There is not a more OP build in the game. That I can promise you. Not necessarily for the DPS, there are higher DPS builds available. But for the simple fact that you (almost) cannot die. This build makes Death March look like Story Mode. If you want more of a challenge in DM, check out one of my other builds on my channel that offers great DPS in different forms (signs, melee). Just pick your poison and have fun!

Drowners hit for 15 damage, wolves for 60, a fiend was hitting me for 10, and city guards only hit for 150! I do want to put something out there. While this build is practicality impervious to any form of physical damage, magic damage does still hurt. Of course incoming magic damage is reduced, it just isn't to the extent of physical damage.

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  • Yunpei Yang

    11:09 Geralt (to 20+ soldiers): Not too late to surrender. This is very badass.

  • Damien333

    I like the part where he recorded the voice over with a potato.

  • James Wadland

    #QuenForPresident2016No, seriously. Quen is the best sign, and should be praised for its glory.I can't even begin to count how many times Quen has saved my ass, due to how readily available it is and how reliable it is.Yrden is alright, but sometimes feels like a waste to set up if nothing walks into its radius, Axii is great for utility but isn't amazing in combat, Igni is ironically "cool" but not useful against shield-bearers or monsters with a resistance to fire, and Aard is also cool but I find myself using it the least, only to stagger an enemy when I need to like with the Shalemaar. The only time Quen isn't useful is during dialogue options, but Geralt's unlimited charisma easily handles those situations.

  • Nonprophet

    It sounds like youre in a microwave

  • Sergio Jara

    I stopped watching as soon as I saw he was level 83. 😂

  • Svampkungen

    Apex of War: fighting 20 enemies at the same time, no problems.Me: struggling to fight a small pack of wolves :(

  • Guilherme Martins

    Very impressive... But cAn yOU GWEnT?

  • philsag

    I mean it would be useful if you just had to beat 20 red skull guards for whatever reason but this would be a very boring way to play the game for me.

  • Ricardo Pereira de Paula

    It...actually works! I thought I had OP builts having reached really high DPS but this! You can play it blindfolded! I gotta admit, it's the most impenetrable build I've ever seen. Doesn't have the highest DPS, even with Wyvern, rather than Succubus and Whirl doesn't hurt it at all. This is not even OP, it's invencibility mode, jees.

  • GhostVaperYT

    this is not bad. i think you just missed out on one extra decoction though didn't you? nice build.

  • Ditronus

    Again, I like the build. Just thought I'd engage in some discussion. I understand your intents better. I hope people see this video as this is a unique build, and, most importantly, uses the best-looking armor in the game! Definite thumbs up from me. I'll post a comment referring to this build at my video so people are aware of it.

  • I dream in neon

    I recommend being a little further from the microphone.

  • Chuy D

    This my favorite build of all time

  • Mad Dog Of Shimano

    Can u say wich decoction and potions u used in this video in order i didnt hear it very clearly

  • Me123you1me

    I can only take 3 decoctions. My toxicity is only at 245

  • Andrea Colombo

    How do you think it would work with the Hen Gaidth armor? Its "vampiric" ability should synergize pretty well with Invigoration and the armor should provide better protection than Ursine, albeit at the cost of that spiffy Adrenaline bonuses.

  • Noor Khammas

    how could u be level 83 but with only 145 hours played, I'm level 50 with like 220 hours.

  • Liqweed 1337

    im running almost the same build, but with toxic blades and im going for whirl and light hits.also i use the skill to get the benefits of the light armor while wearing heavy.the dlc steel sword at the end of hearts of stone is the way 2 go for me.i miss your frequent uploads apex!

  • S.J. Villarina

    The bread and butter of this build is the synergy between the life steal and the rune enhancement, damn all you hear is the woosh sound instead of the slashing sounds. Also, you can try to put the enhancement that makes all your gear considered a light armor and get the Cat school ability with the fast attacks tree. All you need to do is whirl and you're basically a meat grinder. Dmg is a little bit less compared to wearing the Grandmaster legendary feline set, but you make up for it with how tough you are with a minimum of 10k vitality and 1k armor. Great job man!

  • Donna Martinez

    I really need to see how you played the Extreme Cosplay quest. I can not get through that one... I don't want to have to turn off enemy scaling, but I'm getting desperate.

  • PitbullTerror88

    holy shit those soldiers sure got a lot of health..

  • A M

    Is this build still working in 2018?I'm on version 1.60 on PS4 and I think all this has been patched.

  • Grady Rothbaum

    i miss your videos Apex. I remember after BaW was released, videos from everyone on youtube. Build videos galore! Those were fun times. The excitement of exploration and testing. Thanks for your content

  • Stephen Govea

    Awesome build, any suggestions on where to begin with this build? Where to invest points first? Best starter armor, weapons, etc.?

  • Felipe Piaggio

    I'm currently doing a similar build, and one time my heart beat stopt when I was accidentally at 18k health

  • Jacob Rice

    Getting back into Witcher 3 and watching your build videos again. I would recommend heft enchantment on the ursine chest and running the manticore trousers for enough toxicity to pop potions, you don't really need deflection since it tanks so well

  • Thomas Kaimann

    I go with an alchemy build where i focus on critical hits with rend. Im pretty sure you have better armor but i defiantly can push mor damage. Plus im good enough at countering that id finish these fools abit faster.

  • Mhacks Unknown

    Try a build with maximum gueen boost and max sign intensity and see what's happen's. you're just invincible ;)

  • Eelke Westra

    you forgot that black vampire mask thing it heals you by one percent

  • Fenris

    This build when fighting Detllaff(not sure if spelt right) on Death March made it really easy.

  • Smokey Joe

    Just been looking at the description of the Arachas decoction and it makes no sense to me for this build. " Reduces damage recieved based on armor and inventory weight: less weight carried and lighter armor means less damage is taken." so how I understand that is that it works best with light armor and when ur carrying nothing in your inventory. so I dont see why you would use that with a heavy armor build ? am I missing something ? (genuine question, not trying to be a dick )

  • EPICRyan3066

    Dayum! Nice. I'll definitely use this for my build. Keep up the great videos.

  • ZeRo ToLLeRaNcE

    I’m just getting back into this game. Thanks for the tip.

  • Isaac Egge-Ogas

    Dude, this is a amazing build! I'm level 58 on death March killing 77+ thank you bro!!

  • naba hrhhr

    i'll use the same build but use whirle instead of rend because rend is diffucult to use when you have a fast enemy or is attacked by multiple enemies like strong attacks for individual strong monsters and whirle for crowd control.

  • Afshin The Great

    Can we have V2 of this video with better audio?Thank you for the OP build.

  • stderer

    wow! some really passionate players out there. I finished the story with just swords and signs. Maybe it was on an easier level. I didnt even check the difficulty hehe. seriously awesome bro!

  • schronk arc

    your video is particularly educational and so very interesting, thanks for taking the time to do itIt is not really "the most op build" in fact but it's "a great ended game tank build" But it works i see you 1 Vs 20 amazingbut tank is too boring for me, i prefer hard Dps .....more GloriousAnd i see you dont use any sign O_O 0 point in tree ..... it surprised me"My" Geralt is a Witcher not a Panzer, but i use the same armor, it's a very good armor set in fact just 3 parts for the queen free cast + trousers cat school for bonus on sign(i test all the set, ursine the best in fact) i'am not in legendary statut yet, just grand master, lvl 57 ^^ Death march is a real challenge in this game specially for the boss :(

  • Chris Gillis

    +Apex of War Hey thanks for uploading this build. I was playing a signs build but due to the game not being built for NG+ my signs build became worthless. Been trying out this build and I love it. Still have decent use of signs but on top of it I'm super tanky, loads of HP regen and awesome damage. Plus it's pretty fun to fight with my swords again. Thanks man

  • kevn j

    amazing build. ty for sharing.

  • monika kucmierz

    How do you get that queen sign to be so long? (how to get damage reduction)

  • Đaŕķ Přínçe

    can this build made before ng+ assuming that first time i ended everything till 100%coz if it can't then it will be no point if u can't use it in the important events

  • Nathan .Star

    so whats the best approach if you are just starting the game for the first time on PC ?already played through on PS4

  • Freda Dayog

    This was his armor set when he was called "Butcher of Blaviken".But he was stabbed by a pitchfork, forgot to use quen.

  • Chris Craft

    level 70? i just got blood and wine and im like 43? what am i missing? after like 6 hours

  • Lostangel1000

    How are you getting the Sign Intensity of 200+% in this build when your all DPS Tank gear and Deco?

  • Justin De Pano

    Hey OP. Quick question how did you get your weapon? Its not part of DLC right? Anyway thank you in advance

  • micheal hoffstater

    Giantdad, is that you? You're kind of in the wrong game, dude.Eh, doesn't matter too much, it's too meme to be stopped. Poise bring to the Witcher 3. Gr8.

  • RichyRich2607

    You need forever to kill groups of enemys.. go for full Sign-Build and u are like immortal too and killing groups of enemys in seconds.

  • sdmfbastard

    how is your Grandmaster Witcher armor only a level 70 requirement I thought it was level 88 at least it is on mine

  • Angel Man

    i cant find the location of the "Legendary" armors :( all owthem just "grandmaster ursine"

  • Brian

    Question; Your character screen is different then mine. You have 4 Additional Skill slots in the middle

  • Kima Dima

    only on 147 hours and 23 total play time honestly i don't believe

  • Contra Mundi

    Not sure if this is common knowledge or not, so sorry if everybody already knows this. There's a bug with the Euphoria mutation. When you exit combat for the first time, you lose the attack power and sign intensity bonuses granted by Euphoria. Your sword dps and sign intensity drop back down to your base. To fix it:1. Mediate to clear all toxicity, then drink your decoctions again (this gets tedious very quickly)2. If you're playing on PC, install this fix: If you're playing on a console, there's a workaround: play on PC and installed the fix from nexus mods. So far, it's worked great except for one encounter. When I did the "Extreme Cosplay" side quest in Touissant, I lost my Euphoria bonuses as soon as combat began with the living statues. I had to fix number 1 above. But other than that one encounter the fix from nexus mods has been working great.

  • Ambrose Smith

    so we have 30 second ads on youtube now ?

  • Markus Agrippa

    Strong build, but I don't think "MOST OP BUILD IN GAME!" is anything more than a click bait...

  • Andrew Vester

    lol I beat the game on death march using only signs. next

  • Rogue Wolf

    Wait Grandmaster Ursine Armor thats new havent heard of it how do you get it?

  • pandaland1

    Would forktail work if you mix quick with slow attacks?

  • Michael Wilder

    Never mind mate I found it amazing build I'll be checking your other videos out amazing game also played through 3 times now

  • el Cabi

    hey, im new to witcher 3 and i am wondering how he has 16 skill slots + 4 mutagen slots.i only have 12 + 4.sry if this is dumb question, i tried figuring out but i couldnt D:

  • Xeree

    I am playing around with a fun Quen reflect only build. qould you say that damahe.resistance is.more important than quen intencity?

  • Shvabicu

    i run a mix of a tank build and a max dmg build.haven't played ng+ yet, but ng was a breeze and i have completed it 100% with every quest and every marker at lvl54.i'm sporting the hen gaidth steel sword which is scaled to my lvl (toussaint steel sword is superior if at same level) and the usual aerondight, both with severance as it's a gameplay chest piece is grandmaster ursine for adrenaline and superior protection, while the rest is grandmaster feline for attack power and the 3 piece set bonus. with the arachas decoction being more effective with lighter armor and equip load i'm running the levity runeword in my bear school chest and cat school techniques, as this is basically more of a fast attack build due to the feline bonus. i'm still running all the heavy attack skills with all red mutagens to maximize ap and i use a heavy attack as an opener yo activate the feline bonus before transitioning into a whirl. with 306 toxicity due to all formulae in the game i can run 4 decoctions and a thunderbolt potion at the same time. my build is a great mix of good survivability and ridiculous damage. i was able to easily survive dettlaff phase 2 air strike on death march and basically whirled through each phase in 2 seconds. the game is retardedly easy this way. i'm guessing going through ng+ i could cap most damage resistances at 100% due to the better stats of the legendary gear, so it would be even more trivial. protective coating's 25% dr + arachas decoction's 20% dr get you to 100% once you're over 55% in any category, at which point enemies can't do a thing but scratch your surface. stamina recovery with levity also let's you run quen 100% of the time, as the shield can take a beating at high dr.

  • pduffy4

    I got a DPS silver sword of 21,056 yesterday, my best ever, usually just about 4,000 to 6,000. I drastically changed my build. I re-alocated all my points. My steel sword was 7534 DPS.You critical hit damage is much higher than mine; mine was 8632 for silver sword but I had 970% critical hit chance with silver sword.I am using Euphoria. I was using Grandmaster Griffin armour. I have Grandmaster Ursine but have not tried it yet with this build.Thing is I was using the steel sword. I was fighting about 30 bandits and 8 dogs in one of the Knight quests in blood and wine. So plenty of action to build up the stats. I'm level 83.My sign intensity got to 479%.

  • Nikita Ustimenko

    Hello, AOW. Thank you for your videos. Could you create good build for the start of the game?

  • Kit Carson

    Yep works well. Similar to what I did last time. Only thing is even in New Game Plus I rarely ever get more than two extra slots filled out as I simply refuse to run about farming red mutagens..........they really need to fix that one so you can fill out the new mutagen tree without all that work farming. So I settle for the two I can get with normal game play. Bear gear, heavy attacks, run four decoctions, Ekidna, Ekimmara, Troll and Archgriffin and you have to play on at least hard difficulty to stay interested. I also put all Quen glyphs on my gear, that is a total of nine, and when you get the Grandmaster armor set, Quen outright kills many lower level enemies . Do not like the fur collar though, just like I do not like the hood on Cat gear. Could do without that fur collar. Having played the game many ways, Bear gear, alchemy is for sure the most powerful build in the game. You need no oils, nothing, you are simply so powerful just wade in and chop them down. Only problem in the game is the stupid cut scenes will take your decoctions away from you and leave you holding your butt............something else they need to fix. Sometimes you can meditate and get them back up, sometimes not. each time I play the game it acts differently. Last play through my decoctions stayed for the final battle , but took them away fighting that Bruxa when you are talking to the Duchess. No need to even try decoctions for the Battle of Kaer Morhen, they will be gone faster than you can get them, so best to use potions for that battle. Load up three of them all and you get three times to renew them. Other than those little problems, Bear gear and alchemy are so powerful I generally never even save, have no worry about dying. Cheers!

  • Glazium the Cold King

    Question, what does Quen/Axi/Yrdin sign intensity actualy do ?

  • Amjad Khan

    I used levity on my ursine armor and I think i lost the bear school technique bonus from the skill tree. Would cat school techniques work instead or do i need to actually wear cat school armor for that to work?

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