Assassin's Creed Origins VS The Witcher 3 | Which Is The Better Open World Game?

Assassin's Creed Origins VS The Witcher 3 | Which Is The Better Open World Game?

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  • LongEaredFox

    Thanks for watching this video guys, I put a lot of effort into it and it's great to see that people are enjoying it! I know many people are against me comparing AC Origins and The Witcher 3 but at the end of the day it's mostly subjective. If you guys disagree then that's perfectly fine. I just wanted to compare these two games because I love them both in different ways. Thanks for your continuing support guys :)Also, I'd just like to mention that the gameplay used at 10:00 is from DKGames. He does extremely high quality raw gameplay videos of many different games so if you ever want to watch any raw footage of a game. Then you should definitely go check out that channel!

  • Baytuh

    (IMO) The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is the best Open world game ever.

  • Croz Raven

    What I want is a game like Witcher 3 but with a deep combat/leveling/item system like Nioh + The Surge "mutilation system" (which what Witcher 3 supposed to have but cut short). That would be my ultimate Action RPG game.

  • The White Knight

    Any game that even worth comparing to Witcher 3 is a good game

  • MaxBlaze

    I have played both games but I think the Witcher 3 takes the win. As much as I like Origins actually one of the best open world games i have played in recent memory I still think Witcher 3 wins. And I think that because Witcher 3 has this spectacular feel that when you complete the main story you feel empty inside and u just say well now i guess I will continue my adventure. I remember I was hoping that there will be someone in Kaer Morhen that i could talk to but no one was there. You truly feel like you have finished the amazing story. Again as much as I like Origins I'm gonna give the win to The Witcher 3.

  • Dan Yates

    Timestamps:1:58 - Open World5:49 - Side Content9:17 - Combat12:33 - Customisation17:14 - Crafting20:14 - SummaryThumbs up pls ty x

  • Lovro Zagar

    loooooooooool not even close witcher is light years ahead

  • A S

    I love bothbut witcher 3 is legendary game

  • All is BS Gaming

    i actually prefer the witcher 3 open world because it is FILLED with story, people and life. the side quests and mobs are placed so perfectly that make the world FEEL real. whereas origins just looks visually appalling which is nice but not worth my time.

  • Orbital Drop

    I love origins but Witcher 3 is one of the best open world games of all time

  • Amit Roy

    The fact that AC : Origins is even compared to the masterpiece called The Witcher 3 , it only means one thing . Ubisoft has really really done a fantastic job with the latest AC .

  • NeverEverLucky

    Witcher 3 is better in every way, AC isnt bad but compared its utter dog shit. Graphic, sound, synchro, story, characters, quests, questdesigne, open world and its activities ... and so on ...Not even close, holy shit.

  • harv. s

    A pleasure to watch from start to finish, merry Christmas 🎄

  • holden rasmussen

    straight disrespect to even compare Witcher 3 to any assassins creed game

  • Hugh Kendry

    Yeah you buy an armour pack in origins for the same amount as a 12hr dlc in the Witcher...

  • alsenar2

    It is clear in my opinion that The Witcher 3 is the better game but that doesn't mean Origins is bad. I would even say that Origins is close to The Witcher 3 especially since Ubisoft clearly took some ideas from The Witcher which you feel while playing Origins. Origins is a fantastic game on its own and the visuals are just out of this World. There will never be a better ancient Egypt than in Origins. I would even go so far and say that Origins is maybe the best Assassins Creed? But that's another Topic.But like i said, The Witcher 3 clearly wins the battle here. The Witcher 3 was and is still the Zeus of his Genre.

  • Kyeann Aquino

    After I finished The Witcher 3 I felt empty, who else felt the same?? :((

  • Jesse Arbogast

    I like em' both but I like The witcher more

  • Ryan Kelley

    Witcher 3 is godly no comparison

  • Wick Hardison

    I love how you had lots of constructive criticism and didn’t just hate on Origins. Personally I love both games.

  • Sydicall Stuff

    Two years ago Ubisoft was panicking because Ac was dying. Then jimmy the donut man walk in and ask what they could get them, they said “help for Ac” jimmy then had a mind blowing revelation “listen to the fans” jimmy said, and the the game creators had there minds blown, “listen to the fans” they all whispered and then they went on reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and everything else and then they engendered Ac origins. Jimmy never got any credit for his contribution to the Ac series but I know who you are jimmy and I thank you

  • here's ya boy

    I have to say I completely agreed with all your points good job man you just earned a sub

  • Dev1ant

    Yeah, origins customization is definitely better compared to the Witcher. i mean who would want to have ve all of the gear accessible with the base game? I would rather buy all editions of the game and pay for twitch subscriptions then actually explore and play the game to get the gear.

  • No Name

    I really like this video(Quality comment)

  • dirt232323

    Witcher 3 is on a different league of its own its just so much well rounded on gameplay and story wise. The AC Origins is good too and I'm enjoying it, I'm on my first playthrough and I'm hooked right now. It's currently the only game I'm playing for a week, the way Ancient Egypt is presented is amazingly good like unexpectedly good, story and gameplay is ok for me. So yeah AC Origins is nice, but Witcher is just sooooo amazing.

  • Pedro H

    Why did you even make this video!?? Of course The Witcher is better. The Witcher is better than that game in every single aspect. Don't even dare to compare that... thing, to The Best Game Of All Time.

  • mace lankly

    /r/gamingcirclejerk up in here just in the unironic way

  • dirtybanana3

    The witcher is the best video game ever made...AC games are trash..but that is just my opinion...wich nobody cares about 😔

  • Saftsack Sacksaft

    I may sound like an ignorant but i dont even need to play ac origins, tw3 is a brilliant masterwork with an extremely believable world, superb storytelling and characterdesign.I also played enough ubisoft games to know how their understanding of open world is, a huge world but no content, scripted shit over and over again, quest design like „travel to the end of the map an kill 5 animals to increase your ammo capacity, gather tons of useless shit you cant even use, and so on.Ubisoft has no clue how to fill an open world or make it feel „alive“, they also suck at storytelling.They just repeat their shit over and over again, heck they even copy/pasted fc4‘s map into primal! Lazy and uninspired.

  • MIsho jelev

    CDprojectred made the best game ever with a buged of only 1bil dolars ,where's the Ubisoft that had 3bils and did ... whatever that game is .So my question is if CDprojectred had 3 fucking bils how much better would the Witcher 3 be .I love the i witcher 3 it made me laugh on voice i love that CDPR decided make Geralt's humor soo sharp, and it also almost made me crie so this is another point for the Witcher3 .You missed one thing the carracters . I havent even played the ACO but from some vids i can easlie say that ubisoft didnt put much thought in that as well. So overall on my opinion the ony thing that ubisoft did better is the customisation ,i dissagree with you that ACO has better openworld but in MMO RPG games who wants to spend minutes and minutes of travelling though the map only to accept quest or clear the invertory or complete the quest. Yes the guys did grate job with the map they made it loock beatifull in every aspect but lets think rationaly who wants to spend all that time traveling thtough the map maybe 1-2 guys that enjouys every detail in the game but the rest of the players totaly hate it. Good vid

  • abir khan rafee

    You should've discussed about characters, story, enemy variations imo

  • Craig Goetsch

    Witcher has better stories, ACO has better all around movement. Who else hates not being able to go over a small object while fighting in Witcher, and loves being able to climb basically anything in ACO?

  • Uganda Warrior

    peronally i find the witcher 3 really boring...

  • Awesome Bizzare

    i have played both games, finished ACO a few days ago but i can barely get myself to play witcher 3.i dont understand all the hype on W3. The combat is fucked up. on low level basically everything kills you in 1-3 hits. you can barely fight more than 2 enemies without perma dodging. i havent played the previous witcher games (and never will be), but there was just not enough introduction and tutorials for this fucked up combat. the quests are boring as fuck. all you do is run from one fucker to another just to listen to a boring ass conversation with some annoying british accent. then you go rescue a dumb lamb and get 1 exp and that fucker leads you to another guy to talk with. GG thats fun, yes pls give me more of that deep story.beside i dont even find anything to fight at all in this shit map where you cant even properly climb and will always slide ALL the way down on a hill that has a little slope. and since you get killed a lot pretty easy the long loading times and bad auto saving which makes you reapeat like the entire shit quest over and over again simply makes me alt+f4 rage quit this game after a few minutes. this probably the worst game ive ever played.say what you want, this is my opinion.

  • Donny Smith !

    .....just say ac is better than Witcher

  • Mastah Binc

    Mini-map vs CompassCompass wins.

  • Harshit Sharma

    Witcher 3 is at a different level.Many developers would try to copy it but it will still be better even after so many years.#WAITINGFORCYBERPUNK2077

  • Brandon Hammer

    It's true. Ubisoft wanted to dice the Witcher 3 cause they were sick of moron's commenting about Assassin's Creed being shit and Witcher being amazing.

  • One BIG grape

    this was stupid, I don't see why people do comparisons like this only to circle jerk the obvious better answer, the witches had about 0 hate, vs AC which people complained about before it was even out, like wtf? its like those people who go "which is more realistic? Cod or Battlefield" then act like its a surprise battlefield won, it's be different If you said assassins creed and skyrim but you blatantly chose a widely very much loved game vs one with a bad rap sheet.

  • DrSoulstealer

    I completely agree with the final verdict, but I feel like the way you compare those games is a bit off. I find it weird, that you take aspects of the game like crafting or customisation and stand them next to something like sidequests. Of course, these are cool little touches, but how could they make up for the fact your games doesn´t have such a good open world or side content? Also, what seems rather odd, is the fact that you didn´t take anything like the main storyline or characters in consideration (you probably did, but you did not mention it in what is suppoosed to be an overall comparison of these two games)

  • Sean Moffat

    I love both games, could you do a video like this but including Skyrim? For me, I love all three games that 8 mentioned, skyrim wins only because I’ve put wayyyyy more hours into it. The Witcher 3 is that good, I’ve still not finished the main quest and I’ve had it for over a year lmao. I’ve finished origins, took me about 5 days to do but I finish all AC games quite quickly

  • I Am Syzygy

    This is just hilarious. Why would you even compare shit to Masterpiece?

  • Levi Forbush

    I don't even need to watch the video... The Witcher 3. No comparison, no debating. It's the better game in every way.

  • Craig Shames

    I'm in the middle of AC Origins and I love it so much because it reminds me of the last great game I played Witcher 3. They absolutely are comparable as they have such a similar feel. I agree with most of your opinions especially where Witcher wins in interweaving the side quests into the story that makes it feel more immersive and character building. The side quest in AC just feel a lot like fetch quests that have no real impact on the game other than boosting your stats. The one thing I disagree with is that The Witcher crafting system is so much better, it is definitely more in depth but I think a hybrid that somewhere in the middle of The overcomplicated Witcher and the over simplified AC would be ideal, like what you suggest about materials being able to level up and custom ability weapons. Great video love your choice of music.

  • David Krahl

    1:07 Damn. CDP stole the show PERIOD! With Wiedźmin 2 & 3 theyre at 1bil net worth (I think they are more), while Ubisoft has been in this industry releasing multiple titles each year only to rack up a mare 3 times of what the Witcher series pooled in. CDP to najlepsza firma, temat zamkniety. CDP is the one and only period

  • Lostm

    witcher 3, most overrated game in the world, promoted by cd red slaves

  • Nessie Andrew

    6:38 *There ARE some memorable ones...

  • rwalker0130

    nice video man. the combat in the witcher 3 was pretty polarizing but i personally loved it. i think you are missing one important point though - TW3's combat was only great if you played on a hard difficulty! my first playthrough was on normal and after a little while in the game you could basically beat anyone by just mashing square like god of war. my second playthrough on death march was much more fun because you actually had to use the combat system and it was fantastic

  • Mickey Seidick

    Witcher 3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Origins

  • Harvey Angeles

    Bruh ac origins ain’t shit compared to the Witcher 3

  • Sentinel X

    I'm just gonna say Witcher 3 was released in 2015 and made with a lower budget( correct me if I'm wrong ) Witcher 3 is obviously better 😎😎😂😂

  • hulkhuggett

    I'm glad you did this comparison. I have been looking for another game similar to Origins. I am really bored with first person shooters. Thumbs up!

  • The Son of Dathomir

    Witcher 3 takes the W boiiii

  • Jimbo Barbarossa

    good video. Ive played both and i find that witcher 3 is more in depth in terms of what the game is giving you, but origins takes the cake because the world of ancient egypt that ubisoft has created is beyond magnificent, even having finished all that there is to do in that game i find myself just wandering the huge and diverse map just to enjoy the breath-taking scenery and detail of the world. I also agree that Origins has a better customization in terms of weapon variety and that armor should be separate from your outfit because in Witcher most of the outfits were not as nice to me

  • Daren Lewis

    This vid makes me want AC:O just because of how close I thought you made it seem to Witcher 3, which is one of my fav games. Thanks for telling me I might like this AC game

  • Timothy H

    If you ah that impressed by the combat in witcher 3 you should try Dark Souls or bloodborne you'll never look back

  • Walshie

    I really wish AC Origins could be better than witcher 3 because it's been my favourite series since 2007 and a game better than the witcher 3 would be a 10/10 easily, I don't think any AC games would beat witcher but if ubisoft gave 'em more time they could get really fucking close, especially under the hands of Montreal. Nice video George and kid.

  • Michael Scott

    Summary, Origins is better in zero ways. Unless you have a most uninspired category.

  • Michael Scott

    Origins content is uninspired and dull.

  • Michael Scott

    Witcher 3’s side content shits all over origins. No contest.

  • Michael Scott

    Customization doesn’t mean shit if it’s quantity over quality. Again the equipment in origins is uninspired.

  • Michael Scott

    Your wrong. Witcher 3 has a much richer and engaging open world environment.

  • Shinobi Yaomo

    If only Geralt could climb buildings lol. I'll never play any other game ha

  • Geralt

    Waiting for witcher 4 ...

  • Jason Carbon

    Origins was already deep in development before release of Witcher 3.Your argument is full of shit.

  • howardFL

    based on you have to spend real money or doing glitch to buy heka chest to get the excluded outfit and weapon. I would say Witcher 3 is better than ACO. I don't think Ubisoft will release such good DLC content compared with Heart of stone and blood and wine. Why the hell ACO skipped the romance scene. Plus gwent is fking fun and Roach can talk!!!

  • Hunter Kätsch

    Why did you make a argumentative video about this? I mean I like both games but it’s obvious the Witcher 3 is a better game. I just think this video wasn’t necessary.

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