Mad Max Gameplay Trailer

First and official gameplay trailer for Mad Max The Video Game, called "Soul of a Man" ! Join us on Facebook : and subscribe now :

Mad Max Gameplay Trailer. Release date : 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. Subscribe now to get the latest game trailer, gameplay teaser & cinematic video, videogame walkthrough and ingame videos with Game News Official (GameNews) ! Mad Max Trailer.
  • JuanDingoHD

    Avalanche Studios is the team that made Just Cause 2, so if anything, this game with be extremely fun. Can't wait!

  • Ice Freezer

    That feeling when after a 'gameplay trailer' you're left completely oblivious of how the actual gameplay is.

  • Oktubre1984

    Max should be Mel Gibson, not some random white guy

  • Grass hair

    If this tale is not set in Australia and Max does not have a proper Aussie accent then I am in no way buying this game. I am tired of IP from other countries being bastardized by USA creative industries. It is insulting to other cultures that the US seems to be incapable of understanding other cultures without first being sent through filters to be homogenized for the US consumer market. Name another country which does this on the same scale the US does. I grew up with Mad Max would love to see another generation experience Mad Max for it's Aussie culture and humour but I fear for the worst hearing an american chick doing the voice over.

  • Chico Chic

    We need mad max online like a sand box online game gta v style create a hero's play with friend try to rob other players everyone can choose a sidekick dog , chimp or man with a co op friend you can co drive or snatch get a car and do missions and random fun they should do it

  • TheCrazyFereldan

    Not set in Australia, doesnt have an australian accent, and he isnt Mad Max. Not interested, no thank you.

  • cocko grandé

    i see alot of people complaining about the lack of mel gibson, and not being true to the original but if you may recall the original movie (1979) was pretty shallow and gibson was pretty young and not really protagonist material. if the game were to replicate even all of the movies, it still wouldn't be that deep of a game. sometimes artistic liberties are necessary in game making as you want your experience to last longer and be more engrossing than the original story-line would allow. also it does have to appeal to a broad range of people spanning from young to old in order to be successful. the lack of mel gibson's likeness could be because he didn't want to be involved or because of the new protagonist being introduced, either way it still looks like a promising game as long as the right elements are there and i don't feel that an actor is going to be that determining factor. i personally am with the majority here, and like to see original stars reprising their roles in remakes, but unfortunately in order for franchises to continue on and grow, there has to be changes. and we have to accept them, or keep living in the shadows of the past. 

  • oberstul

    Please be good, please be good!

  • Gon Freecss

    They better get Auzzie voice actors and NOT American voice actors, if they do get 'merican voice actors I'd be upset.

  • Chris Rod

    What. Mel Gibson didn't give the rights to use his mug shot?

  • JJO117

    So Aliens: Colonial Marines is dead, Rambo is dead. Lets hope this film game won't die

  • Michael Norman

    Mel Gibson or bust. That had better not be cell shading either - this is 2014 people. Just give it high resolution textures, a rich environment, add a decent animation library - and you're good to go. Developers waste so much money on sparkles and not on story.

  • George Havenhand

    American accents destroy other cultures -__- Mad Max is an Australian icon they're just soiling on it.

  • Pervy_Sage

    Lets hope it isn't some merican accents, keep it Australian at least it has the Interceptor in this game (Max's cop car!!). Is this going to be a new story or continued from the Thunder Dome movie?

  • M.A.D

    Borderland×fallout×rage = mad max

  • Terbie36

    Mad Max without a Mel Gibson face? Sad...

  • Bento

    I hope this game can be as good as fury road. Oh man was that movie good.

  • Ceekay420

    Who is this guy?? Give us Mel Gibson!

  • TheKestevon

    just another stupid first person shooter

  • Terbie36

    A man they call "The bearded man no one recognizes"...

  • Comrade Nikolai

    Wtf is with all the american accentsshould not even be one

  • Sean Barry

    "Why can't he look like Mel Gibson?"Because he's not Mel Gibson. He's Max Rockatansky. And he's about to kick some serious ass.

  • Smeg Head

    The trailer doesn't do the game justice, after watching this I thought the game was going to be bad, holy fuck was I wrong.

  • Dani Ramírez

    Aaaaand another Youtube video claiming "gameplay" which actually has almost no gameplay. I'm pre-ordering soooo nope...

  • Sumona Florence

    .. what a game..WHAT A LOVELY GAME!!

  • max2082

    This is one of the reasons why I chose the name Max.

  • Brock Gorang

    Anyone else watching this and wondering where max got all these kung fu Jason bourn looking moves?

  • Shrines

    Anyone here any updates on this game? Been almost a year now and we haven't even gotten a look at the gameplay or what we'll be doing.

  • Paparazzi122


  • Malachi Constant

    They better not have canceled this game.

  • Carlos Laguardia

    I find it funny, all these people saying this is like Fallout, bla bla bla, Mad Max is better, Fallout is better... yadda yadda.Fallout was inspired in the Mad Max movies. That's no secret, the game developers said so themselves. That's why the scenarios, items and everything looks similar. Even the dog from the first Fallout was inspired in Max dog. Mad Max is a great movie (the third one, not so much), Fallout is a great game (all of them are cool, but I haven't played Tactics yet.Why there's always people hating? I really can't understand it.

  • krloz

    WB games makes amazing games tho, this, witcher, shadow of mordor, batman arkham..

  • Psycho Crow

    Yes! More Post-Apo Games :D

  • Me Cooper

    Wow,... You people are really stretching the definition of "Gameplay" trailer.

  • Randal

    +1 if Australian and are looking forward to driving the Xb gt interceptor.


    Finally a Red Dead Redemption with diesel, Interceptors and Max.

  • Lazar Šutilović

    What the hell is going on with this game!? I've been waiting so many years for a Mad Max game and I was so happy and hyped when it was announced, but we haven't had any new information for more than a year and the site is down, hope it's not cancelled...

  • Fingersails

    Whats that, Mad Max with no Mel Gibson you say? Are you going to give me a bb elephant gun next?

  • Entropy Spawn

    Does it look like Just Cause to anyone else?

  • Skull Man

    Look's a lot like rage to me....

  • MrJohnybirchall

    "Give me back my money!"

  • bordbred

    fallout:mad max edition

  • mtalhart

    this is a confirmed buy from me <3

  • Evaquiel

    shame isn't Mel Gipson playing him.

  • John Freeman

    Too bad no Mel Gibson!

  • ironman10181

    this looks just like rage

  • Sebi Nutu

    "Hope is dead, Glory is lost " is that a smart reference to the game

  • Kevin Anthony

    The quality of this game will depend entirely on the quality of the story and characters.


    THE ROAD WARRIOR IS BACK :DAlso it would be even better if I could play as lord Humongous, just saying.

  • Decimator334

    Will be boycotting for lack of Mel Gibson 

  • Link Bui

    Am I the only one getting "Fist of the North Star" vibe here? I think I'm gonna love this game :)

  • Nathaniel Wiley

    They showed the same exact execution move twice... I hope that's not a hint as to the extent of the variety.

  • Grande McCokle

    Who cares if he doesn't look like Mel Gibson? The role can literally be played by anyone, the character is not tough to pull off at all. Like James Bond, it's more of a persona

  • Ignas359

    This looks really good. Mad max was never my favorite thing, but I always loved the idea of a post apocalyptic world and cars being somewhat a bigger aspect for it.

  • Trevor Phillips

    This game looks good. Tbh this game should b amazing if they use what the movie had, in the correct way. Cross between fallout and max payne

  • SeanVille

    They should have a mission that you can mess with the guitar player guy. Lol.

  • SagnolTheGangster

    Amazing! just finished it and i feel like i want more of this :( :)

  • Alex Rain

    I need a little more "You are already dead" in my post apocalypse games. I'll keep an eye out for this one but not impressed so far.

  • tokebroke

    this is dumbhis dog is no where to be seenand he clearly had more then one shell in his shotgun

  • The Radish

    It better not be another ragelike

  • Rogue

    this looks like what RAGE should have been XD

  • Razvan Popescu

    I just hate it cause they change Max's face, should had been young Mel

  • Solus

    Looking forward to this

  • sandro ilpelato

    I hope this game is going ti ne good...

  • EditsOfAwesomeness

    I really wonder why there aren't a lot of games based on movies being made anymore. I mean, this is a perfect example of it being really successful.

  • Johnny Months

    This game is gonna be better than shadow of mordor. Can't wait for it!

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