Forging A Rebar Rapier

I forge a sword from scrap rebar, with aluminium cross-guard and cast pewter pommel.
  • Boredombattler51

    >sees people hating on his first sword>stabs them with it>"looks like it works just fine to me."

  • SwordStack

    I'd just like to point out that this was indeed my first attempt at forging, but thanks for the constructive criticism.

  • Ben M.

    It may not be a "real" sword, like all the buzzkills insist on saying, but I'd pick somebody who could make stuff like this for my apocalypse-survival team any day. Nice work!

  • mun_man

    Mom:WTF is that a bong!Me: i forge rapiers with it chill


    These comments are horrendous, yes it isn't the best idea too use rebar, and yes it isn't the best rapier out there....but god damn it, he made it himself with the tools he had at the ready...good job man, keep up the work and you'll get better in no time!

  • The Reaper Hunter

    Don't know what all the Dislike is for. Its not the fanciest rapier/estoc but its functional and is good practice at the very least. Keep it up man.

  • brandon silva

    not bad for a first attempt

  • John F

    >Forging a rapier>Out of Rebar>With a carpentry hammer>Stops forging before it's halfway done>Heat treats at least several hundred degrees too cold>Quenches with water>In a bong>Finishes with the dullest file on Earth>Kills the file even more by filing on the pull stroke>Softwood handle>Shaped with a spoke shave being used backwards>Crossguard shaped with a WOOD RASP>Doesn't center the drill a single time I know it's your first attempt but dude you're killing me.

  • CommonSenseCreations

    good job. everyone expects perfection but that rarely happens on your first attempt. Ignore the hate and forge on

  • DaedalusProps

    Take your time with your blades, measuring and shaping and they'll serve you well.This was...a decent first try.

  • Bryan Linsmeyer

    >rapier>chopping things

  • Nathan Carrier

    It is a bit on the thin side, so I think forging the bevel and tapering the blade would have greatly helped. Now the most important point would be to make your tang and handle not round, it would help greatly.So for a beginer project it was really good and I think that most little mistake do not have their origins in a lack of forging skills or practice but in a small lack of sword knowledge.

  • Tuxedo Spartan

    @4:27 Serious fapping skillz.

  • Joe Black

    gosh you put so much work and time into it. guess you wanted to figure out and learn on your own?you seem to be patient and skilled enough to make great stuff and one or two videos of lets say man at arms might help.good luck

  • James Ciantar

    A little bit of advice for next time, if you're using rebar you really shouldn't use one that thin since rebar is an inferior metal. For that blade type you really also shouldn't sharpen the edges since it thins out the blade to much and makes it more of a saw blade than a sword blade. if you can get your hands on some 1045 i think that would be good its the lowest high carbon steel you can get. As a rule of thumb try to make the blade width about 2/3 of your hand and keep it at about 4mm. If you can fix the handle pommel and guard snugly to the blade that would help at giving it more durability and it would be comfier.I really liked the lost wax method though,it was a smart choice and it came out nice. Keep it up.

  • Dustin Bess

    people are assholes sometimes..i think for your first time it was a damn good job, and the fact that you did it with basic tools is impressive.. Good job son..

  • Jacob Lucas

    I don't know that I'd call this a rapier, but it is very impressive nonetheless.

  • originaldriver

    props to this guy for not being even the slightest bit afraid of trolls and critics alike.a bit rusty, but youve got to crawl before you walk, right? keep it up bro. i like youre energy.

  • TheLordArion

    Early shape suggests flamberge rapier 😃

  • FUGoogle

    I have no idea why this has any dislikes. I found it much more enjoyable than watching some other youtube smiths, or forgers or whatever they are called. I like the fact that he does a lot by hand and the music is a nice bonus. Not the most refined blade but you are clearly a skilled all round craftsman.

  • ri henry

    How dare he not be an expert before his first time ever attempting to forge. Shame on you, sir.No, for real, good job. Don't let the haters discourage you. Working on building my first forge, and im sure my first project probably won't look half as good.

  • Daniel Chalmers

    more of a gentleman's sword or small sword. than a rapier but nice nonetheless

  • Rick Mccomb

    for some crappy metal, the blade came out very good. He was consistent with what he make and it's not half bad looking

  • Brother Gimli

    use a coil spring from a car. I think you'll like using that.

  • Kav

    I'm getting into forging and blacksmithing, too bad seeing there's so many super negative people in that community though. :/

  • austin casterline

    well if you had fun making the thing hell yea but you might want to heat the metal more when you quench

  • Maximilian

    Not a beautiful weapon, but practicality outweighs beauty in the long run. When these sorts of projects become trivial for you one day, make another one and compare them! :D

  • David Davis420

    I have been thinking about getting into forging lately any tips

  • Blake Little

    Aluminium crossguard of safety!

  • Iron Ninja

    Good work man, very good, what is the líquid in 4:20 ?

  • guitardaddy6

    This has so many dislikes because he used rebar. That's shit steel.

  • Jester Trick

    now I'm no expert when it comes to swords, not by any definition of the word, but isn't that rapier a bit short?

  • John Willett

    please take the handle of and carbonize the blade with tums(salt and sugar) also look into treating the blade with molten salt, but nonetheless great video for getting people into blacksmithing!

  • シ W A K E

    Se que no hablas español pero buen trabajo para tu primer intento :v

  • DeliciousYumYum

    Not bad for a first forge

  • Ritam Adhya

    Good job man. You did so much hardwork.

  • J Allen

    i have a sharp stick that does just as much damage....

  • RT note

    See they all think I'm crazy for having a rebar collection but when the apple apocalypse comes you will come to my doors step

  • kamehamehaiuken

    Multi purpose Bong... I Dig it!

  • Brian the Trainer

    Nice maybe make a Mk 2 and put a hand guard

  • Christopher Neely

    Keep up the good work. Make friends with a mechanic. Get a coil, leaf spring, sway bar and/or an A-arm from a car (or truck) suspension. That is some good, higher carbon spring steel for free. Same deal on the cheap from an automotive scrapyard. Just make sure you have someone that knows what they are doing removing coil springs, etc. A coil spring and strut can have 1000 - 1500 lbs of static compression; even on a small car. A 3/4" coil spring holds 3/4 of a ton, at normal ride height. That's enough force to decapitate a person or amputate a limb. Have fun. Work safe. A mechanic might give you an old ball peen hammer laying around the shop. Tell 'em what your up to, even show them the rapier. They will probably appreciate your handywork.

  • Heiryuu

    Sure it’s a shitty sword but as proof that you can in fact forge something it’s not bad. It’s better than the letter opener I made a week ago.

  • Oneofdazzz

    Nice first attempt, id be curious to see a follow up on how the metals reacted steel, aluminum & lead usually don't fix well.

  • vincent trigg

    GOOD JOB!!! :DMore than ive ever done to make a sword, keep on going bud!

  • Ancap Android

    Most of your dislikes on this video are from people who are history buffs and perfectionists. Keep going dude, and if you want to make more historically accurate swords watch Skallagrim, Metatron, and Shadiversity.

  • skankhunt 42

    it's really good for a first try

  • Mark W

    OK, I like it, and here's why. First, you actually went out and built it. You learned lots about metalworking in the process. You cast your own pommel. I know you're catching lots of flack for using rebar, but rebar is better grade steel than the majority of swords were forged with throughout history. Now... go out and make another. You do know that that's a thrusting blade, right?

  • TOMATO 10

    great job hope to see more from u

  • Roy Harper

    i guess this was your first try to do a project like this. To be honest i would never put my time into casting a pommel for this kind of blade. It looks like you lost the interest in building it halfway.

  • Keith Perry

    looks like you had fun good job.

  • Vol deMort

    The Divine Rapier isnt even a Rapier.

  • shadow x

    you did good for a first attempt my dude

  • Michael Portman

    Keep in mind.RAPIERS are intended for thrusting not cutting

  • Ratiel D. Fagundes

    perdi meu tempo vendo essa bosta

  • tjzx3432

    I'm sorry but this is a true swordsmith's cringe video, a pointy piece of metal does not a sword make. It looks good tho.

  • jadekayak01

    WOW its as effective as a butter knife

  • Moises Bazan

    Not to nitpick or to devalue your work, but thats an estoc not a rapier. Amazing job nontheless

  • Philip Pennington

    I wouldn't go into battle with it but a good use of the basics! was that a carpenter hammer though?

  • Samuel Pippin

    That water bottle disrespected M'lady.

  • dragonoid34456

    Oh dear...You triggered a sword enthusiast. Namely, me. It's time for a minor rant.THAT IS NOT A RAPIER! A RAPIER IS A THIN SWORD WITH NO CUTTING EDGE. THEY ARE ONLY GOOD FOR STABBING!OK rant over. Overall, not bad for a first attempt at forging. The only thing that bugs me is how you got the type of sword wrong.

  • Conley custom ironwork

    Why the hell did you waste two million hours filing a sword to shape you could get a cheap angle grinder

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