Assassin's Creed Origins VS The Witcher 3 | Which Is The Better Open World Game?

Assassin's Creed Origins VS The Witcher 3 | Which Is The Better Open World Game?

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  • LongEaredFox

    Thanks for watching this video guys, I put a lot of effort into it and it's great to see that people are enjoying it! I know many people are against me comparing AC Origins and The Witcher 3 but at the end of the day it's mostly subjective. If you guys disagree then that's perfectly fine. I just wanted to compare these two games because I love them both in different ways. Thanks for your continuing support guys :)Also, I'd just like to mention that the gameplay used at 10:00 is from DKGames. He does extremely high quality raw gameplay videos of many different games so if you ever want to watch any raw footage of a game. Then you should definitely go check out that channel!

  • riva2003

    Origin only beats Witcher 3 by graphic, the ancient Egypt that Ubisoft created is just breath taking. But the rest, wither 3 wins easily.

  • Christina

    The Only game that will defeat The Witcher 3 is The Witcher 4

  • Exgecko

    How dare you even compare a game developed for years with love, with a series that has been ruined by developers and their greediness.

  • Lunamaria

    The witcher 3..... This is not even a rational question.. It's like asking what is better to live in, a cardboard box, or a 10 million dollar Hollywood Hills mansion?... Witcher being the mansion lolEdit: Having open worlds doesn't make them comparable.. It's like saying Forza Horizon 3 and Witcher 3 are comparable ... The Witcher 3 is a RPG, and Assassins Creed is not a RPG.. It's just a action/adventure game ... Stop crying because people say they are not comparable.. It's true.. Assassins Creed Origins is not even in the same realm of quality, let alone genre, so NO they are not comparable...

  • All is BS Gaming

    i actually prefer the witcher 3 open world because it is FILLED with story, people and life. the side quests and mobs are placed so perfectly that make the world FEEL real. whereas origins just looks visually appalling which is nice but not worth my time.

  • hoover

    Witcher 3 is better becouse is polish🇵🇱 cebula łączmy się

  • MrJayPlays

    for me witcher 3 is more content for money. and its not just thrown away content even side quests relate to main quest

  • Fedor Vladimirovich

    Man, did you even play Blood and Wine? Even this DLC is better thn Orgins. The World is like the most beautiful thing i ever saw

  • Sebastian P

    The witcher 3 is my fav game of all time but origins is an underrated masterpiece


    Witcher 3 is the best game ever , end of discussion.

  • Thane Krios

    Love the Assassin's Creed franchise but there is absolutely no contest. The Witcher 3 objectively blows it away.

  • Gaming Fever

    I would like to see a dark souls and gta 5 comparison

  • Wardeni

    Once again, I must point out that the Witcher isn't a story or game based solely on Poland and Polish mythology. It's a world that is based on the Entirety of Europe. With Toussaint being a mix of Italy, France and Spain, while Velen is like Poland/Germany, and Skellige is based on the Nordic Countries. Similarly all the different monsters aren't from Polish or slavic mythology alone, but from all European mythologies. The Wild hunt is a Germanic myth, the bruxae are Portuguese, the skelligan "ragh nar roogh" or whatever it is they call it is just the Norse "Ragnarök"

  • Just another random on the youtubes

    I like em' both but I like The witcher more

  • Fomal Haut

    The Witcher 3 is not just better, it's one of the best games ever made and I think it's a sin to compare this game with Ubisoft "more of the same" routine.

  • RobTheStarkiller

    AC is filth compared to the Witcher

  • Filip Velickovic

    About the customization, you also forgot to mention Witcher 3 provides a way to select Geralt's hair/beard style, by visiting barber's.

  • Captain Harlock

    The only thing that origin got again the witcher is the world look a little better and that it

  • Vontumbles

    After I finished The Witcher 3 I felt empty, who else felt the same?? :((

  • Enter Valhala

    Blood and wine >> origins

  • Dudeldani

    1:05 cd projekt is worth a quarter of what ubisoft is worth?how on earth did that happen. how are they even in the same arena. one produced three games in one studio in one country and the other is a multinational juggernaut that produces that many games in haf a year, most of which would be considered triple a

  • Imperialx Warlord

    Witcher 3 beats assassins creed any day of the week and twice in Sunday. I like them both but Witcher 3 is simply superior to assassins creed in every way.

  • vlad_the_dracula

    The witcher 3 is the Bench mark for Gaming

  • PapiDarko

    there is no competition, witcher 3 is top dog

  • Ryan Gaming

    I have both games but have a better time with Origins

  • Salvador Carreño

    Its simple, The Witcher 3 > AC origins

  • LazerzZ

    in b4 AC fans who don't have an open mind show up and cry.

  • Earth Mike Dimension-C137

    Witcher 3 is way better!!! No comparison in my opinion. but that's not really a knock on AC Origins, because there's not many games (if any at all) that can compare to The Witcher 3

  • Maxxi Gaming

    It was a while since I played witcher 3, and I recently played Origins. Honestly, I have no idea why people think witcher is the clear winner. Personally I prefer witcher 3, but not by that much. I can understand why people like Origins better.

  • Johny Tan

    the worst thing of witcher 3 is its outdated HUD/ Interface; and worst thing of Origins is its over flooded religion elements. other than that, both great games. cant decide which is better

  • abdulrehman naeem


  • x HisoKa

    700 did what 11779 can’t do!CDPR are the best <3

  • Ika 1009

    I dont like witcher III graphics

  • Syahnovli Kuartapama

    Im not being biased, witcher 3 are superior in overall. Origins just beat witcher in graphic.

  • Godwill Uche

    Side content I prefer assassins creed origins because when you finish the main story least you still have some interesting things to do

  • Baytuh

    (IMO) The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is the best Open world game ever.

  • Vu Cao

    Im a AC fan, have played every game since AC1 (except Rogue) and just started playing The Witcher 3 3 days ago, and I have to admit AC Origins stands no chance against TW3. The Witcher 3 itself and the Witcher saga as a whole is something more than just a game. Something much more than that.


    The fighting is soooo much more fun in Assassin's Creed.

  • Ian Edmonds

    My girlfriend and I are trying to find the next ecpic game to play. She navigates I handle combat and we collude on dialog.We loved witcher 3. It was our favourite game by a mile.We're tending towards Divinity : Original Sin 2 because it had great reviews.We play on PC so I'm wary of Assassin's creed titles after playing the woeful port of the first one.Is it really better now?I gave up on the first one because the UI was so bad.Based on your review I'm ready to give this one it a go but some advice would be appreciated.Great side by side review.Luv and Peace.


    In every thing witcher 3 is better


    The Witcher 3 is obviously way better, I love Origins but the Witcher is on a completely different level

  • 412JFury

    The Witcher 3 destroys it graphically and was released in 2015. Ac origins has far better combat. Witcher has far better story, sodequests, characters. Witcher 3 is still the prettiest open world.

  • Charlie _

    nice video my man. i loved ac origins and will definitely be picking up the witcher 3 now after seeing this

  • Facefull Void

    Terms of open-worldOrigins > The Witcher 3Terms of combatOrigins > The Witcher 3Terms of StoryOrigins > The Witcher 3Terms of GraphicsOrigins > The Witcher 3Terms of CharactersThe Witcher 3 > OriginsTerms of Side QuestThe Witcher 3 > OriginsTerms of CraftsmanshipThe Witcher 3 > OriginsTerms of EnemiesThe Witcher 3 > Origins

  • Whiskers likes Fish

    I for one am just really getting bored and sick of fantasy set in a european setting. I loved exploring Africa and I want more like this, maybe the Aztec civilization next. European folklore is just so incredibly fleshed out and stale and other world cultures deserve the spotlight.

  • The White Knight

    Any game that even worth comparing to Witcher 3 is a good game

  • Cody Lakin

    Exceptional breakdown. Origins is flat out one of the best open world rpg games I’ve played, and I still love it to death. The amount of hours that game has had me entertained is unusual for any game of its kind that isn’t Witcher 3 or Horizon Zero Dawn. The thing about the Witcher though is that it isn’t just the template from which all future games of that kind will be judged, it’s the kind of template that feels unprecedented because I don’t think it’s yet been surpassed or necessarily will be for sometime. Well... RDR2, but can a time period so different be comparable? Hard to tell.

  • winged hussar

    It is hard to compare 2 different games who has different meanings.

  • Aj Q

    Personally, I like to play Origins more than Witcher 3 mainly because of the combat and traversal controls. Riding a horse feels a lot more natural and polished in AC Origins compared to Witcher 3, and I feel the automatic follow road feature is more accurate in Origins, making it fun to either take in the sights and shoot arrows towards your enemies without getting distracted. I know the combat is more in-depth in Witcher 3, but I prefer the more streamlined version in Origins.

  • Hugh Kendry

    Yeah you buy an armour pack in origins for the same amount as a 12hr dlc in the Witcher...

  • Fedor Vladimirovich

    I dont know how much i played Witcher 3, but mate, like even after so many years i still find shit i didnt know exist


    I bought witcher 3 because of the hype train and after playing it for 30 mins i took it off, i just couldnt get into it. I dont like how he fights, sure maybe the game is challenging but that doesnt make it fun for me. I enjoyed assasin creed origins way more because battling felt so much better and it was fun for me, hell i even enjoyed just cause 3 more than witcher 3. Honestly if its up to me i will play all my other games first and when thats all over ill go back into witcher 3, besides something about witcher 3 was also making my eyes feel uncomfortable and that also plays a role into why i dislike it as well and i also dislike how the camera system is. It just feels more like a pc game rather then a console game, doesnt have that console feeling. Im not a hater and maybe i will like it once i get into it but for now i just cant get into it, i rather wait for spiderman to come out, play it and beat the game and then maybe ill try playing witcher 3. Never again will i ever listen to the hype train. From now on ill go with my gut feeling and buy games that i know ill like.

  • rio boubou

    assassin creed is better in the open world aspect all the land and locations are connected without loading screen + the parkour element + stealth + ranged weapon combat is better so those are a plus point for ac origins as far as the story and melee combat and side content + the signes "aard and ignii "theses signes the witcher takes it ....both are great games

  • The Firebreather

    I loved how you didn't went full fanboy on the witcher 3, people are so elitist about that game. I prefer AC Origins and guess what, unlike many people here, I don't feel the need to impose my opinions in others' minds.

  • Lovro Zagar

    loooooooooool not even close witcher is light years ahead

  • Chris Martyn

    AC Origins for sure. Witcher 3 is just an overrated and boring game. After playing it for a few hours, I got really bored but Assassin's Creed origins never gets boring even after playing for so many hours. I don't know why people are so crazy about Witcher 3. I still regret wasting my money on Witcher 3.

  • Funkmeister

    Impressive video! You sir just gained a new sub. Now I can’t wait to dive into both AC Origins and TW3!

  • Tyrenica

    I played both and I think assassin's Creed origins is better version of witcher 3 , there's a lot things that u can't do in tw3 , tw3 is very restricted in open world and the story quality is kinda same like origins , stop being cdpr fanboy and accept the truth , I've 400+ hour on Witcher 3 and I'm not wacking other games that have done better , it's time to move on

  • MaxPower211983

    Why are people saying Witcher 3 graphics are good. The textures are low quality on closeup and look a lot worse than i expected. When i bought Witcher 3 GOTY edition on my One X, i was expecting great graphics, to my surprise, it didn't impress me in 4K mode. Origins definately looks better detail wise. CD Projekt Red haven't done a good enough job for the Xbox One X which is ashame, because it looks good on PC.

  • Pioneer674

    Graphically I’m only talking about consoles here have never played on PC but the level of texture details that come from the engine are better in assassins creed than in Witcher 3 not by mikes but you really notice when you see foliage. That’s the only thing I wish Witcher would have done better. As far as customization and narrative Witcher takes the cake. Exploration I think ac has Witcher slightly beat in terms of ease of exploration. I think ac origins has a better color palette, stealth obviously, better options on ranged combat, able to hunt wildlife, pyramids, and idk both are good games but Witcher 3 is better. But ac origins did a damn good job of imitating them.

  • _ Zilinsky

    I like Origins much more than Witcher 3. For me, world of the Witcher 3 GAME feels like a fake, unbelievable kitsch (and I have read all Geralt stories by Sapkowski, which I more than love). The Witcher games just does not work for me. AC Origins just feels much more alive. It is my favourite AC so far and I love that game to death.

  • Tyler Sane

    I feel like Origins is such real game experience! I've literally been in Alexandria for 6 hours had a blast didn't even imagine leaving to another region which will be a real treat with how beautiful the game really is! They also both did amazing with the details on the horse! I know it ain't much! But motion capturing a horse is very difficult I hear!.

  • R G

    For me, Origins is the prettier game, higher texture, gorgeous locations, more fluid character and horse movement, but what I hate it is that you can't increase the draw distance beyond ultra like you can with witcher 3.Story wise witcher 3 is still far superior, Origins have no points where you can make a choice, quests are still linear.Fighting they were both fun and challenging with moments of frustration of their ownOne thing I'd want from both games is more gore, ACO only has blood and could really use some dismemberment and body slicing.Witcher 3 fights could have used some visible body damage to monsters, and I would have loved it if they showed how the monster is getting weaker as you keep slicing and stabbing at it.Regarding the open world being to big I can't see it, I loved how certain areas where more dense with quests and question marks than others and how the deserts almost had none, just the sheer enjoyment of traveling through them, when a game is truly beautiful one don't mind traveling long distance through new terrain when you have that beauty to take in, as long as you don't have to, do it repetitively in the same area

  • Terrestrial_Bullitt_5373N

    I have platinum both games and I have to say TW3:WH had superb storytelling and very good alchemy and crafting systems. But AC: Origins had a slightly better combat system and I have to pick any horse in AC: Origins over Roach. I wish TW3's combat was similar to that of the Souls/Blood/Nioh combat system and I wish CDPR borrowed Agro or D-Horse's code for Roach. My top 3 current-gen open world actionRPGs: (1)Horizon:ZD, (2)AC:Origins and (3)TW3:WH

  • Wicked Øne

    Been playing witcher 3 for 12 hours now still don't know how to upgrade the base attack power of the weapons (without using runestones which just adds bonuses ) if I like a weapon I just have to throw or sell it eventually cause it will be outdated.IMO Origins armory system n weapons r cooler. And u cant even use stealth in witcher 3. Kill monsters n bang chicks. Don't see where all this greatness is coming from. And even if I defeat an enemy of higher level all I get are weapons (if lucky) that I cant even use cause of the level requirement

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