The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Where Do I Get Albedo, White Gull, Mandrake Cordial, Cherry Cordial

Need help finding White Gull, Albedo, Cherry Cordial, Mandrake Cordial, or Redanian Herbal?
Albedo Diagram -
White Gull Diagram -

Just in case it was not clear in the video. I explain this at the 5:00 minute mark in the video. The Albedo and White Gull Diagrams are random loot drops.

To boost your chances to purchase the diagrams you need to unlock the Master Alchemist/Herbalist in each of the zones.

Tomira is in White Orchard
The Pellar in Velen/Novigrad
The Young Herbalist right outside of Novigrad near the Oxenfurt Gate Signpost
There is another Old guy (Gremist) you unlock in Skellige in the quest Practicum for Advanced Alchemy. Check that video in the Skellige Playlist.
  • Knute-dude

    If anyone wanna skip the chit chat, the usefull stuff starts at around 5:34

  • Lee Owen

    really wish you were just more to the point

  • Medrea Bogdan

    ALbedo recipe, in White orchard, in the battlefield camp.

  • DarkFrostX

    Where to Find Mandrake Cordial & Cherry Cordial 6:16

  • Zoddhand

    Just to the south of "road to bald mountain" theres a merchant that sellsthe cherry and mandrake liquor and he sells about 20 of each

  • 1970scareface

    You also can buy some Mandrake Cordial and Cherry Cordial at the Innkeep in Novigrad Oxenfurt to make some White Gull that you need to make Albedo with a few other ingredients.

  • will75j

    Dude what are you playing on?? I love the graphics and such!

  • PalN1CK

    Thanks for the help! great vid! Is the master crafted ursine sword the best sword in the game?

  • Savrior

    this dude be dropping spoilers like crazy

  • Markimus Minimus

    Thank you this helped me complete my set of ALL superior Ursine Gear!

  • Gianni Crescimbeni

    man, but where is the albedo recipe?????

  • Angry Devil Gamer

    extremely helpful being looking every where for white gull then i learnt it was crafted only

  • Noah Nation

    for the first time this video actually help me thanks man

  • Diego Undreiner

    Thanks but you know what north-east, north-west and so on is?

  • Dominik H.

    You,Sir, are a life saver.

  • Robert Arena

    thanks legend big help

  • Brayden Siemens

    Thanks this really helped.

  • Rahul J

    so where do i get the allspice?

  • LeTrait _____

    I'me sorry dude but i 've just watch the video "labedo diagram" . Obviously, this is not the right link. I watched it for all the 20minutes and you still dont have the diagram at the end. Where did you find it please ?

  • Drago swordman

    I did all the quests,went to the battlefield,looted the chest and went to him to get the diagram and didn't get shit. idk what to do will somebody please help I did everything

  • Benny S

    Thanks a lot man, I was so frustrated

  • Khalil Cora

    How do I get bear school part 2???

  • Nick Ferdinande

    Thanks this video was a huge help.

  • Justin Keltner

    where can i find the allspice?

  • Merking

    Where do you get verbena?

  • dreamxclown

    thank u! I was going crazy looking for the ingredients to make white gull.

  • ChoJun

    So much BS talking. Go to the point, who cares about all that useless stuff you put.

  • Ken Hayward

    Too much trouble to do all that crafting, you want to play a player friendly games play GTA5, ESO and AC series games. The Witcher Wild Hunt is to confusing, with trying to follow quests, and running around trying to find all the things you need to craft, just a waste of time. Just like the quest A Dangerous Game, was fine up until chasing the duke, duke makes it through the door and the door slams shut before I could get in, now the quest hangs because no way in. Thumbs down for this game.

  • Umair Saeed

    The Witcher 3 is such a annoying game the developers don’t give a shit about guiding and helping the player they make every item a tedious going and super rare u til it forces u to watch a guide on YouTube and it’s way too story driven shit gameplay

  • NasserAlsh

    finally, a video that showed what i need without quest bullshit

  • PerspectiveSeeker

    Om so fucking stupid. I needed the albedo recipe but i already had it. When i went to check if i had allspice i found albedo. And i ust fscepalmed XD

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