E3 Exclusive Gameplay and Interviews - IGN Live 2018

Join IGN live from the show floor at the 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center with pre and post conference coverage, exclusive interviews and hands-on demos of newly announced titles and up to the minute news stories. Save the date and stay tuned!

Check out today's live schedule here!

(Pacific Time):

11.00a Two Point Hospital
11.20a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
11.40a GTFO
12.00p Metro Exodus
12.20p Dragon Quest 11
12.40p Dragon Ball Fighterz
01.00p Valkyria Chronicles 4
01.20p Days Gone
01.40p Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
02.00p Skull and Bones
02.20p Divinity 2
02.40p Super Mario Party
03.00p Dreams
03.20p F1 2018
03.40p Metal Wolf Chaos
04.00p Concrete Genie
04.20p ID @ XBOX
04.40p Bethesda Expansions
05.00pI ndivisable
05.20p Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
05.40p Crash on Switch
06.00p Astro Bot
06.20p The Messenger
06.40p Mario + Rabbids

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  • Vitor Ribeiro

    Where the first 4 hours??? :((

  • Mike D Hates You

    26.05 = the face of Albert Einstein.

  • Yami Sukehiro

    Metro: Exodus looks incredible

  • klfighter

    Skull and bones (solo) +1 vs Sea of thieves (no solo) -1

  • Akshansh McKingston

    Keep it up IGN....love u all

  • Sylvan Lawrenz

    For F1 2018 these are my opinions after watching the chat:The lack of a personalised driver avatar using your camera and steering wheel controls is what this game really needs. Don't have that yet? wow, I'm really disappointed... Finally getting the media back like from 2010-2011 - it's what made it fun, but there's still only 4 options for each? geez... The on-screen displays also need a revamp. Better get a choice for the weather in career, the most annoying part of 2017. GT Sports online match-making, that's a solid improvement by far. Other than that, got the pre-order already, so can't wait, but I'm sure there's going to be a lot I'm going to be disappointed by once again, esp if the invitational events are the only way to drive the old cars in career...

  • superstevo189

    She'll be the next face for igns daily fix

  • Julien2395

    Lee Mather fixing a girl lmao


    I'm only watching this for Metro Exodus omgggggggggg

  • MrMoustacheNinja

    It starts at around the 4 hour 15 min mark for me... weird

  • celine

    Can someone explain why everybody keeps going on about despacito please . It's bothering me

  • Mike panda

    Make a samurai game for mobile

  • Corwin Waller

    No one thinking about making a fight night game anymore??

  • Phoenix King

    Skull and Bones dev guy acting like Sean Murray ffs

  • 2kPvgst4 _

    I thought somebody would time stamp these

  • DSkehan2004

    where is Persona 5 dancing star night in this video?

  • Puppy Monkey Baby

    Daemon looks like Hal Sparks and Bradley Cooper had a baby.

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