1880's Mexican Loop Holster

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Standard Mexican Loop Holster, unlike what you might see in the movies, this is the standard type of holster used by cowboys and others in the late 19th century in the American west.

Made from 13-15 oz Hermann Oak saddle skirting. Oiled with pure Neatsfoot Oil and antiqued with Fiebing's Tan-Kote and Antique Finish.
  • William Bronson

    I'm a leather worker by hobby. My dad taught me when I was just about 5 and I've made some very nice pieces over the years. I lost my dad last month and I inherited a Ruger Vaquero 44 Mag. I'd love to make this holster for it. I wish you talked about what you were doing, while doing it, but I loved the video anyway. You and I have a very similar style and method. You are definitely more professional. As I sit here on Father's Day, without my dad for the first time, your video made me smile because of the beauty of what you created. Thank you for posting it.

  • Weary Traveler

    Free handing that stamping work was amazing! So much attention to detail! Bravo sir!

  • Kevin Noll

    I've watched this video a few times now. I have a couple questions. First, you cut the pattern with a swivel knife before using the leather knife. Why? Does it make it easier to follow the curves? Second, you soaked the leather then used a glass slicker on the face. (That's what it looked like anyway) What's the purpose of this method? Does it "pre stretch" the leather?

  • Randy Lawrence

    That's beautiful craftsmanship to watch.

  • Henrik Nielsen

    Truly beautiful. Real craftsmanship!!!

  • Martin Gonzalez

    En un mundo tan artificial es tan reconfortante ver q aún quedan personas como este señor es un verdadero maestro!!

  • David Powell

    Thank you sir - it's a priviledge to watch you demonstrate your art and craftmanship.

  • Don Kenitzer

    A true work of art by a giefted Craftsman thanks for posting this.

  • Stan Lillquist

    Great video! Thanks for sharing. A true craftsman.

  • el famoso nerds

    Excelente vídeo saludos desde Guadalajara Jalisco México

  • DX1愛

    Damn Excellent work man 10/10

  • Choya C

    Stunning!!! My goodness what a truly gifted artist you are!

  • Sparky Doodles

    Absolute joy to watch. Beautiful workmanship!

  • Shane A

    That’s a gorgeous holster! I’m sure it’s well out of my price range...And if it isn’t, I’m sure the ornate revolver deserving of such a masterpiece would be🤣

  • roger white

    Superb, stunning, avvesome, beautiful, fantastic....and all those adjectives still arent enough to describe the quality artvvork that you had craft from leather . Thank you for shovving vvhat goes into your vvork as I have allvvays been curious as to hovv leather goods vvere decorated .

  • patw999

    Good Lord, that's a beautiful holster. Man 13-15oz leather!! That is some hard work there, and all done by hand. Not many out there doing what you are doing. I think some of the folks on Youtube need to watch you to know what a true holster maker can do instead of all these people with air this and vacuum that. A very very fine job indeed. Thank you for letting me watch you make it. Pat

  • tom erik Rasmussen

    Exellent work there craftsman . :)

  • Jason Looney

    You, Sir, are a true craftsman!

  • Deep Pandher

    u r the best leather artist in the world good job man👌👌👌

  • Mike Beer

    That looks hard as hell on the hands .... beautiful work

  • Suran329

    Wow this is very beautiful! Thank you very much for sharing this video! :)

  • ONE %er

    Outstanding skill! If only I had that type of skill. I love that holster, it's beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  • gianluca rosti

    But this guy is an absolute champion!!!

  • FatJesus 1

    Great work.....this kinda quality can be had at most custom boot shops worth their salt. Expect to pay at least a couple to a few hundred bucks for a well made one.. I usually have one made whenever I have a pair of cowboy boots made so it can match together as a set!!

  • Don B

    Beautiful holster and craftsmanship....

  • toot tall

    too bad you have to cut out so much, but then people wouldn't watch it for the hours it really takes. Most people have no idea how much skill and time something like this really takes. very nice work.

  • Boreal Patriot

    Frank Mena is proud of you, Agar. You're doing it right.

  • pdk leather

    hello. Your channel greatI want to connect with you for a long time

  • scout4118

    A magnificent work of art.

  • TAFF ward - davies

    Fantastic, I couldn't take my eyes off your work.

  • Aaron Buckmaster

    What a skilled craftsman you are. Absolutely Gorgeous.

  • Steve Mr W

    Beautiful workmanship.

  • EL Zacatecano

    How long would it take you to make one for a .22 cal Smith and Wesson, 6” canon..Without out the fancy design just plain pattern. ?

  • Mike Wells

    Thx for sharing your work with us. No annoying music or cluttered commentary, just an artisan enjoying his craft....thx again!!!

  • John Gatlin

    THAT is what it's all about! Excellent work...a true Craftsman. I can only hope in time I can get that good.

  • grassroot011

    Beautamous and the best I''ve seen. Great work and outcome.

  • G56AG

    A beautiful work of art!


    ...wow! ...waiting for the belt!

  • Paul Fogel

    Love it. No distracting music

  • David Perkins

    Consummate skill. A privilege to watch. Many thanks.

  • schuur10

    Did you kill a dinosaur to get that leather? JZC what a overkill for a 2pnd hand gun. But ...., i do respect your skills about leather working !

  • Star Rider

    Absolutely breathtaking work and end product. Very admirable indeed. And then Youtube is flooded by shit videos of workers with 'super human skill levels', when they are painting a room or mowing a lawn! I ask you?

  • rusbel garcia arteaga

    Beautiful in arte the fantastic 👍🏻👑

  • la calacacaca

    I consider your craft, high art, it is on par with a gold cup from the Thracian culture, bravo!

  • 118Psalm

    Enjoyed very much watching a master craftsman at his work. So much to be learned.

  • Richard Smith

    O my god what a beautiful job! that is a dying art!!

  • The Liquor

    Looks really similar to John Marstons holsters in rdr2, awesome workmanship!!!

  • Western Trail Rider

    So glad to see another video! I've just about got your others memorized!

  • Gene

    do you ever line your holsters to protect the pistol ? if so with what?

  • Gene

    I made one like that , not as ornate, for a ruger super blackhawk with 10 1/2 barrel with a cartridge loop belt all hand sewn. It was a heck of a project with conchos and blood knots. it went to my knee

  • Grichka Bogdanoff

    You should make a holster to protect this holster

  • Ghost Rider

    Me gusta tu funda, buen trabajo todo un arte saludos desde 🇵🇪

  • Farmer P

    You sir are a true artist.

  • Rick Davis

    I had one made by a guy up in Montana a couple of years ago. I thought it was great until I saw this. Beautiful work.

  • Nomans land

    I learned a lot. Thanks.

  • Belogor' Ѩ

    хороший труд👍🏻☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

  • Carl Schmiedeke

    No sewing machine for your huh, ?, All hand made

  • 1959Berre

    Amazing. How many hours did it take to make it?

  • Flykickznation

    Pure work of art man kudos👍🏼🤤

  • Big Bubba

    You do nice work. If you could put captions down so we know exactly what you’re doing

  • Peete native man

    wow amazing nice work !!!

  • philip barrick

    Nice cool Videos on leather holsters gun belts & knife sheath Making Them.

  • Peter Montagna

    My hope is that America never loses this amazing craft! This country was made richer because of talented artists like you.

  • Geo Mondiale

    I would love one for my Vaquero

  • Jose G Gutierrez

    So Beautiful, congratulations.

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