The Witcher 3 - E3 2014 Gameplay Demo at Microsoft Press Conference

Check out The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gameplay demo at the Microsoft Press Conference at E3 2014.

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  • blackout betty

    Fake video. Geralt would have died from those jumps


    if EA buys CD PROJECT then im going to cut myself

  • Zilla

    its like no one knows how to roll after a jump in this game

  • Bartosz N

    Shouldve kept this amazing contract in the game cD

  • sara hujik

    Understand witcher series is a set of books made to game. Read before playing and buy 1 and 2 on steam for uber cheap. Witcher isnt for skyrim wusses or demon soul Pansy's. Hardcore rpg fanatics need only to apply to witcher 3. If you prefer an easier rpg theres dragon age inquisiton coming out soon. My bf and I are rpg hardcore fanatics. If you get the game enjoy it, it's rare to find such games any more. Ohh and let's hope it's not dialed back on graphics like watch dogs. I hated watch dogs.

  • Dylan Palmer

    Honestly, no false advertising here. This contract was dramatized, but the game is much better than what's shown here.

  • Motör Punx

    All these idiots complaining about graphics even though the finished game still looks amazing. I do prefer the interface shown in this video though.


    IT used to be "the witcher3" like this ... then it took a "downgrade" to the knee

  • Pan Z

    I hate it when companies lie straight to our faces. Everyone knows Geralt would've died from at least 20 of those jumps in the retail version

  • Ridikis

    Why are so many people bitching about who has the better console on a trailer for a game that's not even an exclusive?Seriously, the only difference in consoles at this point is which games do you want to play and what controller do you like more.

  • BenniRoR ­

    I dont care about the graphics downgrade, but the old user interface looks more awesome than the one in the finished game.

  • Hippo Reddy

    Old video but brings back the memories

  • John Angel

    holy shit everything was soooo much different back then

  • Colonel Cubbage

    God, if only it looked like it was promised to. Even the interface looks better.

  • smitty manjensen

    The only "next gen" game i'm actually excited for oh and The elder scrolls 6

  • Jxudo

    Dragon Age Inquisition wins.

  • Rebel Pete

    This game is so gonna blow Skyrim outa way.Polish people know how to make proper and realistic gamesBethesda makes crappy animation and textures and laughablefacial expressions for their games.

  • ThemeParkMite

    If this works out right, then this game might just be better than Skyrim.

  • White Wolf

    I am ridiculously stoked for this game. Don't get me wrong. But am I the only one noticing that the hair graphics, on Geralt in particular, are kind of... well, complete crap? Like his hair constantly melds with his armor, and it just doesn't look real during cutscenes. During actual gameplay it's not as bad. That wouldn't be such a big deal to me, if they (well I don't know if it was CD, or Nvidia) hadn't made such a big deal of how they're using this advanced hair technology on like all of the animals and stuff, it's like if you have such amazing fur why can't the hair animations and physics be that good too? Oh well, just a minor annoyance. I can't wait until February 24th :DDDDD

  • Donald Powell

    I have the witcher 3 and after seeing this I have to ask dear god what happened to it?! Not only did they downgrade the graphics, but the ui and animations were downgraded. Geralt has a choppy mmo looking running animation and the inventory screen is just a boring black screen in the full game. Plus fall damage wasn't ridiculous back then.

  • FuzzleLand

    The biggest change is that at E3 Geralt could jump down and roll 6 feet. Now he steps off a curb and his legs shatter.

  • StupidJellyfish


  • Tyrant Lizard King

    Fighting kind of reminds me of Monster Hunter, Graphics like every other pretty game, open-world like TES, and the conversation mechanics of a lot of other RPG's. I have never played a Witcher game before, but now I plan on getting this one. (Those were all compliments to the game)

  • ZwiReK Beats

    Release date is almost a year from now so They got plenty of time to polish it

  • Alexandra Aquilina


  • Vinh Nguyen

    For the PC version, will it have a FCR mod? Because the griffin fight looked a bit too easy...

  • Sparrowhawk

    Goodbye particles and nice graphics. It was nice to see you for a little while.

  • Jerry Baguisa

    Is this game like Skyrim? But third person?

  • Mr Jay

    get aside with your low-medium graphic quality gameplay u consololol kiddos . this game is for PC only not to be played on ur lunch boxes 

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    When you talk about which platform is the better one, I automatically assume you are a virgin.

  • Argho Nandi

    how are people complaining about the graphics wtf? this is the best game I have ever played and while its graphics aren't legendary they are not bad at all. great game.

  • Flare

    This isn't in the final game is there? Where is that women getting attacked for example?

  • Nonoy Encallado

    I would've loved that real-time meditation and that inventory if it was on the final game, but I understand the limitations of the system. Good luck on your next game CD Projekt Red!

  • zarith4fiddy

    People need to stop pirating the Witcher series. If you guys pirate the other games then that's OK but Witcher 3 is a game that must not be pirated. CD projekt has announced that Witcher 3 will be DRM free and all of the DLCs will be absolutely free on the PC. No words on the consoles DLC being free but still Witcher 3 on the PC will have all these features like what they did to Witcher 1 and Witcher 2. Look up Witcher 1 and Witcher 2, there are absolutely no paid DLC for both games and they released the DLC for free in an update. Witcher 1 received a 5GB update while Witcher 2 received a 8GB update

  • ArtofDylan

    This game looks promising!I can't wait for this game any longer!

  • Onur Şahin

    Inventory screen and graphics are really better than the original.

  • DaTscheka

    Remember...Steel kills men, Silver kills monsters

  • gilgameshvolante

    Even the witcher sense has been downgraded...

  • Hallack pogrywa

    będzie to prawdopodobnie jedne z najlepszych crpg w historii...

  • 17dbJohn

    l wonder what he does when he comes back to her... "just checking if everything is fine" sure Geralt... sure...

  • the collosol nigga!!!

    fucking Downgrade. But it's still one of the best GAME that I played.

  • James Segrue

    Why did they say you can go al the way to the mountains and beyond, you cant go any where near them, it just goes to the map. Check 1:43

  • Link Hybrid

    The Producers loved the PS4 more then Xbox One cause its technically a lot better. :D I love this Developer Team

  • TheJPRproShow

    1:45 makes a big jump. Final version you just cant jump tbh or insta death

  • shafin rahman

    plot twist: witcher 3 is only about sex

  • TruScottishGuy

    Would rather play this witcher than the one we have now E3 House of lies

  • Vlad Matuscsak

    why did they change the animations? why didnt we get finishers for monsters?

  • herofromthedark

    Looks really cool, but the combat looks a tad sluggish, but tactical. I'm not gonna lie- I was kinda hoping for something a lot faster, like Ninja Gaiden or Bayonetta. Still looks really cool, but it doesn't seem like the combat is really as effective. Fire magic barely effects the enemies, and the combat is multidimensional, like the Batman Arkham games, but while Batman can easily put the baddies in the place, it seems more laborious in this game.The game looks cool, but I'll hold off on judgement until I see some more gameplay.

  • Goochikins

    I don't understand why people keep saying the combat needs to be better. Honesty where have you seen better?

  • thekenzo79

    I wonder what are bethesda and bioware thinking :D

  • TurkishGuy

    They could have just released a official graphic patch or remastared version for PC because this version is just so much better than the original game especially the physic motor. I kinda feel like ive been cheated hear me CDPR

  • mistaflake

    I bet he banged that chick after he dealt with that griffin. I agree with most people the walking animations look very dull.

  • Marco Trisorio

    Where's the amazing jogging animation? Why did they cut off from the finale release? Too demanding performance wise? bull shit!

  • Chicken and rice for a very good price

    "Hurr durr, the combat suckz, hurr durr" - yeah, swingin' a weapon left and right with occassional power attacks is really exciting, like it was in Skyrim, "the best RPG ever made".

  • Game Buffalo

    Hey plz answer that I am building a pc for this game Core i5 4 ghzGtx 7608 gb ram 1000 gd hddIs it a good px

  • MikeGaming

    This is awesome. Everytime I refresh I get a new treat! Like opening presents on Christmas

  • Cleetus

    I really hope they don't make the game too easy from all the whiners on the previous game's "difficulty".

  • Freyr The Red Mage

    Pfft people. Comparing the witcher Series whit the TES is like comparing ARMA whit HALO they are both RPG but they are waaaayyyy too different to be compared to one another

  • HegemonPL opsi

    Ktos wie moze w którym roku toczy sie akcja wiedzmina 3 ?

  • YGHD

    The reviewer got paid! This game is not even a 7/10 let a lone 10/10. I brought this game thinking i was putting my money into good use and buying one of the best games i was gonna play if not the best but oh dear this game is atrocious beyond believe. I could get into everything that's wrong with this game but i haven't got the time to write an essay. Long story short this game is boring, cut scene are horrible with lags, Graphics are not that impressive because it got downgraded, the movements are almost unbearable, annoying and useless characters, It is almost impossible to swim on this game without getting discombobulated, the mission instructions are unhelpful and horrible and as i said THIS GAME IS SOOOOOOOOO FUCKING BORING. All these fan boys in the comment section got me to buy this game but trust me this game is a fucking let down and doesn't feel like a next gen game but instead it feels and looks like a ps3/xbox 360 game.

  • Nukeclears

    Lol, the PC graphics from the trailers look a thousand times better.

  • TwentyOneNineGaming

    i hope these graphics come to the pc version eventually

  • Raindropz

    Holy hell, now that I played the game myself... they sure downgraded the graphics a lot. Still looks great, but it's kinda disappointing knowing I could've spent 100+ hours in such a good looking world.

  • Jinzuro

    I have to say I'm saddened this will be the last, but I don't doubt their going to make it go out with a hell of a bang. It definitely has that one thing that other rpg's are lacking in. Doesn't mean the others are bad, but they don't have what The Witcher has. Its like 70's music, Witcher's got the funk. That feel good touch of atmosphere that isn't just all about the setting and what you see, but the experience of the nature of the world itself and the people in it. In comparison to the 3rd Witcher game to Skyrim, of those that have played it, you can see the npc's have more depth to them. Well in my opinion in all the other witcher games the character's have more depth and with a definite jump since the first when I played the 2nd. At the moment I'm replaying and recording through the first Witcher as we speak. Unfortunately I have the immortality bug on the first one, the Witcher 2 lets me die just fine so I'll be definitely on edge when I get to recording that. I'm going to make sure I'm ready for the 3rd when it hits steam. Bring it.

  • King Kai


  • Andy

    You see that look Geralt and the herbal lady gave each other before he left.  Oh yeah, he's coming back alright.

  • Piggy31428

    Pc gamers can rip on me all they want I just prefer playing on console( I acknowledge the fact that pc is the superior race I deserve a medal for being a console user and admitting the truth.)

  • Suzuki Shinji

    any mod that changes graphics to e3?

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