Japanese Katana VS European Longsword - Samurai sword VS Knight Broadsword

Japanese Katana VS European Longsword - Samurai sword VS Knight Broadsword.

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  • Aprialdano

    I don't know but I think the Long Sword looks Made In China in this video

  • Dylan Smith

    Aight now listen to this, please. I'm a blacksmith from Georgia who has done massive amounts of research. So many misconceptions here. 1. NO SWORD can cut through steel or a wooden shield of any substantial thickness. Go ahead, try to cut a historically accurate wooden shield or piece of steel plate in half in one swing, it's not gonna happen. That is a trope from movies, video games, and tv shows.2. The katana was made out of Tamahagane steel, which is inferior to other steels of the period and they had to make several work arounds to make an effective weapon (thick spine, large fuller to cut out weight due to thickness, and making a hard edge and soft spine for shock resistance.)3. The longsword was typically lighter, by around 1/2 to 1 pound. 4. BOTH WEAPONS were not used primarily in war, that's what polearms are for. Swords are used mainly as a secondary weapon when it comes to the battlefield.5. There is no such thing as a "faster" sword, if that's your argument then I assume you are talking about the weight, in which the longsword edges out the katana (although not by much.)6. This video is not a good test of a longsword vs a katana. Both are cheap reproductions and thus this test should be taken with a grain of salt.7. You can't say that one sword is sharper than the other. Sharpness is determined by the smith who made it and honed it, not the style of sword. It comes down to the individual sword.8. Why does everyone say one is stronger over the other? Again this comes down mainly to the individual sword but katana bend more easily due to the soft spine and the longsword is more likely to have edge damage due to having two edges, so they but both have pros and cons.9. You guys do know that the katana isn't the only japanese blade right? Some reason a lot of people don't see that, probably because Katanas are so popular. There are more blades in Japanese culture has way more than JUST the katana. You have the Ninjato, Nagamaki, Naginata, (N)odochi, Wakizashi, Japanese Tanto and more. 10. The question of knight vs samurai is dumb. If you brought these two warriors together then how would you make it a fair judicial duel? They would have to be the same height and weight, both be at the same stage in their martial art (which there would be no way to measure that) and different people learn martial arts at different rates. The question of knight vs samurai is botched from the start.Anyways, sorry this was so long. Thanks for reading and feel free to disagree, ask questions, or just add to the conversation :D

  • King T'challa

    But can it penetrate the Nokia 3310 old version armor?

  • Steve Spencer

    this is the most stupid and innaccurate video ive ever seen

  • Micah Klein

    "But nobody goes to war against ice cubes" ...well you clearly have not watched Game of Thrones there my friend

  • et 37

    Full Metal Jacket Intensifies

  • Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed

    slices shoulder“Lost a few of his intestines”

  • Haruno Kenji

    Is this guy trolling? He doesn't even know how to use the katana. Especially that long sword, did he bought that one at the antique shop? It looks like a piece of junk if you ask me. My family has a long line of blacksmiths since 1700s. Our family made countless of katanas for WW2, even though we stopped mass producing it after Japan lost the war we still love blacksmithing. You can't compare swords because they have different types and uses. Plus the sharpness and durability of the blade depend on how much effort and honing a forger spend on it. Plus you should give the specific type of katana so that viewers wouldnt misunderstand and give them information about the uses and types of those swords, plus There are different types of katanas.

  • nate

    Real katana vs dollar general long sword

  • Cheese

    The katana and I have something in common , 36 inches

  • Joshua Rosen

    I listened to the first 7 seconds of this and it was immediately apparent that I wasn't going to learn anything from this video. Bye bye.

  • Bekon Face

    I would still choose a Longsword

  • Under Bridge

    I'll always love Gunny. But this show was shit. They get even basic things wrong and their tests are absolute jokes.

  • R Nies

    apparently the longsword of the test has a minor quality. This is not representative. In Europe the sword production had a much longer history than in Japan (ancient Rome had already high quality steal). Japanese knew that, why they prefered european steal in their productions. That is why the european swords were made of harder fabric in general. Exceptions are due to the skill of the smith. While the europeans went on with weapon development from the 16th century, the Japanese only started in the 19th century to introduce and copy european modern weapons. That is why there is the legend of the better quality of the Katana. The Japanese used this weapon till last 19th century while nobody in Europe used swords (except for decoration or against wild US-natives) . A good Katana is a better weapon than a very bad sword. But a usual sword will be a good sword and is almost always a superior weapon.

  • TheReaper10123

    "nobody goes to war against ice cubes." unless you live in Westeros

  • Gallus the GOD

    Your using the wrong LongswordThere are allot of Variables to the Longsword, here;Good for;SpeedCuttingThrustingHand protectionWeightLeverageRangePoint of balanceAND YOUR USING A LONGSWORD BUILT FOR SpeedNOT FOR Cutting

  • NoturAvg Dude

    These guys are the OG weebs

  • Alpha_Wolfe X

    You improperly used the longsword...The longsword techniques you used were as if you had a bat, a longsword is a stashing weapon, not a club. If you push your thumb down on a blade it will not cut you, that is what you did with the longsword against the leather armor, you didn't slash, you smacked. But if you run your thumb along a knife it will cut you, as you did with the katana. Also, you do not stab with a blade horizontally, you stab with the blade vertical. I train with swords very offen, just read this and possibly attempting to make a redemption round.

  • Eduardo Santiago Soliman

    Katana: Epic QualityLongsword: Uncommon Quality

  • ShouldaHunta

    But can the katana cut through a Nokia

  • Than Gates

    I'm not a sword expert, but I'm pretty sure that long sword isn't the same quality as the katana. It's like comparing an old pickup truck to a Tesla and then saying electricity is superior to gasoline. If you want to see what a real long sword can do, watch skallagrim.

  • Aidan Atkerson

    This video was made to make weebs cum.It honestly frustrates me so much seeing this horrible treasure trove of innacuracy.Everywhere.

  • Jesse Watt

    God, so much false information in the comments section. Neither sword was ever meant to cut through, or pierce, plate or laminate armour. Both sword types weighed roughly the same, with the same level of sharpness. No, katanas are not sharper because they are folded. Folding only removes the impurities in the Japanese steel, which the Europeans did not have to worry about due to their steel being of a higher base quality.Both sword types were designed to be utilised against an opponents weakly armoured areas, namely the groin, neck, armpits and joints. Swords just could not penetrate plate, or laminate, armour, and they didn't even try to do so. That is why war hammers and picks existed, because they were ideal for crushing or piercing plate respectively.Which would win, would come down to the tactical situation at the time, and if a one-on-one fight was to occur, the better swordsman would win.

  • Tyler Mitchell

    Guys if you are truly interested please watch "shadiversity", he did a really good analysis

  • Taylor Haws

    first of all, this whole debate about longswords vs katanas is stupid. it all depends on the type of katana and the type of longsword. some longswords are better for slashing, some for hacking, and others for stabbing. some longswords are better at stabbing than katanas, others are not. some are better at slashing than katanas, and again, others are not.second, this test is rigged. at 5:13 when he hits the leather armor with the longsword, he simply hits it as one would with a baseball bat. no sword would make it through leather armor with a hit like that. then at 5:26, he uses the katana in a downward slashing action. if they wanted to be truly scientific about this, then they would have done the test multiple times from the same angle with several different katanas and several different longswords.

  • Maria Jones

    Katana sliced thru the ice prety nice

  • Under Bridge

    If anyone took a genuinely crafted sword and went to chop a block of ice with it I would want to cry.

  • Sperm Whale

    why did he compare to different cuts, one to the rib and a slash.

  • TheBlutopian

    That longsword is as dull as a butterknife. 5:09 A good sharpened longsword would never do this, to leather armour nonetheless. These are swords that were meant to hit other swords and armor.

  • Jack Robinson

    Unfair testing he obviously favours the katana

  • Boy Lesmono

    Whats with this lvl 1 longsword that you found at the beginning of RPG..

  • billcarso

    Why compare weapons with different use? Longsword is a cheap and multipurpose weapon. Katana is a superior and expensive weapon used for fast cutting. European weapons specialized for cutting are axes and falchions. Compare katana with them or stop with these stupid videos.

  • Caoimhín Ó Cáinín

    Such a biased test in every respect lmao

  • Ængle Wer


  • Wilhelm Stenvall

    Lol, why block so we can't see how many disliked the video?

  • Ser Stormcrow

    The blade on the Longsword is dull, you can tell by the refection of the light on the edges of the sword. Confirmation bias at its finest.

  • Christian Garland

    ().() is this a comedy? If these guys knew anything about these weapons.. Especually the long sword. Obviously a dislike .

  • nimkoman lol 242

    Yes buy a 2000$ katana and 200$ long sword. Who would win.

  • John Smith

    I would rather see each sword in the hands of an expert user of that type of swords. A lot of the success that the Katana had here is due to poor sharpening and terrible sword form... Really weak swings as well.

  • Staccet

    This video is not to be taken as a fact because1. Incorrect cutting technique.2. Using a dull longsword of unknown origin.3. Those guys have no idea whatsoever how to use a sword.4. Why the hell are they bashing plate armor? 

  • Hans

    Watching these again because RIP gunny.

  • Brandon Beer

    Terrible video go watch shadiversity to actually learn something

  • Astroblaze the Reality Traverser

    "The pommel for pommelling"

  • Yukino kazama

    I'll go with the katana

  • Bunny God

    This video deserves a trophy for having the longest active comment section lol.

  • Halvstekt

    So many weebs are now happy

  • Todd Hageman

    Unfair comparison. For example, in the leather armor comparison, with the longsword Mr. Ermy merely struck at the dummy like he was swinging a ball bat, while with the katana he used a slashing motion, actually drawing the blade across the target allowing it to slice.

  • mihovecz jozsef

    You cheat,1. The angle of the hit2. Poor quality long sword, get a real sword.3. Give it some force we can see you hit lighter with the long sword.4. Why hit with the bottom of the long sword, in long swords the bottom not carrying the power, and mostly less sharp.

  • WittowBudduh

    The longsword didn't even look sharpened

  • Vol 7

    So, a sword made for slicing stabbs better than a sword made for stabbing...Yeah, sure, good try.

  • Nikola Poiukov

    Only warhammers and warpicks could really penetrate a knight plate armor. The bulgarians who were the first to defeat the crusaders, used a very sneaky tactic. They hid in the trees and ambushed the knights, taking them off their horses with big hooks and than using knives to stab them where they lack armor. Bulgaria didnt lose 1 battle that wat

  • david cater

    The long sword would win 9 out of ten times. Better metal Longer bladeMore durableMore versatilityAnd more likely the wielder would have had better armorI don’t see a katana being better than a long sword happening very often.

  • Thord

    You forget the katana-wielding Samurai were the greatest, most skilled and the most disciplined warriors and the katana was the most superior weapon of all time maybe up to the invention of the nuclear bomb. Some say the Americans managed to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki only because there were none of the katana-wielding Samurais in those cities who could have easily cut those bombs in half and repel the attack.

  • Rapier FᎬᎠ

    This is 9 years ago...

  • Truth Seeker

    Isn't he the Colonel from Full Metal Jacket?

  • dont mind me just commenting

    Now that i look at the armor and weapons they are shitty and the way how they compared both was awful

  • illkyum

    He forgot to mention that katanas can shoot shockwaves is swung fast enough

  • telltalestrangler

    seems like pretty cheap swords.

  • SkullCrusher 6025

    Psssshhh....try me wears legendary deadric armor

  • Ibu Tri

    Ai Indonesia hebat katana

  • Zerker Buddy

    3:38 and its nice and long i liked it

  • Lord Slapaman

    hearing an American accent narrate a foreign item makes it sound like he doesnt know what hes talking about

  • Marlon James

    both are modern times remakes, about as hystorically accurate as Lord of the Rings is to the middle Ages.

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