This was really helpful for noobs of the witcher world! Thank you!

  • Martín Rubio

    Theres only one thing I still dont get. When and how did Geralt recover his memories???

  • Mason Ruff

    Can somebody explain the war(s) going on in the Witcher 3? I still don’t get it.

  • Lance Hetfield i just have to read 7 novels (Wish i will with pleasure)

  • Jon-Mark W

    Now I'm caught up to speed on what's going on. This game is downloading now. Can't wait to get started.

  • Eck

    Games like W3 are a good example of fanboy ears suddenly pricking up when it's no longer a PC-only title. After it was announced for consoles too, it was suddenly a good looking game to the nay-sayers.

  • AshesArise

    Thanks for the catch up, PS4 copy should be here either tomorrow or Monday :)

  • Tou Iij

    That ... was actually a very good summary :D Props, IGNi.

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