Assassin's Creed Origins VS The Witcher 3 | Which Is The Better Open World Game?

Assassin's Creed Origins VS The Witcher 3 | Which Is The Better Open World Game?

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  • LongEaredFox

    Thanks for watching this video guys, I put a lot of effort into it and it's great to see that people are enjoying it! I know many people are against me comparing AC Origins and The Witcher 3 but at the end of the day it's mostly subjective. If you guys disagree then that's perfectly fine. I just wanted to compare these two games because I love them both in different ways. Thanks for your continuing support guys :)Also, I'd just like to mention that the gameplay used at 10:00 is from DKGames. He does extremely high quality raw gameplay videos of many different games so if you ever want to watch any raw footage of a game. Then you should definitely go check out that channel!

  • Just another random on the youtubes

    I like em' both but I like The witcher more

  • Croz Raven

    What I want is a game like Witcher 3 but with a deep combat/leveling/item system like Nioh + The Surge "mutilation system" (which what Witcher 3 supposed to have but cut short). That would be my ultimate Action RPG game.

  • PapiDarko

    there is no competition, witcher 3 is top dog

  • Vontumbles

    After I finished The Witcher 3 I felt empty, who else felt the same?? :((

  • Hugh Kendry

    Yeah you buy an armour pack in origins for the same amount as a 12hr dlc in the Witcher...

  • Harshit Sharma

    Witcher 3 is at a different level.Many developers would try to copy it but it will still be better even after so many years.#WAITINGFORCYBERPUNK2077

  • Michael Scott

    Witcher 3’s side content shits all over origins. No contest.

  • Pralhad Raorane

    IMO witcher 3 is best hugh open world game that i've ever played with best character voice actors,music,feels realistic !!!

  • Andromeda Galaxy

    I was skeptical about this being a comparison simply due to my experience with both games; however, you did an amazing job. Even if I didn’t agree with everything. Origins is great, but man The Witcher is amazing.

  • All is BS Gaming

    i actually prefer the witcher 3 open world because it is FILLED with story, people and life. the side quests and mobs are placed so perfectly that make the world FEEL real. whereas origins just looks visually appalling which is nice but not worth my time.

  • Sentinel X

    I'm just gonna say Witcher 3 was released in 2015 and made with a lower budget( correct me if I'm wrong ) Witcher 3 is obviously better 😎😎😂😂

  • Real Nacho

    Witcher 3 is better. End of discussion

  • Michael Scott

    Your wrong. Witcher 3 has a much richer and engaging open world environment.

  • Pablo The Platypus

    Knack 2 VS The Witcher 3 | Which Is The Better Open World Game?

  • Orbital Drop

    I love origins but Witcher 3 is one of the best open world games of all time

  • xXSilentAgent47Xx

    Four things i don't like about The Witcher 3.1. Many Dye colors are scattered around instead all of them be in the shop (takes a lot of time to find the right Dye color for your armor. Black one for example, took me forever to find it for Grandmaster Ursine Armor)2. Retarded Roach riding system (+ you get damage from the enemies instead of Roach)3. Invisible walls at certain areas.

  • holden rasmussen

    straight disrespect to even compare Witcher 3 to any assassins creed game

  • nikola kovacevic

    And what about witcher 3 music. Dude that is epic one... Witcher 3 is too legendary and epic ...

  • Yu Guan

    AC Origin vs Witcher 3 == DRM hell vs FreedomUbish*t vs CDPR == pure commercial bollock vs real game creation

  • Heinrich Deutlich

    I may sound like an ignorant but i dont even need to play ac origins, tw3 is a brilliant masterwork with an extremely believable world, superb storytelling and characterdesign.I also played enough ubisoft games to know how their understanding of open world is, a huge world but no content, scripted shit over and over again, quest design like „travel to the end of the map an kill 5 animals to increase your ammo capacity, gather tons of useless shit you cant even use, and so on.Ubisoft has no clue how to fill an open world or make it feel „alive“, they also suck at storytelling.They just repeat their shit over and over again, heck they even copy/pasted fc4‘s map into primal! Lazy and uninspired.

  • Shinobi Yaomo

    If only Geralt could climb buildings lol. I'll never play any other game ha

  • Michael Scott

    Customization doesn’t mean shit if it’s quantity over quality. Again the equipment in origins is uninspired.

  • Tzina Xaralabopulu

    Good sir ,that comparison is pure disrespect.The witcher 3 is the greatest open world game of all time period

  • Geralt

    Waiting for witcher 4 ...

  • NickTheNinja

    Don't trash AC Origins it's an amazing game. Respect both

  • 튜부 슈

    Witcher 3 is a masterpiece but assasins creed origins is an ok game

  • Michael Scott

    Origins content is uninspired and dull.

  • MIsho jelev

    CDprojectred made the best game ever with a buged of only 1bil dolars ,where's the Ubisoft that had 3bils and did ... whatever that game is .So my question is if CDprojectred had 3 fucking bils how much better would the Witcher 3 be .I love the i witcher 3 it made me laugh on voice i love that CDPR decided make Geralt's humor soo sharp, and it also almost made me crie so this is another point for the Witcher3 .You missed one thing the carracters . I havent even played the ACO but from some vids i can easlie say that ubisoft didnt put much thought in that as well. So overall on my opinion the ony thing that ubisoft did better is the customisation ,i dissagree with you that ACO has better openworld but in MMO RPG games who wants to spend minutes and minutes of travelling though the map only to accept quest or clear the invertory or complete the quest. Yes the guys did grate job with the map they made it loock beatifull in every aspect but lets think rationaly who wants to spend all that time traveling thtough the map maybe 1-2 guys that enjouys every detail in the game but the rest of the players totaly hate it. Good vid

  • Joe Kickass

    This video could be 3 seconds long. Witcher 3, the end.

  • Makk 84

    AC Origins:Story: 3/10Gameplay: 6/10Music: 7/10Graphics & Beauty: 9/10Total= 25 pointsWitcher 3:Story: 10/10Gameplay: 9/10Music: 8/10Graphics & Beauty: 7/10Total= 34 pointsimo.. ;)


    The Witcher 3 is obviously way better, I love Origins but the Witcher is on a completely different level

  • Michael Scott

    Summary, Origins is better in zero ways. Unless you have a most uninspired category.

  • Geralt

    Witcherr is witcher no game can be ever made like the witcher 3 except witcher 4

  • Facefull Void

    Terms of open-worldOrigins > The Witcher 3Terms of combatOrigins > The Witcher 3Terms of StoryOrigins > The Witcher 3Terms of GraphicsOrigins > The Witcher 3Terms of CharactersThe Witcher 3 > OriginsTerms of Side QuestThe Witcher 3 > OriginsTerms of CraftsmanshipThe Witcher 3 > OriginsTerms of EnemiesThe Witcher 3 > Origins

  • Ethan Dowell

    The blood and wine dlc is better than origins hahaha. Still love ac though

  • Mr Jay

    for me witcher 3 is more content for money. and its not just thrown away content even side quests relate to main quest

  • omar el azzouzi

    Didnt talk about storytelling, the best thing about witcher 3....

  • Petr Novák

    Yeah... like many people before me commented... Origins is a great game. But Witcher III is Witcher III. His bracket didnt even open to contenders yet. This video further proved it. A game released 3 years later, copying a lot of Witchers mechanics and being REALLY GOOD, still doensnt come close to beating it. Origins is amazing. But Witcher... oh boi.

  • Xephro

    I know it seems like a salty assassins creed fan but i'm not i prefer witcher but some of the points seem a little bit desperate in a way that if you really sit back and look at what you are saying it really seems like you are trying to brand iron the fact that your assumption was correct. For example: You say that the combat in witcher 3 is more polished when it is not true, i could hit a monster entity from half a meter away as the hit boxes are all dyslexic. The only real thing thatthe witcher has is symbols which I personally can't bare when the games like, "hey you, yeah you! Are you doing perfectly fine in combat and absoloutley surf through the game without a problem? Well lets flood you with a tip every 0.34 seconds telling you to use symbols!" I just feel like even if this wasn't to prove yourself as sheldon coopers cloned child you could have polished your reasons down, not been as desperate and I don't know, well how do I phrase this? Don't hit the argument from half a meter away, huh?

  • Dan Yates

    Timestamps:1:58 - Open World5:49 - Side Content9:17 - Combat12:33 - Customisation17:14 - Crafting20:14 - SummaryThumbs up pls ty x

  • Mike Phillimore

    Thank you for your video - I really enjoyed Assassins' Creed Origins, its a really good game. But the Witcher 3 is a truly outstanding game which cuts to your heart on a number of occasions.

  • flamedestroyer6

    AC Origins is a pretty good game, but it simply isn't on the same level as the Witcher 3. The Witcher 3 has an amazing main story, a rich open world, and deep, meaningful side quests. Assassin's Creed Origins has a mediocre main story, a decent open world, and relatively shallow side quests. One is the real thing, the other is an imitation. Not to bash AC Origins; I like it a lot, but it just doesn't change your worldview in any way like the Witcher 3 does.

  • TJ Labatte

    You can't compare these games they are so different

  • The White Knight

    Any game that even worth comparing to Witcher 3 is a good game

  • RIP lil peep 2017

    Why the fuck would anyone think that ac origins is better than witcher 3? its worse in every way

  • Soter

    The Witcher was first so it was easy for Ubi to copy the best things from CDP Red game :)))

  • Wolfgang Zemmer

    You know this dude is a fanboy when he says that the Witcher combat was good oh boy

  • Sean Moffat

    I love both games, could you do a video like this but including Skyrim? For me, I love all three games that 8 mentioned, skyrim wins only because I’ve put wayyyyy more hours into it. The Witcher 3 is that good, I’ve still not finished the main quest and I’ve had it for over a year lmao. I’ve finished origins, took me about 5 days to do but I finish all AC games quite quickly

  • A S

    I love bothbut witcher 3 is legendary game

  • The_Jackal

    I couldn't get into The Witcher, I found the combat was far too drawn out. Don't get me wrong, I never found it difficult but it lasted incredibly long it got annoying

  • Thane Krios

    Love the Assassin's Creed franchise but there is absolutely no contest. The Witcher 3 objectively blows it away.

  • hulkhuggett

    I'm glad you did this comparison. I have been looking for another game similar to Origins. I am really bored with first person shooters. Thumbs up!

  • Baytuh

    (IMO) The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is the best Open world game ever.

  • Gaming Fever

    I would like to see a dark souls and gta 5 comparison

  • Absurd Singer

    AC is filth compared to the Witcher

  • Charlie _

    nice video my man. i loved ac origins and will definitely be picking up the witcher 3 now after seeing this

  • William Levis

    Haven't even watched the vid yet but the witcher is way better but I do like origins

  • The WeeBrizo Show 1

    Open your eyes ac origins has a story I wished didn't end a vast open world with many historical and interesting locations or both in fact I bet your life savings you haven't even discovered most things in the map and I'm speaking for everybody here and dlc is being released so yeah that sums up why I like ac origins best

  • Nguyen Quang Anh

    AC origins vs W3, both of them were in the store, i picked up bth of themNO REGRET...

  • Reza Vai Treznor

    Not even close, not even a bit.

  • Brent Sommers

    The card game is extremely boring

  • Chris Martyn

    AC Origins for sure. Witcher 3 is just an overrated and boring game. After playing it for a few hours, I got really bored but Assassin's Creed origins never gets boring even after playing for so many hours. I don't know why people are so crazy about Witcher 3. I still regret wasting my money on Witcher 3.

  • Słowianski Patronalne Polak

    It is hard to compare 2 different games who has different meanings.

  • Nathan Solomon

    Why is this video a thing? The answer is painfully obvious

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