Forging A Rebar Rapier

I forge a sword from scrap rebar, with aluminium cross-guard and cast pewter pommel.
  • mun_man

    Mom:WTF is that a bong!Me: i forge rapiers with it chill

  • The Reaper Hunter

    Don't know what all the Dislike is for. Its not the fanciest rapier/estoc but its functional and is good practice at the very least. Keep it up man.


    These comments are horrendous, yes it isn't the best idea too use rebar, and yes it isn't the best rapier out there....but god damn it, he made it himself with the tools he had at the ready...good job man, keep up the work and you'll get better in no time!

  • Ben M.

    It may not be a "real" sword, like all the buzzkills insist on saying, but I'd pick somebody who could make stuff like this for my apocalypse-survival team any day. Nice work!

  • brandon silva

    not bad for a first attempt

  • CommonSenseCreations

    good job. everyone expects perfection but that rarely happens on your first attempt. Ignore the hate and forge on

  • SwordStack

    I'd just like to point out that this was indeed my first attempt at forging, but thanks for the constructive criticism.

  • Boredombattler51

    >sees people hating on his first sword>stabs them with it>"looks like it works just fine to me."

  • TheLordArion

    Early shape suggests flamberge rapier 😃

  • MakoRuu

    All these dislikes and negative comments. I'm thinking to myself "Can you do better, mafucker?"

  • Simple Man

    Most of your dislikes on this video are from people who are history buffs and perfectionists. Keep going dude, and if you want to make more historically accurate swords watch Skallagrim, Metatron, and Shadiversity.

  • Bryan Linsmeyer

    >rapier>chopping things

  • Daniel Chalmers

    more of a gentleman's sword or small sword. than a rapier but nice nonetheless

  • Derek

    Fantastic work man thank you for the video!

  • ri henry

    How dare he not be an expert before his first time ever attempting to forge. Shame on you, sir.No, for real, good job. Don't let the haters discourage you. Working on building my first forge, and im sure my first project probably won't look half as good.

  • Nathan Carrier

    It is a bit on the thin side, so I think forging the bevel and tapering the blade would have greatly helped. Now the most important point would be to make your tang and handle not round, it would help greatly.So for a beginer project it was really good and I think that most little mistake do not have their origins in a lack of forging skills or practice but in a small lack of sword knowledge.

  • James Ciantar

    A little bit of advice for next time, if you're using rebar you really shouldn't use one that thin since rebar is an inferior metal. For that blade type you really also shouldn't sharpen the edges since it thins out the blade to much and makes it more of a saw blade than a sword blade. if you can get your hands on some 1045 i think that would be good its the lowest high carbon steel you can get. As a rule of thumb try to make the blade width about 2/3 of your hand and keep it at about 4mm. If you can fix the handle pommel and guard snugly to the blade that would help at giving it more durability and it would be comfier.I really liked the lost wax method though,it was a smart choice and it came out nice. Keep it up.

  • DaedalusProps

    Take your time with your blades, measuring and shaping and they'll serve you well.This was...a decent first try.

  • Joe Black

    gosh you put so much work and time into it. guess you wanted to figure out and learn on your own?you seem to be patient and skilled enough to make great stuff and one or two videos of lets say man at arms might help.good luck

  • Jacob Lucas

    I don't know that I'd call this a rapier, but it is very impressive nonetheless.

  • Robert Lombardo

    Hmm. I'll take it! Maybe a second piece of rebar for some extra forging material could make the next one even better. Either way, it will cut and it will keeal. Nice work!

  • originaldriver

    props to this guy for not being even the slightest bit afraid of trolls and critics alike.a bit rusty, but youve got to crawl before you walk, right? keep it up bro. i like youre energy.

  • FUGoogle

    I have no idea why this has any dislikes. I found it much more enjoyable than watching some other youtube smiths, or forgers or whatever they are called. I like the fact that he does a lot by hand and the music is a nice bonus. Not the most refined blade but you are clearly a skilled all round craftsman.

  • RT note

    See they all think I'm crazy for having a rebar collection but when the apple apocalypse comes you will come to my doors step

  • Joel Pugsley

    Haters say it looks stupid But if it works, it ain’t stupid

  • Caleb Brown

    Neat, I love watching videos about people making stuff. It's a good practice sword. Would love to see more content like this.

  • scumbag benis

    the cross guard looks a little goofy but this is great for a beginner

  • Fedi Tizaoui

    that's amazing , a sword in primitive way , it;s like you can make it back in your garden , no fancy tools cost 1000$+ well i think i'm going to make a sword like it even i have a real fancy sword

  • vincent trigg

    GOOD JOB!!! :DMore than ive ever done to make a sword, keep on going bud!

  • Jackson Comer

    it's really good for a first try

  • ieat caribou

    Excellent skills, knowledge and experience to forge such a beautiful weapon all while using what many people call a mystery steel. Should be just fine for a rapier.

  • Brandon colo

    Nex time try to fold the rebar. Or forge two or three rebars toguether mate. So you can get the THICCness

  • Christopher Neely

    Keep up the good work. Make friends with a mechanic. Get a coil, leaf spring, sway bar and/or an A-arm from a car (or truck) suspension. That is some good, higher carbon spring steel for free. Same deal on the cheap from an automotive scrapyard. Just make sure you have someone that knows what they are doing removing coil springs, etc. A coil spring and strut can have 1000 - 1500 lbs of static compression; even on a small car. A 3/4" coil spring holds 3/4 of a ton, at normal ride height. That's enough force to decapitate a person or amputate a limb. Have fun. Work safe. A mechanic might give you an old ball peen hammer laying around the shop. Tell 'em what your up to, even show them the rapier. They will probably appreciate your handywork.

  • tranglomango

    loved the music... it goes well with the particular item you are making.. classy af

  • shadow x

    you did good for a first attempt my dude

  • TheTyrial86

    Nice project. You are giving me ideas on a hobby I would like to get into.

  • Kav

    I'm getting into forging and blacksmithing, too bad seeing there's so many super negative people in that community though. :/

  • David Davis420

    I have been thinking about getting into forging lately any tips

  • Davey The CRUSHER Bass

    It bent chopping apples, but holy moly! It sliced right through that French bread!And it also stabbed right through that tough plastic water bottle!That's gotta be like a plus 100 !

  • daxxis 66

    good vid bro. enjoyed it. keep it up😉

  • Iron Ninja

    Good work man, very good, what is the líquid in 4:20 ?

  • Tony F

    Pretty awesome dude. Definitely wish I had the skills to make weapons during the apocalypse out of scrap.

  • Jorden Pirie

    Hell of a lot better than me keep at it man 👍🏼

  • Alexis Harper

    This video was pretty inspiring. I’m now working on forging a (bad and probably too thin, although strong enough to thrust into things before forging) steel dagger for my first forging project. I would be really happy with myself if it goes as well as this video.

  • Friis Forge

    You wont be getting disliked by me. One of the first things I forged was a "sword" from a lawnmower blade. Its a cutlass. I love it. Its obviously not good, but who cares. I had a blast making it. I suggest doing this again but from something like 5160. That is what I intend to do in the not too distant future. Probably going to make a Chinese Jin. That will be fun an challenging. Cool casting btw. That was my favorite part.

  • sttonep

    More like a tape measure than a rapier. Great project anyways!

  • Jester Trick

    now I'm no expert when it comes to swords, not by any definition of the word, but isn't that rapier a bit short?

  • Spoons Are Occasionally Made Of Metal

    You should've made a NINJA SWORD

  • Zachary Brown

    Very nice sword but I suggest not letting the metal get too cold to prevent strain hardening. But very nice job

  • Yew Bowman

    I've seen a few errors on this video, good job tho, since i dont see any rebar swords,(SPOILERS BELOW) i will forge one someday.

  • Adoness Gers

    rebar is not a good choise for sword steel but good job man keep it up

  • Oneofdazzz

    Nice first attempt, id be curious to see a follow up on how the metals reacted steel, aluminum & lead usually don't fix well.

  • Calvin Barrett

    what I find hardest about making swords is making the handle parts

  • matheus mota

    A original and rustic rapier...Good work. :)

  • Keith Perry

    looks like you had fun good job.

  • Brother Gimli

    use a coil spring from a car. I think you'll like using that.

  • JP Smith

    Rebar belongs in concrete, not blades. At least use some kind of spring steel.

  • Zechariah Turk

    Awesome job! All the hate is from people who have never and WILL NEVER forge a damn thing in their life. Everyone starts somewhere. Keep up the good work!

  • Frank Harden

    you obviously have the basic skills/know how. just work on cleaning up your finished product​.

  • Lulster 10

    Now put some gasoline on it and set on fire for damage bonus!

  • Slam bag training QUANTUM STYLE COMBAT

    Good job...keep up ur good wrk.👍🏽

  • Maximilian

    Not a beautiful weapon, but practicality outweighs beauty in the long run. When these sorts of projects become trivial for you one day, make another one and compare them! :D

  • Michael Pierce

    Some rapiers had triangular or four cornered diamond "blades"

  • kal skiratta

    Good first try. There's way to much hate here. It's a decent first attempt all I would say is measure more. Work on centering you holes when drilling and practice keeping the blade straight during forging. Also if you want higher quality try 6160 or 1095 high carbon steel. Both arent to expensive on amazon

  • Connervlogs2

    I swear I saw Tom and jerry in the background

  • TheCayDawg

    Lmao i love the Eroica playing in the background

  • Marky Moo

    i love the simplicity of it, but the overall design (in purely my opinion) really couldve used some more attention

  • Vebis

    For being your first attempt, it was gloriously bad, but awe inspiring!

  • killi mimes

    Will never properly take a temper... Its equivalent to a 1005 grade steel

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