The Witcher 3 - Patch 1.20 (Blood and Wine) Infinite Money & Crafting Materials Exploit / Glitch

This exploit / glitch gives you infinite money and crafting materials within minutes (working with Patch 1.20 on Blood and Wine DLC)! You can get millions of crowns per minute with it. Want to fully upgrade the Corvo Bianco or craft all Grandmaster Witcher Sets? No problem with this glitch.

IMPORTANT: This only works on existing save games (that were created before patch 1.20). When starting a new game with patch 1.20 it will not work. If you don't have an existing save you can start the game without downloading any patches and play to this part (it's in the very beginning of the game). After that you can download the patch.

Step 1: Go to White Orchard Armorer. If you haven't already you must do his side quest. Then buy EVERYTHING from him you can. The more money he has, the more you will get. If he has 100,000+ crowns you can make millions in a minute.
Step 2: Go to the bee hive further north of the town (by a building near the road).
Step 3: Use Aard on the beehive to push it to the armorer. This works best at night when nobody is on the streets.
Step 4: When the beehive is close enough it will kill the armorer. Then meditate for 1 hour to make armorer respawn.
Step 5: Each time you meditate the armorer will respawn & die instantly. This makes him drop his entire inventory will all the crafting components AND the money you gave him. The more money you gave him, the quicker this will go.
Step 6: When you've farmed enough push away the beehive to pick up the loot. This will give you tons of money and crafting materials.
Step 7: To avoid being overburdened go to the inventory and drop saddles / saddle bags / Repair Kits / Lead / Parchment.
Step 8: If you want to farm more you can put the beehive in place again and meditate to make the armorer respawn. You can also buy more of his stuff to increase his money. Then he will drop even more and it goes quicker.

Tested on PS4 with Patch 1.20 and Blood & Wine DLC installed. Also confirmed to work with Patch 1.21 on Xbox One and PC.
You will need a lot of money for the trophies / achievements "Playing House" and "Dressed to Kill". Buying dyes for your armor is also very expensive.


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All Witcher 3 Blood and Wine DLC Trophies & Achievements:

The Witcher's Gone South
Travel to the Duchy of Toussaint.

Last Action Hero
Be decorated with the Order of Vitis Vinifera.

Kling of the Clink
Serve time in Toussaint.

A Knight to Remember
Obtain a flawless victory in all the competitions during the knights' tourney.

Embodiment of the Five Virtues
Be given Aerondight by the Lady of the Lake.

Playing House
Use all available options for developing Corvo Bianco.

Turned Every Stone
Find all grandmaster diagrams for each witcher school.

I Have a Gwent Problem
Collect all the cards in the Skellige deck.

The Grapes of Wrath Stomped
Help unite the warring vineyards and have a wine named in your honor.

Dressed to Kill
Unlock the bonus for equipping all the witcher gear elements from one School.

Weapon "W"
Develop a mutation.

Hasta la Vista™
Kill a frozen opponent with a crossbow bolt.

David and Golyat
Kill Golyat with a crossbow bolt to his eye.
  • Cescolo

    I give you a tip now, for fast meditation, L1 and Square XDThank you btw! :D


    return of the tax collector part 2

  • Remy Blas

    I wonder who finds these kind of exploits.... and what the hell were they trying to do initially.

  • FaZ3 A1mb0t

    When I saw the step sayin push the beehive across town I legit thought this was a troll video

  • I0n1c

    I wish the Vivaldi bank could give me a small loan of a million florens

  • Ka Chow

    next update:a tax collector asks you if you have bought the entire supply of Willis the dwarf, and then used a bee hive to instantly kill him several times?

  • Geralt of Rivia

    I'm really disappointed with the costs of Grand Master's set. I hope they'll patch it: i don't like use cheat.

  • ZombieMonkey7

    Oh boy I can't wait to do this after my 18 hour Blood and Wine download finishes

  • Dani2593

    btw the quickest way to meditate is press l1 an then square instead of going into the menu every time...

  • Tucker Brown


  • KarasuItonami

    I tried it but he just took 2 damage....its patched....:(

  • Dae'Javon Bibbs

    This just got patched 2 days ago in update 1.22 it doesn't work anymore

  • Samuel Hedberg

    Does not work anymore after patch 1.22

  • Teutowolf

    You can also just press L1 and Square to meditate, is a bit faster.

  • Barry Latham

    So, for all those people that already had a save and were thus able to get this to work, I'm here to tell you that it's not worth it. Why? Because after doing this trick, a lot of the "extra" NPCs are removed from the game, at least the ones around the palace. The palace becomes a ghost town, mostly, unless it is someone you can talk to. I would rather have the people in town than have it be a ghost town as a result of doing this glitch. Was kind of fun seeing all that money. But I already had 30k carried over from the previous DLC, so I don't really need this. Anyway, you have been warned. If you do this glitch, many npcs will be removed from your game, unless you go back to a previous save, before you did the glitch.

  • Vince O.

    Is it wrong that I laughed uncontrollably?

  • UnknownSoldier

    i just bought the game didnt install the patches but it i sell him my stuff the first time it drops the correct amount of money and the second time and after he drops the money he had before.What is causing this?Is it that i pressed triangle instead of x to pick up the items or something?

  • YU GU

    instead of bees, you just need to throw a bomb to dwarf(dragon's dream? not playing english version, should be the one you can ignite with igni) then you use igni to explode then you can collect money =)

  • Sparkz Mentalz

    Wow, how the hell did you discover or think to try a trick like this out?

  • John Veando

    you can also kill him with dragon's dream and igni, the explosion won't damage him but the burn will. Might take several attempts but once you throw the bomb into the right spot he catches on fire then repeat until he's dead

  • IntensePerplex

    I suggest you put the bee hive more by the grind stone and not straight next to him. This gives you a chance to quickly talk to him before he dies and give him more money. Moving the bee hive away by the grind stone only delays the death by a couple of seconds but you can give him more money so it is worth it.

  • DriXenPie

    This does indeed work, but you need to find a spot for the beehive where it works, I found moving it around the anvil/Pile of rocks to the left of the body from 3:16 and onward was very succesful.


    patch 1.20 ?? im using patch 1.21 Xbox one

  • Jack johnson

    220 inventory space? HOW??

  • Salom902

    Idk why but I'm pretty i completely over did this glitch I did this glitch on the 1.12 patch.I have 1,875,976 gold.

  • Baz McCarthy

    Great glitch fair play, worked perfectly first time and got me over 2million in 15 minutes. like and a sub ++

  • Blizzagra

    No longer valid as of today (June 15th 2016), patch 1.22

  • Gabriel Labrador

    Bro...just wasted ALL of my money. Doesn’t work anymore .


    is it patched in ps4 ? version 1.30

  • Marks Župerka

    God thank it was fixed recently

  • Tyler Mitchell

    no longer works... i spent 20 mins finding that out

  • NAZ x

    xp glitch still works after patch1.20??

  • Truman Whitaker

    On ps4 patch 1.20 damages him for 2 damage when it's close to him for a few seconds then stops. He never dies and no more damage is taken. What could cause this? Any fix?

  • Six

    Doesn't work on PS4.

  • Sebastian B

    2 days later patch comes out 1.2.1 fixing this glitch as usual

  • OH Headshot

    Doesn't work with new characters ):

  • J D

    dont pile up too many bodies, i had about 15 bodies and my game crashed lol

  • sheridanmovieguy

    Just tried this on the PS4, was halfway through aarding the beehive across town when the bees seemed to stop. I tried walking over to it, but was getting no damage.

  • CJ123

    The bees just disappeared for me?!?!

  • 8Squibs8

    this is not working for me he wont die

  • Jacopo Colombini

    1.20 Ps4 For me it doesn't work, he starts taking damage then nothing happens. I tried to walk around him but didn't work. I started a new run at death march, maybe that's the problem

  • Alessandro prandini

    If I have a pg made on ps4 after 1.20 how can I do?

  • MMaRsu

    This works great but dont pick up too much shit because your inventory will slow to a crawl I had 1600/160 equip load lol

  • Aussiedude

    Worked with ease on 1.12, after trying for couple hours on 1.20 cant get it to work. Seems the Armorer is now protected against bee stings..

  • Noah Barb

    Okay, so this is what happened for me. On my current main save "new game plus DeathMarch, that was made well over 7 months ago", also level 81. The glitch worked fine. This was yesterday around 3 in the afternoon. Beehive was literally just in the same area as him and he died. Didn't need it grinding his leg. Killed him very quickly as well. Meditating continued to kill him over, and over. Got to over a million gold and figured that was more than enough to have. Made a new game on Deathmarch. Did the glitch better than I had the first time. He took 2 damage several times and then it ceased. Moved the hive around for about 15 minutes, had it grinding his leg, no damage. I restarted the save several times, fast traveled, brought the hive in from different directions. Nothing. He would not die. I'm assuming that he is now patched. With the release of their final expansion for the Witcher: Wild Hunt, they probably wanted to make sure people weren't exploiting their way through it.

  • Gino Mintu

    Use quen as protection against the bees

  • Alex Deva

    I wonder how did you even discover this glitch, were you really that bored?

  • riften guard


  • The BossDragon

    wtf does not work want am i doing wrong he just does not die?

  • Jason Waterfalls

    You should've noted that every time Willis dies he drops his entire inventory and that (unless I am missing something...) you cannot just pick up his dropped money, because the dropped loot bags sit on top of each you have to pick up his entire inventory once to get to the other ones he dropped again and again. So I quickly made about one million crowns...but it completely and utterly fucked my inventory menu (which was already laggy as hell- on PS4...)... Take minutes just to open it or close it... Dropping all the crap I collected from him with the lag it has would literally take 10s of hours if not days.... I've sold him junky weapons before so he had more inventory than normal... There is no "drop all" function in the inventory menu either... All that bullshit fuckery took about an hour just for me to end up reloading a save before I did any of it so my inventory isn't completely fucked... I have about 175K Crowns left after completely renovating Corvo Bianco (thank you monster nest glitch)...hope that's enough for all the grandmaster sets cost... The Witcher 2's inventory was fucking miles better than The Witcher 3's shitty ass one...

  • 2oothpick

    Coming This Summer - Inception 2 : Dwarven Dejavu. The Tale of Geralt The Witcher who's mastery of meditation allows him to rejuvenate and brew the strongest potions known round the world..... whilst dreaming the sweet dream of a single dwarven blacksmiths continuous decimation, leaving behind enough money 'n resources in its wake to buy the world as we know it. As well as a Dwarf Corpse Bunker to hide it all in, so as to not succumb to being overweight, while traveling across the land on his quest for the monopolisation of all global resources.Now that's what I can Multitasking Meditation!

  • Arkadiusz Kulesza

    Patch 1.21 Still working. Blacksmith don't die so fast but still die. And positioning is a key. I found if bees were to close to BS he wasn't getting dmg. So if u see him taking dmg (in my case he was getting -2hp dots) don't push beehive anymore. You can still trade with bs between hes deaths witch will alter amount u get (but there is some maximum) and if for any reason u'll logout you can go back to the tree and start it from the beginning (hive is still there)

  • Andreas Lagerkvist

    Tried it today and it still works for me (PC). HOWEVER, now Willis just won't spawn again. I've tried meditating, traveling all over the world and back etc and all I see in White Orchard is a pile of Willis corpses :( Also the village where he lives seems a little glitchy now. Running through it Geralt sort of glitches forward every now and then. Might restore the save I had before doing all this. The most annoying thing is that I actually HAD like 100k which were suddenly gone after reinstalling the game to play the expansion, that's why I tried this in the first place.

  • MultiRv90

    Here's another good tip. If you want to increase his money inventory, sell all your witcher/Relic gear and re-buy it from him for a higher price. Iol I ended up giving him over 500k gold. It's a win-win for both of us XD

  • Pirelli913

    LMFAO!!! I tried this and now, if I meditate like 12 hours, there's like a pile of 6 dwarfs that just fall over dead every time. This didn't happen until I left White Orchard and then fast traveled back. The bee hive is gone, but the dwarfs just keep on dying. Another place to go to cash in on your new found stuff is the armorer in Hierarch Square in Novigrad. He usually has around 2000 coins to buy stuff. After he buys everything you have, meditate 5 days and he'll have around another 2000 coins. Rinse, repeat.

  • Mark Murphy

    I heard about this from a friend... Nah honestly I searched for this because the grandmaster armours are so damn expensive to craft. I had 16 days clocked up on blood and broken bones on the base game and hearts of stone dlc. All master armours and rune upgrades from the ofeiri merchant. But still I couldn't afford to make all the armours. I was between doing this glitch or waiting for CD Project Red to perhaps patch the price.

  • DABS139

    This ended up breaking my NPCs at White Orchard. They're inanimate, just standing there. I've tried reloading a previous save but it's broken somehow. The NPCs spawn WITHIN each other, I'm talking about the townspeople, not the craftsman. They don't move, they talk but nothing else. I tried scaring them but nothing...

  • oxed brox


  • Illusive Pursuer

    I deleted the game then reinstall it. So, I have no patches Can someone explain this? I kill him and then waited 1 hour. He respawns. He dies again, I try waiting 1 hour and he doesn't respawn? Plus, he's not having the gold I gave him. Anyone know what's happening?

  • James Lee

    can stay in Meditation screen and just keep meditating hour at a time, when you come back into game world will see pile of bodies just Aard em away to loot. would suggest not doing more then 24hrs at a time as you will cause to game to Blue Screen crash..think its due to all the dead piles of bodies that game is rendering in background while meditating

  • Joseph Seed

    How bring i poor willis back to life? Stupid dwarf! It's kinda sad actually.. Tried everything.. Gave him food,cow milk,sung a song for him..Nothing! So,i was getting pissed and aard him all over the place! Thats what you get for staying dead.. I think it's time for a litle funeral.. Poor poor willis.. all those people who are throwing beehives at his dwarf ass.. It's a shame!

  • freshtendrills

    They must have literally JUST patched this out of the game. I noticed my steam witcher 3 downloaded a small file last night, I went to try this, he died once and that was it. It didnt matter how long I waited, he took no damage from the bees, or bombs or anything else. As far as I can tell, you can only kill him once, and this nets you about 1k coins. Hardly worth the effort. I'm always late to the party. I guess I'll finish the expansion with no runes on my weapons and no upgraded vila.... : /

  • 激怒Xehanort悪魔

    This just in, CD Projekt Red is working on a patch that will address the rest of the games bugs and glitches meaning this glitch might not be around for much longer. So take advantage while the glitch is still here. (This also applies to the infamous "Path of the Warriors" infinite XP glitch which will probably also get patched.)P.S. This money glitch has been around since launch :p

  • hamsterfreak666

    Ok I did this Glitch and all of a sudden 10 willis spawned everytime I mediate for 1 hour and die immidiately. Well and after I downloaded the 1.22 Patch today he still spawns and dies.Do you think this will have further consequences in the game ? Btw I'm halfway through HoS so I don't conquer the tutorial region but I'm a little bit worried :D

  • LotusFlower ATHF

    My armorer is horribly messed up because the bee hive isn't near him anymore and back at the tree. However, he still keeps on dying even when I meditate or load back the area he will spawn dead and the beehive is back where it should be... I realize the obvious fix is to load back before I did this but I don't have one so is there any way to get him back to life?

  • xifacadeix

    I believe it's been hotfixed/patched. Every video I've seen of this glitch that is actually working he's standing on the ground. However when I see him he's on a small platform and takes no damage no matter where you put itedit:Just read your description. I see the issue now. Not sure if I delete/redownload (I'm digital) if it will let me do this or if it will download with 1.2 already installed.

  • MultiRv90

    There's this weird glitch where the dwarf dies instantly after meditating and duplicates his dead body 7x plus he had over 500k gold in hin inventory. I ended up having 1 billion gold in a short amount of time!

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