Just Cause 3 | All Secrets and Easter Eggs

Just Cause 3 is crammed with Easter eggs, cultural references, memes and other secrets. On your way to Platinum this explosive sandbox heres 33 moments you should witness for yourself.

00:17 - DK Pistol - Golden Eye N64 - Donkey Kong

01:08 - Weeping Angels - Dr Who

01:37 - Teleportation - Stargate/ Dr Who
N 40 42.275 E 5 35.220, at Insula Dracon, above Porto Darsena. The code to teleport here is "2-1-4-1-2-4".
At N 40 45.495 E 5 44.620, at Insula Striate, in an abandoned factory. The code to teleport here is "1-4-3-4-2-1".
At N 40 42.415 E 5 43.610, at Insula Fonte, north-east of Cima Leon: Transmitter. The code to teleport here is "2-3-3-2-2-3".

02:27 - Lone Survivor - Cast Away

02:49 - Mario in a Cart - Mario Kart

03:09 - Cash Bomb - Back to the Future

03:34 - Lost - Smoke Monster

04:40 - Crater - Thor's Hammer -N 40 48.565 E 5 40.860

05:18 - Stick Around - Predator

05:31 - Skull Island - Skull Rock - King Kong

06:01 - Banana Stand - Arrested Development

06:43 - Cross the Road Dog - Doge Mode - Explain the Meme

07:22 - Dress - Black and Blue or Gold and White?

07:47 - Sword in the stone - Buster Sword Final Fantasy VII

08:02 - Sniper Bonfire - Dark Souls

08:21 - N3 - Youtuber

08:31 - Landfill - Atari ET and other games- New Mexico

08:55 - Train - Simpsons Monorail

09:28 - Memorials
Hyeng Woo Shim memorial N 40 41.595 E 5 42.920.
Tae 'Jina' Stevenson memorial N 40 37.610 E 5 40.465
Jose Antonio Espinal Lugo memorial N 40 43.290 E 5 34.915
Jim "O'hara" Cross memorial

09:49 - Snowman Returns - Just Cause 2

09:59 - Mile High Club - Wreckage (there's a cow to ride here too)

10:17 - Mile high club music - Boom box

10:30 - Rave - Bolo Santosi and the green man

11:16 - Puns /license plate

11:27 - Rubber ducks

11:39 - Cow locations -N40 49.050 - E5 36.777

11:47 - Pogo stick -N 40 44.320 - E 5 38.715.

11:55 - Mime Club
  • PlayStationGrenade

    I know what you're going to say... you're 2 years late with this video. well, I stated this video in 2015 and lost everything when my PC decided to commit suicide. Thankfully Just Cause 3 is on PS+ this month and gave me the enthusiasm to make the video again. I hope you enjoy.

  • Square Watermelon

    Also for the balloon head Easter egg if you enlarge someone's head Ang grapple onto them you will grapple for a very long time!

  • Dabio

    I've played this game for 100 hours. How do I still haven't Found al these things xD

  • Evan Spoor

    I can't believe PlayStation let everyone play it as the ACTUAL FULL GAME for PlayStation plus users. I'm not complaining, this game is fun as hell

  • Lord and savior tachanka

    Your bed is lavalike if your dead

  • cappine

    I went to Tom's island and I tethered him to the bottom of my jet and flew him to the military baseedit: forgot to mention, he pulled out his iPhone and started smoking it, I think because he didnt have wilson he was going insaneedit2: i just tried the smoke monster one, and I hung around in the forest and stuff for like 10 and never heard anything and the guys were alive, then i went to the camp and i was looking at them, then i heard the noise of the monster and it came through and took them all out, Right infront of my eyes.. Am i lucky?

  • Layered Chip3

    On the volcano island, near the skull cave, there is a unicorn rock, referencing phineas and ferb.

  • GiantSizeSpidey

    You can cause the same lightning effect with a certain explosive weapon

  • Eshan Pradhan

    "Rico? Rico is that you?""Yes, it's me, Mario"The beginning of the game parachuting down the chasm after plane crashes

  • Ray Harris

    Never knew how dope this game was, now I get it for free!

  • klm flyer

    the boombox says panau sonic xD

  • Daniel Avila

    Did he hiccup at 2:21?

  • normaldude

    Who also didnt find ballon gun?

  • CONZ

    This is the best Easter egg video for JC3 I’ve seen

  • Mister Turk Turkle

    Thors hammer is pronounced Myoll near.And the greatest ps1 game of all time was castlevania sypmhony of the night. Ff7 wasnt even the best final fantasy on ps1. Thats tactics

  • Apex__Rise420

    I accidentally guessed one of the codes i dont know where I turned up tho , I was just mashing them randomly

  • Tim Buffum

    There is also, when tanks come into combat, that Rico says: "Tanks, why does it always have to be tanks" in reference to Indiana Jones in Raiders of thr Lost Ark

  • Noodles Von Fluffernutters

    Cheers to all of the fellow madmen that actually got 100%.

  • Callum Clarke

    The banana stand says bolo in big letters that's a reference to bolo as well

  • Eric Johannes

    Thank you for telling us how to get the balloon gun it's amazing!

  • Noel Morelli

    most of us are watching this video because jc3 was free for ps plus on psn 😂


    "08:55 - Train - Simpsons Monorail" - I think it's also a tease. Looking at the map locations, it's the DLC areas that unlocked once purchased & installed them.

  • man

    You left something out. I am still not sure if I am the only one that found it but next to the big water base in Val de Mar is a house and at that house is a playground 'carousel' with motor and if you activate it it goes nuts and starts spinning around

  • reaper Productions

    Hey square cnix (I think that how you spell it..)Continue life is strange boyos

  • Neon

    Its pronounced as (Mi-yowl-nir)

  • William Fratt

    You should explore the volcano for an Easter egg 😏 not gonna give it away 🤐

  • Mister Turk Turkle

    .. The greatest ps1 game of all time was Wild ARMs

  • Bobbyit1 Gaming

    so I discovered, if you use the DK gun on the dog, that it works, and I was dying from laughter for like, 5 minutes at least

  • PurpleTalon

    Can you make a video about horizon zero dawn Easter eggs? There must be some.

  • A Wolf’s Howl

    Can you keep the decay gunIn the rebel drop?

  • zek in

    I love the "soapbox"van

  • Alison Sangama

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you so much for posting! Im turning on my ps4 right now.

  • Paul Burger

    Great video! I recently started playing it on pc and I'm addicted. Definitely going to try these out.

  • Earthworm Jimbob

    Nick Crompton is that you?

  • Blocked


  • Radio Raven

    Seriously behind the meme?

  • Jayson Summers

    The hammer is pronounced muel near

  • Erick Gault

    I bought this game day one and just now learned about all these easter eggs now time to try them out

  • retarded aussie

    Hey you missed the secret speed boat in a lake filled with ruinsYou also missed the secret supercar in the warehouses in insula straiate above Falco maxime

  • Oscar Palomino

    Grenade your the best kinda guy because you always tell me what are the new PS plus free games ;-)

  • octavio lagos

    Also, if you go to the tallest point on the map it gives you an achievement

  • Yard Wrangler

    I don't think this game is necessarily a good game but for some reason I can't stop playing it.

  • Dark J

    Im on xbox but i love your channel

  • Trapster2

    9:02 - This doesn't seem to work. I get no new locations when on the train.

  • Scott Allison

    Game of Thrones Easter Egg?Mission: "The Watcher On The Wall"Referencing the people of Castle Black (Cannot remember the name of the group)

  • Infinity Galaxy 501

    I know this is really late but in Surpicco you can hear the sounds of men singing in the ruins of an old church

  • Astronut Music

    When i stumbled upon the mile high clubs crash site and i have only played freeroam since my granpa has jc3 on his ps3 so i took a screenshot of the sign just because

  • T CS

    Thanks bro this video is so useful for me because im uploading the game in my ps4

  • Ascend Mky

    in before article 13 takes effect

  • OneSaltyBoi

    bruh the hammer is called Mjölnir

  • MikeyMoo

    Another one is when you kill di ravello ( The main antaganist) return back to the place you killed him (The volcano) and you can see his crashed golden helicopter

  • Terra Sauce

    just 1,000 more views until you get 1 million views

  • Communism O'Clock

    You forgot the roundabout spinner!

  • Meme master 10 000

    I watched your virtual cabin walkthrough and completed

  • dean

    Hey Granade. My name is Dean :) I have been a fan a long time and I have to say, you really grow and you are getting better! I have watched you for ages, if those exists :p I am a really big fan and you are a really cool guy! I just want to say that you make me laugh and make me happy! So I hope you keep going because you are amazing! And I will always be here! Greetings from Dean, The Netherlands. Also if you would not mind, my name on the PS4 is: King_Kuja and I would literally cry if you added me. But you don't need to! Bye!!✨

  • ButtumFeedel_Gaming

    Thx psgrenade really helped but took a long time to get the rave

  • George March

    Thanks dude this video really helped

  • Killer 090909

    U need to show most of them on your map to it was difficult to find the ones that u did not show on your map

  • Scary Gaming

    3:28 What an amazing slow-mo run XD

  • Ian Kleck

    11:29 don’t mind me just reminding me

  • Mad happy

    Oh yeah the rifle that was an Easter egg from dark souls is actually called the longsword

  • Liz Furnier

    Alot of these are easy to get to if u beat the game trust me

  • Campbell Harris

    You lied to me That dog died for a greater good, it can be killed.... (basically, in other words, I put five mines on it and blew up a civilian car)

  • Gunner NAUGHT

    I just looked at it for about 20 seconds and it triggered

  • junior fred

    i have never played a game but i love your videos .. from tanzania

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