The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Trailer - (Avengers: Infinity War Style)

"No man who meets the Hunt returns to this world."
"I returned."

A tribute to one of my favourite games in recent memory - A Witcher 3 trailer in the style of Avengers: Infinity War.


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  • Evangelos Tse

    "Where is Ciri?""I'll do you one better; who is Ciri?""I'll do you one better; why is Ciri?"

  • Nickyjoet

    Vesemir: Geralt... I don't feel so good...

  • T J

    "Hi, I'm Ciri""Butcher of Blaviken" "Oh we are using made up names. Then I'm Zirael"

  • mignonthon

    Dread it, run from it, you will reinstall it.

  • Isaac Diogenes

    "who the Hell are you guys?"Cyberpunk crew smiling with Guns armed

  • Boats Roach

    Somebody get this man a subscriber

  • Ris Raid

    This "movie" better have this dialogue:"Evacuate the castle, engange all magic defenses, and get this witcher a sword."Or "Witchers, Assemble!"

  • Neloth290

    When youtube recommendations gets it right

  • its Just Me

    “Now this puts a smile on my face”

  • Metalders

    This is so epic it has a scene from The Witcher 2 and almost nobody noticed it yet! ^^

  • Sidney Kirk

    Eredin gets his chest cut open by Geralt and sits down with his back against the wall, the witcher holds his sword up to Eredins throat. "You had something to tell me?" he asks, Eredin slowly looks up at him and smiles "You should have gone for the head!".Then the white frost arrives.

  • junkevil

    That Letho stinger at the end was the best part. Thumbs up all around.

  • Exgecko

    Still the best game out there

  • RedHeadRedemption

    Dialogue choices were spot on, nice job!

  • corvic122

    Welp its now time to complete this game again for the 5th time

  • Yellow Flash

    Evacuate the Novigrad , Ready all Horses and get this man a Silver Sword.

  • Blank__ __

    Damn! Now you're forcing me into completing this game. Shit I gotta do

  • Left Right

    Wow really nice work man

  • Mati Murzyn

    1:51 - Vesemir self destruct. Directed by Michael Bay.

  • Ricardo Sancho


  • Erebos Pantous

    “I need to go to Crow’s Perch. Only Fergus the dwarf can make the weapon I need.”“What kind of weapon are we taking about here?”“The Eredin killing kind.”“Shouldn’t we all have a weapon like that?”“No. You simply lack the skill to wield it. You bodies will crumble as your minds collapse into madness.”

  • Viki Balazova

    They shoud say : Kaer Morhen is closed today!

  • Farzana Tariq

    witcher 3 >any marvel movies


    This video is the reason i still have faith in YouTube

  • Danny Benhur epic as the original...

  • undead9999

    wow...Just wow.Any other comment would distract you from such a masterpiece.Ok, I'll have to do it. xDI can picture in my mind Geralt emerging from the shadows, as Vesemir says "someone give this man a silver sword"... xD

  • ShadowReaper

    1:33 from witcher 2 but still awesome :3

  • Archons

    This should be the real trailer for the game lol.

  • MsSharondenadel

    02:15 Omg perfectly chosen scene with Letho's reveal ! 💚💚💚

  • Vlad Grigor'ev

    You did a great job. However, 'snot your fault, but the Avengers music looks pale and bland as hell in comparison to Witcher 3 OST.

  • Secondhand Nimbus

    This was great please make more I love watching these types of vids lol

  • LazyPower

    CD Projekt Red: announcing Witcher 3 for Nintendo Switch, premiere in 2019My reaction: But this... does put a smile on my face.

  • Crimson Claw22

    I don’t even play Witcher and this is the best game-trailer remix I’ve seen

  • Pawel Ogrodnik

    After 90 hours of playing this game I am now hyped for it again

  • JellyFish

    Oh my god this is probably the most awesome video I've seen in a while!It's probably better than the original trailer!

  • YouKnowWho

    Damn man. Thanks for the chills.

  • ASH Wiliams

    This is very nice of you because I love that game too. Love it so much with polish dubbing. It's more slavic.

  • Karol Żywicki

    It is actually better than the avengers trailer XD

  • Héctor Rodríguez Curbelo

    Three words: Awesome. Subscribed.:)

  • GuitarrAssassin

    Why did this only just now pop up in my recommendations? This is amazing.

  • Scott

    Very well done. Probably the best parody ive seen of the Infinity War trailer.

  • Caleb Baker

    "Dandelion why are you copying his voice?""No, he's copying my voice"

  • enzo debil

    Do another of pls like the second trailer of IW. This looks good :D

  • Tony Montana

    This is actually very well done man. Great job!!

  • TheRaptorFence

    Goddamn, that was amazing. Please do more!

  • Cesar Bandoquillo

    Good job! Amazing editing. You deserve a lot of credit!Hats off! 👏👏👏

  • Hamid Skello

    You just made me wanting to play the whole game for the 5th time, well done Sir

  • Leandro Alves

    Geralt >>>>>>>>>>>>> Avengers

  • Rafito Guerrero

    Oh bring back that feeling....😭

  • Darth Ruin

    Infinity war sucks it’s a story that has no sacrifices (as if the main heroes are dead 😂) and a environmentalist super villain.The Witcher story is EPIC

  • Azmi Redy Pradana

    Glad to be alive to watch this epicness

  • Billy Caney

    Seriously who disliked this? Fight me

  • Castlepie

    OMG This is amazing. 😍 Great job.

  • Kurosaki Ichigo

    This-this is what I come to YouTube looking for...quality 👏👏

  • FateMichael

    This was better than the actual trailer 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • MajorMoron

    Perfect editing, man!!! But that one scene from the Witcher 2 trailer/intro was kinda misplaced here

  • Nelson Acuña Cruz

    The new avenger: Geralt de Rivia

  • K3ViN

    Better than original clearly MASTERPIECE!

  • Ravikumar Yadav

    Anyone else got goosebumps?Two of my favorite fictions together 😍😍😍You SIR just made my day.

  • Chris Trevino

    This was cool. Makes me want to play again. Great work editing. And a love the witcher 2 scene tossed in for good measure.

  • Asian Stole My Tv

    HAHAHAHA this is so good bro. Nice work

  • 4Films

    I love witcher and marvel and this is ABSOLUTELY awosome.. Thx for that

  • JerkThief

    This was SO good, this video deserves way more recognition. Great work! :)

  • Kirill Pereshilo

    Это сука просто ахуенно!

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