The Witcher 3: BEST Alchemist/Herbalist Location! (Superior Diagrams and Potion of Clearance)

Hope you enjoyed!




Here's a guide to the location of who think is the BEST Alchemsit/Herbalist in all of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Enjoy all the Superior Diagrams!
  • Logos42

    You have a lot of crowns? Man I have like 40k+ crowns haha. I pick up everything and sell everything. The only things I keep are quest items, and a lot of crafting material and alchemy ingredients. Or If I have a high leveled item I am saving. Here is a great video idea for a video. In the main square in novagrad, under the roof past the herbalist. There is a dwarf there that coverts the other currency's to crowns.

  • Anthony Shunnarah

    Aye can you find one just as good in Novigrad? I'm trying to find some damn "Wolfbane" but can't find it anywhere.

  • Krekács Balázs István

    The problem is that this quest is bugged too often and cannot be completed.

  • Mugen

    Im lvl 12 can i do that guest?

  • GameQuest

    Awesome video bro! Keep up the quality content ;)

  • linguisticness

    Agh, I unlocked Gremist a long time ago and he never has the diagrams I need for Superior oils, potions, etc. I can't make White Gull, Rubedo, Nigredo, etc. I'm at level 39, finished the main story, and am working on the dlc stuff and very disappointed that I still am limited to the Enhanced level gear. Anyone else have this problem? So many bugs in this game but this seems like an unlikely one

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