The Witcher 3 - What Happens If You Get Caught Glitching

If you glitch money in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt then you may receive a visit from the taxman.
  • Reiko Reseñas

    Geralt couldn't slay the greatest monster of them all.... The Taxman

  • Dank Potatoes

    If only yax fraud was this easy in real life."Hey, have you cheated your way out of paying 500000$ dollars?"Nah man""Understandable, have a great day"

  • Admiral Ackbar

    The witcher's code forbids stealing from homes. I've been cleaning all houses since witcher 1 and I'm still fine.

  • Blackfire18

    Tax man: Ever sell skins?Me: I can sell those?Tax man: Ever sell pearls?Me: Ooo, I should sell those.Tax man: Ever rob people?Me: ... For services rendered, folk were all too happy to give me all their material possessions. All. Of them.Receives diploma. Proceeds to sell skins, pearls, and rob the guy on the corner.

  • Celestial Dragon

    The developers' way of saying: "We know what you do"

  • Sergin

    It would be awesome if the taxman became a running joke in all rpgs from now on haha

  • Anthony! Senpai-kun~

    Never had I before felt very nervous in choosing to lie on an NPC...I was actually hesitating when I was in this situation xD

  • Masta Roshi

    Only CD Pprojekt Red would get a voice actor and create an extra cutscene when they patch a glitch. These guys are legends


    no ive never done that....secretly has 300 pearls:3

  • Michael Foye

    Most terrifying monster ever.

  • Bazzralic

    What? ME, walk into every single house and loot anything short of guarded objects? Never!

  • Prof. Genki

    "Whosoever purchases goods at an unseemly low price to take advantage of a seller's ignorance, shall be subject to a fine equaling two hundred percent of the earnings from any such a transaction." How the hell does that end up being my fault? It's the inbred seller's fault for being an id.....uh I mean, no never.

  • Zela Morre

    The real question is: can you hang the diploma in your vineyard home?

  • A. Waldall

    Moral of the Story: LIE, LIE, and LIE again!

  • Wahhbajack

    I was so u n c o m f o r t a b l e during this.The guilt was real.

  • The Stars Called, They Want Their Dust Back

    This is fucking gold. The way he talks about stealing and Geralt is like "Would I EVER?!" when the game will literally let you waltz into a house and clean it out is beautiful

  • Thauã Aguirre

    This happens if it's the first time you step into Oxenfurt and have a ton of money.Even if you never cheated or used an exploit in the game. I had 75k when I reached Oxenfurt for the first time on a New Game+ and then had a chat with this gentleman.It used to be that you could buy clams from vendors, dismantle them for pearls and sell those for a tidy profit. Or you could kill the cows in White Orchard and sell the leather. Both the exploits referenced here. You still can waltz into people's homes and take their stuff though.Besides the Taxman, CDPR added a Lvl 30 (or 80 if you're in NG+) that spawns if you kill the cows in White Orchard.Not satisfied in patching the glitch, they went the extra mile of adding content just for a laugh. THAT'S how you make a game company!

  • Jake Frost

    Console Command: "Ref ID 5730F Taxman" killIf only the folks in the IRS were so easily dealt with. >-D

  • JeyVGaming

    Imagine this "Glitch/cheat detection" is in Cyberpunk 2077.. if you really did money cheat in game, the futuristic tax guy will scan and detect you are lying and says "Nice try, i'm not getting fooled again this time" and sends you to jail..Idk.. it just sounds neat & funny to have IMO xD

  • Fawkes.

    Wow a way to catch glitched money and making it feel organic instead of randomly seeing your money gone or a lot of it taken.

  • ravi

    Guard : who are you:- i am glitcher 😂😂😂

  • Kris Douglas

    Article 86, section 3 of the Tax Code: "Whosoever purchases goods at an unseemly low price to take advantage of the seller's ignorance shall be subject to a fine equalling two hundred percent of the earnings from any such a transaction."What an absolutely spasticated rule

  • MC PAX

    This still happens if you don't glitch

  • Jormungandr

    Yet another reason that CDPR is one of the greatest game studios and that The Witcher 3 is one of the best games of all time

  • Cody King

    I'm crazy enough to take on the Wild Hunt, but the IRS? NOOOOO THANK YOU!

  • Levo GAMES

    The Glitcher 3: Wild Hack

  • flashmozzg

    Witcher's Code! I swear!

  • Hirschy Kirkwood

    This isn't from glitching. Just from selling lots of dead guys' swords

  • Cian Mulvey

    I love how they pile on the guilt afterward lmao, like when your parents treat you so you have to admit you've done wrong.

  • iskoconquers

    List of other Tax evaders to catchHero of FereldenDohvahkiinLinketc

  • Kyle Li

    Used a trainer to skip through some missions since I had lost a save file and was so confused when I saw him lol. Thought he was a quest... and kept the taxpayers certificate.

  • Cat Man Do

    What kind of man would get into the Bivalve trade without knowing their true worth? Sounds like their asking to get taken.

  • TingTing Lin

    That's a lie, That's a lie, That's a lie lie lie

  • DGneoseeker1

    Hahaha. Witcher's honor.HAHAHAHAHAHAYes, Geralt. Just like that "Witcher's Code"...that doesn't exist.

  • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    This is literally why Witcher 3 is my all time favorite video game. CDprojekt red were so detailed in every aspect of the game specifically side quests and unnoticeable things.

  • neo bear

    This isn't a glitching thing, it's tied to your current gold. if you are carrying 35k this scene comes up.

  • Finn Underwood

    This is how you know the devs care for their game; when they go so far as to add an in-universe confrontation for exploits.

  • Random Fun

    "have you ever waltzed into someone house and taken stuff without permision"ME: "uhhhhh....."

  • LoliOnii-chan Senpai

    Top 10 OP Anime Character

  • Marphey

    Clerk: So that's Geralt of Rivia who is next on the list?pulls list of names form bag and readsClerk: Hero of Ferelden, Champion of Kirkwall, Herald of Andraste, Dragonborn....Damn that will take me the whole day.

  • Letho of Gulet

    "I sell limited collectors-edition gwent cards. There! You know my secret to quick riches. Happy?"

  • Tyler Walker

    I had hundreds of armor/weapons I saved up, finally decided to get the best witcher in the game legitimately, after making it I sold most of the items mentioned previously back to the merchant and then some. After a few days this guy comes up to me.

  • Omixam

    1:39 reminds me of the current legal situation in CD Project lol

  • Flyawayaxis

    Id think the FBI was watching me if this guy showed up during my playthrought lol.

  • Ben Furnish

    I thought this happens when you got 30,000 currency, not a glitch.

  • Digito

    I remember when this happened to me 😂 I was like "Oh shit just let me lie"

  • Nikolaus Jones

    i never go into people's houses and take things, wtf are u on about?

  • yokedmonster

    The funniest thing is that I triggered it buy selling all my loot at once that I had stashed. It was about 25k worth of of swords armor and random junk

  • Captain Italia

    Who would ever exploit a game for money? clicks on "Infinite Money in the Witcher 3"

  • Sanguine Skull

    The IRS. The monsters you can't slay. :D

  • Chapter Master Marneus Calgar

    The taxman appears once you reach a certian high amount of gold, even if you don't use money cheats.

  • Gejnor Mcswipe

    I got this guy but i did not glitch any money whatsoever.I did however steal anything not nailed down and then preceded to sell it, he showed up when i had 40k crowns from doing this.

  • Nihilus

    Found this guy without glitching gold, thought he was part of the story

  • Zach Gleit

    This isn't just glitching, I think it's if u have 35,000 crowns

  • eternalnate

    This happened to me but I didn't deliberately glitch anything.

  • nunya nunya

    played threw witcher 3 at least 6 times... never had this happen once. thought i saw all ov geralt...

  • Sizifus

    Have you used magic spells such as "HESOYAM" lately?

  • Garry Superales

    Have you or have you not used Cheat Engine 5.6? Me? Ofcourse not!


    The last question he asks you about stealing from homes in the game. I’m like, I only see loot so meh

  • Very good

    This guy doesn't appear because you're "glitching". It's just a comical encounter. I've met this guy in the game despite having done absolutely nothing to cheat.

  • RDJM7

    This beyond awesome in so many levels

  • Rednassie

    I had this, I had like 20 silver crowns then and there"Have you engaged in the undisclosed taking of others silver?"Me? I would never do that...

  • Playstation Moments

    really shows this aint a glitch like everyone back in the day thought lol

  • Dank_Souls

    Geralt of rivia committed tax fraud

  • David M

    I had the same thing happen to me but I didn’t glitch anything on the PS4 unless finding treasure and selling it triggered it. I got up to 38,000 crowns before this happened to me.

  • iiSpeakTheTruth!!

    brotherhood " we know"

  • Similak Child

    The Glitcher 3 Wild Hunt

  • Imy

    I was wondering why I never got this conversation before and then I read the description. CDPR never ceases to amaze!

  • Neacşu Cristi

    I got this because I installed FairMerchant mod, nice.

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