The Witcher 3: 4 Years Later

Is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt still one the best open world game, after 4 years in circulation?
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This may be the last time I talk about this game. Happy Anniversary Witcher 3!

Share with me in the comments your favorite Witcher memory!

All sales figures addressed in the video can be found in the investors corners presentation on the official CDPR website.
Video credits:
The Beauty of The Witcher 3 - Skellige
Other Places: Toussaint (The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine)

All music from The Witcher
  • Downward Thrust

    Tell me about a time you went back to a game... 4 or 5 years later. Was it still a masterpiece?

  • kacper maciak

    The witcher 3 is living proof that true art will always surpass the fakes thank you CD Project Red for being amazing

  • Joshua Parker

    Ruined my RPG experience by playing this game... nothing can live up to this masterpiece

  • Thomas Ditlevsen

    "You really only spend most of your gold repairing your gear." Laughs in Grandmaster Gear

  • Nieko Gero

    What the hell? 4 years? Life, please, ffs stop going so fast!

  • MrMiko

    Best game I've ever played. Spent well over 300 hours on it. I actually cried when I saw the closing credits rolling.

  • Scott Hildenbrand

    Ghost ship? WHAT ghost ship?? Now I've got to play it all over again! YAY! :D

  • SiLeNcE138

    Witcher 3 is 100 % without a doubt numero uno the greatest game ever made story gameplay fun factor graphics difficulty It’s the Goat

  • DSM

    9:57 "They force you to imbrace the role playing aspects" - puts a green mutigen next to red talents

  • Dirtbag55

    I will never forget the battle of Kaer Morhen, that was so epic and well done

  • Josh Marshall

    Blood and wine is still the best DLC ever in my opinion. So much content they coulda sold it as a separate game and people probably wouldn’t have been mad.

  • Umberkuk

    u missed the fact of soundtrack. imo no game has a so brilliant atmospheric soundtrack with so many facettes.

  • Paddy

    One of the best games I've ever played. I'm over 40 now so I've played a few ;)

  • welowrider32

    "There's really no way to grind for gold or cheat the system-"Flashbacks to cow slaughtering and pearl farming

  • PoketJail94

    "You don't need to grind for gold"Blood and Wine DLC: Well no, but actually yes.

  • kuraso

    Bought it 0.5 years ago and it was THE BEST RPG i ever played

  • MZA

    Thank you Sony for making the PS5 backwards compatible with PS4 games. That gives me an extra 7 years to enjoy this absolute masterpiece...

  • sandelic

    Play it without HUD, immersion is so much better. Witcher 3 is a masterpiece.

  • chinaboyhere

    I have honestly never seen such detailed DLCs, such good storyline and such good mechanics

  • Karl Marx

    Who else remembers that quest at kaer morrhen when Lambert, eskel, Geralt dress up as yen and prank call the mage?That is called devotion from devs

  • Andrew Price

    CDPR is the only company I will trust with pre ordering

  • Ben Helmet

    This is the best game I've ever played and I've played alot.

  • Haili Lo

    This game was way ahead of it's time. 10/10 best rpg of all time.

  • L M

    wow 20-30k players is pretty decent, also you can add people who pirated this game, so that's another 30k or more than that compare to the other game, this so popular.

  • david g

    Arguably the most consumer friendly game made since the advent of dlc.

  • #TheReal #FobbDeep

    Just started the game AGAIN for the 5th time 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

  • Lord Zuko

    4 years and my younger bro still calls Geralt "Witcher".

  • Who's got the time?

    241 dislikes are from Ubisoft, EA, and brand new entry Epic Store!

  • dank4 meme

    Downward thrust: Theres no way to cheat the system for gold.Cows: Hold my hide.

  • Anton Mananis

    I just finished the game with both of it's expansions and now my life is filled with void😭

  • Hasan Harkouss

    Witcher 3: ...Me: Leave me be. I can't spend my whole life on you.

  • ReverentGhost

    "The game doesn't give you that much gold and honestly you don't even need it"laughs in Grandmaster Armor

  • Kaleb Cassidy

    I've spent over a thousand hours on this and I never knew there was a ghost ship I don't know if I should applaud CD Project Red or berate myself

  • Chum Buck

    God dammit... Now I feel like playing the witcher 3 for a millionth time..

  • AirsoftAddicted

    Guys, you need to be aware that many parts of Witcher are not fantasy. They are looking like real places in Poland and a lot of quests are ... part of Polish history and tales. I'm glad you all enjoyed it.have a nice day.

  • YoungCat

    The Withcer 3: "I have the most beautiful immersive open world in a video game to date"Red Dead Redemption 2: "You god damn maggot"

  • Mohammad Hussien

    I swear The Witcher 3 Open World Experience, is the masterpiece of this Generation of consoles. hell its even better than Red Dead Redemption 2 Open World Design.

  • Daniel Rocha

    witcher 3 is one of 2 games where i walk instead of running everywhere, because the scenery and music is that gorgeous to look at and to listen to.

  • Luke Downey

    The expansions / DLC for Witcher 3 are better than most AAA games.

  • Snappy Boi

    omg,bro this game has new game plus wich I still havent played until this day cuz I havent finished the normal one..

  • Noppla ?!

    just one thing... ciri's dodge is too op lol (well i know she is basically a living legend). usually u just skip a dialogue in game cause sometimes it's kinda boring... but not in this one imo

  • Dayvie

    Controls still feel as clunky as when I finished the game / dlc, noice

  • Lee T

    I've been chasing the Witcher 3 feeling for three years and it's been heartbreaking because nothing else has come close.

  • DanLi

    Bought the game on release, poured hundreds of hours into it... and I still come back to it from time to time just to live in the world of the game.

  • Mare or stallion, There's far more inside

    * Uses OP alchemy build *cOMbAt iS ToO eaSY!!!

  • EOS Related

    For anyone enquiring, the definitive version of this game will be arriving on Switch later this year. :-)

  • Shuaib khan

    Witcher 3 is the best...Waiting for cyber punk 2077

  • MrStoffzor

    Literally installed it again a few days ago, not until now had I a PC that could run it properly... (ultra 1080p that is..)Also: Combat criticised for being too easy? *Shudders in death march 1st playthrough*

  • Leikkaus

    SighInstallation in progress....

  • rodrrico

    IMHO, having been a gamer since about 1992 - but being and 1980s child, the Witcher 3 is the best game ever made.

  • Thomas Huijbregtse

    I think I stole this game for 15 bucks (goty edition btw😂)

  • I justintime4u2bu I

    this game isn't 4+ years olddon't you lie to me!i swear it came out just last year!

  • q p

    Still the best game I have ever played.

  • Josierey Arrabis

    Might play it for the 3rd time just for tge ghost ship...

  • JapanGamer29

    I think more Witcher fans should give Thronebreaker a go. Sure, Gwent is used for combat, but the characters, world and story are fantastic.

  • Commander Shepard

    I remember the reason I got the witcher 3 was so I had something to play while I wait for fallout 4

  • bobocpe

    I bought GOTY Edition couple of months ago. Can't finish it cause I'm afraid I will miss it too much😥


    i am actually started to play this game at 2019 and it was the best game i ever played better then RDR2

  • TheJirator

    Can't agree more. This is no game but experience.

  • Henning Simensen

    4 years later and they still havent fixed the werewolf health bug

  • Disposable_Teen

    The game is so perfect it makes me sadI know it doesn’t make sense but watching these video make me really nostalgic

  • FuneralSoil

    100 percent agree with thisbest game i have ever played

  • Ben Helmet

    Can't wait for how great cyberpunk 2077 is going to be. The witcher 3 is the greatest game so far.

  • Harry Finkenstein

    And now it's coming to switch!!!!!

  • The X Nut

    Idk i got an xbox back in 2017 and bought this game without recommendation at all. Thought a white hair dude with a sword looks dope or something. Never regret my decision. This and horizon zero dawn truly in my heart

  • Richard Strage

    I just finished my first playthrough of wild hunt, I will soon start on blood and wine :) The journey never feels dull or outdated.

  • Carerraluu

    I purchased this game last week on PSN , so much content I love it!

  • Omega %100

    Im so happy about it because i was first to play back that time now i will play it on switch :)

  • Alina Terbakova

    A true masterpiece, one like Witcher 3, is eternal.

  • jon r

    One of my favourite game of all time , I’ve played it through 3 times and about to do another play through .the atmosphere is amazing.

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