The Last of Us 2 Extended Trailer PS4 (2018)

The Lat of Us 2 Extended Trailer PS4 (2018)

  • André Paulino

    I don't get how some people think that the hanging woman is Ellie, I mean, you can clearly see the difference from the first trailer wtf

  • silva geko

    it must suck to be an xbox owner right now lol

  • Internet Dinosaur

    When he broke her arm, oh my God.

  • Eric Andrade

    Naughty Dog has the best graphics in gaming hands down

  • DovahGirL

    Oh wait! What’s that noise? Oh it’s my wallet screaming😁

  • cgRui34

    Ronda Rousey confirmed as a playable character.

  • Zuknax

    The scariest thing is that clickers now run faster

  • Aaron Hapgood

    That trailer was pretty brutal got to admit

  • Matt B

    Cool to see a strong woman that actually looks like a strong woman. This is coming from the perspective of someone who is absolutely not an SJW, but I think if you're going for realism, then a woman who can kick a dude's ass, should look like she could kick a dude's ass. This woman does, and I find that refreshing.

  • BJBarnes24 _

    When did Joel and Ellie become Asian?

  • TWENTY TWO Beats

    Damn why Ellie built like a truck driver

  • Francisco Franco Y Bahamonde

    Am I the only one in this vids comment section that knows this is Ellie's mom

  • Wiz Kid

    The chick who gets hung looks like she's got some minor roid usage

  • Ghost Rider Production

    The Last of Us, Part II: You ain't seen the last of us!

  • Adam Riddle

    Naughty Dog just cannot produce a bad game. There isn't a game by them that I haven't bought. And none of them have let me down.

  • Beyond Reality

    I bet it"s a launch title for PS5 in 2019. i called it.

  • Slyter

    Description: The Lat of Us 2 "Lat of Us"

  • Big L

    Can't wait to see what they do with Factions in TLOU 2. The original still has a pretty strong community on PS4.Also, I don't give a shit about these characters. I want to play as Joel and Ellie, not a woman built like Connor Mcgregor and the archer Asians. $10 says the jacked lady and Ellie fall in love and she dies at the end or some shit. I have no problem with having gay characters but at this point it just feels like Naughty Dog is going out of its way to be super progressive.

  • Logan Ross

    Girl power. Every game that comes out is a virgin nerd’s homage to girl power in hopes of somehow winning a girl’s favor. Getting tired of it.

  • Imperial Gamer

    These graphics are freaking amazing

  • Ezra aloyevielara

    hhhmmmm where is Ellie and Joel ??

  • Son Of Drake

    Hoped and Prayed they wouldn't dare try a 2nd installment of the first...... if it goes wrong... the entire legacy of a true 10/10 game will be tarnished...

  • worldsubmerge

    What is that weird Carnage-dog-thing in the thumbnail?

  • DeVi NoTe

    Omg they look so real!!!!


    The game is gonna be open world for sure

  • A long unnecessary name for u to read Batres

    If Joel dies, I’m not playing it.

  • Satsujin

    ellie looking like a boy lol

  • RayneMaranochi

    If the woman being hung ends up being Ellie, then she has way to much muscle. at least I think. Though if it's not....I wonder who excatly she is.

  • Siham Salameh

    Who thinks the jagged lady is gonna be Ellie's love interest hmmedit: that lady i was talking about is "Yara". I know that the weirdly buff lady is gonna be Anna. Sorry for the confusion :)

  • Jubileu God


  • niubisaurio

    the one million question is if Ellie learned how to swim :c

  • ignatei

    2:39 I was expecting Imam Ali to walk in and rescue them. Seriously that was bad-ass, the dude fights just like Imam Ali, absolutely fearless.

  • Julio Marquez

    Damn Ellie lay off the juice

  • drip_flex 12

    Is Joel gonna be in it

  • Cam the Hunter

    Please have multiplayer 🙋ether way I am HYPE

  • Grise Blacolar

    Where's that thumbnail from?!

  • Syd Abdirzak

    That big woman looks more like Sarah Connor, especially from T2.

  • migwier

    There making these women so masculine i'm gonna have to turn gay.

  • Colton Worley

    The end is near and you need to work together to survive but you choose to break elbows and hang people and cut them. Makes sencd

  • Colton Williams

    Dude why are they forcing this multiculturalist PC shit on everything we love?

  • Shaka Zulu

    I love this game franchise. This sequel will prove to me whether I love it as much as the Resident Evil series. Well RE1-3, everything after the nemesis was complete garbage. The Zero and 1 remake were perfection. Hopefully they don’t stray away too much from Ellie and Joel’s storyline but none the less I will buy this game and see it through.

  • Quantum Scribe

    The woman hanging is Anna. Ellie's mother. She's pregnant with Ellie in the trailer.

  • X-Salty-_

    Dam I still wanted her to be a kid

  • Natthapat Khumim

    I believe the women who got hang on the top is Ellie mother!!! It'sd sad how Ellie and her mother couldn't know how's things around andx all that SHIT!!!

  • Full-Metal_Jacob

    Ellies grown into a strapping young lad. So proud

  • Adolf Kitler

    I love this and I can’t wait to see the full game. I really hope they can match their first game in success

  • Hiho Gilham

    Shows this awsome picture leading you to think that their could be a bigger trailer, turns out to be some muppet talking over a repeat of the same shit..

  • Chania Jordan

    I heard that a lot of people had a huge problem with this scene cause it was claimed to be "violence against women". Now even though that is true ppl need to remember that not only is this a VIDEO GAME it's a video game that takes place in an apocalyptic situation, things are going to be f**ked up no matter what.Not saying I like this scene I just don't think there should be all this hate to the point where they should change what they have going on or shut down the game.


    She looks playable / probably will run into ellie

  • ronaldvr1

    Las mujeres parecen hombres, que feo.

  • Juanz

    That was her motherr not ellie... Am i right ???


    I am sooooo f*cking excited about The Last of Us Part II. I cannot wait 😝😝😝

  • OReillyGaming

    The real question is will there be a part 3?

  • Adelaide Adell

    * furiously casually waiting for Ellie*

  • Veysel Yakut

    Where is Joel and Ellie in Last Of Us II

  • \_TvHead_/ ._.

    Is joel and ellie going to be in this game??

  • Matthew Bea

    Why do I feel like general patriarchy had a say in this?

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