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There is not a more OP build in the game. That I can promise you. Not necessarily for the DPS, there are higher DPS builds available. But for the simple fact that you (almost) cannot die. This build makes Death March look like Story Mode. If you want more of a challenge in DM, check out one of my other builds on my channel that offers great DPS in different forms (signs, melee). Just pick your poison and have fun!

Drowners hit for 15 damage, wolves for 60, a fiend was hitting me for 10, and city guards only hit for 150! I do want to put something out there. While this build is practicality impervious to any form of physical damage, magic damage does still hurt. Of course incoming magic damage is reduced, it just isn't to the extent of physical damage.

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  • Yunpei Yang

    11:09 Geralt (to 20+ soldiers): Not too late to surrender. This is very badass.

  • James Wadland

    #QuenForPresident2016No, seriously. Quen is the best sign, and should be praised for its glory.I can't even begin to count how many times Quen has saved my ass, due to how readily available it is and how reliable it is.Yrden is alright, but sometimes feels like a waste to set up if nothing walks into its radius, Axii is great for utility but isn't amazing in combat, Igni is ironically "cool" but not useful against shield-bearers or monsters with a resistance to fire, and Aard is also cool but I find myself using it the least, only to stagger an enemy when I need to like with the Shalemaar. The only time Quen isn't useful is during dialogue options, but Geralt's unlimited charisma easily handles those situations.

  • Damien333

    I like the part where he recorded the voice over with a potato.

  • Nonprophet

    It sounds like youre in a microwave

  • Sergio Jara

    I stopped watching as soon as I saw he was level 83. 😂

  • philsag

    I mean it would be useful if you just had to beat 20 red skull guards for whatever reason but this would be a very boring way to play the game for me.

  • GhostVaperYT

    this is not bad. i think you just missed out on one extra decoction though didn't you? nice build.

  • Joeri van Groenestein

    Can u say wich decoction and potions u used in this video in order i didnt hear it very clearly

  • Noor Khammas

    how could u be level 83 but with only 145 hours played, I'm level 50 with like 220 hours.

  • Mauro Yanez

    "This is on XBox" Its obvious, look at those graphs rofl

  • Ditronus

    Again, I like the build. Just thought I'd engage in some discussion. I understand your intents better. I hope people see this video as this is a unique build, and, most importantly, uses the best-looking armor in the game! Definite thumbs up from me. I'll post a comment referring to this build at my video so people are aware of it.

  • I dream in neon

    I recommend being a little further from the microphone.

  • iseeyou1312

    Was this build nerfed? Tried it out in NG+ 1.31 and guards break my Quen in 1 hit and normal bandits do so in 2-3 hits.

  • Ricardo Pereira de Paula

    It...actually works! I thought I had OP builts having reached really high DPS but this! You can play it blindfolded! I gotta admit, it's the most impenetrable build I've ever seen. Doesn't have the highest DPS, even with Wyvern, rather than Succubus and Whirl doesn't hurt it at all. This is not even OP, it's invencibility mode, jees.

  • Ditronus

    I get it. You're focusing a build around Invigoration, and protecting yourself against taking damage so you can keep Invigoration up via Quen. Yet, I think you sacrifice too much just to get that Quen refreshing. Ursine armor adds no offensive advantage other than safeguarding yourself to spam attacks constantly without thought of being hit, which you could also do by specifically focusing on more damage. You waste so much stamina on refreshing Quen when you could rip through all of them in an instant with the build you saw me craft (which it would be rude to link); not to mention that you're stamina regens so slow because you've focused everything around heavy armor/quen/invigoration. It's a very tanky and interesting build, but it's a very slow and weak build, comparatively.For the sake of 20% of having Quen refreshed, you're losing out on the following: roughly 200% critical damage and 8%+ critical hit chance, 20% more sword damage, and countless of amounts of damage by having more stamina regen and more stamina used towards offensive abilities instead of Quen upkeep. I do like the mutation choices somewhat, but I think the armor penetration choice of the Toussaint sword is so strange when you don't take a skill like Sunder Armor when you're using strong attacks; Sunder Armor is so much more valuable than armor penetration if you're using strong attacks, anyway.I would say this build is the best tank build I've seen, though, so props for that. However, I wouldn't say it's powerful. You could take a Rend build in the video I did with a Blizzard potion and severance (hitting multiple blocking enemies at once, negating armor) and have every one of these enemies dead very quickly without worrying about keeping Quen up and maximizing invigoration. Even a whirl variant could have all these enemies dead instantly. In Witcher 3, the more offensive the build, the better your defenses are.

  • Alex Zografakis

    I know it's not as impressive as beating 20 red skulls, but with this build (NG+/DM), Dettlaff's explosive bat attack took off only 1/6 of my HP WITH NO QUEN! Not to mention the one-digit number of strong attacks needed to beat his 1st and 2nd phase. In my first run, without this build, the bat attack was insta-death regardless of Quen being enabled or not.

  • Kobke

    I've got Aerondight, this is from my very first game with the DLC's, my character is 54 and my Aerondight like 49 or something, is there a way to improve the sword or I need to freakin do a NG+ do the quest again, and get all the blue prints for my armour again?

  • RandomDude

    this is not even fun anymore, why would someone want to play like that?

  • Vinny Bravo

    Just been looking at the description of the Arachas decoction and it makes no sense to me for this build. " Reduces damage recieved based on armor and inventory weight: less weight carried and lighter armor means less damage is taken." so how I understand that is that it works best with light armor and when ur carrying nothing in your inventory. so I dont see why you would use that with a heavy armor build ? am I missing something ? (genuine question, not trying to be a dick )

  • Me123you1me

    I can only take 3 decoctions. My toxicity is only at 245

  • Fenris

    This build when fighting Detllaff(not sure if spelt right) on Death March made it really easy.

  • Jet MaX

    I'd say "Devil Geralt" is much more OPSo OP in fact that it got patched :/

  • Chuy D

    This my favorite build of all time

  • Søren Agerholm

    I'm useing this build, and I'mma tell you.. it works, you literally become immortal - stop what you're doing, and respec into this. Like.. Right now, quit everything and go to your game and do this. Now

  • Daniel Podwysocki

    Why not place runes with +10 percent attack power in swords? Or is it calculated in a weird way making the bonus smaller? I mean 3x10 > 10

  • Andrea Colombo

    How do you think it would work with the Hen Gaidth armor? Its "vampiric" ability should synergize pretty well with Invigoration and the armor should provide better protection than Ursine, albeit at the cost of that spiffy Adrenaline bonuses.

  • S.J. Villarina

    The bread and butter of this build is the synergy between the life steal and the rune enhancement, damn all you hear is the woosh sound instead of the slashing sounds. Also, you can try to put the enhancement that makes all your gear considered a light armor and get the Cat school ability with the fast attacks tree. All you need to do is whirl and you're basically a meat grinder. Dmg is a little bit less compared to wearing the Grandmaster legendary feline set, but you make up for it with how tough you are with a minimum of 10k vitality and 1k armor. Great job man!

  • Jacob McMahan

    wow this guy just showed you what not to do in the Witcher 3 unless you just hate having fun in the game

  • John Longstreth

    hey! what's the 4th decoction?

  • PitbullTerror88

    holy shit those soldiers sure got a lot of health..

  • Eelke Westra

    you forgot that black vampire mask thing it heals you by one percent

  • Corvus Clamor

    sad to see how talents can be exploited to make you immortal with assistance of developers... i always prefered sting like a bee float like a butterfly, like witchers are supposed to fight

  • Fearsome Pony

    imo the most op buidl is the ursine chest armor with enchantment ot make it lght amror. cat school techniques.. maxed fast attack ursine swords ( to get the 3 item set buff) and i get the 3 item se4t buff from rest of feline armor. big resitsances whiel still maintainnig huge aoe dmg. and the best sword augment is the severance. You literally have infinite whirl with proper alchemy build. its the msot op thing evah

  • pduffy4

    I have the same armour build as you, same glyphs, same alchemy build etc... but my armour only rates at 839 not 1007.Which version of the game are you using? I am on 1.31 on xbox 1. Thanks.

  • quentin

    wich decoction does he use ?

  • Elon Must

    0:00 feels like his Xbox will blow up

  • TaurenChiefta1n

    hello mate with this build can you try other hard bosses like deatlaff or caretaker i want to see even i tried your build my quen is broken with 2 hit

  • Chris Craft

    level 70? i just got blood and wine and im like 43? what am i missing? after like 6 hours

  • Necro Mancer

    hunters instincts is bugged

  • Svetlana McAllicher

    FANTASTIC! Thanks for showing this & making my 1st Death March playthrough possibly much better!

  • Los Games

    no bombs, signs, nothing? meh

  • EpicFootballTV

    Which glasses is that?

  • Lessthirst

    How do you see the break down of your stats like that?

  • Sebastiaan Pletinck

    does this build not get bored after a while if its a god build and so easy to take no damage and killing?

  • Weekly Fiber

    Did u ever say all the decorations we should use?

  • Niko

    hi,in new patch 1.30 this build dont work anymore

  • The Jingo

    What did you use on your sword?

  • Jahidul Sane

    what's the last decoction only mentioned 3

  • Jay Daniel

    Is this with any DLC? Or can I just have the game with no B&W or HOS?

  • Nikita Ustimenko

    Hello, AOW. Thank you for your videos. Could you create good build for the start of the game?

  • mjb328

    Is this setup still a viable build on the xbox1? I recently finished B&W and now i want to start NG+DM run but i'm having trouble finding a build that not been affected or altered by patches. I haven't used my clearance potion yet and I'm about to fight the griffin and leave white orchard.

  • Chris Gillis

    +Apex of War Hey thanks for uploading this build. I was playing a signs build but due to the game not being built for NG+ my signs build became worthless. Been trying out this build and I love it. Still have decent use of signs but on top of it I'm super tanky, loads of HP regen and awesome damage. Plus it's pretty fun to fight with my swords again. Thanks man

  • Gabriel Noel Lojinha do Cafezinho quente

    How can you use 170 items? So far, I've just used 150, is there any build for those who do not have dlc?

  • Ringor

    what r the 4 decoctions?

  • ChrisTheRed Beard

    Not to nitpick, but aren't you using the steel sword against the soilders? not the silver, so why did you keep showing just the silver?

  • Sword Bright

    you get both my thumbs, fingers and toes up for this AWESOME and time-consuming build😍

  • FizzyElf

    Except that there are better builds. my 82 does over 100K per hit bud but you keep worshiping yourself

  • Tony Allen

    this seems like a boring build no challenge if you can't die

  • Amjad Khan

    I used levity on my ursine armor and I think i lost the bear school technique bonus from the skill tree. Would cat school techniques work instead or do i need to actually wear cat school armor for that to work?

  • Legion4 Lyfe

    i miss your videos Apex. I remember after BaW was released, videos from everyone on youtube. Build videos galore! Those were fun times. The excitement of exploration and testing. Thanks for your content

  • David bemis

    I have the water hag decoction and the elimmara decoction but what was the third one I didn't understand him

  • darktangent10

    How hard is it to keep your decoctions stocked? I'm running a signs build right now that has a 1 in 4 chance of instant kill with aard on most enemies, and 100% ignite chance for most others, but wraiths and gargoyles are a pain. Thinking of switching to a melee build.

  • Banned from Heaven

    Apex of War is beyond godlike. SOMEONE KILL HIM

  • pduffy4

    I got a DPS silver sword of 21,056 yesterday, my best ever, usually just about 4,000 to 6,000. I drastically changed my build. I re-alocated all my points. My steel sword was 7534 DPS.You critical hit damage is much higher than mine; mine was 8632 for silver sword but I had 970% critical hit chance with silver sword.I am using Euphoria. I was using Grandmaster Griffin armour. I have Grandmaster Ursine but have not tried it yet with this build.Thing is I was using the steel sword. I was fighting about 30 bandits and 8 dogs in one of the Knight quests in blood and wine. So plenty of action to build up the stats. I'm level 83.My sign intensity got to 479%.

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