The Witcher 3 - E3 2014 Gameplay Demo at Microsoft Press Conference

Check out The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gameplay demo at the Microsoft Press Conference at E3 2014.

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  • Hippo Reddy

    Old video but brings back the memories

  • GeorgeBonanza

    The biggest change is that at E3 Geralt could jump down and roll 6 feet. Now he steps off a curb and his legs shatter.

  • blackout betty

    Fake video. Geralt would have died from those jumps

  • Dylan Palmer

    Honestly, no false advertising here. This contract was dramatized, but the game is much better than what's shown here.


    if EA buys CD PROJECT then im going to cut myself

  • Elegast

    That sexy herbalist is cut from the game. DOWNGRADE. :D

  • thelewis1997

    Who else is here after the Cyberpunk reveal?

  • Pan Z

    I hate it when companies lie straight to our faces. Everyone knows Geralt would've died from at least 20 of those jumps in the retail version

  • demonsangells

    The audience had no idea what Witcher 3 was really going to become.

  • Zilla

    its like no one knows how to roll after a jump in this game

  • Motör Punx

    All these idiots complaining about graphics even though the finished game still looks amazing. I do prefer the interface shown in this video though.

  • ThemeParkMite

    If this works out right, then this game might just be better than Skyrim.

  • N1kl0

    Why the hell was he fighting the griffin with a steel sword?! You fight monsters with a SILVER sword...

  • Bartosz N

    Shouldve kept this amazing contract in the game cD

  • BenniRoR ­

    I dont care about the graphics downgrade, but the old user interface looks more awesome than the one in the finished game.

  • Rebel Pete

    This game is so gonna blow Skyrim outa way.Polish people know how to make proper and realistic gamesBethesda makes crappy animation and textures and laughablefacial expressions for their games.

  • John Angel

    holy shit everything was soooo much different back then

  • StupidJellyfish


  • TheJshow

    1:45 makes a big jump. Final version you just cant jump tbh or insta death


    IT used to be "the witcher3" like this ... then it took a "downgrade" to the knee

  • Svanrige Lothbrok

    When you talk about which platform is the better one, I automatically assume you are a virgin.

  • Mr.M

    Who came here after watching the gameplay and the trailer for cyberpunk

  • Argho Nandi

    how are people complaining about the graphics wtf? this is the best game I have ever played and while its graphics aren't legendary they are not bad at all. great game.

  • Wray Johnston

    I've never played a witcher game before, but i will not miss this one.

  • Vlad Matuscsak

    why did they change the animations? why didnt we get finishers for monsters?

  • Damon Baird

    This game was most likely demo'd on a monster pc using an xbox controller. Cant wait for all the microsoft fanboys to complain about the final looking totally different.

  • Donald Powell

    I have the witcher 3 and after seeing this I have to ask dear god what happened to it?! Not only did they downgrade the graphics, but the ui and animations were downgraded. Geralt has a choppy mmo looking running animation and the inventory screen is just a boring black screen in the full game. Plus fall damage wasn't ridiculous back then.

  • David Strickland

    why does the interface for inventory look better. where is the animation when you stop jogging.where are the cutscenes like at the end of the griffin fight.

  • sacvuvgefuis

    I cant wait till this comes out!!!

  • Sparrowhawk

    Goodbye particles and nice graphics. It was nice to see you for a little while.

  • Ooo Datsgottahurt

    Why was he fighting it with his steel sword? When it disarms him he then clearly draws his second sword which is a silver sword.

  • Joseph Stalin

    alright let me start by saying i cannot believe i did not know about this game. This is on my top 5 list for pusrchase now easily.

  • Darko Kanzurov

    I'll comeback once I'm done with the griffin.Just in case.Geralt you dog ! :D

  • indian gamers

    Lol its graphic is better then today games

  • Rapid FireINDONESIA

    Respect to cd projektred deeply. They didn't overhype the game it came straight out like cockroach, we weren't even aware of it's present xD. It turned out to be the best game ever made, with little advertising. seriously small talk and real scores love these guys. also they had changed alot of things for the game im quiet suprised.

  • Cal-796

    Man... the original interface shown here looks so much better than the final one. I don't understand why they'd change it since it clearly looks better.

  • TXF

    That Witcher 2 style menu and meditation though. Also is it just me, or does the lighting look better in this? I don't mean the textures, particles, etc. I mean the lighting itself. The final game's lighting almost makes it feel like you're on a movie set with a spotlight for light. It just feels artificial for some reason.

  • JediExciled

    Saw the Witcher 3 trailer in december.Decided to buy a new gamer PC in MarchJust realized that the release date was moved to 2015....FUUUUUUUUUUU

  • Johnny Howard

    God, if only it looked like it was promised to. Even the interface looks better.

  • Domba Aramba

    correct me if i am wrong, this video is played on X1 right? so PC an PS4 will look even better?

  • Nonoy Encallado

    I would've loved that real-time meditation and that inventory if it was on the final game, but I understand the limitations of the system. Good luck on your next game CD Projekt Red!

  • Onur Şahin

    Inventory screen and graphics are really better than the original.

  • Daniel Zuvelca

    I hope they will release a remaster of the game in a few years with these graphics

  • zarith4fiddy

    People need to stop pirating the Witcher series. If you guys pirate the other games then that's OK but Witcher 3 is a game that must not be pirated. CD projekt has announced that Witcher 3 will be DRM free and all of the DLCs will be absolutely free on the PC. No words on the consoles DLC being free but still Witcher 3 on the PC will have all these features like what they did to Witcher 1 and Witcher 2. Look up Witcher 1 and Witcher 2, there are absolutely no paid DLC for both games and they released the DLC for free in an update. Witcher 1 received a 5GB update while Witcher 2 received a 8GB update

  • Dlon Alokin

    I like the Quen sign and the running animation a lot more here. They should have left it alone.

  • MackTube

    People who think this is evidence of downgrading are idiots. It's not "downgrading" when the original game never even looked like that. These E3 gameplays are always edited. The guy with the controller isn't even playing. It's basically a recording that has been edited to make it look amazing. E3 is basically the first look at games, its where all these game companies can showcase their new games and generate buzz and pre-sales. Obviously they're gonna show you a better version of the games they've worked on.

  • cenasux115

    God damn look at those graphics

  • Radoslaw Dlugowski

    I'm psyched to see if they accurately portray the Wild Hunt. Every mention of it in the Witcher 1 was totally off and the fact that you could kill the King of it like that was... meeeeh. I wanna see how they approach this and all the other lore in this one. Also to anyone who might have made this mistake: The Wild Hunt has nothing to do with traditional hunting xD the title of the game doesn't relate to hunting griffins etc.

  • djtiberiu

    Projekt red if you see this you must have a copy game of the witcher 3 with the enhanced graphics and upload it as a patch for the pc version and let us the pc users to experience the game as we are meant to play it

  • smitty manjensen

    The only "next gen" game i'm actually excited for oh and The elder scrolls 6

  • Malnodar

    Shame we dont have that kind of character ui now, and that campfire for alchemy and shit, would be rlly immersive

  • Raindropz

    Holy hell, now that I played the game myself... they sure downgraded the graphics a lot. Still looks great, but it's kinda disappointing knowing I could've spent 100+ hours in such a good looking world.

  • James Segrue

    Why did they say you can go al the way to the mountains and beyond, you cant go any where near them, it just goes to the map. Check 1:43

  • Cleetus

    I really hope they don't make the game too easy from all the whiners on the previous game's "difficulty".

  • Adrian ELADR

    E32014 > Today"Mother of downgrade"

  • Jorenn Navales

    Please make a lot of sex scenes especially that... Red haired girl? Forgot her name. But as I remember there was a scene with Geralt and her during first mission? Inside the tent? Then the guard was like... Haha.Please make us wanna masterbate while playing. Seriously.

  • FeelsBadMan

    I love the game but I really want this Witcher 3. They downgraded so many things.

  • The real Slim Shady.

    little did they know what it would become, a complete masterpiece with very few flaws.

  • DPowered Smith

    The game was amazing but wish games in general were as dynamic as they make them for E3 demos. Things, stories and missions sometimes are absent or entirely different than they were presented. At presentations like this they show so much dynamic storytelling and variations in every action by you and the enemies but when you get the game its dulled down or just not the same, the concept that the showcase gives you doesn't stay in the game. I mean i know they make it special on purpose and have a version for a reveal and all that but that is actually a crappy thing to do.

  • Chicken and rice for a very good price

    "Hurr durr, the combat suckz, hurr durr" - yeah, swingin' a weapon left and right with occassional power attacks is really exciting, like it was in Skyrim, "the best RPG ever made".

  • Freyr The Red Mage

    Pfft people. Comparing the witcher Series whit the TES is like comparing ARMA whit HALO they are both RPG but they are waaaayyyy too different to be compared to one another

  • Alexandra Aquilina


  • gilgameshvolante

    Even the witcher sense has been downgraded...

  • SerCambria358

    I really wish people would stop downing The Witcher over Dragon age and visce versa, they both have their own strengths and weakness, but for the most part they both look great and i plan on owning both of them. Plus despite both being fantasy based games, they're completely different styles, saying one is better than the other is completely subjective meaning it means nothing beyond the person giving that opinion. Just enjoy the damn game and move on

  • Shammo Hamid

    Man the vegetation here looks much better than the actual game which is really sad for me because the vegetation in the actual game look cartoony(everything else looks amazing).

  • Brandon Gravitt

    Coming back here to get my bearings straight after watching Cyberpunk. I have to keep in mind that it won't look the same, much like this trailer. Don't succumb to the Hype.

  • White Steve Harvey

    wish they had kept the running and jumping animations. looks like geralt has more weight to him in this

  • Mace Windu

    For some reasons... I like almost everything here than the real game version.

  • Nukeclears

    Lol, the PC graphics from the trailers look a thousand times better.

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