The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt AWESOME!

Witcher 3 PLAYLIST:
  • Hallelujah

    So since I play WItcher 1 & 2 (twice), I can kind of help you with the plot.The old man with Gerald is Vesemir, he was in Witcher 1, training witchers in Kaer Morhen (the old fortress at the start). What is kind of nice since Witcher 1 et 3 start at the same place. :)Witchers are mutants, they were made by alchemists to fight against monsters. Probably orphans or kids kidnapped to be mutated as weapons. As they say in the intro, in the past an event happened that made magic came into their world, monsters started appearing, and some people started using magic (sorcerers).Yennefer was Gerald true love before he lost his memory. They took care of a young girl Ciri, that had extraordinary abilities, and trained her. Ciri can move through dimensions and probably time.At some point, Gerald was killed (before Witcher 1), Yennefer tried to save him and she died too. Ciri saved both of them and teleported them in an alternate dimension. They lived in a peace in this kind of weird after life world for some time but then the wild hunt came and captured Yennefer (as we saw in flasbacks during Witcher 2). Gerald was able to save her (I think he became a slave for the wild hunt when she was freed).Yennefer and Gerald both lost their memory, Yennefer went to the south in the Empire. And Gerald ended up at Kaer Morhen (Witcher 1).

  • cliff1572

    Have you guys seen the A Night To Remember trailer yet of the Witcher 3? What were your opinions and reactions to it?Cliff

  • Joe D

    How come you guys have disabled the like/dislike button? I've been subscribed for a while now and i've always wondered.

  • fearfate

    Oh cool, Ciri is voiced By Egg Hawke (Female PC in Dragon age II)

  • TheGreatOne313

    I'm really liking the game but some things are annoying me. The movement seems so off. It is hard for me to get up stairs. Also, interacting with items like getting on your horse or looting seems to hard to do and also the text is too small. These things are really bothering me

  • Skyberry Symphony

    One of my favorite games on VGA: see how long it takes for chat to disparage the game on the grounds that it's a console version! Why is it so bad for people to play the game on the system of their choice? D:

  • Emre Zileoglu

    becky looks like elizabeth as an assassin from bioshock infinite

  • KaneTheCitizen1

    Anyone else think Fraser and Doublefinger are having a secret love affair?

  • Too Stronk

    hey guys does anyone know which episode of the witcher 2 where they did the black out drunk quest

  • Jack Ardoin

    I never really could get into the witcher series but this looks really good. Im probavly going to buy all three this holiday season.

  • theheftygamer

    The game company actually sponsored my favorite show....... buying the game now brb...

  • xXEPIKgamerXx

    I thought the 2nd one was okay but I was ultimately disspointed due to my expectations because i felt it was building up to something when enemies were so difficult to start with and the skill tree was so large but then it just kind of ended. hopefully this one is good once I get around to it.

  • Amazing Toaster

    I was hoping for fabulous costumes of wonderful grandeur!! GRANDEEUUURR!!

  • Akosaki

    when are they gonna get back to the Ace Attorney series?

  • Dharkgaming

    Voice might be familiar as the voice actress for Ciri is the same as Female - Hawk in Dragon Age 2 and Inquestion

  • Celio Hogane

    What!? LATIN AMERICAN SPANISH?is just for the American version, right? RIGHT!?

  • sniperkain

    I know hes been gone a good while,but i haven't seen a show in a while and i was wondering what ever happened to Baby Hank?

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