Witcher 3 ★ Masterpiece Ending Ciri Empress End

The Witcher 3 ★ Best Ending Ciri Empress End
The Witcher is one the most anticipate game in 2015, the graphic and the story line is just incredible :)
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  • Cosmo Kramer

    After you beat the game, the world feels kinda empty. They should have made it so (depending which ending you got) Yen and Ciri are at Kaer Morhen and you can interact with them at any time. It would be cool to go on Witcher contracts with Ciri.

  • Miguel Luhulima

    "I'll have plenty of work chasing monsters around forgotten villages."hit me straight in the heart ;_;

  • Shammo Hamid

    "What do you know about saving the world silly? You're but a witcher."That line hit me hard.

  • hootenanee29

    In my ending I didn't get triss or yenn, I did get roach though, so me and him are living on our own in kaer morhen just me n my horse and our weird half man half horse kids, not how I expected things to end up for geralt but hey at least he got someone to share his bed with :P

  • 124Nightwing

    This ending is so bittersweet and I love it, but I still prefer the witcher ending as my first choice. Everything turns out sort of okay without Ciri if The Black Ones win the war, Ciri becomes a witcher like she wanted, and I get to live out my days bangin' Yen.

  • Jake Tryon

    this is one of those endings that are not happy, but yet beautiful and soothing. Like after many friends that have died, but the battle is over, and all is well.

  • Pokerface1337

    THIS is how a father should treat the daughter. Even if Geralt is not her bilological father... still... this is how it should be :)

  • Redcrosse Knight

    Got this last night. Wept like a child. Beautiful. 10/10, CDPR.

  • VoidWaIker

    How's this better than the ciri becomes a witcher ending

  • Darian

    while ciri may make a good empress its clear she does not want toduring the part were geralt is seeing her off its not surprising shes holding back crying her eyes out, though a few tears still get away though.if i was ever able to play this game i would aim for having her become a witcherwhile in that ending she does part ways from geralt it dosent say for good, witchers do wander and take contracts, she would probly stop and visit with him and yennefer/triss from time to time

  • TheSestren

    It's interesting people say this isn't the best ending like they're the authority on what is the best ending for everyone lol... Ciri says she'd rather be a Witcher when she's still thinking the only solution to her problems is to keep running away. At the end of the game she chooses to stop running and face her responsibilities head on. Part of those responsibilities is her birthright - being an empress. If you get this ending the wars end and millions are saved. Yes, it means Ciri doesn't get to keep living a simple life, and that's maybe sad for her individually, but look at all she accomplishes as a result! It's a bittersweet ending I think, where Ciri grows up and faces up to who she is. To me, that's the best ending.

  • Rudolf H

    When I got this ending at first I thought Ciri failed stopping the white frost and died (White orchard covered in snow) and Geralt spending some time with his friends, my heart sank. Then I saw Ciri which make me happy and relieved!... But then the Nilfgardian arrive and Ciri departed with Geralt... damn my heart sank again... Damn it CDproject!

  • Trafalgar Lawn

    The "yeah we do" option sounds out of character and makes Geralt seem petty. The other option ("course not") makes more sense and sounds more in character. That and HELLO. She can see Geralt whenever she damn well wants no different than Ehmyr. Send a messenger to arrange an audience with him. Problem solved. Or hell, Geralt and Triss/Yennefer can simply move to Nilfgaard. Not in a palace or anything, but within reasonable travel range. This is a good ending, but really lazy from a writing standpoint. They went out of their way to make it bittersweet without realizing the numerous easy solutions that allow Geralt to remain a neutral/retired Witcher away from politics while still being able to see Ciri on a regular basis. Guess they had to guilt trip players into picking the silly "Ciri becomes a Witcher" ending.

  • jensh92

    You needn't say goodbye.... What kind of hogwash is that...

  • Ian N. Martinez

    This might not be the happiest ending, but in my opinion it is the best ending of the three. With Ciri on the throne you can expect a righteous ruler who will put an end to war and the land will finally know peace, all while Geralt gets to happily spend the rest of his days with his beloved (Triss or Yen) and doing witcher work.

  • Vemon Snaek

    This is the best ending. NOT THE HAPPIEST ENDING.

  • ashley m16

    Traveled half the world to find you, but i never intended to force anything on you 💕

  • The Awesome Alex

    more like sad ending the badass ending where ciri becomes a witcher

  • BioTek

    In my opinion this is the "best" ending because it plays with your emotions, making you feel happy and then sad, unlike the boring ending in which ciri becomes a witcher(just my opinion). And I really like that you said good bye to her, that makes it even more sad and epic at the same time, but it feels like it's the right thing to do. (I love drama)

  • ndfreak333

    This is the best ending in terms of what is best for the witcher world as a whole. Emhyr will eventually die and Ciri will do more for this world at the head of the Nilfgaardian empire than she could ever do being a simple witcher chasing monsters. However, I still prefer the ending where she becomes a witcher because I feel that she has done enough for the world and she deserves to be doing what will make her the happiest and I believe that is her being a witcher.This being said, I will probably go for the ending listed in this video on my current (3rd) play-through since the first two times I ended up with her becoming a witcher. Thanks for sharing this Why Gamer.

  • mjb328

    Personally I'm a fan of bitter sweet ending. Happily ever afters are too cliche. I think endings should be better sweet because they have a bit of happiness in the end, but alittle dose of reality in them too. It helps show that not everything works out like in a fairy tale. This ending is a masterpiece, but not to me just because I would have chosen Yen. Beside that this is most of the ending I wanted had I not fucked them both.This was my 1st Witcher game so I do have one question. Who was Geralt with 1st Yen or Triss? My choice was kind of decided from the beginning, since they introduced Yen early on so I just got more interested in her. Had it been Triss I probably would have chosen her.

  • Miguel Sosa

    This was my New Game Plus Ending.Ciri becomes Empress with the desire and capability to make Nilfgaard a better place.Radovid's obviously dead, the North belongs to the South and Temeria has internal self-governance; again with someone like Ciri at the helm the future does look very bright indeed for the entire Northern Realms.Emhyr steps down and finally does some good teaching Ciri the art of politics, which she will balanced with basic human goodness taught by Geralt. Together they will ensure the Empress' reign is prosperous and just.Skellige prospers like never before under Cerys. Previously their entire culture was founded on the hard truth that the only way to survive was to plunder the seas. But now there is a new more peaceful and prosperous beginning in the works. And given Ciri's time in Skellige there may be peace and mutual cooperation between the Isles and Nilfgaard, unthinkable!Geralt, free from his last wish and able to truly choose again, ends up with Triss. Yes, it's not faithful to the books and Triss did take advantage of his amnesia. But she has many good traits like kindness, bravery and if you've read the books the way she treated Geralt was not so much malice as much as it was desperation. She had been searching for love for decades and Geralt was the only person who had a good heart. In addition ,let's be honest, Yennefer is a challenging person to live with.They retire to Kovir, Triss making waves as an advisor and Geralt taking the occasional contract and maybe even becoming a swordsman instructor! And with Kovir's status as a powerful neutral country they will definitely see Ciri again!All round a superb ending, all revolving around Ciri and her potential to begin a new era of happiness for all! Thumbs up if you agree!

  • Ja Zy

    I had a Ciri as a Witcher ending (mostly because when my daughter told me "we need to go there" I was like "ah, yeah sure, everything else can wait") but I think this is better ending. Sad. Heartbreaking. But better. She'd be just another Witcher chasing drowners around some remote villages, and while she already saved the world from White Frost it's still torn by all the wars and all the racist and xenophobic ideas that were planted along the way. She has a wisdom to fix it. And I believe she has a will to make the place better for everyone including elves. As for the "but she'd be happier as a Witcher" argument, she had a choice here and she made her decision - something she had not in my play-through as we have never been to Vizima and she has never had a chance to talk to Emhyr and listen to his offer. So I think this is actually the most fulfilling ending: Ciri became adult, decided the time of all-fun chasing monsters is over and picking up a job that maybe not the peak of her desires but is extremely needed and beneficial to all.

  • ganjeli

    best ending is ciri becoming a witcher...

  • Miloš .Vučetić

    It is bittersweet but it is best,really a masterpiece..

  • Metalcat5

    Ciri as Empress = RIP Witcher SeriesCiri as Witcher = The Witcher 4: Elder Blood - Soon 2019 :D

  • mink N

    This ending make Witcher 3 ......Epic!

  • Hugh Jidiot

    In the books, the prophecy states that the Sword of Destiny has two edges. Furthermore, the books reveal flashbacks of Falka where while being burned at the stake, she prophesizes that someone of her bloodline will conquer half the world. The books say that Ciri's son will conquer half the world. This makes the Witcher 3 a prequel to that event.It took me 3 weeks to read the entire Witcher series' novels, but even with the prophecy of the Sword of Destiny her future is still ambigious. To fulfill the prophecy that Ciri's son will take over half the world, it only makes sense that Ciri becomes Empress. But her true Destiny is leading the elves toward their salvation."The Swallow leads to our salvation."-Crevane Espane aep Caomhan Macha

  • Haragoth

    Ouch, this ending would be a severe kick in the teeth to anyone who's read the books. They're all about Geralt and company keeping Ciri away from Emhyr (Emperor of Nilfgaard). This ending would truly suck, as would Geralt ending up with Triss. Geralt truly loved Yenn in the books......and she's the best all around, the rest of the chicks can burn. :D

  • The Conspiratorist

    Why do people complain about the witcher ending, but don't bat an eye at the ending of the Last of Us? lol

  • Haloprogamer1996

    Triss is the best girl ^^

  • M & M

    I believe for all people this is the best ending. 1) By eliminating all of Nilfgaards foes, Geralt made sure that Emhyr will win the War. Keeping Ciri in mind, Geralt made sure that once Ciri takes the Empress Throne, She will have a stable base to operate from to make her impact upon the world and having an army and magical support(mages, sorceresses etc) to aid her in the long term quest of defeating the White Frost. For Ciri is no ordinary Witcher to be roaming forgotten villages, she is of the elder blood and having greater power. Her end goal is best achieved this way than for her temporary happiness of freedom.2) Killing Radovid, the Witch hunts/ non-human hunts, burning at the stake came to a halt. More peace throughout the world.3) Killing Djikstra, he would have turned out to be a corrupt capitalist who would have done anything to make more money. He was ready to double crosss even the people who had helped him and showed no respect to Geralt. Simply put, he was an arrogant dick. Would have sold even his own mother for a better deal. Such people should never come to power. 4) Temeria becomes free, ending the guerrilla warefare in that region and basically just looking after itself, no harm anywhere, Roach and Ves lives.5) About choosing Yen or Triss is simply upto the Users choice. Imo both are good in equal ways. Yen is deep with her memories for Geralt. With Triss, its the start of a new chapter.Overall, the most important goal in this game is to care after Ciri, to protect her and to make sure she has all the resources to complete her mission. These choices paves way for all that.

  • Godunow100

    Sooooooo is she going to abolish slavery in Nilgaard (which would probably lead to serious economic crisis through the empire?

  • LoudAngryJerk

    yeah i can safely say that this is not the best ending.

  • BeerMaster

    The best ending, with the death of radovid and dijtra, ciri rule the world :v(well... Not skellige ja)

  • Kabegami The Great

    aw man, can you only have that daughter and father moment if you choose the empress ending? I don't recall having this one.

  • SweetPleb

    Fact that so many ppl can debate on a game’s ending and with so many preferences on which ones are best is a testimony to the greatness of this game. Best game of all time. <3

  • Seamus Mac Seáin

    There is no environment in this entire game elegant enough to match how Triss looks in that elven dress. Next to her, everything just looks...slovenly.

  • Destiny Turford

    Ciri is my favourite character and I couldn't help cry when she did <3

  • Andy Russell

    I actually thought this was the best ending. Only because it made logical sense. The one where they fake her death so she become a witcher is sorta like a fairy tail ending, which doesn't matter because if you end up with Triss or Yen you retire so yah. This one makes the most sense.

  • Dishonored Gaming

    Best: WitcherSad: EmpressWorst: Dies

  • a8lg6p

    I've finished three times and always get the witcher ending. (A) I don't feel this is the right ending for Ciri. I don't think it's what she really wants, what makes her happy... And it kinda feels like everyone who's been scheming about her her whole life finally get their way, and she finally just gives up and accepts it. It's the ending where Emhyr and the Lodge win.And (B) I never saw any reason why either I myself as the player or Geralt as the character would want to make the choice to say: No, I'm not going to rush off with you to support you and be at your side to avenge the death of the guy who was like father to us both... What's really important is that you chat with your dickhead father who almost decided to impregnate you, and who almost had the two people you care most about in the world, one of whom was me, put to death. I just can't imagine any reason why Geralt would do that, or why I should want him to, aside from curiosity in seeing the alternate ending.As for it being better for the world... Well, it's not even a real world. I know, the characters aren't real either. But I care about them a lot more. Also, I never really believed that just having the right person in charge with solve the world's problems even in the real world.

  • ZePP HED

    I really loved this game, but by the end that damn tavern music made me want to throw the TV against the wall

  • Aleksa Petrovic

    Damn you are heartless. You could've said that this is not the end even if you knew it's not true.

  • Atilius

    sweet mother of mercy! exact ending of mine. great video mate thanks for uploading!

  • Colonder

    For whole conversation Geralt is poker faced which is not really suprising since he's a witcher. But look at his sight from 11:30 - I fell like humanity has no word to describe all that pain and sadness in his eyes. It's like a father letting her daughter go in spite of their emotions and relationship. Music, the fact that he's a witcher and yet his sight at that moment full of regret makes my heart rip apart. Damn, where're those goddamn tissues...

  • Kronos camron

    Man, Ciri is so cute, I love herthat beautiful little swallow... in a fatherly kind of way.

  • Joseph Boyle

    I'd have to say this is the best ending you could get in my opinion.

  • Eoin Melby

    absolute masterpiece. "I travelled halfway across the world to find you, but never intended to force you to do anything. You're a witcher"

  • RuralTowner

    Only done 2 playthroughs so far. 1st one ended in tragedy. 2nd she became a Witcher. This will be the next. Some sources call this the "bittersweet" ending...I agree.Unfortunately cant NG+ an NG+ so it looks like I dig up my round 1 save again.

  • Sammy i

    BEST ENDING EVER!!! is this

  • Homer Burns

    "masterpiece ending""picks triss"hmmmm


    Although this is difficult to see...but I would still want ciri to become the queen. This is not the ending Ciri deserved, but this is the one she need. I mean, what is she gonna do? Become a witcher and live in danger just for couple coins? I rather have her as a queen where she can have the power to make a difference and live in comfort. And it's not like Geralt and Ciri are not going to see each other again. It's nice to have a queen daughter, but she's ne er going to get married though, because I said so. CD-R I'm mailing you guys razors if you guys never do that, okay so can be a les but that's it.

  • aqwsd1423

    hi guyscan someone please tell what soundtrack that started 9:05

  • DeluxeMango

    I think it would have been better if they would have a made a Kovir map too, so you didnt have to be left to play an earlier stage of the game (Before the end battle) I have found there are also people side quests which are tied to Kovir. It would have been a nice edition, but ah well :).

  • iseeicyicetea

    Just came here to say that this is not the best ending :p

  • Jollystr

    Thanks for this video, I just don't have the nerve to click on 'Yeah we do'. And it turns out to be 100 times sadder than the 'Of course not'. 10:02

  • WhiteCourtain

    imo the empress ending seems favourable for the world but if i am Geralt and i have been chasing her all this time and missed her growing up... she always spoke of him and acted as a witcher even now thats how fundamental he was to herthere will always be wars and politics and she is caged from being too special because of her descent not because of her personality. it begs me to wish she lives free as Geralt does... i just think its iconic that she becomes what the game and story is named after and we come full circle. despite her origin her heart pulls her towards Geralt and accepts him as real family. i didnt like to think she will go 'home' to strangers. seems like a puzzle completed when witchers cant have children and the practice is dying out and then Ciri never completed the trial it is such a tale that needs to be finished. and then finally Ciri as well continues this legacy and carries the memories and knowledge of Vesemir and Geralt and it gives me goosebumps because this story was adventure and open skies and thats what I want Ciri to have too

  • John Cunningham

    People hate this ending, but I think it's rather fitting. Sure, Ciri can become a witcher, but that's not as epic as her stopping the white frost, and then fulfilling her even greater destiny as the new Empress of Nilfgaard, or as Conan said on his show, MILF-gard, which it would likely be changed to if she ever has children. Even so, Nilfgaard wasn't inherently EVIL in this game--no more so than Radovid. Think of them like the Roman Empire. And, it was Ciri's birthright. Perhaps people think it's sad because she has to say goodbye to Geralt. Well guess what? That's life, ya' pansies. That doesn't make it a bad ending. p.s. I got the ending where she becomes a Witcher. I'd call that the true neutral ending.

  • Old Man

    I feel someone in the next apartment was probably cutting onions or something just around the time when Ciri hands the sword back to Geralt.This isn't my favrioute game of all time but damn does it make that top two a close final.

  • Justin Coal

    ok so this ending is not the best "lore" wise. This is one of those "what if" bitter sweet kind of endings. The ending were she chooses to become a witcher is more lore friendly and is more cannon to her background and the games story. This is supported by the fact that she was brought up by witchers, trained to be a witcher and has the skill of a witcher. She didn't really have any good interaction with her actual father not to mention a lack of experience with the role of a leader. Also like geralt she hate politics.

  • Beebix

    This ain't the happiest ending, but I'll be damned if it ain't the best ending by far. Don't believe me? Lemme drop a quote from my boy Gandalf:"Well, here at last, dear friends, on the shores of the Sea comes the end of our fellowship in Middle-earth. Go in peace! I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil."This ending feels the most like an ending when compared to the other two. Moreover, it fits more with the title of the epilogue, "Something Ends, Something Begins...": it's the end of Ciri's life as a witcher and the beginning of one as an empress.

  • Sincere Flowers

    While Ciri being empress stops the current wars from happening, plenty of worse ones follow, along with witch hunts, pogroms, and monster invasions. Trust me, this is the bittersweet ending, but definitely not the best.

  • ShadowSamuel

    Any ending with Nilfgaardian victory is bad to me. Next time he'll conquer Skellige more powerful than ever.

  • Trevon Zarmas

    When they say best ending it’s out of opinion In my opinion the best ending is either romance but ciri is a Witcher.Why? Because in the end she is happy on the path . And I believe after everything they both went through Geralt want ciri happy more than all the contracts in the world.

  • Amir Mahdi Latifi

    One very interesting and kinda weird story line is that if you actually take Ciri to Emhyr but don't accept the coin, while you finish the Reason of State quest to kill Radovid and Sigi, you'll end up with Ciri becoming Empress, while if you take her to Emhyr but in fact don't finish the Reason of State quest, you'll end up with Ciri as a witcher.My personal guess is that the logic behind it is that if you kill Radovid and Sigi, North will fall totally to Emhyr's hands and make the Empire altogether powerful and stable, which might encourage Ciri to go for the throne to be a force of good.While if Radovid becomes the ruler of North, then Empire really doesn't have much power to begin with, so Ciri prefers to become a witcher.This was however a personally struggling choice for me, I wanted Radovid to die, because it was absolutely unacceptable that he kills all mages and elves and dwarves in the North, so I wanted him to die, but I didn't want a bastard like Sigi on the throne too, so I helped Vernon, but inevitably this ended up with Emhyr to take Radania and as a result, Ciri going to Vizima. So I couldn't have it both ways :/

  • Seamus Mac Seáin

    You made Ciri cry! /slap

  • Seamus Mac Seáin

    You made Ciri cry! /slap

  • Peter DeLury

    I see this as the best ending. Emhyr conquers Cidaris, Brugge, Sodden, Mahakam, Lyria, Temeria, Aedirn, Kaedwen, Redania, Caingorn, Malleore, Talgar, and Velhad. Naturally in due course, Nilfgaard inevitably takes Kovir and Poviss.Under Cirilla and Morvran, I'd wager Ciri could negotiate vassal status with Queen Cerys of Skellige. Then, Nilfgaard move north beyond the Dragon Mountains and conquers to the Northern coast. Shortly after, they move south and conquer Ofir, Zanguebar, Barsa, and Hannu. Finally, they sail west only to realize half the world is nothing but ocean. They hit the Eastern shores of Haakland, Zerrikania, and the Korath. To reinforce the ships on the east, they send the troops over the Blue Mountains and Tir Tochair from the west to ensure complete domination of the world. The entire map ruled by a strong Emperor ready to defend his world and a strong, nurturing Empress prepared to tend to her empire's needs.

  • blobbert912

    I think that people who say that Ciri becoming a Witcher is the best ending miss the point of the story. Although we experience the saga through Geralt's eyes and so spend most of our time slaying monsters and having adventures, the overarching themes of the series are political. They're about the turmoil caused by mad and bad rulers and the good that can be done by virtuous ones; although the games focus on people, the state of the world around them is what really matters.Ciri, as the true heroine of the series, recognises this herself in this ending. Although living a Witcher's life is what she and Geralt *want*, she recognises that her becoming empress is what the world *needs*.I totally understand that people don't view this as the happy ending they were hoping for, but for me, the bittersweet tone of these scenes are the perfect conclusion to a consistently mature and cathartic saga.

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