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  • LegacyKillaHD

    Tons of great open world experiences to come, which ones interest you the most?

  • BeastBlood1996

    Cyberpunk 2077 won't be out for ages

  • 4Gaming

    I dont know why people keep thinking cyberpunk is coming out next year they are literally still hiring people for it to this day, dont expect next year I'd say 2020 sounds more realistic...

  • Hakeem Sadler

    I think the Ghost of Tsushima is going to be a great game for the ps4.

  • ProbablyFear

    Spiderman, GOTY potential? Lolno. You'll finish the 20 hour long story then never pick up the game again. Plus, it doesn't have a chance seeing that it's releasing the same year as RDR2

  • Week9nd

    Man im really hyped for BORDERLANDS 3

  • MRM 70

    Cyberpunk 2077 is my favorite from this list, but I am sceptical if it comes out in 2018 already

  • Zen XVIII

    That witcher soundtrack tho

  • John Marston

    RDR 2 #1 Oh I didnt see it coming, love u leg

  • In Cooter we trust[ed]

    Borderlands 3 if it actually comes out in 2018

  • Kim Bergström

    Cyberpunk to be released 2020... :)

  • AllRound Grizzly

    where. is. crackdown 3... IT SHOULD BE HERE!

  • Khairul Aizat Haidzir

    Quite misleading platform releases there.. No announcement of rdr2 & beyond good & evil 2 coming out on pc.. Why do this man? Don't keep my hopes up.. Not cool bro

  • John Evans

    Anthem is going to be a grindfest with micro transactions. I don't care about it at all.

  • Mark Levinsen

    Funny that you include the word 'Best' into the title. You haven't even played the game. Its best to use "10 New upcoming .." to be more fair. Who knows some of them has microtransaction like SoW.

  • MetalGamer

    Why is #1 not a surprise? xD

  • Hyperdog 22021997


  • Parviz Dzhalolov

    My list is 1) Red dead redemption 22) ghost of Tsushima 3) days gone 4) cyberpunk 20775) Spider-Man 6) metro-exodus 7) farcry 58) death strandingAnd bonus what I expect on 2018-2019last of us part 2God of warDetroit became human Shadow of colossus Call of Cthulhu Vampire That's it for me this 14 great games more than good for next 2 years;)

  • Lemuel Laesecke

    Star citizen can not wait for it!!

  • Ashok Kumar

    rockstar pls release rdr2 for pc

  • Leanne Morris

    Far cry 5, rdr2, tlou2 and days gone, give me that and I'll die happy.

  • Yu Guan

    Ignore Anthem! It will be the next ME Andromeda and Battlefront 2. You will be only wasting your money and time on any EA games.

  • Andrew Konadu

    Death Stranding Coming Out in 2018... HAHAHA 😂, that's a good one

  • Rondais Fort

    Wtf kind of list is this where the hell is god of war and the last of us part 2?

  • jacob monaghan

    Another good video, keep it up legacy

  • Pita Broodje Met kaas

    SKIP ATHEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dragonflight2488

    I wouldn't say these games are the best upcoming open world but rather the most anticipated. I can't tell if a game is good unless I play it.

  • Matthew Tyree

    oooo anthem, can't wait for the micro transactions :D

  • walid 1609

    how is skull and bones not on this list

  • mohamed abdou

    like the sound of witcher 3 that you used ;) nice touch

  • You cant handle my name!

    i have absolutely no hopes or expectations for anthem nore do i have any for other ea titles.

  • Andrew Konadu

    2018 is going to be the best year in video games

  • AbdulSalam

    Thanks you legacykillhd your videos are the best and all of the rumours will be true I believe your channel

  • Dapper Knight

    Even without playing with other people, Sea of Thieves is really fun. Though Borderlands 3 and Cyberpunk are both games I really really look forward to.

  • Ralius

    I was wondering if Cyberpunk 2077 is on this list.... Then i heard music at the very beginning of the video and I've got my answer. The only problem is its number two on your list, you should fix that, its a fact that cyberpunk has no equal at the moment.... Hell witcher 3 after more then 2 years is still the best game.

  • Gamer Nation

    Red Dead over CyberPunk?? NAH...

  • Excel

    Cyberpunk 2077 is a surefire hit

  • 10k DedSec_18

    rdr2 and death stranding

  • the undertaker

    i hate 1st person games

  • Patrick Bateman

    2077's character customisation needs to be so damn detailed such as different walking styles, voices and maybe different idle animations for the kind of character you want to create. Does anyone else have any other ideas?

  • OBS detta E-postkontot är inaktivt Maicol Engström 4 B Kevinge skolan

    I Don't understand Why is every1 so hyped for cyber punk and rdr2??????

  • Bunker Boy Gaming

    That samurai game sounds interesting but my ancestors are the mongol leaders soo I will kinda be killing my ancestors

  • Ian White

    Dont buy Red Dead Redemption !!! you will thank for me later

  • eric cirelli

    Do you know when Anthem will be out?

  • Logan Ainsworth

    so its silent hills but not cancelled yet

  • André François Barneond Paredes

    Wont buy Anthem nor any other EA game until thy change their anti consumer tactics

  • DevilsBlood999 Jr

    Days Gone and Ghost of...

  • Marc Noirmain

    How comes Vampyr isn't at all an honorable mention ? ^^'

  • Scavy Saimon

    7:01 Did he really just cleaned his mouth with a hook after that drink?

  • TheCWiggum

    Skip ahead to 13:03 to find out what number 1 spot is. Can't wait

  • Arron Morgan

    What a video, your content is great, keep up the fantastic work 👍 and I am looking forward to every game on this list. And other games that are not open world, I.e last of us 2 and so on.

  • ياسمين الشام

    Wait what rdr2 isn't coming to pc. .but he put it for pc .

  • Inkedmartian

    EA is doing their best to kill anthem.

  • Jamal McClain

    Red dead is overrated and is going to be stuffed with micro transactions just like gta 5

  • Ben M

    Nearly every game in this I'm excited for

  • eric cirelli

    ATTENTION: does anyone have a cheap ps4 they would be willing to sell I’m so desperate I’m begging all of you. Preferably in New York State 😭Please😭😭😭

  • TheMeathead62

    these zombie games need to stop

  • ShintyShinto

    RDR2 is my most hyped up one (ofc) but I'm also looking forward to Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves.

  • DarthRaver86 86

    You guys are all wrong. Cyberpunk 2077 will be out in q4 of 2018. I would bet money on this.

  • Mauricio Aranda

    Too bad Star Citizen is not on this list. That game is going to be awesome. I think SC will be released by 2019 or 2020

  • Ylee Andrews

    Rdr2 n days gone for my list

  • Aman Malik

    goddam ps4 is kicking ass with that lineup

  • Brian Ogilby

    Cyberpunk 2077, Dragon Age 4: Retribution, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and TLOU II are the 4 announced games I will be buying in the next 4 years. Thats it Open Worlds and no. If another Xcom, HZD, Dead Island and Mad Max game is announced however in time for releace in 4 years that list will expand.

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