Witcher 3 ► The Iron Maiden, She who will Sleep With Whoever Defeats her #134 [PC]

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Yutta an Dimun, the Iron Maiden and best duelist of Skellige. She'll sleep with, marry and have children only with the man who defeats her. Will that be Geralt?
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  • snkhuong

    Geralt is smart. He's not falling for that child support trap

  • CidGuerreiro1234

    "I swore to the goddess that only he who bested me in battle would lie with me-" Geralt's already naked"... take me as his wife-" Geralt's already riding a horse at full speed to the next city

  • András Csékey

    Its not cheating if she was voiced by the same actress as Yennefer...

  • Aurex

    "We'll Bang, ok?""Only if you defeat me!" Commander Geralt defeats her"Report to my log cabin as soon as possible."

  • Arthur Morgan

    I killed Eredin, king of the wild hunt. I outwitted Gaunter o'dimm, the devil himself. I killed a higher vampire who was dead set on murdering people. But those deeds arent good enough I guess.

  • Alica Ljungberg

    Why didn't he get to have sex with Gundar as well then?

  • Uranos 96

    in fact shes so easy to fight that i would make an aids test if i would be geralt

  • Xoskar1

    AHHAHA just saw the easter egg. Geralt says "Whats Freya got to do with it" Freya is the god of love, referenceing the song "Whats love got to do with it"

  • Keön V

    If you do the fists of Skellige quests and beat Olaf you can skip the Gundar bit. Because your name around Skellige already proceeds you.

  • Cthulhu

    "... Could I get a gwent card instead?"

  • Koz Dawg

    "So what is she to you? This..." 'Geralt runs out the door'

  • chechar3dg

    It's nice how they take so many European folk legends and turn them into quests

  • UtubeH8tr

    "NEVER heard of GERALT of RIVIA...?""Trish watch the horse.""Dandelion, grab your lute.""Ciri, hold my ale.""See this medallion? You're gonna learn what it means."

  • Adam Wiley


  • SuperGodlike101

    I'm betting she's a real trooper and has no fear of the dark.

  • wittynerd

    I threw a bomb at her and defeated her, but she felt like I cheated, and dismissed me. Of course I failed the quest as well.

  • Beetlejuice80s

    She send me to get a sword for her, not to fight this fat guy

  • Zeus *

    Unlocked virgin trophy 😂

  • art10nik

    0:21 heard "Pharros" instead of "Faroe's". Dark Souls addiction just doesn't pass that easily.

  • younugattitube

    "What's Freya got to do, got to do with it?"

  • Tymdek

    I'm always surprised how everyone in this game seems to know Kaer Morhen...shouldn't they never have heard about it, especially in Skellige?

  • XJevoX

    Ok, now I'm 99% sure, that her voice actress is the same that gave voice to Yennefer. She even mentioned Yen at the very end of this video.

  • Horváth Benedek

    "No man's been found who could best me in combat""Oh... excuse me Lady... Could someone give Letho a call?!"But seriously, when I first saw Letho, I nearly pissed myself. He would tear this girl apart with bare hands lol.EDIT: Damn... she looks soo sad... should lower her standards. The tatooed guy looked pretty skilled with the sword, maybr if she trained him a bit...Now I feel bad for a fictional character. Geralt could have at least given her a hug. Geralt, you cold hearted bastard. Then again, maybe the witcher instinct would kick in, and he'd slay her once more.

  • Nele

    Wait what, did you just NOT bang her? What kind of a sick gamer playing as Geralt of Rivia are you?

  • Claire de Danann

    Is it just me or does this Jutta sounds like Yennefer just with an dialect? XD

  • TheXpender

    Jutta un Dimun: You preformed any great feats? Cause I don't believe I've heard...Geralt: I'm the Gwent champion in Toussaint. Speaking of, wouldn't mind to play a round or two.Jutta un Dimun: nods

  • Edda233

    Geralt of Rivia is fairly famous, and certainly not unknown to the lords of Skelliga. That she doesn't know you is more a sign of her ignorance.

  • IsRick IV

    I’m not a fan of Yennifer or Triss. Let this girl be my romantic option!

  • Celestunia

    "She who will Sleep With Whoever Defeats her", sounds like the average street walker to me.

  • Daniel Lugo

    The only reason I would even consider completing this mission is to bang her. Otherwise it's just a waste of time.

  • ShadowSamuel

    In the 3rd game I treat romance seriously so no sleeping with anybody but Yennefer.

  • X V

    I've no idea how she doesnt know of Geralt, there are legends that speak of the White Wolf, the legendary warrior and master witcher sang of in ballads.

  • Arindam Bard

    If u complete fists of fury in Skellige before this quest.... U dont have to fight Gundar... U have to retrieve a sword for her instead

  • vBHSW

    “ENUFF, ENUFF!”No tap outsBeheads

  • Gustavo Silveira

    As descartes once said: "YOU COULD HAVE GIVEN HER THE D!"

  • Comrade Snake

    Was expecting to hear Charlotte the Harlot... Meh...

  • philipp plein

    That girl sounds like Yennefer doing her best at an Irish voice accent impression

  • H. N.

    I like your way of fightingParrying and dodgingI can't do thatI'd give it a try thoughI always do flips

  • Eli Smirnov

    Jutta: Freya, send me the strongest warrior ever existed.Freya: okNext morning. Jutta sees a huge teutonic like knight in red armor with 2 horns, strange symbol and lots of skulls on knight's shoulders.Jutta: emmmmmm. Greetings warrior, if you can defeat me you can sleep with me and...Knight of Blood God rips her head off, breaking her skull.Blood Champion: it offends me.

  • Victoria Sharpe

    Lol just been playing the obsidian islands on ac odyssey and met Roxana. She reminds me too much of her 😅

  • Tony seignafo

    Always thought this quest was funny, I found her after beating story/dlc while wandering around the hills. After all her talk about being unbeatable, I took one swing and a ride to her cabin after 😂😂😂

  • Josh Goskowsky

    Geralt forget about being known as the Butcher of Blaviken? Could have mentioned that to her.

  • Brian Cain

    Ironic how she's the voice actress as Yennefer..

  • chris soto

    Someone give me a sword I want a go!!!

  • Diablo 5564

    "You performed any great feats?" What does he need to bring a resume with him wherever he goes? The amount of monsters he has killed single handedly should qualify him but no go fight who gives a damn McGee in the local village and only then are you worthy.

  • Jason Birch

    I wonder if she is based on Red Sonja, she was unbeatable in battle and would only go too bed with the one person who is destined to beat her in battle

  • Morge Zorge

    My Gerald can sire children, because i did the Quest in Witcher 2 :)

  • cowgirl boots

    what happens if we sleep with her does yen or triss finds it out?


    Oh yeah i did it twiiice !!

  • emptyaccount

    Iron maiden is coming to get you no matter how far

  • Fat Cat

    geralt walks behind a rockcomes back "ive defeated gondor"ok lets fight 😂

  • Seems Legit

    "I swore to the goddess that only he who bested me in battle would lie with me"Geralt: its free real estate

  • Bone Daddy 69420

    Nice way to get laid ngl. Also, i have a feeling that she's a masochist lol.

  • Lee Vorg

    And who is Geralt of Rivia?Someone who's going to faq you till your eyes rolls up for 2mins. haha.

  • adam mcardle

    If you did that specific questions in one of the other two games, it's entirely possible that that facility may be fully operational, if you get my gist

  • Theodore Mauros

    I've logged 300 hours in this game and the dlcs and I have no idea who she is.

  • Vlad 117

    Geralt gave her a PIECE OF MIND!!🤘

  • A Fluffy Penguin

    Sounds a bit like Yen, with a Irish accent

  • Rational Logic

    I had to find a sword for her to prove my worth. Different story lines?

  • The Commentator

    I came from your high stakes gwent tournament video and I should say I'm flattered by your loyalty to whom your heart beats to.(Or you refused them because of youtube,who knows ;))I saw many more videos of you and I can say I'm happy that I watch somebody that can control his ploughin' libido.Have a nice day.

  • KajiRider1997

    Unless you're a redhead from Rogatino I'm not interested

  • Van Hentai

    Hmmm nice refference to Brunhilde from Nibelung saga :)

  • prosketch OFW

    Where do you start this quest? I dont remember it

  • arxfatallis

    what armour is Geralt wearing?

  • Mitch Snow

    The one reason I clicked onto this video, damnit it didn’t even happen!

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